Russia threatens to start a new war against Georgia
August 1 2009

By Vladimir Pimonov

Exchange of gunfire between South Ossetia and Georgia could cause a new war to break out.
Moscow (Ekstra Bladet,

While exchanges of gunfire between Georgia and its breakaway region South Ossetia has intensified for the last couple of days, Russia now threatens a new war against Georgia.

"For the last several days South Ossetia's captial Tskhinvali and its suburbs have been under fire from the Georgian side. A similar situation in August 2008 led to Georgian aggression against South Ossetia and attacks on Russian peacekeeping forces. If these provocations that threaten the inhabitants of South Ossetia and Russian military units continue, then we will reserve the right to use all power and all means to repel the enemy in order to protect the inhabitants of the republic as well as Russian troops," states a press release from the Ministry of Defence.

Last year South Ossetia declared itself to be an independent state with the aid of Russian troops. Russia has a large military presence in South Ossetia today.

Georgia accuses Russia

Meanwhile Georgia denies that they have attacked South Ossetia and instead accuses Russia of attempting to prepare a provocation that will lead to a new war. According to Georgian authorities it is instead South Ossetian forces supported by Russian forces that have opened fire against a number of Georgian villages and a police station on July 29. Three days ago a Georgian man was killed on the border of South Ossetia and his two children were wounded.

The Georgian government raised the alarm after new threats from Russia. They fear that the Kremlin plans to attack Georgia and capture Tbilisi, the capital of the republic.

"Russia is preparing a provocation with the intent of starting a military action against Georgia," said Mikhail Matjavariani vice-chairman of the Georgian Parliament to Radio Ekko of Moscow.


Translated from the Danish online newspaper Ekstra Bladet, by Michael Sctt Anderson/ Copenhagen d'Annemarc
Proofread and finalised by Michael McClellan


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