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The major prophecy pages of my site, otherwise known as the Almanacs, feature predictions I have arrived at using my own personal systems of divination. In a number of instances, these predictions are supported by prophecies from other sources: Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, and others.

This page features prophecies by Nostradamus that may be on the road to being fulfilled or perhaps have already been fulfilled.



666 World Population Day May Trigger
Opening of Sixth Seal of Revelation
By Michael McClellan

April 17, 2008 (7:09 PM EDT), UPDATED May 21, 2008 (1:35 AM EDT): According to the Drudge Report, based on statistics at International Programs Center at, the world population will be 6,666,666,666 on May 10, 2008.

I find this quite disturbing when we consider the following quatrain by Nostradamus:


Nostradamus, Quatrain 9.83 ~

The Sun twenty degrees in Taurus, so strongly the earth trembles. The great theatre filled up is ruined,
the air, sky, and land obscured and troubled when the infidel calls upon God and the saints.



This quatrain is dated astrologically as May 10, although there is no year given. Even so, the fact that a significant occult number, 666, associated with great evil and found in the Book of Revelation, shall be achieved by the world population on that day and month is more than a bit disturbing when one considers the following projections for a global earthquake or supervolcanic eruption I have made using the base 7 system.


Midwestern United States Rocked by Massive Earthquakes (January/February 2008)
The "Great Earthquake" Strikes Los Angeles and California (February/March 2008)
Supervolcano at Yellowstone Erupts (May 2008)


California quake strikes, high rise buildings crumbleThe projection of May 2008, by itself, is remarkable only from the perspective of a base 7 patterning of the Point Mugu (1973), Whittier Narrows (1987), Northridge (1994) and Nisqually (2001) earthquakes and the eruption of Mount St Helen's (1980). That there exists a Nostradamus quatrain that further supports a major earthquake occurring on May 10 is possibly only coincidental in this instance since a year is not provided.

However, the fact that May 10 shall be linked to the number 666 during this year, and only during this year, should be cause for considerable alarm.

The seismic troubles Nostradamus describes in Quatrain 9.83 is far beyond that of any normal killer quake. It is powerful enough to not only cause darkness to fill the air, sky, and land, but also to turn the faithless and those of other faiths towards God and the saints.

666, the number of man and also the number of the beast can further be expressed as a possible code for the opening of the sixth seal of Revelation which unleashes the universal earthquake, the moon of blood, the blackened sun, and nameless horrors in the heavens that may be associated with the ultimate arrival of Planet X.


Did Nostradamus' Great May 10 Earthquake Strike in China?Young woman holding infant walks from cloud of dust

In Quatrain 9.83 above, Nostradamus foresaw a terrible earthquake, "the great theatre filled up is ruined" and "the earth, sky, and land darkened and troubled" happening on May 10 (no year given) when "the infidel calls upon God and the saints." Is it possible that this may apply to the recent China quake? The earthquake struck on May 12, 2008 at 06:28:01 UTC (2:28: 01 PM EDT), missing Nostradamus' date by only two days.

There is no question that China is a largely atheistic country ("infidel") and we have seen the "darkness" in the air covering the land in the form of dust. Although I applied this quatrain and the date the world population would reach 6,666,666,666 more to the long-awaited West Coast quake and Yellowstone erupting, in a much larger sense, I clearly indicated that May 10 would approximate the date of the opening of the sixth seal of Revelation and the so-called "universal earthquake."

Is the breaking of the Sixth Seal of Revelation taking place slowly?

If we focus away from the failure of the West coast to deliver a major quake or Yellowstone to erupt (so far anyway), May 2008 has indeed been a scary month ... and the month is far from over. The Chaiten Volcano could yet be a precursor to Yellowstone I suppose, and was a major event in and of itself; another massive temblor rattled Tokyo and other parts of Japan; the cyclone in Myanmar has caused unprecedented casualties and destruction; and now a new "Great China Quake" ... hardly a week passes without some new geological or weather-related horror since Chaiten blew its top. And all of this activity has occurred in May.


Chaiten volcano continues producing a thick cloud of smoke and ashes Damage from the cyclone is extensive, but hides the grim reality of the human toll China earthquake: Land of the dead

Are we witnessing events that shall continue to accumulate and worsen over the course of May until the sixth seal has finally been opened?

What about the July 2008 vector for an asteroid impact (or was our near miss in January our close call)? Even if Toutatis or some other space rock doesn't smack into the sea or ocean in that month, I think I'd be concerned about something nearly as bad happening, given what is already occurring in the world in a month that was supposed to be the eruption of the Yellowstone caldera. At the current rate events are taking place, the world may well be in nearly as bad a shape by the end of May as it would have if Yellowstone had erupted ... or even worse by July.

The possibility that we are now experiencing a "long drawn out opening of the sixth seal" is currently in discussion on the Prophetic Messenger Forum at




By Michael McClellan

Quatrain 9.31
The trembling of the earth at Mortara [NW Italy],
The tin isles of St. George [England] half-sunk,
Peace asleep, the war awakened,
Within the temple at Easter abysses open.

July 25, 2007 (1:42 AM EDT): England is now, according to British news reports, experiencing the worst flooding in its recorded history. Thus my projection for Massive Flooding in Portions of Europe, New Record Levels beginning in April 2007 has been fulfilled (the process of heavy rainfall, storms, and flooding began in Turkey in May 2007 and moved westward across Europe in June, increasing in magnitude until it seemingly reached its peak in England and Wales, but still continues to grow steadily worse in England). Still, as bad as it has been, it was not preceded or accompanied by a massive quake in northwestern Italy. Then again, this could happen later: the flooding of half of England and a major geological disturbance in northern Italy need not occur in the sequence they appear in the above quatrain by Nostradamus. However, if this should happen soon, so too will a major war in the Middle East and yet another massive earthquake, next time in London itself during Easter, which falls on March 23, 2008.

The problem in all of this lies with the base 7 system: Italy is not due for a major earthquake of nearly apocalyptic proportions until November 2008, which is another 16 months away. Even so, the current flooding in England may only be a preview of what is to come. If half of the isle truly sinks, it is likely to be for the same reasons the Midwestern US, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana also will: due to persistant climatological conditions that will cause chronic flooding. If floodwaters are not allowed to recede, additional days and weeks of rainfall, geological recessions caused by substantial earthquake activity, or catastrophic tidal conditions will further plunge the regions deeper into chronic inundation, resulting in a nearly permanent state of total saturation that may take years or even decades to reverse.

In any event, according to Nostradamus' Quatrain 9.31, a massive earthquake will strike Mortara, thirty miles northwest of Milan. It will be accompanied by major flooding in southern Italy. The cities of Florence, Naples, and Venice will be submerged. At nearly the same time a great deluge will sink Wales, Cornwall and the Scilly Islands. Many commentators simply say that "the tin isles of St George" (Scilly Islands) is just a clever way of saying England itself, thus half of England will be submerged by water. Most commentators agree that "the temple" referred to is Westminster Abbey, built upon the site of the ancient Temple of Apollo. The description of huge fissures cracking open at the location indicates that a major quake will also rock the city of London. The Mortara Quake should occur in November 2008. The London Quake would then follow at Easter 2009, which falls on April 12, 2009.

The new war that is awakened in November 2008 and escalated in April 2009 will likely be the long-anticipated conflict in the Middle East between the US and Iran (added to the current fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan) and another between Israel and the Palestinians, Lebanon, and Syria. Both of these will spread throughout the entire region, fusing with the US wars, bringing Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey into the fray as allies of Israel and the United States, triggering "World War III in the Middle East." This in turn brings in Russia and the European Nato members (or else an EU force), leading to horrific naval battles in the Eastern Mediterranean and southern Adriatic that will involve the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

Note that this matches my own base 7 parameters for the nuclear destruction of New York City by terrorists on August 9, 2008 (which is also the 9th of Av next year), triggering "The War of Alus" (WW3 in the ME) beginning in October 2008 and reaching a terrible conclusion in July and August 2009, at which time Iran and its allies declare war on the European Union (July 29, 2009, which is also the 9th of Av that year) and Russia follows suit after an assassination and turmoil breaks out in the Balkans and Hungary (August 8, 2009).

By this time the US will have been forced to withdraw in defeat from Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Iraq will be made a strong ally of Iran, and southern Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon will be laid to waste by Egypt and Israel due to fighting with Palestinians and Hezbollah. Mubarak is assassinated and Egypt is defeated and conquered by Iran and Iraq. Jordan is destroyed by Iranian and Russian nuclear weapons. Many Syrian cities are destroyed by Israeli nuclear missiles. Northern Israel is made uninhabitable by Iraqi chemical and biological weapons supplied by Syria and Iran.

Planet X has slowly been making its presence known since The Asian Tsunami that shocked the world in December 2004. Now, with utter rapidity, its encroaching death-dealing blow is being felt planet-wide. Major earthquakes in South America, volcanic eruptions in Indonesia and Africa, mind-boggling flooding in England, metro-New York, Texas and Oklahoma, India, China, the worst heat wave on mainland Europe and the US western states, the worst winter weather in Australia since records have been kept, the second worst dust storm on the planet Mars in space history ... all have happened in the space of only a week!

The time for lulls in the weather and geological catastrophes appears to be ending. We are there, in that place which Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and St John of Patmos warned of long ago. The dreaded opening of the sixth seal of Revelation is soon! At this rate, it can hardly be more than a year away. And then upon the year ensuing (2009) the ancient horror will make its appearance, that which has been called Marduk, Typhon, Nibiru, Wormwood, the winged orb, the Dragon's Tail, the Ball of Redemption, the Day of Wrath, and the great and the small will flee from its face and hide in caves and underground shelters. To no avail! At least 2 out of 3 humans shall perish worldwide. Millions will die moment by moment, hour by hour, as the oceans turn to vapour!

And as the world destroys man, man shall destroy the world. Global war on a scale never before seen and can only be imagined. Mass genocide against civilians committed by the very governments and leaders the people have recklessly placed their faith in. France shall dance a new bloody dance and her sisters, Italy and America, shall join her. The guillotines are ready; they are waiting for the heads they shall shave cleanly from millions of necks. The barber and the coffin-maker will agree not to lie in each others shade! Then, when America is 3/4 inundated by water, reduced to two large clumps of land on east and west and many tiny islands in between, then finally will come the dreaded nuclear exchanges with Russia. The masculine woman who rules the great pond nation shall die in the inferno that will be Washington DC as the anti-missile system for what remains of the East Coast fails to stop the Russian's incessant attacks.

Ground zero: Hillary and aide

President Hillary and aide waiting for the end (September 2010)

EMP knocks out power to what remains of United States east coast not submerged by water, massive nuclear attack follows.
Missile defence of East Coast and US Capital fails; Hillary Clinton dies in nuclear attack on Washington DC.


Nostradamus writes about many calamities that shall befall this planet, not only during our time, but for centuries to come. But the longest lasting natural catastrophe of all that will plague Mankind, even 1,700 years from now, until our world and solar system is finally transformed by fire into a new heaven and new earth as promised at the end of the Book of Revelation, shall be the FLOOD:

"I find that before the final universal conflagration the world will see so many floods and such high inundations, that there will scarcely remain any land not covered by water, and this will last for so long that outside of the topography of earth and the races which inhabit it, everything will perish."

Global warming is a reality. Long after Nibiru has returned to the outermost regions of our solar system, sea and ocean levels will continue to rise. Geological catastrophes shall diminish and end (save those God shall briefly allow during 'the age of the seventh angel'), but not the climate and eco-system related horrors caused by melting ice, excessive carbon dioxide and condensation from the greenhouse effect, and the resulting rising waters. If the prophet is correct, in the end there shall be scarcely a spot of land to stand upon.

It is hard to say where our responsibilities end and the destruction that is out of our hands due to Planet X begins. But one thing is certain: the more lax we have been and are being about the environment and global warming, the more ammunition we are providing for this great destroyer from space. Nor need we be sitting ducks for the asteroids and meteors this horror shall dump upon us (even now the Dawn space mission has been launched to dislodge two massive asteroids out of the path of Planet X that otherwise would be deviated in our direction).

In two years time, or if we are fortunate, in five years time (if an important related event should occur in 2009), we shall reap part of what we ourselves have sewn. May we sew better things these next two to five years.



By Michael McClellan

May 11, 2007 (10:28 PM EDT), POSTED August 14, 2007: The elections in France are over. Jacques Chirac bowed out over a month before, Segolene Royal slipped in the polls after the first faceoff, and one of the most unpopular figures in French politics ever was elected, sparking off riots nationwide. The election of Nicolas Sarkozy certainly seems to land a giant fly in the ointment of prophecy.

Despite some rather unconvincing quatrains I presented earlier heralding a potential Royal victory, I still believe Sarkozy's election does not change some very intriguing prophecies by Nostradamus concerning an "important old man" of France who just won't go away, even though he has been "least honoured" among the French presidents.

Technically it never did matter whether Sarkozy or Royal won. Nostradamus more than hints that an "old man" who is "least honoured" among the French will make some sort of comeback during a time of war. I have always suspected that there was a chance that Chirac would either lose an election or choose not to run or else temporarily lose control of France to Iranian/Muslim invaders if he was re-elected. Some sort of hiatus in his leadership, combined with his memory or legacy being dishonoured among his people, has been highly suggested by Nostradamus' prophecies.

I believe that as far as he is concerned, Chirac thinks he is done with politics forever.

However, I doubt Chirac would turn down appeals by his countrymen to resume the presidency or even to be made a monarch, especially if it is out of a sence of duty. Chirac will forever have a strong nationalistic pride in France and an idealistic desire for there to always be a strong European Union. On issues of defending France and Europe against any and all enemies, including terrorists and rogue states, Chirac's voice has been the strongest since the days of Charles de Gaulle. The French may hate his domestic policies, but they have had nothing but respect for his international vision and strong leadership abroad.

It also would not be the first time a leader of France was down for the count and considered out of power for good, only to make a startling comeback. Everyone believed Napoleon was finished when he was exiled to Elba. Nine months later, he returned to France, drove out the Bourbons, and restored his Empire, living to fight one last war. The restoration of his empire lasted only 1/3 of a year, but it was an unimaginable and spectacular triumph applauded by many Frenchmen.

Chirac may return to fight one last war too: the most important and decisive war in modern history, World War III.

If Royal would have been inept at handling the internal problems dividing France at this time, especially along north-south lines, Sarkozy will be a disaster. We already see the rioting all over France in responce to his election and further anger at news that he is on vacation "whilst Paris burns." I have received emails from some French viewers in the past, and many consider Sarkozy to be psychotic. In other words, Nicolas Sarkozy is to France what Vladimir Zhirinovsky would be to Russia. Sarkozy's election may even be a sign that Zhirinovsky will win in Russian elections in March 2008.

I think that after the turmoil Sarkozy's administration will bring to France, including war, the French will be all to happy to have papa Chirac back. Here is a quatrain to really question:

Quatrain 5.100
The incendiary by his own fire trapped,
Fire from the sky at Carcassonne and Comminges:
Foix, Auch, Mazeres, the important old man escaped,
By those of Hesse, of Saxony, and Thuringia
(Germany between 50th and 52nd latitudes).

All the cities and towns in lines 2 and 3 are located in southwestern France well below the 44th parallel. The strikes against them are either nuclear, FAE, or a mixture of both.

Look, this quatrain has never been fulfilled. The Nazis never ever got this far south in France during World War II. No foreign army with modern weapons has ever pulled this off. It has to be about World War III.

So who is the "important old man" who escapes southwestern France with the aid of Germany whilst it is under attack? Sarkozy is not old.

Whoever he is, he is "important" from a French point-of-view or else a Catholic point-of-view. Could he be Pope Benedict who is himself German? Not likely. Too many other quatrains say the pope will die or be killed in southeastern France, in Avignon specifically, during a military attack. The murdered pope is also given the name "Paul the celibate" (not John Paul or Benedict), thus suggesting a pope with the name Paul VII.

Who can this "old man" be who will be so important to France? I cannot think of any other old political figure the Germans would rescue from southern France during a time of war but Jacques Chirac. Here he is again:

Quatrain 4.61
The old man mocked and deprived of his position,
By the foreigner who will suborn him:
The hands of his sons devoured [severed] before their faces,
The brother at Chartres, Orleans, Rouen betrayed.

Chirac has already been deprived of his position by Nicolas Sarkozy and has been (and is being mocked) by the French media. Sarkozy is the foreigner: Sarkozy is not a native-born Frenchmen and his father was Hungarian. In line 3, we have the severing of the hands of French soldiers, a form of Islamic justice. Sarkozy, Chirac's self-appointed heir ("brother") will be betrayed and killed.

According to Les Propheties the former French leader returns to France via a route that would take him through Belgium into the northern part of the country, via the forest of Ardennes. France will be plagued with civil war by this time, and still partly occupied by Muslim troops as well. Paris will already be destroyed by its own people. With a small military base and the aid of a Belgian or British military commander with a hawk nose he will gradually muster more and more French forces to his side as word spreads that Chirac is back. A war of liberation will commence.

Remember, Nostradamus calls this all important leader an "old man" and Chirac certainly qualifies at age 74. By the time global war has reached this point in either 2010, 2011, or 2012, he will be 77, 78, or 79. Bear in mind that Nostradamus does not give his figure "Chiren" a long life once he is made monarch and then emperor. He spends almost all of what remains of his imperial reign "driving the barbarians from the sea" and bringing "peace to Italy," and a short time after he does, he dies. Old European prophecies that say the "great Monarch" will be an old man say he will reign no longer than seven years then will "give up the ghost." Other prophecies that mention a "great Monarch" who is young (about 40) all seem to be dated around the year 2038 to 2041 (which indicates a second great monarch Nostradamus calls Philippe in my opinion).

Something else to consider, if Chirac is not Chiren.

On this website's personal forum, The Prophetic Messenger Service, we have looked at figures such as Henry Harris Lines, Henrik Selin, the actual royal pretenders to the throne of France themselves, and others: all in an effort to find someone whose name matches "Chiren" or "Henry/Henri."

I would point out that Prince Charles is on record for having said that when he becomes king, he will not go by the name of Charles but by the name of GEORGE. In other words, a monarch has the discretion to choose any name he desires as his royal identity.

This is also true of a restored French monarchy. If a man chooses to be crowned as Henry V, he need not have Henry as his actual name. Thus, any man, regardless of what his real first name is, who is given the honour of being a new French monarch, can take the name of Henry if he so desires.

And that could be just about anybody.



Has the "Third Antichrist" of Nostradamus Died?

By John Hogue



26 June 2006

On the day after the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year of the new millennium, a terror from the skies fell upon a reinforced house nestled in a peaceful grove of date palms thirty miles north of Baghdad, killing a beast who could be a candidate for Nostradamus' Third Antichrist. That is the day after 6/6/6 when two US Airforce GPS guided 500 pound bombs met their long, lightning fast shadows in fire and dust over a canopy of palms. They made a crater out of the safe house of al-Qaeda's evil insurgent leader in Iraq.

The agent of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death was not the terror from the skies foretold by the 16th century prophet in Quatrain 72 of Century 10 of his book of predictions. This "advent" prophecy of the third and final installment of his Antichrists (the last two being "Hister"--Hitler, and "Napaulon Roy"--Napoleon King) describes "September month" of the year "1999" and not the day after 6/6/6. Some believe 1999 is a coded date. Reverse nines and ones and you may get the real day and year intended: September 9.11.1. Thus, the Third Antichrist advances before history's collective perception with the attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Is he, therefore, the leader of al-Qaeda or a lieutenant who will gain greater fame than the founder, Usama bin Laden, thanks to the attack on September 11?

A clever Nostradamian as dyslexically vertical in thinking as the prophet could entertain turning "1999" upside down to get "6/6/6 + 1 day" to represent 7 June and make some link to the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi with the advent of the Third Antichrist. The reason being that Nostradamus foretold this dark figure, unlike his predecessors, will obtain his ultimate infamy through death in the early stages of a world war that will last 27 years. One could argue that there is a link to the "king of terror" descending from the skies on the war's birth day in 1999 (9.11.1) with the death day of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. You could say that fate turned 1999 and his fortunes upside down on the date of 6/6/6 plus 1.

Ever since Abu Musab al-Zarqawi crawled out from under a rock into history's light a few years ago, he has become the most popular candidate for decoding the enigmatic name given by Nostradamus for the third and final Antichrist.

We are now suffering the opening stages of the war of this Third Antichrist. It is popularly believed that Nostradamus scheduled his appearance around the arrival of a great comet that all could see with the naked eye. That could be Comet Hale-Bopp. It's transit of 1997 skies presaged the grim and notorious "1999/9.11.1" prophecy by only a few years. The potential code name of the Antichrist is "Mabus." The prophecy numbered Century 2 Quatrain 62 describes his fate. A translation in English reads:


Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.


My long held interpretation of the above proposes that "Mabus" unlike his Anti-Christian predecessors is one of the first to die in the world war of terrorism he unleashes. His death will mark a horrible undoing or destruction of both people "and" animals, linking this war with other Nostradamian prophecies about plagues of human invention, such as plagues of radiation, biological and chemical weapons that kill people and animals stained with lethal, icelike or red rains. The death of "Mabus" starts a great terror war of vengeance and counter-vengeance involving 100 powers (countries) "when the comet will pass." Hale-Bopp did pass in 1997. We have lived since that time under dramatically hotter climate, endured greater droughts ("thirst") than ever recorded and seen historic outbreaks of"famine" in Africa. Other Nostradamian prophecies pick up the metaphor of a comet passing on a different errand, One that is long in shape, dragging a tail of sparks falling on cities. Will the "comet" like missiles "pass" once this candidate for Mabus is dead?

A tale of terror descending from the skies comes full circle for the man whose name many believe most easily decodes the Mabus enigma. Just three brief years into his insurrection, at the point of fulfilling a dream of plunging Iraq into a religious civil war, US smart bombs launched overhead blew apart a safe house where Zarqawi and some al-Qaeda commanders met. US forces later found the sole survivor was Zarqawi, with lungs imploded by the blast concussion. He lingered 51 minutes in semi-consciouness before expiring in time for his fatal photo op. Zarqawi's lifeless face, a photographer's version of a death mask, soon appeared on the covers of news magazines and was broadcast on television around the world. Time will tell whether this photo will become the icon of martyrdom inspiring future jihadist in his name to launch missiles and blow up both people and animals.

There are a number of ways you can apply Nostradamus' laws of anagram to get "Mabus" from a phonetic spelling in Roman letters of the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's name:

1.) Drop the "M" and the "s" from "Mabus" and you get "Abu"--or "father" in Arabic--The prefix all Arab terrorists use these days, including al-Zarqawi.

2.) His second name "Musab" is a literal mix of the letters that spell "Mabus."

3.) Even "Zarqawi" in a stretch of the rules can make a match when applying the anagram technique of reverse lettering. You can make a new letter in lower case of any letter turned upside down or around. You can replace letters that sound similar, such as a "z" for an "s." Thus, "zarqawi" becomes "sarqawi” if "z" becomes "s." Turn "q" into a "b" and "w" into an "m". Now "sarbami" mixed around gets you "Mabas" if you drop the maximum limit of two superfluous letters, such as "r" or "i."

It is because of these relatively easy word games that thousands of you over the years have sent me letters asking if Abu Musab is Mabus, the Third Antichrist.. Now that he has fallen, and despite how much the shoe of anagram fits his evil footprint in prophecy, I do not think the shoe fits. I untie the shoestrings setting free the foot--hopefully not into my mouth--and hold fast to a comment I wrote about Zarqawi and his Mabus connenction as a form response to many of your similar questions sent over the years since he first appeared in Iraq:


"I am watching Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's progress. There is still some doubt whether he is a fiction made up by a US Administration desperate to create new boogie men to scare the American people into obedience. If you don't have a nemesis, you need to cook one up, especially if you want people to be in a hypnotic state of fear and perpetual imminent threat after capturing Saddam and failing to capture Bin Laden. Abu Musab may also be a real terrorist enjoying stepping into the bigger britches of myth sewn together by US Psyops.

The name approximation to Mabus is almost too good to be true. It is almost like someone in the CIA or NSC was trying to compose an Arabic name that played with the anagram in various ways: (M)abu(s) (M)usa(b)= "Mabus" of a "USA"; or Musab= (M)(ab)(us); a typical anagram letter switch from the middle of the word to the end."


Upon his death nearly three years after writing the above, news outlets in their obituaries of Zarqawi, especially those reporting from beyond US borders and corporate control, also concluded that he was a more sexed up boogie man than he actually was. Zarqawi's relatively small band of foreign jihadists, Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (misrepresented in the US press as al-Qaeda in Iraq) was relatively lost in the crowd of hundreds of home grown Iraqi insurgent organizations. A mix of Zarqawi's hard sell of brutality, beheadings and Mosque bombings blended with the Bush administration's need to cover-up what was not, as they projected for years, a foreign jihadist insurgency in Iraq, pumped up Zarqawi's image there.

Osama bin Laden mourns the death of Abu Musab al-ZarqawiIt would seem that even the father of al-Qaeda, Usama bin Laden, exploited the power of the Abu Musab myth. He expansively granted him the title of his chief lieutenant for al-Qaeda operations in Iraq only last year. Privately the relationship between Usama and Abu Musab was going south.

The blasting of the Samara Shia Mosque last year had backfired. Worldwide Muslim opinion was turning against al-Qaeda because of it. Brother Sunni insurgent groups were openly clashing with Zarqawi's men on the streets of Iraq.

Even a pained bin Laden openly voiced concern that good relations with the insurgency required al-Qaeda find an Iraqi leader to replace Zarqawi.

Time was against Zarqawi's Mabus myth. Two five hundred pound bombs and martyrdom forestalled what might have been a rapid fall from grace and influence in the rebellion in the near future.

I would conclude that he was a real terrorist who by coincidence rather than commission by US Psyops wickedly fit the Mabus decoding. He was too good--or better, too terrible--to be true for propaganda purposes by both sides. Either death or disagreements about strategy with his bosses would have tainted his dark star. The US administration habitually fingered him for almost everything nasty happening in Iraq and it started to wear a bit thin. The ruthless atrocities of Al-Qaeda's man in Mesopotamia began dividing the insurgency.

Zarqawi will be remembered as one of the many similarly spelled Arabic named terrorists that could of, should of, would of fulfilled the Mabus prophecy but did not. Still, one must never be too possessed by an opinion or interpretation of signs when uncovering the elusive path of the future. The man who lay dying in a US stretcher among the ruins of his safe house, his back turned on his captors, the last phrases of a mumbled Islamic prayer ascending lifeless, bloody lips, could be the Abu Musab "Mabus" Nostradamus intended. If he is, then the following steps require fulfillment according to the wording of Century 2 Quatrain 62:

1.) Zarqawi "soon dies"--in other words, after a brief and bloody run of three years he is martyred for his cause as he always wanted. And now his name will become a cry of defiance, perhaps even a "Zarqawi" movement will come about or a Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Brigade of bloodthirsty terrorists will descend on Iraq.

2.) What then should soon follow his death is a terrible destruction and undoing of people and animals--the 27 year war of terror mentioned elsewhere in Nostradamus' Antichrist prophecies.. The war would have to come as a consequence of fulfilling Zarqawi's other cherished death wish: a full-fledged civil war between Shia and Sunni Iraqis. Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia under his command did change the focus of the insurrection in the last nine months from a mostly Sunni versus US occupation insurgency into a low grade Sunni versus Shia sectarian civil war with death squads from either community hunting down and executing around a hundred victims a day across Iraq. Perhaps many more. The mainstream press hardly reports on widespread ethnic cleansing, yet so far, starting last year, tens of thousands of Sunnis have been forced out of Shia dominated southern Iraq. Shias by the tens of thousands have evacuated the Sunni triangle. Every night across Iraq people of a minority ethnic persuasion receive a knock on the door from black hooded thugs--militiamen from the surrounding majority population be it Sunni or Shia--ordering them to leave immediately or be killed on the morrow.

Zarqawi's people stole the limelight and stoked the smoldering civil war with the bombing of Shia Mosques and holy sites. It might have happened anyway without him, but the dye of this myth is cast in Zarqawi stains of black forever. If he was Mabus then after his death the simmering civil war should explode across Iraq, drawing in more Sunni terrorists from across the Islamic world. The Iraqi Shia majority will seek and get Iran to come in. Iran will then enter open conflict with the US over Iraq. If the US attacks Iran, they will attack Israel and Israel will respond in kind. Then a region wide war would begin the terrible undoing of people and animals in the Middle East.Kazakhstan Launches Its First Satellite from Baikonur

3.) The apocalyptic fulfillment of this prophecy must be soon after Mabus' death, or "at once" as Nostradamus put it. Quickly, like a desert brush fire, a hundred hands or powers seek vengeance and counter vengeance across the region. There must soon come a war, thirst and famine "when the comet passes."

If by "comet" we read "missile" then within a few weeks or months after the death of Zarqawi there must be a war of missiles -- most likely salvoes of such grim weaponry tracing their long comet tails over the airspace of Iran, over US assets and bases in the Persian Gulf and Iraq. Iranian missiles will strike Israel who in turn will launch retaliatory missile attacks on Iran.

I cannot see anything less disastrous fulfilling the prophecy of a "horrible undoing" of man and animal than a full scale war with missiles raining chemical, biological and perhaps even nuclear warheads across the Middle East. The US administration has openly talked about using nukes on Iran's nuclear industry. Iran possesses WMD arsenals of chemical and biological agents fatal to men and animals. So too does Israel, which also possesses an estimated stockpile of 200 nuclear warheads.

In my previous article we considered Nostradamus' astrological prophecy in Century 4, Quatrain 67, which says:


In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long comet:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.


At the time of this writing, Saturn and Mars are equally fiery and bellicose in the sign of Leo. Back on 7 June, Zarqawi was bombed to girl and boy virgin reveries of the hereafter while overhead Mars (God of War) had just entered the first degree of Leo--black Saturn was at 7 degrees Leo. They were within two degrees conjunction from 16 until 21 June.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il claps from balconyI would presume that important and secret decisions were made by the Pentagon for a planned war in the Middle East at that time, despite the distraction of a new and bellicose standoff between North Korea and the US beginning right at the end of the conjunction when North Korea's announced plans to test launch their Taepo Dong ICBM missile. It has a capacity to hurl one of their estimated ten nuclear warheads on US cities from the Pacific Coast to the Mississippi River. There are rumblings in US government and Pentagon circles that a US air attack on North Korea's launch site is imminent. Just the kind of rash martial temptations Saturn and Mars conjure in the unconscious and reactive habits of human beings.

Mars will end its transit of equal fire with Saturn in Leo on 22 July. A full-scale civil war in Iraq and/or a widening conflict including Iran and Israel can happen at any time during or a few months after the end of this astrological aspect.

Perhaps fate and fiery planets will throw a little doomsday Korean seasoning into the mix.

If war soon breaks out, and no other significant candidate for "Mabus" should die, such as Usama bin Laden or G. W. Bush*, only then can we seriously claim for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the Nostradamian title, Third Antichrist.

(*Go to the HogueProphecy Archives to review how Usama bin Laden, and G. W. Bush can be derived from decoding the anagram "Mabus.")

John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author



By Sherlock

Submitted December 04, 2005 - Posted December 26, 2005


45 Steps

Quatrain 6.97

At forty-five degrees (or steps?) the sky will burn,
Fire approaches the great new city,
Instantly a great flame leaps up,
When they want to have proof of the Normans [France].

Grapple with the notion that a 360-day year equates to 360 degrees of a circle as the mystics of Nostradamus’ day commonly did. More correctly translated, Quatrain 6:97 states “45 steps,” not degrees. Burning (combustion) is vertical, not angular. Nostradamus was defining time coordinates. 45 years high, by 45 years wide is 2025 square years. It is pretty obvious that Eastern civilization is the old city and Western civilization is the new city. 45 steps high x 45 steps wide x 45 steps deep = 91,125 cube. A 45-cubed week after the crucifixion of Christ, the new city of the USA was born. 45 cubed days after the USA was born, occurs in December of 2025, overlaying nicely with 45 squared years on our Gregorian calendar. Furthermore, our abbreviated Julian dating system beginning at the year 1900 will click past ‘Julian date 45,999’ within December of 2025. Remain mindful of which year WW2 ended through the use of fire. It is an enigma to me that when Nostradamus wrote, the Americas were untouched by old world civilization. Lastly, any cube or square creates 45 degree angles when drawing a line from one corner to another.



7 Stadia Round

Quatrain 1.69

The great mountain seven stades round,
After peace, war, hunger, inundation:
It will roll long, drowning great countries,
Even ancient ones and the great foundation.

Coincidently, just as the 1945 atomic usage was 13 squared years (169) after USA founding, Quatrain 1.69 details a 7 stadia round rock which would hit earth. Removing the circumference (roundness) via dividing by pi leaves a 1300+ feet diameter asteroid. Apophis, which will come within one-tenth of our Earth-Lunar distance on Friday the 13th, in April of 2029 has an estimated diameter of 1300 feet. The uniqueness of asteroids is their non-spherical nature allowing for a variable diameter depending on where the measuring tape is placed. Because Apophis is enough of a risk to satellites, and the earth’s magnetosphere, serious consideration has been given to set off a nuclear device on Apophis’ next pass so when 2029 comes, its course will have become diverted out to a much safer near approach. My concern is that this plan would litter the surface of Apophis with radioactivity and perhaps shatter Apophis into multiple pieces, some of which might be more likely to hit earth. If this gruesome scenario occurs, Apophis could become the dreaded wormwood asteroid of Revelation which poisons the water. Review the facts: Apophis’ 2029, Friday the 13th approach is THE closest approach to Earth of all the known asteroids for the next 200 years. Apophis’ size is 7 stadia round. The near approach occurs within 4 years of 45 steps. Think tank mavericks are actually thinking about blasting this thing. If they do, I hope they are smart enough to use materials which will degrade in outer space long before 2029. Time is critical, for deciding at the last moment (in 2029) that Apophis is approaching just a little too close for comfort would necessitate using a much more powerful (risky) device.



George W. Bush: Tecumseh Curse Closing In?
by Michael McClellan


Cindy Sheehan cries after seeing a portrait of her son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan


August 27, 2005 (10:52 PM EDT) - She's been staring us in the face nearly all of August, and yet only now have I realised how critical a player in prophetic events Cindy Sheehan may be. Note I must couch such a statement with caution, but if the current face-off between President George W. Bush and Sheehan and her supporters continues, and continues to grow increasingly more hostile, it is possible events will spiral out of control and lead to the fulfillment of the following Nostradamus prophecy:


Grief-stricken mother Cindy Sheehan is whipping up a frenzy of anti-Bush sentiment

Quatrain 8.73

Soldat Barbare le grand Roy frappera,
Injustement non eslogné de mort,
L'avare mere du fait cause fera,
Conjurateur & regne en grand remort.

The great King is struck by a barbarian soldier,
Unjustly, not far from death,
The avaricious mother will be the cause of the deed,
Conspirator and realm in great remorse.

Is Bush "a dead man?"


The problem with this quatrain up until now has been that one feels compelled to link the "barbarian soldier" with the "avaricious mother" somehow. Since Nostradamus applied the word "barbarian" to Arabs and Islamic peoples in general (the last Crusades and the fall of Constantinople were "recent" history to educated Europeans living in the 1550s and attacks on trading ships by Algerian pirates was a current event), it seemed logical that the "mother" would be a Muslim as well ... perhaps the mother of the assassin or the mother of a leader who will order the murder.

Also, the word "avaricious" seemed to make no sense when applied to an assassination.

But things may be getting clearer.

Anti-war spokesman Cindy Sheehan, who is indeed a "mother," lost her son Casey in the ongoing quagmire war in Iraq. She has been a vitriolic critic of the Bush administration and the war, calling Bush a "terrorist" and his war " a war of terror." She has taken up with many anti-war groups who have taken the opportunity to line side-by-side with the mother who plans to take the protest straight to the streets of Washington, D.C. when Bush returns after Labor Day. Here is a sample of her remarks made on August 14:


"That lying bastard, George Bush, is taking a five-week vacation in time of war," Sheehan tells the Veterans For Peace, Mike Ferner. "You get that maniac out here to talk with me in person. Bush needs to tell me why my son died in Iraq. I've got the whole month of August off, and so does he.

"The other thing I want him to tell me is 'just what was the noble cause Casey died for?' Was it freedom and democracy? Bull---t! He died for oil. He died to make your friends richer. He died to expand American imperialism in the Middle East. We're not freer here, thanks to your PATRIOT Act. Iraq is not free. You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism," she says. "There, I used the 'I' word -- imperialism," the 48 year-old mother quipped.

"And now I'm going to use another 'I' word -- impeachment -- because we cannot have these people pardoned. They need to be tried on war crimes and go to jail. I am not paying my taxes for 2004. You killed my son, George Bush, and I don't owe you a penny . . . you give my son back and I'll pay my taxes. Come after me for back taxes and we'll put this war on trial."


So, in what sense is Cindy Sheehan an "avaricious mother?" Which is to say, how is Cindy Sheehan a "greedy" mother?

She is indeed greedy ... for attention! She is greedy in the sense of "ambitious" ... she wants more and more power and attention to wreak havoc against the president and his administration. Nothing in this world will ever replace her son, and nothing will ever be sufficient for her as compensation short of the impeachment and removal from office of George W. Bush ... or his death!

The time for the Tecumseh Curse is nearing, as I have been warning all year. This is the year, if any year is going to be. There already was one assassination attempt against Bush in Tbilisi, Georgia several months ago. As August draws to a close, we grow nearer to the 42nd anniverary (6 x 7 years ago) of John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Texas in November 1963.

Cindy Sheehan is whipping up a frenzy of disparate anti-Bush and anti-war groups, not to mention pro-Bush groups hell-bent on a conflict with Sheehan's supporters.


CAMPED OUT IN CRAWFORD: White supremacists claim Cindy's cause -- Holding rally: 'We don't want leftist Johnny-come-latelys' to hijack issue

Posted: August 26, 2005
4:00 p.m. Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2005

The latest entrants in the saga of Cindy Sheehan vs. the White House are white supremacists, as they plan to rally against the Iraq War this weekend in Crawford, Texas. Members of are tossing their figurative hoods into the mix, as they invite supporters to come to Camp Casey to "let the world know that white patriots were first and loudest to protest this war for Israel."

"We don't want leftist Johnny-come-latelys who are misleadingly protesting this war – as if the war is about oil (not true), or as if it's right-wing patriots who launched this war (not true) – to hijack the issue from us," writes James Kelso, senior moderator of Stormfront.

"We want to challenge these leftists with the fact that their leftist leaders, like Hillary Clinton, are on the same war-for-Israel team as the cowardly Republicans who have been bought and paid for in the Senate, House, White House and media by the Jewish Neocon political machine."

Kelso is an assistant to David Duke, the Ku Klux Klansman and activist for European-Americans who was elected to Louisiana's Legislature in 1989, and more recently has served prison time for mail fraud and filing a false tax return ...


Indeed, Ms. Sheehan's following has reached an almost cult-like status. On August 25, Sheehan even "channeled" the spirit of her dead son. According to the mother of the slain soldier, Casey said 'George Bush, you are really an idiot. You didn't know what you were doing when you killed me. You didn't know what you were getting into.' She also claims to have "tens of thousands of angels" supporting her cause to bring home immediately American troops serving in Iraq.


Cindy Sheehan "channels" her dead son Casey


She publicly thanked her son and others who died in the Iraq War, and claimed to have the backing of Casey and his fellow fallen soldiers in the afterlife. "I know that they are in heaven," Sheehan said, "and I know that that's why this movement is growing because we have tens of thousands of angels behind us that are supporting us, that are saying, 'Well, you know we died and that was really crappy, but we hope that our deaths are going to make the world a better place,' and it's up to us to make sure that it does." Sheehan has referred to her son as an angel, stating in an Aug. 5 speech, Casey "became an angel while I was sleeping."

The mission of the "avaricious mother" has only begun. On September 1st her protest will begin a bus tour which will converge on Washington DC on September 24th to continue her Iraq war protest.

"It's not going to end. If George Bush came out and spoke with me today and we went home, this wouldn't end."

But it will end: Infiltrating the throngs of anti-Bush and anti-war activists shall be a terrorist ... or an American Muslim who served as a soldier in the US war in Iraq ... one of the two. And this man will shoot President Bush in the head during an extremely heated rally in Washington D.C.

Like President Abraham Lincoln, another assassinated wartime president, and also a president over a bitterly divided nation, Bush will not die immediately, but will be "not far from death." He will be taken to a place, probably a hospital, and will linger a day or two before dying from his fatal head wound.

According to Nostradamus, the assassination of George W. Bush will be "unjust." Then the nation, and the conspirator, Cindy Sheehan, shall indeed be filled with remorse.



NOSTRADAMUS Predicts "The London Terror"
By Michael W. McClellan



Antichrist Tries the G8 in Scotland with a Cold-Blooded Act of Terror


Quatrain 10.66

Tony Blair and George W BushThe leader of London through American reign (Bush-Blair axis),
The isle of Scotland (G8 Summit in Scotland) is tried by a cold-blooded act
(terrorist bombings in London):
King Red (London mayor 'Red Ken' Livingstone) will have so false an antichrist (Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi)
Who will draw them all into the melee (the 'War on Terror': World War III).


July 12, 2005 (10:51 PM EDT) - This is a case where much that is suggested and indicated in the above quatrain can be read in the headlines and the text of many news stories. All can be found in various reports: the celebration of the ever-strengthening Anglo-American alliance; yet another formal state visit by an American president, this time for the G8 summit, with Scotland as the scene of earlier violent anti-G8 demonstrations and the country where the summit was held; a London mayor nicknamed "Red Ken" whose city, London, has now been plagued by Al Qaeda terrorist bombings, inspired by a "trusted" Islamic "man of peace" who actually advocates suicide bombings; all against the backdrop of an escalating war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a war that was initiated by the US and the UK, while another war involving Iran and Syria is being prepared.

Osama Bin Laden's terrorist association Al Qaeda has chosen this moment in history to attack London in what is the city's worst bombing attack since World War II, worse even than the past IRA bombings. It is a cold-blooded act indeed that has upset the G8 summit in Scotland. Are we now on the eve when the "melee" in Iraq becomes a regional Middle East war -- a trigger for a global conflict "that will bring them [us] all" into it?

And who is this "so false an antichrist?"

Note that since we are talking about an "antichrist" with a small "a" (in the sense that there are many "little" antichrists all over the world), it need not even be anyone well known.

I believe this person is directly and personally linked to "King Red" (London Mayor "Red" Ken Livington), and because he has deceived Red Ken by passing himself off as an Islamic moderate, when he was actually a promoter of terrorism, he is therefore "false":


London Mayor Defended 'Theologian of Terror'

By Sherrie Gossett Staff Writer
July 07, 2005

( - London Mayor Ken Livingstone's previous support of a Muslim cleric who advocates suicide bombings may cause him some embarrassment as he now must speak for the city in the wake of Thursday's terrorist bombings.

Livingstone condemned the Thursday attacks as "mass murder," and added that "this was not a terrorist attack against the mighty or the powerful, it is not aimed at presidents or prime ministers, it was aimed at ordinary working-class Londoners."

Yet Livingstone has in the past labeled Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi a "man of peace" and a "moderate," despite the fact that Al-Qaradawi has supported suicide bombings and the targeting of American allies.

Livingstone welcomed Al-Qaradawi to London's City Hall last year as an honored guest, and the mayor appeared in a video shown at a solidarity conference for the sheikh on Feb. 17 of this year in Doha, Qatar. Livingstone has publicly defended the sheikh against critics in the media and various grassroots organizations.

The Anti-Defamation League has labeled Al-Qaradawi the "Theologian of Terror," while the website has dubbed him the "Dr. Goebbels of modern Egypt," for Al-Qaradawi's anti-homosexual rhetoric.

Al-Qaradawi is a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood and his fatwas, or theological rulings are said to influence millions of followers who consider him an authoritative scholar on Islamic issues.

Those fatwas are widely distributed through, a website for which Al-Qaradawi serves as an advisor, and via a popular weekly religious program on the Arab television network Al-Jazeera, which the sheikh co-hosts.

Al-Qaradawi's theological justification for suicide bombings is entitled, "Hamas Operations Are Jihad and Those Who [Carry it Out and] Are Killed are Considered Martyrs" and appears on a website linked to the Hamas terror organization.

The Middle East Research Institute has translated Al-Qaradawi's sermons directed at the U.S. and United Kingdom. During one sermon, on March 7, 2003, delivered at the Umar Bin-al-Khattab mosque in Doha, Al-Qaradawi stated: "O God, destroy the Zionist, the American, and the British aggressors. O God, shake the ground under them and protect us from them."

The complete article appears at


"King Red will have so false an antichrist..."

An older meaning of the words "will have," in the context of this sentence, is "will suffer" (as in "will allow"). Thus, the mayor "allows" this "so false" (treacherous, deceptive) "an antichrist" (little antichrist) to inspire radical British Muslims to become suicide bombers with his "theology of terror." Yet, all the while, Al-Qaradawi presents himself as a "man of peace," deceiving even the Mayor of London with this false front.

The secondary meaning of "will have," in the context of the above line 3, of course, is to be "saddled with" or "burdened with" the results of brutal and appalling actions committed or inspired by someone (an antichrist) who is not what he appears to be.

Either meaning would apply well to this Al-Qaradawi, who has clearly "betrayed" ("false) the confidence the Mayor of London has placed in him.

If these suicide bombers can be linked to the above cleric, I would say the quatrain has been fulfilled -- if not actually, then at least archetypically.





Michael Jackson on trial


From the desk of Robert NostraBOBus Egan

Wednesday, May 25, 2005 6:32 PM (Posted Friday, May 27, 2005 7:50 AM)

The news media is presently covering the Michael Jackson supposed child sexual abuse story with almost the same intensity as seen with the O. J. Simpson prolonged trial of the Century. At times it has even eclipsed very major news stories in the amount of attention being given to the situations involved.

Michael Jackson and little boyThe question now is did the 16th Century Seer Nostradamus write prophetic lines concerning Michael Jackson and the sordid situation presently in the news?

Yes he did.

The conclusions of Nostradamus might come as a very unpleasant surprise to some of the public on at least one of the very major issues involved in this now famed criminal case: parental responsibility and actions in regards to their children, especially their young sons. This matter is openly and forthrightly mentioned by Nostradamus in the last line of the Presaged prophecy.

It would be advisable to consider his final conclusion regarding this case and the portents involved. Every parent needs to become aware of his stated observation even though given from the 16th Century.

To find this 'event' in a verifiable Nostradamus work, in this case the Presages, calls for a comprehensive understanding of how Nostradamus would veil the true meanings of the words in use in partial obscurity.

It becomes a vital necessity to be able to withhold 'judgment' about a particular cryptic interpretation of the prophetic lines of the verse in question and under analysis, until the entire verse is considered in totality.


Presage Number 74

1562 August.

The colored ones, the discontented Holy Ones,
Then suddenly through the gay Hermaphrodites:
Of the greater part to see, the time not come,
Several amongst them will make their soups weak.

Les colorés, les Sacres malcontents,
Puis tout coup par Androgynes all res:
De la plupart voir, non venu le temps,
Plusieurs d ntre eux feront leur soupes maigres.


The following is a line by line analysis and cryptic interpretation and commentary on the words found in the prophecy by Robert ‘NotraBOBus’ Egan of San Diego, California.


Line One:

The colored ones, the discontented Holy Ones,

Les colorés, les Sacres malcontents,


Nostradamus starts the alleged Michael Jackson verse with the opening line foretelling "The colored ones, ..." which can easily be interpreted as "The black ones,.."

Of course this, at first glance, is only a partial bit of supposedly vague information, and seems to give very little definitive information of any kind. However, when we simply recall the time of the serving of the search warrant on the property and home of Michael Jackson being the very time as the release by Sony recordings of his new album, and follow this closely, 'Number Ones'.

Now the supposedly beginning few words take on a much more meaningful possibility. As the verse lines are further analyzed, there is a very high likelihood Nostradamus is referring to:

Michael Jackson and teen girlsThe 'black' (Michael Jackson), a black superstar.

Then simply the word: ones.

Also, take notice of an only slightly veiled meaning hidden in the word 'ones.' A rearrangement of the four letters gives the 'phonetic' (a sounds like clue):

Sone (actual spelling: Sony) records.

The information now, potentially revealed, becomes: The Black [Sony] 'Ones'

Now, taken at face value, this is a bit of a stretch for the imagination and comprehension, for both the reader, and even myself the cryptic interpreter.

However, the next few words of the first line of the prophetic information begin to at least partially clarify why Nostradamus chose to begin the first line with these few words.

The very next piece of information is found in the given term, '... Holy Ones' which has the further definition of sacred, God like, or like unto God. This information comes directly from the Hebrew meaning for the name, once again, follow this closely, 'Michael.'

There now becomes a distinct possibility Nostradamus is perhaps foretelling of The Black Michael and his Sony record release


If so, this would give a very precise, to the day, timing of this November 2003 Nostradamus Prophecy, and set the stage for even more detailed information contained in the forthcoming three lines, and narrow the event to our present times with a very precise, but also very brief, detailing of the particulars involved.

There is one last word in the first line of this startling accurate prophecy, the plural word:


... or as some interpretations of this line read, 'discontented' or more accurately, 'discontents.'

(Some translations additionally use, once again, the word 'ones'). However, the mental state of mind being referred to is called

'The Blues'

Now, a simple fact of current well known musical history.

This type music represents the very fame and record history of none other than the superstar Michael Jackson, at the beginning of his musical rise to fame, known for his lead in the Jackson Five musical group. The group was indeed known for the Blues (R/B, Soul).

The new Sony release of the album, 'Number Ones' is mainly composed of Michael Jackson's major hits of his past musical rise to fame and certainly identify the man and his style of music, shortly put, the Blues, or Rhythm & Blues and, or even Soul.

Never Land

Once again, release occurring in the same time period of the extremely extensive, and said very revealing, search of Neverland, the home and child pleasure park of Michael Jackson in Santa Barbara County, California.


Line Two:

Then suddenly through the gay Hermaphrodites:

Puis tout coup par Androgynes all res:


Nostradamus starts this second line by calling our attention to a second type of occurrence happening at the same time as Michael Jackson’s 'Ones.' I contend the veiling of a name in the use of one of the alternative forms of the word:


First, the Oxford English Dictionary gives an older spelling of the term with an 'i' included. This gives a ‘phonetic equal’ to a very well known figure in the present case, the prosecuting District Attorney, Tom Sneddon. Please notice another potentially hidden letter: 'u' in a reversed position becomes the single letter 'n'.

This also sounds out to the sound of the name of the prosecuting district attorney. Incidentally, the word “coup” in a multi-linguistic interpretation gives the meaning of a sudden seizure taking place. Of course the simple spelling of a word in French can contain a totally different meaning in another language, and becomes a very clever veiling methodology put to use by Nostradamus.

To continue ... the word 'par’ can also have a variety of meanings, such as: “because of”, or possibly “for the reason of.”

Michael Jackson hall of fameNostradamus seems to be revealing in somewhat hidden fashion, a ‘coup’ of Sneddon “because of” someone identified in this prophecy as a “gayhermaphrodite. In this case, none other than Michael Jackson himself! (Jackson’s physical appearance of his face has undergone a great deal of noticeable changes and would be considered by most to have very much brought out a somewhat youthful ... but very feminine appearance.)

(Note: The use of the word “gay” in identifying a person of homosexual behavior or lifestyle did not exist as such in France in the 16th Century as a popular term.)

The seemingly plural use of the word could simply be identifying “gays”, meaning those who engage in homosexual behavior ... no matter what their age or preferences.

Once again, this can obviously be referring to more than just sex acts themselves. Michael Jackson’s personality and even his very appearance is often identified as very femine and or ‘gay’ by a large portion of the modern day population ... even though it seems not too frequently mentioned by the media or court representatives and participants. It almost seems a ‘taboo’ to even mention it.

This appears to be a rather odd 16th century way of apparently identifying a person who exhibits homosexual behavior and practices. The term usually is meant to identify physical characteristics but it can also refer to a type personality or psychological characteristics. At times, the present use of the word can be used in a derogatory fashion.

The obvious question that needs to be answered by the final two lines contained in this most revealing prophecy revolve around Nostradamus actually foretelling the “coup” at NEVERLAND by using the name of the Park!

(I am taking the unusual step of revealing the pertinent information contained in the last two lines before a further cryptic analysis is presented. However, please follow closely the commentary on the last two lines and how the conclusions are obtained as to the true veiled information, especially in regards to the final verdicts in the case.)

Then, in the concluding line he tells of the ‘L.A. sever’ and how it substantially affects the final outcome of the case ... making the two sons testimony “weak.” Because of this, Nostradamus seems to be revealing the final outcome of this famous case ... FOUND NOT GUILTY AS CHARGED!

Please stand by for the final cryptic decoding of the last two lines of the prophecy. Once his method of veiling is understood you will be able to comprehend how this information is forthcoming.

Stand by for the final commentary … to be continued.

June 3rd, 2005 Update The completed commentary on Line 3 and Line 4 with cryptic analysis.


Line Three:

Of the greater part to see, the time not come,

De la plupart voir, non venu le temps,


Nostradamus is famed for his occultation of the prophetic lines of verse. Here he continues to comment on the extensiveness of the search which involved dozens of special investigators and covered the vast entire park of pleasure and amusement.

Notice his use of the word: "part."

The veiling of the word "park" is easily seen here, simply by the changing of a single letter. This becomes a typical Nostradamus useage for the hiding of true meanings in many of the lines of his verses. The meaning now revealed includes the following information: "Of the greater Park to see,..."

The question becomes ... and is then answered ... in the final words of the verse line:

Neverland"...the time not come,"

Nostradamus gives us the answer as to what the name of the Park is: "Never" is the simple answer to the proposed riddle; a Park of no time:

'Never Park'

Or better put: NEVERLAND PARK

To continue to the final and most revealing last line of the verse.


Line Four: (end)

Several amongst them will make their soups weak.

Plusieurs d ntre eux feront leur soupes maigres.



Nostradamus was known to use a single word that would actually hide two words. Thus, the single word: "Several" hides the term:

"La Sever"

Meaning the seperation, divorce and or the splitting. An even more exacting clue is only lightly veiled in the two letters: L A

Yes, in this particular case, with extreme exactness:

L.A. divorce... seperation (L.A. = Los Angeles)

Janet Arvizo, divorced mother of Gavin ArvizoThe very next word in the prophetic line is: "...amongst" which can mean in the middle of ... or in the midst of... in this case a divorce ... a seperation. It is rather cryptic when the next word in the English is them, and as you will be able to readily see it directly means the two parents involved in the seperation.

The question becomes what is the effect of this parental "L.A" seperation on the case of Michael Jackson?

The answer is contained in the final few words of the verse line.

Follow this closely, please.

Nostradamus simply tells us it will make, cause their 'soups to be weak.'

First, the Oxford English dictionary gives us the meaning of "soup." It means to be in a "delicate situation." The plural is used here as a possible reference to a multiplicity of 'delicate' situations during the time of the seperation proceedings in Los Angeles (L.A.)

Also, a crytic analysis of the word "soups" reveals a final bit of further detailed truth:

"S O U P S"

By the Nostradamus used method of the removing, changing or inversion of a letter, an entirely different word becomes apparent:

S o n s

(Yes, it is permissible to invert the orthographic formation of the "u" to an "n.") and ... remove or replace a single letter in solving the occulted meanings hidden in the verse. Also, the phonetic sounding of the "p" could potentially be revealing the sounding ot the word: "pee" which can mean: small, and with other possibilities present.

= small sons (?)

Finally, the verse lines seems to imply the L.A. parents in their seperation proceedings have made their sons case, could be referring to testimony here, "weak" ... meaning legally NOT EFFECTIVE or NOT CONVINCING.

Thus, the meanings seem to imply a verdict of NOT GUILTY for Michael Jackson!

Will it apply to the entire ten counts against him? Possibly ... or at least the counts regarding actual sexual contacts. It remains to be seen what happens in regards to the misdemeanor charges involving underage drinking.

June 3rd, 2005
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By Michael W. McClellan


May 8, 2005


Background: Abbot Joachim and the "R" Pope, Merlin and the Great German Anti-Pope

Yes, it is possible an 11th Century abbot, among other prophets, foresaw the coming of a cardinal named Ratzinger who would become pope. Lost among the many prophecies of Europe during the last 2,000 years is one that may indeed apply to the current pope:


Abbot "Merlin" Joachim (d. 1202) --

At the beginning, in order to obtain these happy results, having need of a powerful temporal assistance, this holy Pontiff will ask the cooperation of the generous monarch of France (Great Monarch). At that time a handsome monarch, a scion of King Pepin, will come as a pilgrim to witness the splendor of this glorious pontiff, whose name shall begin with R . . . A temporal throne becoming vacant, the Pope shall place on it this king whose assistance he shall ask.


"Whose name shall begin with R." Is there any question that the name RATZINGER begins with the letter "R"? Yet this appears to be about the pope who, in most prophecies, comes to power near or at the end of World War III along with "the Great Monarch" (whom Nostradamus names "Chiren" in the quatrains).

Then again, perhaps the "great Pontiff" comes to power before the great and terrible war begins and the "Great Monarch" (who is usually French) does not take action and defeat the enemies from "the East" until near the end of the war. Thus, speculation as to whether this monarch will be French president Jacques Chirac (Chiren?) or an as-of-yet unknown figure named "Henri" or "Henry" will remain a subject of debate until this leader destined to be the "first king" of Europe drives out the Eastern armies. However, if he is to be a descendent of Pepin the Short, he would have to be of Carolingian blood, long thought to be extinct.

Upon this issue of the "great Pontiff" many prophecies are in contradiction: some say the wartime pope flees Rome and dies in exile, there is no pope or only antipopes for a few years, and then another pope (the "great Pontiff") is elected and installed at the end of the world war; others say the wartime pontiff flees Rome, goes into temporary exile, and is restored to the Vatican when the war ends.

Which shall it be?

It is possible, therefore, for Pope Benedict XVI, like Benedict XV during World War I, to reign throughout World War III and crown the French president or a new monarch of France as emperor at the conclusion of the coming conflict.

On the other hand, there is a lengthy (too lengthy for this page) prophecy by Merlin that would suggest that Benedict XVI might come to be regarded as a "German Anti-Pope" after which another pope is restored as "true Pope" by the French monarch near the end of the war.


Merlin (6th century) --

There will come a German Anti-Pope. Italy and Germany will be sorely troubled. A French King will restore the true Pope ...

In the meanwhile a powerful Prince out of the East shall provoke him to battle. Against whom the Lion shall march with all his forces and pitching his camp on this side (west) of the Euphrates, shall await him. If the Prince shall come over the river the Lion shall be overcome; but he (Lion) shall cross the river with his army and give his enemy a bloody defeat and be master of all the East.


Note that Merlin somewhat contradicts Joachim who says the Pope will select the great Monarch and restore him to the long vacant imperial throne of the Charlemagne empire. Here it is the monarch who restores the Pope.


The Pope of the Crooked Cross

Although the following quatrain alone does not identify who "the great Pontiff" may be, it is important to set the stage for one that does. Note that a time will come when the Pope has his own army. No pope has had a real army of his own since the 16th Century. And since this prophecy was never fulfilled during the 16th Century, during or after the death of Nostradamus, it must be futuristic.


Quatrain 5.44

By sea the red one will be captured by pirates,
The peace will be troubled by his policy:
The anger and greed will be revealed by a false act,
For the great Pontiff the army will be doubled.


Apparently the Cardinal Legate will be taken hostage at sea by terrorists ("pirates"), troubling a shaky peace. The European Union will double the size of the Pope's private army, indicating he already has had one for some period of time.


Quatrain 6.49

Through the party of Mars, the great Pontiff
Will subjugate the confines of the Danube:
The cross pursues with a crooked cross of iron,
Captives, gold, jewels, more than one hundred thousand rubies.


Again we see a new pope with a private army. During the latter stages of World War III, he will order a task force into lower Germany, Austria, and the former Yugoslavia to drive out what foreign forces still remain in these countries. War criminals will be pursued and captured, weapons confiscated, prisoners released from death camps, and valuables restored to the survivors.

Note that in line 3 the Pope is associated with the "crooked cross of iron": Nostradamus' description in other quatrains of the Nazi swastika. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler youth and served in the German army for two years before deserting to America. For this reason, I believe this quatrain, at least, and possibly Quatrain 5.44 above, are about the German Pope Benedict XVI and events yet to come in the near future.


Black Pope, German Pope

Now for those of you looking for a real "Black Pope" quatrain that may apply to Benedict XVI, Quatrain 6.16 is it. Not only that, but it tells us the Pope will be a German:


Benedict XVI: The Black Pope from the Black Forest?Quatrain 6.16

That which the young Hawk (Chiren?) will carry off,
Through the Normans of France and Picardy:
The black-robed ones of the temple of the Black Forest
Will make a shelter and fire at Lombardy.


If Benedict XVI is the pope who flees the Vatican, it is to France he will likely find refuge. One would not expect his route to run from Rome through the south along the dangerous Mediterranean through Monaco and northwards to Avignon from Marseilles. These regions are the ones that will come under seige and attack by the southern wedge of the Eastern army. Rather, his route would likely be via Milan in Lombardy (northern Italy) to Swiss Ticino (also called Tessin), westward through the Alps, and into northeastern France. Whether he goes south to Avignon or not is difficult to say, but if he does he will die there.

It is even possible this is not connected with the pope who later dies in Avignon, but merely a temporary papal "trip" to northern Italy.

Here we see the Pope and all of his black-robed clergy sheltering in Lombardy. Nostradamus calls this pontificate "the temple of the Black Forest." Thus, we have both a "Black Pope" quatrain and one that identifies the Pope as being from the Black Forest in Germany.


The Ten Future Popes According to Nostradamus

Some of the following material appears in the remaining ten chapters of my book yet to be posted. You will note that when discussing "Wormwood," a great "comet," or "a spectacular celestial object," I do not use the term "Planet X" or "Nibiru." This is because back when I wrote the book, I hadn't heard of Planet X yet. Yet when you read my book, when it is all online, you will see I anticipated such a body appearing twice in this century, and often referred to Dr Immanuel Velikovsky's work when discussing it.

1) The Sabine: A pope who reigns only seven months when small schisms in the Church are developing that become a great schism upon his death. The following quatrain, Q8.94, also mentions him reigning only seven months and being murdered near Rome when Spain is under attack by Albanians. In Q5.46 this pope is mentioned again as being a Sabine (from NE Italy), who is elected as a schism develops and his pontificate then ridiculed by many -- all whilst Rome is under attack by Albannians.

2) The pope who succeeds the Sabine also reigns for only seven months, but sees the schism come to an end and unity return to the Church before he dies.

Quatrain 5.46

By the red hats quarrels and new schisms
When the Sabine [NE Italy] will have been elected:
They will produce against him great sophisms,
And Rome will be injured by the Albanians.

An Italian from northeastern Italy is elected pope. The College of Cardinals will argue vigorously amongst themselves as to his suitability for the high office after the election, setting the stage for a great schism in the Church. At that time the Aemathien's allies, the Albanians of Macedonia, Kosovo, and the nation of Albania, will launch some sort of missile attack against central Italy from across the Adriatic Sea, causing great "injury."

Quatrain 8.93

Seven months, no longer, will he hold the papacy,
Through his death a great schism will be born:
Seven months another holds the office of prelate,
Near to Venice peace and union will be reborn.

This continues the theme of the pope elected from northeastern Italy. His term of office will end with his death after only seven months. A great schism will follow: the first in the history of the Catholic Church since the Great Schism of the West in 1378. What will cause the split is unclear: line 3 suggests the election of an antipope or possibly a properly elected one who will not be supported by all the free nations of the West. However, unlike the forty-year schism of over 600 years ago, this one will last for only seven months, after which a new pope or the one in power in line 3 is recognized.

Quatrain 8.94

Before the lake where the dearest one was destroyed
For seven months, and all his host routed:
The Spanish will be devastated by the Albanians,
Through delay, loss in engaging conflict.

Lakes Bracciano and Nemi are nearest Rome, but it is difficult to actually know which of at least a dozen lakes Nostradamus is alluding to. The "dearest one" who is persecuted by the Albanians for seven months is the Sabine pope. He will die with seven months remaining to the war and another pope, an antipope, or the Cardinal Legate will reign in his stead while the Church is gripped by a great schism. African- controlled Spain will be attacked by Albanian forces allied to the Aemathien.

3) Paul the Celibate, pope-in-exile who dies at Avignon ("three leagues from the Rhone"). He may or may not also be the pope who is murdered along with his clergy between two rivers "when blooms the Rose" in Q2.97 (Avignon lies between two rivers) and likewise in the Third Secret of Fatima.

4) It is impossible at this time to determine if the The Rose Pope and The Fatima Pope are two different popes or the same pope. But one of them is likely Paul the Celibate.

Quatrain 8.46

Paul the celibate will die three leagues from the Rhone
The two nearest flee the Tarascon monster:
When Mars will make a most horrible throne,
The cock and the eagle, France, the three brothers.

Quatrain 2.97

Roman Pontiff beware of your approaching,
Of the city where two rivers water,
Your blood you will come to spit in that place,
Both you and yours when blooms the Rose.

This pope is also likely to be the pope who flees the Vatican when a great star burns (Q2.41) since the Palace of the Popes in Avignon, the old Vatican-in-exile until 1378, would be the logical place for him to escape to.

The Pope dies three leagues (nine miles) from Avignon. Whether this is a misnomer for Pope Benedict XVI or a future Pope Paul VII is unknown. The major Western allies mentioned are France (the cock), the United States (the eagle), and Great Britain (the three royal brothers: Charles, Andrew, and Edward).

Quatrain 2.41

The great star for seven days will burn,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The great mastiff will be all night howling,
When the great pontiff changes his land.

In this quatrain we have unmistakable mention of a spectacular comet. It is a "great star" and will "burn" for seven days and nights. The double sun in line 2 can be interpreted as either a visual aberration caused by a comet’s gaseous shell or tail or as nuclear fireballs appearing on the horizon of the Pope’s field of view overlooking Vatican City.

If a nuclear attack on central Italy is what is being described in the second line it may well come from Moammar Gadhafi in the Tyrrhenian Sea or ICBMs fired from Iran. On the other hand the second sun may be the comet itself which could appear sun-sized if its shell is large enough or it is close to the earth. This comet will be something much brighter and far more spectacular than Comet Hale-Bopp.

At this time the Pope will be forced to flee the Vatican by night, while "the great mastiff" howls with fear. As subsequent verses will attest, he will make his new residence in Avignon, France. It is for that reason I believe this quatrain to be an example of a "recurring" prophecy. Several chapters after this one another pope will also escape the Vatican by night during a fourth global conflict when, yet again, another star is blazing in the heavens: the dreaded star of Revelation, Wormwood. But this time his destination will not be France, but Tunisia.

5) The Pope from ancient France, one of several popes called "the great Pontiff" -- a pope who comes to power at the end of World War 3 who reigns for so many years that he is still pope when World War 4 breaks out. He also flees the Vatican, but finds refuge in Tunisia rather than southern France. Later he is taken captive and dies.

Quatrain 8.4

Into Monaco the cock will be received,
The Cardinal of France will appear.
By the Roman Legation he will be deceived,
Weakness to the eagle, power to the cock is born.

Quatrain 5.49

Not of Spain but of ancient France
Will he be elected for the trembling ship,
To the enemy will be made an assurance
Who in his reign will cause a cruel pestilence.

It is at this point that the person Nostradamus calls "the great Pontiff" throughout so many of the quatrains first makes his appearance. He is a French cardinal who will be elected over a Spanish candidate for the papal seat—vacant since the death of "Paul the Celibate."

The weakened eagle is the United States, once the world's only superpower, devastated by the Great Cataclysm and selective nuclear strikes. France, the cock, will emerge as the seat of an expansive Holy European empire and thus become the greatest superpower of the 21st Century. The new pope's promise to the Moslem world, whatever it may be, will be one he will one day regret having made. A fourth global war is forecast to occur near the end of his very long reign—a Vatican reign which will endure for over thirty years.

Quatrain 2.41

The great star for seven days will burn,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The great mastiff will be all night howling,
When the great pontiff changes his land.

Quatrain 6.53

The great French Prelate suspected by the King,
By night will flee beyond his realm:
Through a duke fruitful to his great British King,
Turkey to Cyprus and to Tunisia unsuspected.

Clearly Quatrain 2.41 must be intended to represent a similar event in the heavens happening during the flight of Paul the Celibate to Avignon and the French pontiff's escape to Tunisia. History does often repeat itself, albeit, imprecisely. Two popes named Pius were held prisoner by Napoleon, the first dying in captivity. Two more popes named Pius were forced to contend with the forces of fascism and nazism in the persons of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Is it so strange then that Nostradamus foresaw two more popes who will escape the Vatican and seek refuge—each in a different country—during a time of great trouble when a spectacular celestial object is visible in the sky? I wouldn’t at all be surprised if both pontiffs end up bearing the same name.

6) The nephew of the Pope from France (made a saint after WW4) who later becomes pope himself, but is murdered by seven cardinals, one an evil cardinal who then becomes pope.

Quatrain 10.30

Nephew and blood of the newly created saint,
Through the surname sustaining the arches and roof.
They will be pursued, put to death, chased out naked,
Both red and black will be converted to green.

Quatrain 6.82

Through the desert of a place, free and wild,
The nephew of the great Pontiff will come to wander:
Assassinated by seven with a heavy club,
By those who will afterwards occupy the chalice.

The "great Pontiff" who died in captivity is declared a saint: a rare event indeed in this future period when sainthood will come to be discouraged. Much to the chagrin of those who believe Malachy's prophecies that only one pope remains after Benedict XVI, the great Pontiff's nephew is elected pope.

The "great Pontiff" refers to the French pope who came to power during the end of the Third World War and reigned until his abduction and death during the latter years of World War IV. Here we are told that the nephew pontiff will be murdered by seven conspirators. Even though the guilty ones will be prosecuted and punished, their order will later produce an evil cardinal who will one day become pope.

7) The Black Pope. The "black red" who becomes pope (the evil cardinal).

Quatrain 6.57

He who was well to the front of the realm,
Having a red chief near to the papacy:
Harsh and cruel, he will be greatly feared,
Succeeding to the sacred monarchy.

Quatrain 6.25

Through Mars adverse will be the monarchy,
Of the great fisherman in trouble ruinous:
A young black red [cardinal] will attain the hierarchy,
The predators acting on a foggy day.

A cruel king whose advisor is an evil cardinal destined to be pope succeeds his uncle as emperor.


The order responsible for murdering the nephew of the canonized pontiff will produce a wicked cardinal who will attain the Holy See. The emperor's evil genius will ascend to the Vatican. The reign of this pope, along with the diabolic excesses of the emperor, will eventually lead to religious wars, the downfall of Catholicism, and a revolution which will exalt paganism.

8) A pope who dies at Reggio when a strange space object burns and swells the corneas of people looking at it and causes it to snow in summer.

Quatrain 10.70

The eye because of an object will become quite swollen,
So great and fiery that the snow will fall,
The watered fields will come to shrink,
When the primate succumbs at Reggio [N. Italy].

July 2126 (Brian Marsden)—In 1992, U.S. astronomer Brian Marsden calculated that a newly discovered comet named Swift-Tuttle would collide with the earth in August 2126. In a later revision of his calculation, he concluded that the comet will pass by uneventfully in July 2126, but warned that a two-week perturbation in its orbit would create a direct collision course with Earth in August. Mr. Marsden, I might add, had nothing personally to do with applying Comet Swift-Tuttle or the date of its appearance with this quatrain.

No pope has ever died at Reggio, a few miles southeast of Parma, and none of the popes we have thus far discussed who appear in Les Propheties have been predicted to either. It appears from the sound of this quatrain that a comet will pass closely enough to create eye disorders and bizarre weather conditions for our descendants, but not near enough to create the sort of catastrophic havoc of a Velikovsky comet or the biblical Wormwood. I suspect that the "object" in question is a comet since it is "great and fiery" and is obviously viewed traversing the heavens (since those who gaze upward upon it experience eye irritation). The dead pope must be the emperor's friend and counselor, the black-hearted cardinal who attains the Vatican through a rigged election.

9) A pope who dies during a great Deluge in Europe that occurs when the Catholic Church falls. END OF CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Quatrain 8.11

A multitude of people appear at Vicenza,
Without force fire burns the Basilica.
Near Lunagiana [NW Italy] the great one of Valence defeated,
When Venice through death takes up the quarrel.

Quatrain 9.37

Pontiff and faith overturned in December,
The Garonne will mount to so high a place:
Walls, edifices, Toulouse overthrown,
So that none will know his place before Matronne.

Germans assemble in Vicenza to protest against the provisional imperial government set up by the pope. A great French religious leader, possibly the Broadsword, is defeated in Genoa. At this time one of the major Roman basilicas—St. Peter's or St. John Lateran—is damaged or gutted by fire. Line 4 anticipates that another religious leader, possibly a pagan, will organize a force of his own against both Catholics and Protestants.

This quatrain appears to forecast the collapse of the Catholic Church in December. Global warming continues, producing colossal flooding of the Garonne River. Bridges, buildings, and walls are swept away, and the city of Toulouse is completely submerged in water. Again, the name Matronne appears which may be connected to the emperor of this period.

10) The great Vicar of the Cape. After a long period of dormancy (almost 70 years), the Catholic Church and a Final Pope (aka "the great Vicar of the Cape") is resurrected by the next-to-last political leader of Europe ("the third King of the North") who reigns just before the beast ("the Antichrist") appears; the beast then will persecute and kill this pope along with all Christians alive at that time.

Epistle to Henry II --

Then the third Northern king, hearing the complaint of the people of his principal title, shall raise up so great an army, shall go through the limits of his last ancestors and progenitors, that they will all be set up again in their first estate. The great Vicar of the Cape [the Pope] shall be restored to his former estate, but desolate and altogether forsaken, shall then go back to the sanctuary that was destroyed by Paganism. The Old and New testament will be thrust out and burnt. After that shall the Antichrist be the infernal prince. And in this last era all the kingdoms of Christianity and also of the infidels shall quake ...

The Final Pope by Paracelsus

Above right is a woodcut by the Swedish prophet Paracelsus depicting the Final Pope of Rome being forced into a swirling stream to drown by the army of the Antichrist.


Quatrain 1.25

The lost thing discovered, hidden for many centuries,
The Pastor will be honored as a half God:
Then as the moon achieves her great cycle (AD 2243),
By other's rumours will be dishonoured.


The "lost thing discovered" may be Catholicism itself, dead for nearly a century. However, I suspect it is a reference to a tomb which will be excavated shortly after the last pope in history is installed (see next chapter). The great "Pastor" initially will be worshipped almost as a god: a trifle bit grandiose for those Nostradamians who insist that Pasteur refers to Louis Pasteur. It is true that the last cycle of the moon was completed in 1889, thus adding credibility to the notion that this quatrain applies to the founding of the Institute Pasteur on November 14, 1889. However, the current lunar cycle, certainly the greatest cycle of all since Nostradamus considers it the last in human history, will be completed in 2243. The pope will reign until about 2238 or 2239, just as the moon is in the process of completing her grandest of cycles. Then he will be "dishonoured": discredited and forsaken by the enemies of God.




from my book Nostradamus and the Final Age


Quatrain 3.3

Mars, Mercury, and the moon in conjunction,
Towards the south extreme drought:
At the bottom of Asia an earthquake is reported,
Corinth [Greece], Ephesus [Turkey] then in perplexity.

A catastrophic earthquake devastates India which could affect adjacent regions such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Myanmar. It may become apparent that this is no ordinary earthquake as seismologists warn of more "superquakes" in the days ahead. Line 4 may portend a Yugoslav-Albanian conflict that will spread throughout the Balkans, forcing neighboring Greece (Corinth) and Turkey (Ephesus) to take or consider taking military action. Then again, the "perplexity" afflicting both countries may be the result of more earthquake activity.

This and another quatrain, 2.52, are quite ambiguous about what action Greece and Turkey are actually taking. A future Greco-Turkish conflict is certainly not a foregone conclusion despite recent friction since 1996. Other quatrains indicate that both Greece and Turkey will be invaded by Iran and its allies, so it may well be that the two will be allies rather than adversaries.

The last time this astrological conjunction occurred was on March 29, 1998 and July 2 and August 1, 2000. I haven’t access to any information as to when the conjunction will next take place; however, I am assured that it is a recurring one. As I discussed in the previous chapter, this conjunction also occurred, according to John Hogue's astrological advisor, Dan Oldenburg (1994), in December 1995 and March 1996. Around that time (January 30 and 31, 1996) Greece and Turkey nearly went to war over uninhabited islets in the Aegean Sea. This was accompanied by a massive terrorist bombing in Sri Lanka ("the bottom of Asia") and a powerful 7.0 earthquake in southern China ("the depths of Asia").

The astrological influence struck again in March 1998, and the quatrain was fulfilled again in a somewhat convoluted fashion. There was extreme drought in parts of the southern hemisphere and lower northern hemisphere due to El Niño activity around March 29, 1998 and for some months after.

The "report" of an "earthquake" in the Indian subcontinent throws us a curve since one did not occur. However, the exact translation of line 3 is "at the bottom [or depth] of Asia a trembling of the earth is reported." "Trembling of the earth" or "earth tremble" is often interpreted and translated by Nostradamians as "earthquake." But there are other phenomena, some man-made, which can cause the earth to tremble. The earth did indeed "tremble" at the "bottom of Asia" in May when India set off a series of underground nuclear tests, and it was "reported" extensively on CNN and other news channels for days. Pakistan quickly followed suit. The "trembling of the earth" evolved from a news story into a nuclear crisis.

However, the "perplexity" Nostradamus envisioned Greece and Turkey being afflicted by was a bit overrated. The focus at the time was Kosovo, a province in southern Yugoslavia, not Turkey or Greece. One possible Greek angle may have been the uprisings in Macedonia in March followed by an exodus of ethnic Albanian refugees into that country, and the fact that Athens was concerned about where the Crisis in Kosovo might eventually lead (but then again the war in Bosnia gave the Greeks headaches too, from time to time). For its part, also in March, Turkey pledged troops if NATO decided to use military force against Serbia.

As for the 2000 conjunctions, at this writing (August 9, 2000) Greece and Turkey, along with Bulgaria, have suffered from a series of major fires since July sparked by the worst heat wave to afflict southeastern Europe in memory. At one point, Athens was threatened and Corinth was ablaze. Meanwhile, India is experiencing one of the worst deluges in its history, with millions of people displaced.

It is quite possible that this quatrain is an example of a repetitive prophecy.


UPDATE (12/28/04): As we now know, the next terrible India quake finally came five months later in January 2001. I had discovered a base 7 vector that quite nearly agreed with the Oldenburg astrological dating and, thus, had predicted a major India quake for September 2000 on Year 2000: Part Two. The astrological dating was five-to-six months premature; my dating turned out to be four months premature.

Now, with the above map, we can see exactly what Nostradamus most probably intended by the "bottom of Asia": Indonesia, the giant island Sumatra, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and southern India. As seismologists move into panic mode and warn of more potential superquakes and tsunamis, Serbia and Montenegro send their armies south, fearful that Kosovo will soon explode again as it did in March. Indeed, the whole Ukraine crisis, along with the Albanian hostage crisis in Greece, has had nerves rattled not only in the Balkans, but throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, Turkey has threatened it will invade northern Iraq after elections are held.

With some perplexity already in Greece a short time ago, and much more to come if the war involving Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia breaks out in February/March 2005 as I have predicted on 2005 (Part Two), we may be witnessing the ultimate fulfillment of Quatrain 3.3.

One may ask if I predicted the horrific quake that struck Indonesia and created a tsunami that has claimed 60,000 lives, and may reach 100,000 when all is said and done. I feel I did, but was unfortunately off by many months in one case, though very specific and correct in all details, and in another instance I was a bit closer in time, expecting a killer quake not seen in a great many years, anticipating it to strike in July/August 2004, not December 2004, but off slightly as to location. As the casualties continue to mount, I am coming to believe the super-quake I intended for China struck a bit farther south, instead hitting Indonesia. The base 7 precedent for this earthquake is the mammoth quake that struck China in July 1976, 28 (4 x 7) years ago, resulting in hundreds of thousands dead:




Massive Earthquake Shakes Indonesia, Tsunami May Follow

NEW PREDICTION: 1/23/03 - "February 2003 looks very ominous for the islands of Indonesia. The earthquake that strikes the region will quite possibly be classified as a "great" earthquake (above 8.0). It may generate a rather sizeable tsunami."

On 2003 (Part One) page.

Powerful Earthquake Brings Great Destruction to China

NEW PREDICTION: 9/18/03 - "This will be no ordinary temblor. It will be at least a 7.9 on the Richter scale or higher. Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, will die. Look for it around July/August 2004, but prepare for it throughout the year."

On 2004 (Part Two) page.

Madras tsunami

Massive tsunami from Indonesia earthquake brings destruction to Thailand


Also, if I am correct about another quatrain, Quatrain 9.31, a "great" earthquake in northern Italy should be coming soon -- one that will strike Mortara, thirty miles northwest of Milan. It will be accompanied by major flooding in southern Italy. The city of Florence will be submerged. The temblor will be so powerful that a seismic reaction and tsunami will reach England herself, sinking Cornwall and the Scilly Islands. The base 7 vector given by me for a super-quake to strike northern Italy is September/October 2004. It may or may not match the quake in Quatrain 9.31, but it will be large (or there is a 26.5% chance I will be wrong). If this temblor occurs, at Easter 2005 another major quake shall rock London. This is predicted on 2004 (Part Three).

These superquakes may be the ones that precede World War III "in the spring" in Quatrain 2.52. Returning to my book, Nostradamus and the Final Age:




Quatrain 2.52

For several nights the earth will tremble:
In the spring, two efforts in succession:
Corinth [Greece] and Ephesus [Turkey] swim in two seas,
War stirred up by two valiant in combat.


As the Balkans conflict worsens, spreading southwards to Macedonia and the surrounding regions, it is inevitable that Athens and Ankara will take sides, thus widening the war.

If Nostradamus did foresee a war between Greece and Turkey during a time of tremendous earthquake activity, this is the closest he ever gets to describing it. If not for the mention of the earthquakes, this quatrain could well be applied to the Balkan conflicts of 1912-13. The likely cause of a new Greco-Turkish conflict would be a renewal of the conflict in Kosovo, and its subsequent spreading to Albania and Macedonia. Macedonian and Serb aggression against ethnic Turks and Albanians could pit the two NATO allies against each other. Another potential cause of confrontation between Greece and Turkey could arise over discord on the disputed island of Cyprus.

On the other hand, this quatrain does not absolutely establish that Greece and Turkey are adversaries. It is not impossible that both are patrolling the "two seas" as NATO allies against a future Arab coalition in the Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean. If so, this verse is better applied to events a few years ahead.

This prophecy is not dated astrologically.

If 2.52 does apply to a Greco-Turkish conflict arising out of an ever-widening war in Yugoslavia, it appears that tremendous earthquake activity will also take place over the course of several nights sometime during the spring. The "two efforts in succession" either suggests that two powerful earthquakes or two major offensives will occur at that time. I suspect most of the earthquake activity will occur in Turkey, but Greece may also be shaken by temblors. If these seismic events are unusually powerful they may be related to the horrendous natural cataclysms predicted by the American prophet Edgar Cayce for the early 21st Century.

Alternatively, the "two efforts" may apply to two spring offensives: one in the Balkans and the other in the Middle East or the Pacific. We cannot be sure just who the deux vaillans are who stir up war. If this is related to Daniel Chapter 8, then they must be Iran and Turkey. If not, they could be Greece and Turkey, Russia and NATO, or again a reference to Judeo-Christianity versus Islam. The two seas in which the Greek and Turkish navies are engaged are presumably the Aegean and the Adriatic. In the event of a wider Balkan conflict involving Bulgaria, one of the two seas patrolled by Turkey could be the Black Sea.



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