Isaiah 14:9 Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the Rephaim for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their graves all the kings of the nations.

1 Enoch 15:8-9, 11-12 And now the giants, who have been begotten from body and flesh, will be called evil spirits on earth, and their dwelling-places will be upon the earth. Evil spirits proceed from their bodies; because they are created from above, their beginning and first basis being from the holy watchers, they will be evil spirits upon the earth, and will be called evil spirits. And the spirits of the giants, who cast themselves upon the clouds, will be destroyed and fall, and will battle and cause destruction on the earth, and do evil; they will take no kind of food, nor will they become thirsty, and they will be invisible. And these spirits will rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have proceeded from them, in the days of murder and destruction.


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This is now a special page for current speculation in the light of prophecy and theory. For a complete background in Rephaim-related prophecies and Rephaim-related events prior to 2015 please refer back to The Return Of The Rephaim.

A lot has happened since the start of 2015, 2016, and this year, 2017 ... so it would be best to begin with some of the most critical points ... critical to our very survival.



The number of incidents have become so alarming that the media are now reporting these phenomena in major news reports as nationwide and worldwide drug abuse/overdose cases. Here are two of the most recent examples from March 13, 2017 and a few months ago on December 16, 2016.

"The dangerous behaviors of teens who use fake weed" and "'Fake pot' causing zombielike effects is 85 times more potent than marijuana":


The text of this CNN report is deceptive because, while it discusses clinical consequences of synthetic marijuana use among teens and young adults, it leads with the video of a naked man with tremendous strength destroying a fence who is being restrained with great difficulty by five police officers. Nor is the man a "teen" but an adult in his 30s. See video at link below.

The dangerous behaviors of teens who use fake weed

Updated 0906 GMT (1706 HKT) March 13, 2017

(CNN) The synthetic cannabinoids often called "fake weed" are a mix of chemicals sprinkled on what looks like incense and sold in shiny packages, often to teens and young adults.

It produces sensations similar to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant, yet many users report more powerful, often dangerous effects.

New research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says young people who use fake weed are also more likely to use other drugs or alcohol, to behave violently and to have high-risk sex, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

To understand the overall behavior of fake weed users, Heather Clayton, lead researcher of the new study and a health scientist in the CDC's Division of Adolescent and School Health, turned to the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a school-based anonymous questionnaire administered to a nationally representative sample of high school students.

A total of 15,624 students in grades nine through 12 reported their behavior in four domains: substance use, injury and violence, mental health and sexual health.

"We learned from the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey that nearly one in 10 high school students had used synthetic marijuana at some point in their lifetime," Clayton said. Of these students, nearly all reported that they had also used marijuana at least once. They were more likely to use marijuana very early in life -- before the age of 13 -- compared with students who had only ever used marijuana, according to Clayton.

Depression and other risk factors

Packages labeled as a safe and "natural" blend of herbs may give a false impression that the drug is a safe alternative to marijuana. Yet fake weed has caused rapid pulse, lethargy, nausea, vomiting, agitation, chest pain, hallucinations, delusions, confusion and dizziness, according to poison center reports. The most severe effects reported include seizures, permanent cardiovascular damage, liver damage, stroke, psychosis, paranoia, aggression, anxiety attacks, dependence and death through overdose, suicide or an extreme negative reaction.

With so many obvious dangers, Andrew Ninnemann, a doctoral student in the clinical psychology program at the University of Maryland, designed a separate study, also published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, to understand the risk factors that contribute to a teen using fake weed.

Ninnemann and his colleagues recruited nearly a thousand students from seven public schools in Texas to participate in a survey in 2011, with follow-up questions approximately one year later. At the start of the survey, most participants were enrolled in the 10th or 11th grades. Ethnically diverse, 31% of the teens were African-American, 29% were white, 28% were Hispanic, and 12% categorized themselves as "other."

Analysis of the data showed that African-American teens and females were less likely to use fake weed than males and teens of other ethnicities.

Symptoms of depression, alcohol use, marijuana use and fake weed use predicted using fake weed one year later. However, teens with symptoms of anxiety or impulsivity were not likely to report using fake weed later.

The results indicate that using marijuana may increase the risk of fake weed use -- but not vice versa. "This suggests that synthetic cannabinoid use should not necessarily be thought of as a risk factor for eventual marijuana use but instead may be a risk factor for those adolescents who engage in marijuana use already," Ninnemann said.

'Unpredictable reactions' to a changing substance

"Teens who use synthetic cannabinoids, really, it's playing a game of Russian roulette," said Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

"Typically, they become very aggressive and violent in the ER, and often they require chemical (sedation) if not physical restraint."

The reaction of each user is "unpredictable," Glatter said. "We've had people with seizures requiring airway management and intubation. Other times, they can smoke it and become a little violent, seize once, and that's it. In other cases, they can become a little violent, a little agitated, and that's it. They wake up in a few hours."

Mostly, though, because they are "flailing around" and become violent and aggressive, the main issue is that they can injure the staff and themselves.

"Luckily, we haven't been seeing a whole lot of it in the last six to 12 months. It's kind of quieted down," Glatter said. "A few years ago, we were seeing several cases a week." Still, he said, it's likely to pop up again."People talk about getting it in bodegas, head shops, gas stations ... or they buy it from a friend."

Users find it difficult to gauge how much is too much, because once a fake weed formula is recognized, it will be outlawed, but then the producers will quickly change the chemical formula to keep one step ahead of the law. "This is dangerous and unpredictable, and it can kill you," Glatter said. "Using marijuana, which I'm not condoning, is safer. We don't see the violent behavior or the seizure aspect we see with this drug."

'Fake pot' causing zombielike effects is 85 times more potent than marijuana

December 16, 2016

(CNN) — When dozens of people collapsed on a Brooklyn sidewalk over an 11-hour period on July 12, first responders immediately suspected "spice," a synthetic cannabinoid sold in shiny packages and forever one step ahead of the law.

An analysis published this week in The New England Journal of Medicine confirmed suspicions and revealed that the "fake pot," which prompted bystanders to describe the scene in Bedford-Stuyvesant as "zombielike," was 85 times more potent than marijuana.

To learn what had caused this "zombie outbreak," Roy Gerona, an assistant professor in the clinical toxicology and environmental biomonitoring laboratory at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, needed samples. He immediately contacted the New York Police Department, emergency services and various city hospitals, but no one spent more than a New York minute turning him down.

After he made a crucial call to a friend in the Drug Enforcement Administration, a shiny package found at the scene and labeled "AK-47 24 Karat Gold," along with blood and urine samples from eight patients, promptly arrived in the UCSF lab.

Gerona and his colleagues set to work analyzing these samples.

A new analogue

Separating a portion of herbs contained in the package, Gerona and his colleagues used mass spectrometry to identify them.

"You really don't know what to look for," he explained, so any of the typically used drug-testing panels are not helpful.

Gerona and his co-researchers discovered that the package contained the synthetic cannabinoid known as AMB-FUBINACA, an analogue of AB-FUBINACA, which was developed as a potential pain medication by Pfizer in 2009.

Three years later, Japanese authorities identified AB-FUBINACA as a potent illicit drug, and by January 2014, the United States had designated it a Schedule I controlled substance, explained Gerona.

Within months, an analogue, AMB-FUBINACA, appeared on the streets in Louisiana as the psychoactive ingredient within a product called "Train Wreck 2." By July 3, 2014, the State of Louisiana prohibited it by an immediate emergency rule.

Most of these drugs are distributed as mixtures of herbs, spices or shredded plant material sprayed or laced with various chemicals similar to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Synthetic cannabinoid products are referred to by many names, including K2 and spice.

To avoid regulation, the precise chemicals in the products are constantly changing, yet this means the medical consequences are unpredictable, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

"Clandestine labs that are producing these really have a wide variety of choices, and they just move onto the next one that is not yet regulated," Gerona said.

CNN video of naked zombie man on 'synthetic weed'

Because CNN refuses to make its video of this crazed naked zombie going berserk available for the public to embed on web sites, I can only place an image from the video for you to see. You can, of course, watch the video directly from the CNN report here..

Finding serious documentation on videos to further illustrate both these reports is very difficult as there are many spoof and prank videos around, some pretending to be the real thing. Major news services that do have such documentation, again, will not make their videos easily available for embedding on websites.

Here are a few videos that tell at least part of the story:

Naked man on synthetic marijuana berserk in parking lot

As you can see there's not much ... even as far as available IMAGES. And YouTube censors almost anything about this subject that is serious.


"'Fake pot' causing zombielike effects is 85 times more potent than marijuana" continued

Gerona and his co-authors say that "more than 540 new psychoactive substances" were reported to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime last year alone.

"My feeling is that what is reported and what is published is still an underestimation of the actual number," he said, adding that information on synthetic cannabinoids is usually classified in the US.

In their analysis, Gerona and his colleagues also discovered breakdown products of AMB-FUBINACA in the blood samples from the eight patients, who'd metabolized the product quickly, though they continued to feel its effects for hours.

Unusual symptoms

One patient had a blank stare and was sweating, medical staff said, though his heart sounds were normal. His movements were slow and mechanical, and he had "intermittent periods of 'zombielike' groaning," wrote Gerona and his colleagues.

According to Gerona, one issue with synthetic cannabinoids is that there's such a wide variety of them, yet there's "no typical toxidrome," a catalogue of symptoms that form the basis for a diagnosis. When a patient appears in the emergency room, the assembled doctors have no idea what they're facing -- or where to look to find out.

"This one from New York was atypical," Gerona said. "Primarily for potent synthetic cannabinoids, you would typically have cardiotoxicity; you would have seizures; sometimes you would have acute kidney injury -- but this one did not have all that. It was just a severe depressant effect."

Similarly, Suzanne Bell, a forensic and analytical chemist at West Virginia University, has been looking at toxicity and byproducts of synthetic cannabinoids and "trying to understand these unusual effects. These are not what you see with marijuana, so something else is going on."

To deal with this difficulty, Gerona has started a psychoactive substance surveillance consortium of 10 medical centers with the aim of collecting biological samples and comprehensive clinical data from cases appearing in emergency rooms across the nation.

"Say we have 1,000 cases, then we can query that database and look at a new case and search for similar features," he said. He and his colleagues are hoping to define the signs and symptoms an ER doctor should look for to identify a synthetic cannabinoid.

"And maybe also by doing this, we can look at the treatment regimens to see which ones are effective and can potentially be used for a particular case," Gerona said.

This is all part of the "new paradigm" to responding to the challenge of many new designer drugs, he added.

Clandestine labs

"It is much more difficult to make the cannabinoids than methamphetamine and similar drugs like that," Bell explained. "The skill level is much higher. You have to be a skilled organic chemist to pull it off."

It's also not something that can be done in someone's basement. Fairly specialized apparatus the kind found in a pharmaceutical synthesis lab would be needed.

The clandestine labs that create synthetic cannabinoids "would be fairly sophisticated operations," Bell said.

According to Gerona, the scientists behind designer drugs are reading scientific journals and examining expired patents in search of formulas to create synthetic cannabinoids.

He's also concerned about the opioid analogues found on the black market. People who have become addicted to painkillers buy what they believe to be Oxycontin on the black market but instead purchase a more potent opioid such as fentanyl.

"We have been on a constant cat and mouse chase with the clandestine labs in China," Gerona said. "Really, the purpose of our paper is to bring attention also to policy-makers. There's a lot of issues embroiled into the designer drug space. This is a pressing problem that needs a solution."


Note that the first article sets us up to understand why so many of these Rephaim-possessed zombies (now fake pot zombies) DIE after being captured, restrained, and taken to jail or the hospital.

A random review of reports of naked males and females attacking other people, with amazing superhuman strength, and ultimately having to be stopped by multiple police officers with tasers or guns, concludes that the number of such cases in 2015 and 2016 have reached alarming and unprecedented levels. I went only five pages deep on Google News for each gender (male and female) for a total of ten pages with keywords such as "Naked Man Attacks" ... the number of reports is incredible.

(The reports below need to be updated to show what specific incidents have been happening during the last eight months since June 13, 2016. Take the above two articles as general updates though.)


Naked Man With Hatchet Attacks People Who Think He's an Uber Driver: Police - June 13, 2016.

Clearwater woman strips down and attacks cancer victim - June 3, 2016.

Man, dog attacked at south KC hotel by naked man - June 3, 2016.

'Cannibal' mother 'tried to eat her friend's face' before biting her boyfriend and a police officer in drug-fueled rampage - May 19, 2016.

Naked man filmed attacking car in Chelyabinsk, Russia - April 20, 2016.

Naked man thinks he’s a werewolf, growls and attacks cars in moonlight rampage - March 12, 2016.

Watch terrifying moment naked 'werewolf' man growls as he attacks people and cars in moonlight rampage - March 12, 2016.

Punk rocker declared insane after decapitating girlfriend and having sex with her head while wearing her dress - March 12, 2016.

Naked woman shuts down Highway 290 - March 8, 2016.

Streak fighter: Woman strips off and attacks police NAKED after her husband is pulled over for drunk driving in China - February 27, 2016.

Woman who 'stabbed her own baby' found wandering naked through streets shouting 'Jesus' - February 11, 2016.

Naked Man Grabbed Teenage Girl in Woodbridge, Police Say - February 4, 2016.

Naked woman attacks diners during Waffle House rampage - January 14, 2016.

Police: Naked Tukwila man attacks neighbor, dangles baby over balcony - December 30, 2015.

Man, 29, arrested after he is found naked and screaming in flower bed in Crystal City - November 24, 2015.

Zombie Attack in Walmart - October 21, 2015.

Naked woman high on spice trashes Subway shop, cops say - October 14, 2015.

Shocking Ibiza cannibal attack CCTV shows British DJ having face chewed by stranger "growling like wild animal" - October 13, 2015.

Naked man in Irvine attacks woman, 75, and takes her dog, police say - October 1, 2015.

Police: Naked man attacks woman inside Meridian gas station - August 3, 2015.

Affidavit: Naked woman held person underwater, threw rock at another - July 9, 2015.

Naked Man Attempts to Steal Baby at Graduation: Police - May 22, 2015.

Melbourne police make arrest related to synthetic stimulant 'flakka' - May 18, 2015.

Naked woman brandishes shovel, then attacks man - March 10, 2015.

Florida man goes on drug-induced naked rampage, bites girlfriend - March 3, 2015.

Naked Woman Arrested For Roadway Antics -- After fondling self, Floridian stomped on car's roof - February 18, 2015.

Naked woman attacks diners during Waffle House rampage

Posted 2:48 pm, January 14, 2016, by CNNwire

KENNESAW, Ga. -- A woman is facing several charges after going on a rampage at a Waffle House restaurant in Georgia -- all while completely naked. The incident happened Jan. 8 around 10:30 p.m. at the location on George Busbee Parkway.

According to police, the woman, identified as Jennifer Nicholson, stripped off her clothes, punched a woman in the face and then threw a plate at a window. She also threw several platters at patrons of the restaurant.

When police tried to subdue Nicholson, she fought back, scratching an officer. The woman who was punched sustained a broken nose in the attack, according to police.

Nicholson is facing several assault and public indecency charges. She's currently being held in the Cobb County Jail.


One of these attackers actually looks like a Rephaim.

Naked man in Irvine attacks woman, 75, and takes her dog, police say

Bradley Zint, LA Times

October 1, 2015, 8:09 AM

Face of a Rephaim appears in face of a possessed 51-year-old naked man

Irvine police have arrested a man suspected of assaulting a 75-year-old woman and her dog.

Craig Andrew Ledbetter, 51, of Irvine was taken into custody Tuesday after police received a report about 2:30 p.m. of a man acting strangely on Rockwood, in Irvine's Woodbridge neighborhood.

When officers arrived, they found a man who was naked and "swinging a stick aggressively," according to a news release. He also acted aggressively toward the responding police, who subdued him with Tasers, authorities said.

According to police, Ledbetter is suspected of assaulting a woman before forcibly taking her dog.

The woman was taken to a hospital and is being treated for injuries, according to Times Community News.

Ledbetter was charged with aggravated assault, elder abuse, resisting a police officer and animal cruelty. Irvine police aren't sure what might have motivated Ledbetter, and believe he did not know the woman.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Ledbetter remained in custody in lieu of $50,000 bail. County Jail records list his occupation as student.

The dog was unharmed.

Student of what??


Here's another man who looks exactly like a Rephaim:

Naked man filmed attacking car in Chelyabinsk, Russia

By Tom Evans

Published 20th April 2016

The Daily Star

THIS is the bizarre moment a man was filmed attacking a moving car completely naked.

The footage shows the man punching, shouting and kicking out at the motor in nothing but his birthday suit.

In the clip, two bemused men in the vehicle reverse away from the crazed middle-aged man laughing at his hysterical antics.

The man appears to be very irate in the videoThe man can be seen kicking and beating the vehicle

Speaking in Russian, the duo shrug it off before driving back towards him and away into the night.

The footage appears to have been filmed in Chelyabinsk, Russia. The reason behind the attack is unknown.

Unknown?? The man is Rephaim-possessed! I really doubt this "middle-aged man" was taking bath salts. He doesn't even look entirely human. That's because he has become a Rephaim! But ... brrrrrrrr, it sure must be cold in Chelyabinsk.


Here's some scary, face-chewing stuff ... Rephaim love to eat faces!

'Cannibal' mother 'tried to eat her friend's face' before biting her boyfriend and a police officer in drug-fueled rampage
  • Lindie Stewart was arrested after allegedly trying to eat her friend's face
  • Friend was pinning her down and his face was bleeding when cops arrived
  • tewart's boyfriend grabbed her but she allegedly bit him in chest & armpit
  • She tried to attack a police officer too but he was able to handcuff her
  • Cops believe Stewart, 37, had taken cocaine and crystal meth or bath salts
  • Boyfriend said she was shouting about the moon and kept saying 'lol'

By Ollie Gillman For

Published: 12:01 EST, 19 May 2016 | Updated: 15:44 EST, 19 May 2016

A woman has been arrested after allegedly trying to eat her friend's face before biting her boyfriend and a police officer during a drug-fueled rampage.

Mother Lindie Stewart, 37, was arrested in Newark, New York, on Sunday after police found her being held down in a driveway by her friend, Michael Maricle. When cops arrived, Maricle's face was bleeding and he told them he was trying to stop her from attacking him again.

Stewart's boyfriend, Rocky Rouse, arrived at the scene after his mother called him with concerns about the crazed woman's welfare, the Times of Wayne County reported.

Rouse said in statement to police that he grabbed hold of Stewart while an officer put Maricle in handcuffs, but she then starting trying to bite him too.

'Michael was holding Lindie down on the driveway and was bleeding from his face. I went to grab Lindie to restrain her,' Rouse told police. 'I asked Michael what was happening and he said Lindie began biting his neck and was trying to eat his face and chin. I then watched the policeman place Michael in handcuffs and then he quickly came over to help me. While I was holding Lindie, she began biting me in the center of my chest and my armpit which caused me to experience pain and discomfort.'

Rouse said Stewart appeared to be delusional and made a string of bizarre statements while she was trying to bite him. 'Lindie was yelling that she loved me and she won’t let them do this to me,' Rouse said. 'She also said she is taking Alice to the Moon and that she would kill. She also kept saying "lol lol lol".'

As the police officer rushed over to help, Stewart tried to bite him in the face but the cop managed to fend her off and get her in handcuffs. Stewart was taken to Newark Wayne Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and later charged with two counts of third-degree assault. She is being held in jail on a $2,000 bond.

Newark Police Chief David Christler told ABC 13 that Rouse's bite wounds would eventually fully heal. 'He'll recover, but it was a pretty good bite. And then she attempted to bite other people including the responding officers who were fortunately able to subdue her without any injury, and she was taken to the hospital,' Christler said.

Police found a powder at the scene which they believe to be either crystal meth or bath salts. They took it to the hospital with them and are now awaiting test results.

Stewart's roommate, Bill Jeremenko, told the station that he believes her medication caused her behavior, not illegal drugs. 'I spent all Mother's Day [with her], I cooked her breakfast, she stayed here all day she was doing fine, she was taking her medications,' he said. 'I want to know what's going on, because I care for the girl. She's like a daughter to me.'

Yep, it's all due to those pesky bath salts again! (Now it's fake pot and Flakka). Any kind of cover story, but never the truth.



Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned”

Sorcha Faal, February 25, 2015


An extraordinary report prepared by the Military Scientific Committee of theArmed Forces (MSC) on the just completed trials of the Almaz-Antey high energy laser directed energy weapon system project by the 27th Central Research Institute (27-CRI) states that their “immediate dispersement” to Federation allies India, China and Brazil is needed to defend our planet against “inter-dimensional entities” who could soon attempt to recapture Earth.

Important to note about this report are that the references to “inter-dimensional entities” contained in it date back to the Great Patriotic War (World War II) when then Soviet intelligence services confirmed the German Nazi regimes existing “communication link” with what can only be described as “fallen angels/demons”, but which our planet's oldest written records refer to as the “gods”.

The great flood of Noah-DeucalianThese “fallen angels/demons”, this report explains, were once vanquished from our Earth about 5-6,000 years ago in what was then referred to by the ancients as “the great overturning” that nearly instantly froze millions of wooly mammoths of Siberia, destroyed the vast city-state known as Atlantis, and is recorded in the stories, religions and legends of all of our planets peoples as “the great flood”. Most importantly, however, to have been destroyed in “the great overturning”, this report continues, was the main geographical area inhabited on the Earth by these “fallen angels/demons” located from the Indian subcontinent, through the Himalayan mountain range to what is present day Ukraine, and whose human offspring were known as the Aryan race.

The two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, this report explains, fully details the interactions of these “fallen angels/demons” with the Aryan race including the use of their Vimana air/space vehicle described as “an apparatus which can go by its own force, from one place to place or globe to globe”. Verifying this incredible ancient claim of the power of the Vimana to not only transverse our own planet, but those of others too, this report says, can be found in the symbol of these “fallen angels/demons” called the Swastika being discovered all over Earth, including prior to World War II when the soldiers of the United States 45th Infantry Division proudly wore this symbol prior to rise of Nazi Germany.

In fact, this report notes, the earliest known object with Swastika-motifs is a bird from the tusk of a mammoth from the Paleolithic settlement of Mezine,Ukraine dated to 10,000 BC, and its ancient use has also been discovered in the Mississippian-era sites in the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys, the Hopi and Navajo Indians of North America and among the Celts, ancient Germans, Finns…and too many other worldwide cultures to mention in just one article.

To our human race reconnecting with these “fallen angels/demons”, this report says, appears to have occurred in the 16th Century when a brilliant new star appeared on the sky in early November 1572, and which we now know to have been Tycho's Supernova occurring in the constellation Cassiopeia and which was one of about eight supernovae visible to the naked eye in historical records. More critical to note about the Tycho Supernova, MSC experts in this report state, is that it also appeared to cause an “inter-dimensional rift” allowing humans to once again communicate with the “fallen angels/demons” who had previously been expelled from our planet, the most important of whom was the personal astrologer-sorcerer to England’s Queen Elizabeth I, John Dee.


COMMENTARY: It is at exactly this point that I am breaking with some of Sorcha Faal's speculation. There may indeed be a report in circulation warning of an inter-dimensional rift and efforts to communicate with the fallen angels in another dimension. However, where Sorcha Faal takes us to next is John Dee and his contacts with the "Enochian angels." Drawings of these beings by Dee reveal them to be Greys. That plainly can not be what the report is indicating. The angelic beings that were "vanquished" from our Earth 6,000 years ago during the Great Flood were not the Greys, but the Nephilim. As often happens, Sorcha takes an interesting report and then allows her speculation to go to other places.

Contact with the Greys has already taken place ... as long ago as the 1940s and ever since by various world governments. The Greys exist in our time and our space ... not in another dimension that would require a "rift" for them to enter our plane of existence. Indeed, the Greys' spacecrafts are seen every day and night in different parts of the world. Sightings of UFOs have become commonplace. I will add that the Greys can travel to other dimensions, but they are not trapped in one.

This report concerns the Nephilim, and I will now resume with the relevant remainder of the Sorcha Faal report:


To how great of a danger our planet is in due to these “fallen angels/demons” reappearing with their Vimana air/space crafts, this report warns, is evidenced by the mysterious 9 December 2009 event called the “Norway Spiral” where a fantastical otherworldly spiral appeared in the night sky over both Norway and Sweden and which the ancients of people of our planet had all recorded was a sign that always preceded the arrival of the “gods”. Equally as critical to note about the 2009 “Norway Spiral”, MSC experts state, is that within days of it occurring “dozens, if not more” mysterious crafts began erupting from deep beneath Siberia leaving massive craters and hurtling into space with one of them being tracked this week where it has taken up an orbit around our Sun.

As President Putin this past August (2014) classified as a “Potential National Threat” any news/information relating to these mysterious crafts erupting from beneath Siberia, this report does note…however, it further states that what is now called the Chelyabinsk meteor event of 15 February 2013, that exploded with 20–30 times more energy than was released from the atomic bomb detonated at Hiroshima, was (based on orbital trajectory) in actuality an “apparent attack” against the Siberian region where these mysterious crafts are being launched from, and was “exactly like” the 30 June 1908 meteor attack upon this same region that is now called the Tunguska event.

Also, and perhaps most disturbingly, this report concludes, US-EU attempts to demonize President Putin and embroil Russia in war are, in fact, “an elaborate masquerade” designed so that these Western powers can overrun Siberia to destroy/dismantle what by all appearances seems to be an ancient defense system designed to protect our planet from these “fallen angel/demons” who are now in league with, if not outright controlling, nearly all of the Western nations on Earth.

And finally, though not exactly referred to in this MSC report, Western scientists appear to be preparing their citizens for what is to come by publishing many scientific papers this past year proving that parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, a position, mind you, first stated by the renowned French scientist and UFO researcher Jacques Vallée, who decades ago warned that what are commonly called aliens from other worlds may, in fact, be fallen angels and demons.

February 25, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.


Yes, this is alarming if true. If the Chelyabinsk event was in fact an alien attack on other aliens, then it raises one of two possibilities: 1) the Siberian spacecraft belonged to the Greys and the Nephilim launched energy weapons attacks at Grey targets on Earth, or 2) the Siberian spacecraft belonged to the Nephilim and it was the Greys that attempted to destroy them.

In either case, some of the Nephilim, a small number, managed to make it through the Norway Spiral rift in 2009 and another less publicized Spiral rift that occurred in the Southern Hemisphere the following year. In 2011 the few that are in our world attempted to turn on the ancient technology that exists in many places, even hidden inside and below cities. This caused lights of various colors to appear and disappear ... and some were actually videotaped in several cities. In 2012 much of the world began to hear the sound of the "sky gods" ... Nephilim shouts and cries as well as part of their technology being turned on.

But the majority of the Nephilim are still "imprisoned" in another dimension. So too are their offspring, the thoroughly evil and horrible giants known as the Giborim. These latter beings have not yet come through and will not until a certain northern portal ("rift") is opened ... also referred to as "the Gates of North" by St. Methodius and other prophets of old ... opened by a being Nostradamus identifies as a "man-woman."


Nostradamus, Quatrain 8.15 ~

Great exertions towards the North by a man-woman (Hermaphrodite) to vex Europe and almost all the Universe.
The two eclipses will be put into such a rout that they will reinforce life or death for the Hungarians.


Androgyne opens the northern portal


The result will be horrific. The androgynous being will likely perish in the act of unleashing the Giborim and the Rephaim upon the human race. Then many people will die of fright and many more will be consumed (devoured, eaten) in the most horrid fashion imaginable:


It is prophesied that the Giborim shall enter our world and consume millions of human beingsAndrogyne is consumed by fire unleashing the Giborim in the North


St. Methodius (4th century) ~

Then the "Gates of the North" will be opened and the strength of those peoples which Alexander shut up there will go forth. The whole earth will be terrified at the sight of them; men will be afraid and flee in terror to hide themselves in mountains and caves and graves. They will die of fright and very many will be wasted with fear. There will be no one to bury the bodies. The tribes which will go forth from the North will eat the flesh of men and will drink the blood of beasts like water. They will eat unclean serpents, scorpions, and every kind of filthy and abominable beast and reptile which crawls upon the earth. They will consume the dead bodies of beasts of burden and even women’s abortions. They will slay the young and take them from their mothers and eat them. They will corrupt the earth and contaminate it. No one will be able to stand against them.


Once again, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN may open an inter-dimensional portal that will allow the Nephilim race of giants known as the Giborim to enter freely into our world. These creatures, along with the cannibalistic evil spirits known as the Rephaim, as well as actual demons, will roam the countrysides and cities during something known in Marian prophecy as "the three days of darkness."

Future setting of madness before 3 days of darknessRephaim-possessed zombies roam the darkness

While it is strange weapons releasing a fatal dust that will kill most of humanity during the height of World War III, the spirits of the Rephaim, Giborim, and demons may also kill many, even in some cases causing death by fright. Rephaim-possessed human beings, some even resurrected from the dead, might also roam the world as zombies ... yes, there may indeed turn out to be a zombie apocalypse.

I have emphasized on the 2018 (Part One) page that a quite dangerous window of opportunity for the terror and destruction in the North to occur may begin in March 2018 ... which is only two months before the base 7 vector for the three days of darkness in May 2018. I do not know if that means we must worry more about this event happening in March 2018 or May 2018 (or sooner or later).



Real zombies.There have been an increase in the number of reports of people returning from the dead or else people who look like rotting corpses walking around and attacking people.

As The Return Of The Rephaim main page discusses, all it would take to create a living zombie is for people on the drug Krokodil whose fleshing is falling off to have their brains turn to mush for some other reason. The marriage made in Hell: Krokodil and Bath Salts. In that case you wouldn't actually need the decayed corpses of the dead achieving some sort of unnatural animation and stumbling around eating people. To 16th century prophets all the way back to Biblical prophets, just the sight of people walking around who are decaying would give the impression that the dead had returned to life to feed on the living.

Yet, as incredible as it may sound, it is also possible the dead will come back to life, animated by evil spirits. The first case occurred back in June 2012 (right after the first Miami, FL face-eating attack): a deceased child sat up suddenly in his coffin during his funeral and asked his father for a glass of water. He then returned to his repose and was again dead.

Not much more than that happened ... until recently:


Jailosi Tambala was said to have died but was found alive in a garden days laterJanina Kolkiewicz, 91, came back to life in morgue 11 hours after being declared dead


Dead man comes back to life in Dowa: Uncles disown ‘ghost’ - June 27, 2016.

Woman declared dead after being mowed down by police car ‘comes back to life’ an hour later as she is put in body bag - February 19, 2016.

Dead woman comes back to life at funeral, dies again after meeting family - July 24, 2015.

Woman, 91, comes back to life in morgue 11 hours after being declared DEAD - November 14, 2014.


The Book of Isaiah warns that humans should hide in their homes until the reanimated dead, as well as the Rephaim, cease from their terrifying danse macabre and subsequent attacks on the living:

Isaiah 26 19-21 Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead. Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

Stay out of cities where the power / electricity has been turned off! Zombies roam in packs like animals ... and expect no more mercy from them in the darkness than you would a pack of wolves. Although this dream I had appears on the main Rephaim page for reference, it bears repeating here as well:


McClellan (Posted January 19, 2011): In another dream not long after I had that one, I was in the outskirts of town, possibly an old section that had once been a suburb in the early 20th Century, in any event the edge of town. It was almost pitch black and no streetlights were working. There was a light in the window of a house of someone I knew. The people inside of the house were frantically preparing to get out, and I went up to help them to my car. We looked out of the upstairs bedroom window and could barely make out a large throng of black shapes moving up from the other end of the street. Just as we reached my car, we saw them more clearly. It was a mob of people rushing at us from barely more than the distance of two houses away. They were howling as they ran and out for our blood ... anyone's blood. We hurriedly got into the car and took off ... fast ... without hardly any time to spare.


People run for their lives in blacked out neighbourhoods


Does it really matter if a zombie apocalypse happens with real zombies reanimated from the dead or people exhibiting zombie-like behavior who are possessed by the spirits of the "dead ones" (the Rephaim)? When they begin banding together and roaming the cities and countryside in ravenous packs the terror by night will be complete.


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