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Beyond World War III and the Far Future

A DREAM WINDOW SPECIAL: Man-Made Wonders in the Heavens,
Red Feathered Serpents at War With UFOs



THERE has been a recent development that pretty much demonstrates that the technology now exists for the following "far future" series of dream visions to be realized.

You will witness with your own eyes a video of a manmade spectacle in the heavens created by this technology.

There may no longer be a need for space satellite advertizing in space, as patented in March 2004 by Alexander Lavrynov, a spacecraft designer, as Spaxel technology will be able to accomplish the same thing in our own terrestrial night skies, only much more cheaply and in a more spectacular manner ...

December 14, 2014: This presentation has been further updated and now appears at the top of the Master Dream Window.


December 13, 2014: THERE has been a recent development that pretty much demonstrates that the technology now exists for the following "far future" series of dream visions to be realized. You will witness with your own eyes a video of a manmade spectacle in the heavens created by this technology. There may no longer be a need for space satellite advertizing in space, as patented in March 2004 by Alexander Lavrynov, a spacecraft designer, as Spaxel technology will be able to accomplish the same thing in our own terrestrial night skies, only much more cheaply and in a more spectacular manner.

The original article regarding the Lavrynov patent has long ago disappeared from the Internet, but I still have it here for reference:


Inventor patents device for ads in space

Thursday, March 11, 2004 Posted: 1441 GMT (2241 HKT)

MOSCOW, Russia (AP) -- Orion, the Big Dipper and Andromeda could be joined in the heavens by ads for soft drinks and cigarettes if a Russian inventor's device catches on. Alexander Lavrynov, a spacecraft designer, said he has patented a device for putting advertising into space that would be seen from Earth, Interfax news agency reported Wednesday.

"Space commercials could embrace huge areas and a colossal number of consumers," he said. "This would literally be intercontinental coverage." He said the satellites would be visible in the night sky by employing sunlight reflectors, with multiple satellites linked together to create a message large enough to be seen. "People would be able to see writing in the skies from the Earth no worse than they see the stars," he said.


Of course we cannot entirely rule out space technology as being used in this manner. But again, when you see what Spaxels (a single Spaxel is an LED-equipped quadcopter drone) are already capable of doing right now, indeed since 2012, I think you will agree they will probably be more than sufficient in accomplishing the same objectives today that Lavrynov's space advertizing satellites might not be capable of doing for another decade or more. One even wonders if Spaxel technology might be merged with Lavrynov's satellite technology. But I will tell you now, it is not necessary.


Artificial comet

Dream Window 23

Artificial space phenomenon (2/23/95)

A great change is announced to the world. People assemble outdoors in anticipation. The stars are larger, brighter, nebulae, galaxies, comets, dazzling, Things not seen in heaven before become common-place.

War in heaven (2/23/95)

Battle, spectacle in the sky at night: Armadas of white flying saucers amass, suddenly pursued by red feathered serpents HISSING in the air, red and green dragons, wonder to the onlooker.

(1/21/02): I have been having recurring dreams for many years of strange sights in the heavens. Streaming, red-feathered serpents at war with what appear to be classic, saucer-shaped UFOs ...

(9/1/00): Most of my UFO dreams I take to be in the far future -- another hundred, two hundred, or more years or so. I see them at war with one another. Sometimes I see images of red feathered serpents flying in the sky along with UFOs and they are in battle ...

Dream Window 1

Artificial aerial warfare as entertainment (2/15/95)

Now it is night or at least theater or planetarium darkness we stand in. Strange lights are flashing in the sky, then a cheer rises up from large crowds on both sides of an avenue as a panoply of warplanes blaze by above blossoming trees. UFOs pull large neon letters behind them announcing each participating nation's name -- Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and on and on -- each future player followed by more formidable processions of fighter jets, tracer bullets, strange aerial armaments, until the review concludes with North Korea. Then we see swarms of greenish-white ICBMs speeding horizontally across the sky, and dive into our cars and head downtown.

Dream Window 5

(October/November 1998), a dream repeated several times:

I'm driving in an industrial outskirt of a city where there are warehouses and factories. Floating above one of the factories is a long, white metallic structure. With its windows and lights, it almost appears as though it might be a part of the building below it. But the object has a large panel attached to it where the windows and lights are embedded and it is colossal. It is not a part of the building, but something man-made from space -- something that is too close to earth then it should be.

In subsequent dreams I have seen it for what it appears to be -- a space station -- flying low but impossibly slow through the air, sometimes brushing the roofs of houses.

From my reply to a letter from Brad dated Monday, June 02, 2003 6:46 PM:

If my dreams are worth anything, I have seen a time in the future when we will control gravity. Mankind may, if the dreams are true, one day even place gigantic advertising billboards in the upper atmosphere/edge of space that float around the earth like satellites. I have also seen a time when artificial comets, closeups of galaxies, and supernova explosions occur as a kind of entertainment or "fireworks in space."

From my prediction/presentation "A Major Comet or Planet Nibiru?" dated January 21, 2002:

I have been having recurring dreams for many years of strange sights in the heavens. Streaming, red-feathered serpents at war with what appear to be classic, saucer-shaped UFOs. "Artificial" comets, meteors, and swirling "galaxies" that appear to be created purely for amusement. Huge advertising satellites that function as space billboards and satellites that turn night into day ... Of course there is no doubt in my mind that some things I see that are prophetic will not happen in our lifetimes -- like the space billboards and artificial celestial wonders -- they are just not a part of our current frame of reference nor likely to be anytime soon.

From my reply to a letter from CJ dated Tuesday, March 23, 2004 9:13 PM:

Your dream about the two comets is the first dream I have seen thus far. I have dreamt of seeing many wonders in the heavens, comets included (natural and manmade), even giant advertisements in space. The dominant colour is green, although other colours, like red, are also seen. Often when I have seen them I too am outside in a place that is like a picnic grounds or an outdoor place with tables and chairs and stone benches for sitting and relaxing (along with the picnic blanket option). One time I was at the beach at night with crowds of people sitting on the hill and stairs leading down to the beach and a few of us were swimming, seeing this stuff in the sky.

Because I also never seem to have a sense for dates in my dreams, I have always thought this was about things not probably to come in my lifetime. I could be wrong.

From my reply to a letter from Peter dated Friday, September 01, 2000 12:03 AM:

Most of my UFO dreams I take to be in the far future -- another hundred, two hundred, or more years or so. I see them at war with one another. Sometimes I see images of red feathered serpents flying in the sky along with UFOs and they are in battle ...

I have also seen a time when humanity will compete with the heavens themselves, creating his own wonders in the heavens. Artificial comets, artificial nebulae and galaxies, etc. People will sit out in open parks and watch these nocturnal shows as entertainment as they would a fireworks display today.

From my reply to a letter from YUSUF dated Thursday, January 11, 2001 8:45 AM:

I have also had many recurring dreams in my life of UFOs at war in the night sky. Often in my dreams a second type of space craft appears at war with them that is most strange -- they look like long, feathered red serpents streaming through the sky. I was dreaming of these even BEFORE I was familiar with the dragon of Revelation.

Since reading John at Patmos's vivid description of the final age of human history, I have come to the conclusion that the war in heaven will appear to many people to be a battle between UFOs.

This is how Satan and his angels will deceive the world -- by presenting themselves as friendly extraterrestials with all the solutions to mankind's problems.


New Zealand spiralNorway Spiral

See Drones Draw Shapes in the Night Sky

September 29, 2014

Recently, we saw drones dance with Cirque du Soleil. In this video, you can watch drones paint the sky with light. Ars Electronica Futurelab calls them “Spaxels”:

“Spaxels (a portmanteau word from space pixels) are LED-equipped quadcopters. They make up a drone swarm that can “draw” three-dimensional figures in midair. They create an extraordinary visual experience and open up an unprecedented new dimension of aesthetic expression.

According to the website: “Swarm size for outdoor performances starts with 30 Spaxels, larger swarms on request.”

September 29, 2014 | Updated December 13, 2014: In addition there are now drones capable of carrying and deploying Spaxel technology in space. Artificial comets, galaxies, supernovas ... almost any kind of phenemona that exist in space, including those objects so far away that a very large telescope would normally be required to see them, will be able to be created at high elevations in the lower and upper atmosphere or in earth orbital space. The site brags that the technology can also create 3-D events on earth such as "King Kong climbing up the Empire State Building" or concrete visualizations in real dimensions of what proposed building projects will look like when constructed. It is, and will become moreso over time, a marriage of the real and the virtual, making it impossible for the viewer to distinguish between the two.

Thus, all the dream visions, some of them 20 years old as of February 15, 2015, I have discussed in the left column can now be fulfilled at will at any time ... right now as I write, in fact.

But will they? That is the question. Many troubling events have occurred in the world since November of last year. This wondrous future being constructed for our children, grandchildren, and indeed even for us, could come to a crashing halt at any time by a global war also in the making in the Middle East courtesy of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the Islamic State, groups allying with it in North Africa, and nations actively opposed to Assad and/or the IS such as the United States, Turkey, Iran, Israel, Jordan, and others; and also in Eastern Europe courtesy of heightened tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the Baltics and Russia, NATO and Russia, and the EU and Russia. Just like Americans who got their first glimpse of television at the 1939 World Fair had to wait ten years before they would actually begin seeing broadcasts on them in many homes across the country, thanks to the intervention of World War II, many of us may never live to see the age of manmade miracles in our heavens, a Bladerunner sci-fi techological wonderscape (or hellscape) in our major cities, hydrogen-powered Google-manufactured self-driving automobiles, or our own personal flying cars (that some of the rich elite already own) parked outside of every home ... this time due to the intervention and mass destruction brought about by World War III. Such an horrific event may yet make the dream visions I had appearing in the left column far future ones rather than events for our current era.


Is it possible that the following biblical prophecy will be created using Spaxel technology?


And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days. And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

What The Hell Was That Thing?

By James Neff


For many years, people have been photographing and witnessing some very strange aerial phenomena which fall far outside the classic construct of the "flying saucer," even farther outside the realm of a mere Unidentified Flying Object. These things appear to be alive. Organic. Creatures of some sort. And many are seemingly quite enormous.

Sky Monsters, you say? Bah! I know. It's the reflex of every rational mind. Naturally. But it remains, they are being seen. They have been photographed. We don't know what they are, but they are... or everyone is lying and the photos are all fakes and history itself is replete with the same lies from every civilization on the planet. This isn't very likely.

They do not resemble machines of any kind known to man and do not resemble UFOs as classically categorized by shape, such as spheres, cylinders, cigar-shaped craft, heel-shaped craft, delta, etc. They range from gargoyle-like creatures to amoeba-like plasmas. No, these are truly bizarre, frightening spectacles so other-worldly one has to wonder if there's any relation at all to the UFO phenomena. Or are we dealing with an aspect of UFOs/aliens heretofore undeveloped, unstudied simply because it is so astonishing, so strange -- the morphing UFO, the transitional, shape-changing, shape-shifting craft?

The Crawfordsville Sky Monster

In September, 1891, a very unusual story came out of the small town of Crawfordsville, Indiana. At about 2 a.m. on the morning of September 5, two men hitching a wagon saw a "horrible apparition" appear in the sky. About 100 feet in the air hovered a bizarre creature--somewhat like a serpent, with no visible head. It was about 20 feet in length and had several pairs of wings. Reverend G.W. Switzer, a Methodist preacher, and his wife also saw the bizarre creature. It appeared again the following day in the evening. Hundreds of residents of Crawfordsville watched the creature as it flew about and "squirmed as if in agony". It hovered at an altitude of about 300 feet and was heard to make a "wheezing, plaintive sound". After this second appearance, the Crawfordsville Monster vanished, and it has not been seen since. The case has been investigated only by Charles Fort, who wrote of it in Lo!, and Vincent H. Gaddis, who recounted the story in Mysterious Fires and Lights. The biggest problem in identifying the monster, in addition to its utterly bizarre appearance, is the fact that no one is really sure whether or not it is actually a cryptid, or, as some claim, some sort of strange UFO display.


Red-feathered serpent

Space billboards and Spaxel-created celestial wonders? If we can avoid a third world war, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Alexander Lavrynov, and others may turn most of these dreams into reality. Futurelab and the Spaxels are already paving the way and well in progress.

Perhaps these dreams in their entirety may occur by the end of this decade or else by the 2020s. Otherwise, I fear, these wonders are something a world war will postpone until the middle of this century.

As for the red-feathered serpents ... they are already here. Or at least they are in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Diabolical flying machines or living entities, if my dreams are correct, mankind will see them battling flying saucer type UFOs in the sky. And then woe to the inhabitants of earth, for the great serpent shall be cast down among us, as prophesied in the Book of Revelation, wrathful in the knowledge that he has but a short time to work his deception.

- McClellan


A Dream Chronology of the Third World War
and Other Events


Like The War Room, I have become intrigued with the idea of developing a time line of possible World War III events based on my dreams. My dreams, after all, are the closest I come to doing anything that might be considered "mystical" or "supernatural." Most of this website engages in one form or another of rational prophecy and prophecy interpretation. Not so the dream "visions." I do not know where they come from, but I do know many of them have come true in the past and some are coming true at this very period in time.

These "visions" (if that is what they are) have perhaps been overlooked ... by me as well as by the viewer. The cumulative effect however I find to be very unnerving.

So here is what I have assembled thus far. More dream material from the past and what has yet to be dreamed will be added in the near future. This will include other events if they can be tied anywhere into the global war time line.


Current dream vision status (3.27.16): The American military is consumed with wars in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, global terrorism, and the threat of nuclear proliferation in North Korea and Iran. Iran and Saudi Arabia threaten security in the Middle East, while Iran becomes militarily involved in the conflict against ISIS and Assad in Syria. Some NATO countries plus Russia have become involved in the Syria conflict. Both Turkey and Iran are shelling and launching air strikes against rebel Kurds in northern Iraq. China and North Korea are presenting a new and strategically different security concern to America in the western Pacific, as well as to Japan and Taiwan. Russia also is challenging Japan militarily at sea.

Believe it or not, all of the above was foreseen by me in the dream state, much of it 20 years ago!


Poem and Preface

Rolling Towards Us

The second outbreak in less than three months
preempts all other televised programming.
Black, gothic, submarine towers emerge
from dark waves in the deep grey mist,
events far away squeeze out the distance
and appear near, too close for belief.

Three months ago came the maps we've grown used to:
Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia,
the Persian Gulf, the Caucasus Mountains.
War came, war went, and with it diminished Iran's nuclear threats gutturally expressed
against U.S. naval forces
by a black-bearded man in a black turban.

Now the maps and the experts are back,
interrupting what has passed for normalcy,
The war which receded to nothing
has crested and crashed again in a wave of angst.
Every day for nearly a week we have watched,
drawing new comfort by a shared sense of d j vu --
we saw it before and it went away.
Still its bigger, much bigger, this time.

All the black ships, black maps, and black turbans
squeeze together as the geography of war grows more strange:
but between the fissures new words wax
of submarines tracked and lost in the Atlantic Ocean,
nuclear threats uttered against the U.S. mainland,
merging with false memories of cities not yet destroyed
and things we saw before that went away.

Michael McClellan
1998 Castalian Springs
1997-2007 Michael McClellan


From Twitter follower wiemanindenwald:

16 Nov 2015 :

Somehow this reminds me of this black ships, black maps...


Belgium TV and map of Turkey, Syria, Iraq


I agree .. it does look like some of my dreams are starting to come true. What is missing is a TV service (which figures in a number of the dreams) .. I have none right now and have not since April 22 of 2015. What I saw I did not see on a computer monitor or a tablet (don't have a tablet either) ... what I saw was on a large HD widescreen TV, and also TVs in some public places. I have one, it was my late father's gift to all of us before he died of cancer. I need to get connected with a cable or wireless TV company and witness these events as I dreamt them. I wish I had a good way to draw attention to the dreams on my site ... navigation on modern sites has changed dramatically since the days I first constructed mine in a sort of magazine format (like reading a magazine, turn a page, turn another one, that was the simplicity of things in 1999).


What is happening now that occurred in my dreams:

1) Continuous low level warfare in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria (Iran was to be conflict #3 and Syria conflict #4, but appears it will be the other way around)

See dream dated May 13, 1996, 9:00 AM, here is an excerpt: "there was an ongoing war in the Middle East -- one which I have dreamt about periodically over the last several months -- involving Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf."

2) War in Ukraine and ceasefire, one of many more to come
3) The Pacific grows increasingly more threatened by the words and actions of North Korea and China
4) Although the US is not yet at war with Iran, Iran is involved with Russia in the war against ISIS in Syria
5) Turkey has been drawn into the Syria conflict, but so far only to a limited degree


What will or may happen that occurred in my dreams:

1) After a fierce opening military campaign, Iran will be added to Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan as part of the continuous US quagmire
2) The low level warfare will be punctuated by major military actions
3) ISIS will use WMD in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, northern Israel, and elsewhere
4) Turkey will become drawn in a major way into the regional conflict
5) Hot wars will break out in other places -- the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Caspian, the Near East, the Pacific, elsewhere -- ending temporarily with ceasefires or evolving into low level conflicts, only to break out again with major military actions (NOTE: THIS HAPPENED IN UKRAINE, THUS FAR)
6) After a fierce opening military campaign, Syria will be added to Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan as part of the US war in the Middle East (NOTE: THIS HAS NOW HAPPENED)
7) China and North Korea will time a massive war against the US in the Pacific to coincide with a US war against Iran and Iraq
8) Naval battles will grow worse, great destruction of forces at sea by conventional and nuclear weapons
9) Many Chinese and North Korean fighter jets will be shot down by US naval forces


NOTE (3/27/16): Even though I predicted the eventual death of Saddam Hussein a number of times on this website, in my dream visions dated 2002, for some reason, I saw this "monster from hell" growing more menacing in stature and then terrorizing the Persian Gulf and warring with the US. It is strange, because in these same dreams I accurately saw a war in Iraq that had not yet happened and the war in Afghanistan both continuing as quagmires, with violence rising and ebbing like the tides in these countries. I also saw an eventual quagmire war with Iran, and then in Syria (which I appeared to have gotten backwards), and the threat of war from North Korea and China. This is evidenced in the following (which still remain in sequence otherwise):


McClellan (9/3/02):

Always in the backdrop of many dreams is the war with Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. I think Afghanistan will continue for a long time -- it has always been a part of the picture in my dreams since 1996.

And there is always something else going on that suddenly comes to the forefront. Sometimes it is frightening news of China or North Korea moving into a short war, then backing off again. Other times Iraq or Iran comes to the forefront, AND SADDAM IS STILL IN POWER, NOT DEAD, doing something horrible in the Persian Gulf, then everything fades to the background again ...


McClellan (9/6/02):

I see in my dreams war going on in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan ceaselessly for several years. I also see other countries making war in other places, like.China or North Korea in the Pacific, or Russia and Iran in the Caspian Sea region, new wars in the Balkans, and of course Israel with Syria and Lebanon. These other wars move into the foreground and then they withdraw into the background ... sometimes months go by without a shot being fired in these other wars. To the people it is as if those wars have stopped, and only the war in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan continue, but later these other wars start up again, worse then before. Each time big powers like China and Russia move into war again it is much worse each time and the destruction to America's navies is truly alarming to see. There is much bloodshed in the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

People will be terrified to see what happens in the naval wars. I see these always and they are horrible. To see monstrous warships and aircraft carriers deployed and to see them destroy each other utterly in fire and smoke. To see the nuclear explosions at sea and the great tidal waves that drown coastal cities in waters of blood.

And SADDAM will not die, that monster from hell, contrary to what I have interpreted from Nostradamus. He moves in and out with his horrible war machine that Russia and China and others will give him and with what he already has. Sometimes the war with Iraq is like the war with Afghanistan is right now -- you don't hear of too much happening until a major incident. Then suddenly Saddam does something dreadful at the same time China does with weapons of mass destruction.

Because the wars appear with great strength and then move into the background, low level, people are lulled into believing this is not World War III but rather a world crisis, but it is World War III.


Prophetic Messenger Service
Posted (McClellan) - Sep 15 2002 : 12:08:28 AM

Well, as you may know from what I have said on my Email forums, I have seen plenty about the early parts of World War III. Most of it seems to be in the Persian Gulf, South Asia, and Transcaucasia (Turkey and southern Ukraine extend into this region). Then, every so often, there is a crisis involving China and North Korea where US naval ships are destroyed. Then things die down in the Pacific for a while (low level) only to get much worse next time around.

Like Jesus says about the wars and earth changes in the end times: they will be "like the birth pangs of a woman." I see the same thing happening over a span of years -- war is low level then it is high level, like a tide moving in and out, but getting worse each time. And surprise offensives in other places when all seems low level elsewhere.

And we, as television viewers, get used to all of this -- even to the horrors that come periodically.

You know how it has been with Afghanistan since the start of 2002 -- it seems pretty much over, but it really isn't. Conflict continues there at a low level. I believe this will be the case for more years to come. Note how it springs to the foreground every so often then fades back. But of course the weapons in use there are not like what will be used when the war moves to Iran and Iraq. But I see the same thing happening regarding those countries after the opening air campaign, only when things move to the foreground it will involve weapons of mass destruction, then the fighting will become low-level again for several months. And so on.

Is this possible?? My dreams have been saying so since 1995. The crises since that time have pretty much been like that. In and out, like the waves.

Anyway, on to the faces.

Thus far I have only seen two identifiable faces associated with World War III in the early stages: Saddam Hussein and -- believe it or not -- Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Contrary to the Mabus quatrain that many of us believe (or have believed) applies to Saddam, I do not see Saddam being killed in my dreams. He hangs on and becomes more and more dangerous. He does not die! He causes great horrors to happen with bio/chemical weapons and great disasters at sea. The US pins his forces down for a time, then he breaks through again, committing another atrocious act. The whole Persian Gulf waters become as blood, thanks to Saddam and his evil smiling face.

Is this possible??

And I see Castro trying to do something too to the United States coastal regions with his military and his navy. The US is surprised by what he can do. But for all the damage he causes, he backs off -- for a while, then comes back later.

These two move in and out like the waves -- and they are the only two faces I recognise (so far). I know China is doing it too, but I attach no face to China's leadership. Nor to Iran, which I also know we are fighting. And Russia ... I do not see Putin's face. Not yet. Only as-of-yet unknown military leaders that remind me of the Soviet era.

Does this make any sense??


NOTE CONTINUED (3/27/16): SADDAM is indeed DEAD ... and for a long time now (since January 2007). However, his former regime members are (or in some cases, were) alive and well ... and apparently they are the real power behind ISIS running the show:


Saddam’s Former Loyalists Are Leading ISIS — as True Believers

ISIS Secret Blueprints Reveal Saddam Connection

National Review

By Kyle Orton July 20, 2015 4:00 AM

After long neglect, the media has finally recognized the role of the FREs — former (Saddam) regime elements — within the Islamic State (ISIS). But the pendulum has now swung too far: Some reports are now claiming that the FREs have transformed the leader of the terror army, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, into nothing more than a front man for the Baathists.

These suppositions are mistaken. Most FREs within ISIS have not been ideologically Baathists for a long time. Let’s consider some specifics. First, the ISIS-as-front-for-Baathists storyline relies on a misreading of ISIS’s revival after the 2007 Surge. It is true that after ISIS’s former leader was killed in April 2010, ISIS intensified its “Iraqization” process. (This began with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s effort in 2006 to reverse ISIS’s negative image as a foreign imposition on Iraqi Sunnis.) Within three months between April and June 2010, Iraqi and American forces picked off 34 of 42 senior ISIS operatives in the region. But the rise to predominance of the FREs was an internal shift in ISIS — not an external coup. It came about because ISIS — at its nadir and with a decreased flow of foreign-fighters — turned to its most militarily skilled members.

Over 100 former Saddam Hussein officers make up ISIS leadershipSecond, the ISIS-as-front-for-Baathists storyline has a very serious timeline problem. One of the infamous FREs within ISIS was Haji Bakr (real name: Samir Abd Muhammad al-Khlifawi), a former colonel in Saddam’s army, who masterminded ISIS’s expansion into Syria; he was killed by Syrian rebels when they rose against ISIS in January 2014. What is noteworthy is that al-Khlifawi had joined ISIS in 2003 when it was a foreign-led organization with Zarqawi — the patron saint of the takfiriyeen (those who regard only Salafi-purists as Muslims) — as its emir. A “socialist infidel” — as ISIS refers to Baathists — was not going to pass muster in ISIS at that time. Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi (real name: Adnan Ismail Najem al-Bilawi), a former captain in Saddam’s army and until his death in June 2014 the head of ISIS’s military council (believed to be the most important ISIS military institution), also joined ISIS in 2003. Abu Ali al-Anbari, the overseer of ISIS-held territory in Syria, joined ISIS in 2003 as well. It’s no surprise that al-Khlifawi, al-Bilawi, and al-Anbari were already Islamic militants in 2003.

From the mid 1980s, and with added intensity after the formal onset of Saddam’s “Faith Campaign” in June 1993, Saddam’s regime Islamized. This was “most likely a cynical step” on the part of Saddam, wrote Amatzia Baram, an expert on Iraqi Islam with the University of Haifa, but it gave Iraq “an extra push in the direction of an authentic Islamization process.” In other words, it took on a life of its own.

Saddam feared the Muslim Brotherhood, so he chose Salafism as a counterweight. With significant resources devoted to producing this regime-loyal Saddamist-Salafism, the Faith Campaign produced a more sectarian, Salafized population, with its focal points on clerics and mosques. Without this campaign, Zarqawi’s project could never have gotten off the ground in Iraq. “[Zarqawi] thought that the Sunni in Iraq . . . had been ruined by Saddam and that a long period of dawa (proselytization) would be needed,” Craig Whiteside, a professor at the Naval War College who has worked extensively with internal ISIS documents, told me. “He was pleasantly surprised instead by the underground Salafist movement that existed in Iraq and produced so many early local Iraqi supporters.” Whiteside added: “[Saddam’s] regime was really tottering at the end, and people were looking for more successful ideologies.”

Read more at:


I may as well mention that Saddam Hussein appeared bearded in my dreams, even in 2002. And bearded he was when captured, and bearded at trial, and bearded on execution. This made no sense, of course, at the time of the dream. And by the time it did, it was too late to say anything about it.

Yes, Saddam Hussein is naught but bones now. But in a strange way, I was right ... he lives on in his former FRE, now running the infamous ISIS or ISIL organization. Perhaps one day we shall see them waving flags with Saddam's bearded image on them. If this is true, then ISIS is indeed the latter days "king of Babylon."

The first Sufyani lives on in the second Sufyani.


McClellan (1/11/06):

What is going on RIGHT NOW, in Iraq and Afghanistan, I saw this in dreams in 1995 and 1996 just exactly as things are today. I saw actual war in both Afghanistan and Iraq in progress a long time. When the UN crisis with Iraq and Clinton's airstrikes on Baghdad happened in 1998, followed by an escalation of attacks in the no-fly zones in 1999, 2000, and 2001, I thought, maybe this is it, but I felt it never seemed like it was quite enough.

Then, after 9-11, the US went to war in Afghanistan, and I thought, this is more like the dream, but still not quite. But what is going on now since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 -- this is it! The "war" in both Iraq and Afghanistan is moving in and out of our conciousness, ebb and flow, depending on how the media reports it.

But I tell you, Iran must become a part of this "war" too, according to the dreams that began in 1995. And Turkey will be attacked, this I saw also. And the war will move into the water.




Prophetic Messenger Service
Posted (McClellan) - Sep 29 2001 : 4:14:04 PM

I'm getting those bad dreams again that I have mentioned from time to time on my email forums and I think part of which is on a dream window. You know, the one about seeing a huge US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf or the Pacific Ocean. looking like a sickening mass of white fire and black oil on the television screen -- huge plumes of black and white smoke billowing up while the commentator is talking about a war involving Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.


Sometimes it is one ship, sometimes it is several, sometimes it is almost a fleet. Each time it is worse than the time before and we get used to seeing it on the news.

Two nights ago I dreamt one of our aircraft carriers or warships was under attack by enemy fighter jets. They were being shot down out of the sky in flames. One time it was jets, in another sequence it was older looking planes.

I recall thinking while I was in the dream that I had seen this dream before, but had forgotten it and that it is in some way linked to the dreams of the destroyed battleships.


McClellan (2/2002):

These dreams have been growing more vivid as the time passes.

I see great fire and destruction in the Pacific Ocean and Persian Gulf, US ships attacked and reduced to fire, smoke, and tar in incredible flashes of brilliant white light by .North Korea or China .whilst news of the war in Iraq and Iran .is being broadcast on television.


Next on our dream timeline, the Soviet Union is resurrecting as new Russian "empire." Ongoing war in the Middle East grows hotter: Turkey, Syria, former Soviet republics, and Greece become involved. Russia threatens US with nuclear war, then backs off.




McClellan (unexplained dreams, now explained, 2003-2006, posted 1/11/06):

The following is a focused republication from an email exchange between myself and a viewer from Finland:

I have had many dreams over the last several years where Russia makes incursions somewhere and we all watch on TV and think, "My God, this must be the start of World War III."

And then the war incursion takes on the characteristics of a crisis and brews for a few months or so. Then as quickly as it began, hostilities are curiously over. Then we who are watching let out a sigh of relief.

I never know where this is happening when I wake up from the dream. But I know in the dream where it is when it is happening, just not after I wake up.

I know this much: when the war moves from land into the water there will be much high anxiety for those who watch this on television news. It really comes and goes in waves. It's "Ohhh" (exclaim with dread and awe) then later "Ahhhh" (sigh of relief). And the time between dread and relief gets shorter and shorter as the years pass until major wars with major powers.

And there are several other countries doing the same thing as Russia: China either takes land or moves like it will, then moves back. Maybe North Korea too. Also, Iran in the Persian Gulf.

Also, I think, Russia in the Pacific Ocean.

This is how it goes every few months for some places and every other year for other places, and the territories are not familiar to me when I awake, but are well-known to me whilst in the dream state.

Eventually these land grabs become more and more dangerous, and become permanent occupations, until we begin to see larger and larger military exchanges. I have seen great warships on fire and they will call this a crisis too because then fighting ceases for a while, yet everything remains strained.

I also have the feeling that this is drawn out over at least three or four years, to at least 2009 or 2010. I see another election and another US president in office when things get really bad. And that means at least 2009, because next election is November 2008 and whoever wins will not take office until January 2009. Unless Bush dies and it is Cheney's term, yet even then it feels like it could be under a president who defeats Cheney in November 2008. So one or two more presidents to go, depending on whether Bush dies. I only know the Bush administration is history and these nightmares are still going on on our television screens.

After Being Told by Luke Of His Dream About the Island of Aland (Ahvenanmaa) and Finland Coast

At least two seperate land grabs in your region sounds right. In my dreams this naval thing played out in at least two waves with a lot of time in between. Both seemed to be limited war crises that were in danger of becoming "total war" between Russia, the US and Nato/EU. That is what was making everyone afraid.

The ships move into port, then they finally withdraw on their own or in compliance with other countries, everyone sighs, then they are back again some months later, and things are even more strained. But we seem more afraid of the ships that remain always out in the water and do not go to port. They seem to exacerbate the feelings of mounting crisis.

I don't know if there is another third wave of anxiety before total war breaks out. There may be. I'm not even sure that when total war finally breaks out, it lasts. It seems that too runs only a few months, then there is a cease-fire for a while before things get even hotter and more dangerous.

I see a few large ships on fire that have been attacked ... and this becomes another crisis because it causes the fighting to stop. I see this happen a few times, not only in your region, but in the Pacific too. But the time finally comes when the naval wars are just completely horrible and go on and on as the world enters a total global war.

This whole period seems like four years from the time it starts.

What confused me was the incursions BY SEA I apparently saw in your part of the world. As you describe it, my own dreams now make more sence.

Perhaps, "Russianics" implies a military coalition between Russia and Belarus (Big Russia and Little Russia)? Or, perhaps it means a partial reconstitution of the Soviet Union in the north (ie, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus)??

Perhaps the ships coming from "the west" are Germany, Poland, and Sweden (actually from the "west" and "southwest")? We know from prophecy that when World War III finally does break out in Europe, Poland and Germany will be first to defend against Russia and her allies. We also know of at least one "phony war" beforehand around Ukraine, Hungary, and the Baltics that will make everyone nervous. There may even be a few more, smaller military actions beforehand not predicted, and these are what we are seeing. But again, Poland and Germany (and Sweden) would be logically coming from the west and southwest to contend with naval forces from Russia, Belarus, and the Baltics.

During these initial incursions, Iran will still be at war in the Middle East. So too will the US. But when Russia makes these moves in the north, the world will focus on that, and Iran and the Middle East will seem like it is in the background. Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Arabia -- all of that will be going on. And Iranian navies will make incursions and surprise attacks in the waters of the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea just like Russia in the Baltic Sea and just like China and North Korea in the Sea of Japan and Taiwan Strait.

Also, one more thing. I think I saw some naval conflicts in the arctic. Maybe the Barents Sea. I'm not sure. But that may be part of the pre-World War III wars in the north involving incursions in Scandanavia.

I have to say that this is quite exciting: there is no question in my mind that this is the mysterious part of the world I saw the two (at least two) seperate waves of incursions, encounters with "Western" ships (probably Poland and Sweden, maybe Germany), and brief occupations (at first) and withdrawals by Russian and Russian-allied navies.

In one dream I did see something like the map you showed: only it was an aerial "live" view of the actual region, and for some reason in black and white. Much of my dreams concerning your part of the world were in black and white, even when watching it unfold on television. I am quite capable of dreaming in vivid colour and usually do, but not in the cases where these naval incursions and battles are concerned. Even the television reporting is in black and white, which is crazy.

Anyway, there are maps and there are maps. You probably have seen the usual straight maps of Europe where Finland and Scandinavia seem to stretch out more westward and European mainland is right underneath, everything neatly East-West, North-South.

That is a deceptive view of how the continent and northland really looks. The map you show is more like it really is, taking the earth's curvature into consideration. And that is what I saw in one case, not knowing where the hell I was.

Also, I saw close-up of Aland and it does look like a fat "J."

Also, regarding Barents or Norway Sea, maybe some action around Svalbard.

Yes, I saw at least two major waves of crises concerning Russia in Finland/Scandinavia. I recall seeing it on TV and we are saying "Oh, no, not again," because we remember seeing this almost a year before. We can even see the ships and the people on them. It doesn't look like much is happening, but the reporter is telling us how serious the situation is. And then the camera pans elsewhere, and I see a Russian ship completely on fire. That is what scares one to see: knowing naval combat has happened with Russia and a large warship is on fire. What will come of it??

This seems so damned real ... and it is like NOTHING I have ever heard of in prophecy.

More recently, I had a dream again, and this time I saw another president after Bush when this is going on. We look back and it seems that these crises in the north intervene two administrations.

Meanwhile the "war" is going on in the background just like it is now in Iraq and Afghanistan; only by this time it is in Iran and the waters of the Persian Gulf too (and maybe Turkey and Pakistan).

But this is only the "war" -- the ongoing "war" almost always in the background, but always getting larger, bit by bit. Events such as what we are speaking about, such as Russia trying to take PORTS and islands in Scandinavia/Finland, ships on fire ... these events will terrify and have everyone watching TV news on the edge of their seats. That is because these kinds of events will seem more a threat of turning into "World War III" than the "war" that is always going on in the Middle East. Also, I think US ships will enter waters of Scandinavia during the second wave.

I don't think the Baltics will "cooperate" ... I believe they will be forcibily re-annexed by Russia's military into a partial resurrection of the former Soviet Union. As you say, Russians living in Baltics may help make this possible by civil war. It won't be "the Soviet Union," but it will be a new Russian "empire" that includes some old Soviet states. Belarus will be a willing part of this "empire." Lukaschenko, that evil dictator will last forever (see, already there is one warmonger). I would call this a northern Russian empire, and they will want to make Finland part of it, and then Scandinavia. Zhirinovsky will saythe treaty of 1700 is illegal ... but only if he becomes president in 2008. Even if not him, there are others that might use such a pretext. But it will be for strategic reasons, as you say, that they will want to grab Finland, Sweden, and Norway (I think Denmark too). They will try words of "honey" and they will try sneaky incursions, back and forth, until finally they get their way by open warfare.

I still think then that Baltics, Belarus, and Russia will be the "Russianics" you dreamt about. They will try to bring in Ukraine and Moldova too, but will fail thanks to Nato/EU actions. But they may succeed in keeping the Baltics.

Also, you may be right about Russia not being complete. But any partitioning in Russia will be "for show." Maybe a phony "break-up" of Russia and maybe some parts of Siberia like the Soviet Union broke apart, but all the member states will still be integrated in a federation ("Russianics"). I can imagine states like Tatarstan (highly Islamic) and Bashkortostan "breaking away." But a break-up of Russia in the latitudes between the cities of St Petersburg and Perm would be total chaos.


Luke (1/11/06):

Dream #1: "Conquest of Coastal cities & island of Ahvenanmaa"

I watch the (animated) map of Finland (from tv??). I learn that Russian forces had occupied some *western* coastal cities of Finland. The Russians had been pulled back from the northern cities by other forces. Russia has conquered an island called "Ahvenanmaa" (or "Aland"). Russians seem to be in control of another coastal city near Ahvenanmaa. I think: "this really was a surprise to us, no wonder why we fell so soon.."

Dream #2: "Occupied City"

My home city (near capital Helsinki) is captured by enemy forces. We are all (100 persons?) standing near the city library. Russian soldiers are beating one citizen for fun. I feel very angry and frustrated. Months or a year (or so) after this, our current president gives her speech. Message was: "we must forgive the Russianic countries their sins". The commerce will be established again with the "Russianics" (Russia was now "in plural" (??)).

Analysis of these dreams

It seems like Finland will be partially captured by a Russian surprise attack, maybe even over the space of a couple of days. The scenario of the dream #1 was nothing like I had ever thought before. Ahvenanmaa is a de-militarized zone and can be captured quickly. Btw, Ahvenanmaa was populated by Russians 150-200 years ago. I dont understand why Russians would need this island? Why attack from the see? Why does it sound like some kind of by-pass attack?

Finally, enemy forces will be pulled back and the president gives her speech. She will (most likely) remain in power during the next 4 years from now. This means that the war might start anytime between 2006-2010.

More Info

Yes, that certainly was a naval invasion (attack from the sea). Aland is actually an island in the strategic position near Kaliningrad and Sweden. You can capture the Baltic Sea with that. At least 2 *separate* land grabs (north/west), and one bigger land grab - island or peninsula (south/west). The coast seems to be J-shaped.

I saw only "the map of the operations", possibly shown on the television screen.

Map depicted area of the "red ones" (land grabs had red color) -- now I realize that nothing said that those are Russians! Red ones might well be Chinese etc.

If that was another country than Finland, that was not necessarily island but peninsula. Ahvenanmaa in Finland is almost like an peninsula with its thousands of little islands. That's why I saw a coastal city captured nearby it. Maybe it was a peninsula.

I saw a map which was very similar as a map of "Gulf of Botnia".

I didn't see the whole map, only the Gulf & Eastern coast. Maybe it was a map of Norway, or the "Gulf of Botnia", or something else. I do not know. It resembled the "Gulf of Botnia" so I automatically associated the dream with it (because I live in northern Europe). Maybe it was an incorrect interpretation of the dream.

Colors in the map were:
sea = dark blue, sea was located in the west
coast = green ("map green"), coast was located in the east
land grabs = red (at least 2 cities + 1 peninsula OR island)

The island in the map (in the dream) probably was this "Aland" = "Avenanmaa". But it looked bigger, much bigger than Aland. The island in the map (in the dream) was in the south from the coast (like Aland in the real map), hence the "J-shape". It is not "pure" J-shape, but anyway..

Sorry I didn't explain what I meant by "red ones". ;) That was really these "red regions" in the map, depicting the land grabs of the attackers. When I remembered this dream, I automatically associated "the red color" with Russians. It might be a wrong or correct association/interpretation.

According to the military strategists, Russians would make either sea attack from the south and/or ground attack from the east. That means that the attack from the west is maybe an attempt to capture major coastal cities & surround the whole country, which seems to be stupid since more important cities are in the south.

If you look from the map you can find "Aland" ( = "Ahvenanmaa") near Stockholm in the center of the map. Small island between Finland & Sweden with thousands of little islands around it. (Aland's capital letter A is actually A with the ring)

Interesting what you told about "two waves". This activity was happening in my dream (#1), too: The troops withdraw from the ports. But you saw even more, so this will be a longer crisis.

Aland is strategic objective for Russians because of the location. Barents sea is also strategic objective because the nuclear submarines need that "sea way". War strategists know this. Therefore, Northern Norway & Norway's J-shaped coast & Aland (Ahvenanmaa) is good objective for Russian military.

About the "Russianics": "Russianics" (in plural) were mentioned in the presidential speech, after the conflict (dream #2). But I am not sure they were the attackers, "red ones" (dream #1). I had 2 dreams, first dream (dream #1) early this week and second dream (dream #2) maybe 1 year ago or so. "Red ones" or "Red regions" depicts (dream #1) definitely one attacker or one entity.

It seems like the "Russianics" are more like smaller countries which are formed after Russia is divided. When Russia is divided to many smaller countries, it is possible that some of these new countries will join the EU & Nato etc. But this is just my interpretation.

I dont think that the Baltics (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) will ever co-operate with Russia. They have good memory about USSR violations & abuse in the Baltics. There are still many many Russians living in the Baltics, so civil war there is possible. Baltic countries have joined (or are joining) the EU etc. Estonia is member / will be member of NATO etc.


NOTE: And now we see why the island of Aland might be so important to Russia and to the EU ...


Tiny island that's ready to stop Europe in its tracks

By David Rennie in Mariehamn


Location of Aland on Baltic Sea mapIn the decade since they voted to join the European Union the islanders of the Aland archipelago in the Baltic Sea have been outvoted and overruled by Brussels, time and again.

Now Aland, a unique, autonomous region of Finland, is about to teach Brussels a lesson in democracy it may never forget.

Thanks to a quirk of early 20th-century history, Aland's 26,000 people are essentially sovereign co-rulers of their home nation of Finland. As such, they can veto any international treaty that Finland wants to enter, including EU treaties. And the islanders are threatening to do just that when the European Commission attempts to revive the moribund EU constitution later this year.

But last week the archipelago's head of EU affairs, Britt Lundberg, travelled to Brussels - a day-long trek - to deliver a warning that dismally low public opinion on Europe could mean Alanders prevent Finland from ratifying the constitution.

The islanders' revolt has been brewing for some time. First, this community of Swedish-speaking Finns lost the right to fish at sea with traditional nets. Then Alanders saw their beloved spring duck hunting virtually abolished. To the Alanders' final outrage, local laws on consuming "snus" or Swedish chewing tobacco, are about to be quashed by the European Court of Justice.

Finland, which takes over the rotating EU presidency later this year, is committed to reviving the constitution after No votes in France and Holland last year.

Parliament in Helsinki is poised to adopt a positive "position" on the treaty, as part of a plan co-ordinated with powers that include Germany and Austria. So Mrs Lundberg's warning made the Commission take notice.

Brussels is trapped in a "Catch 22" situation of the EU's own making. Snus, a form of chewing tobacco, has been outlawed by EU fiat in every nation except Sweden, which secured a -special opt-out as a condition of its joining the EU, and in every region - except Aland.

The Commission recently took Finland to court to quash Aland's snus law. But Finland has no power to change that law. Finland does not control laws covering health in Aland; Aland does.

Aland is not allowed to defend its law before the justices in Luxembourg because the court recognises only nations. So the court is set to convict and fine Aland, without allowing the island's government to plead its case.

A ban on snus threatens serious financial harm to the capital, Mariehamn. Mrs Lundberg said: "Every Alander is very, very upset. It's the principle of the thing that we can be judged, made to pay a fine, but have no chance to tell the court in Luxembourg why we made our law, and that we have the sole right to make this law."

The head of the Aland government, Roger Norlund, admitted that he did not even like snus. To him, the row is philosophical. "Aland finds small-scale solutions to its problems. But the EU model is one of large-scale solutions, and harmonisation."

Tomas Grunr, a navigator on the big boats, uses snus "24 hours a day". "It keeps me relaxed," he said. "I thought the EU was a good idea, but now I think it sucks."



May 13, 1996
9:00 AM

I have had a vivid, terrifying dream that the Soviet Union was reintegrated and that the old style communists were back in power. There was a deep, pervasive sense of dread everywhere because the new leadership was considering using nuclear weapons against the United States. At the time there was an ongoing war in the Middle East -- one which I have dreamt about periodically over the last several months -- involving Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf.

New Soviet military being reviewed New Soviet military review - Lenin's image displayed

It is a war that seems to rise and ebb, widening a little each time it rises again. In the beginning it mostly involved Iraq and the U.S., then Iraq and Turkey, then Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, and so on. Greece has been involved on some occasions, and so have some of the former Soviet Moslem republics.

In one report, I witnessed smoke and fire billowing out of a large black mass. The scene appeared to be in black and white. The scene turned out to be the destruction of a great naval fleet in the Persian Gulf. Also, in the dream was a threat repeated over a period of several days of an imminent nuclear attack by the resurrected Soviet Union against the United States. However, the attack never seemed to be carried out. But the times were very, very tense. Most of this appeared televised at home. However, before I awoke, I was watching a televised update on a large screen in a hotel restaurant or lounge.



Platforms facing offNovember 29, 2003 (McClellan) -- A few days ago, on November 25, 2003, I had my first action dream of World War III in Europe. Prior to this, the only dream I have had regarding the eventual war in Europe was one where I was reading the news, looking at a photo, and learning that Russia had invaded or entered Italy from the north. Other than that, all my other dreams regarding the war on terror and World War III had largely dealt with the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, the Pacific theatre, a glimpse at India, Pakistan, and Southern Africa during the coming of PX, and a Russian nuclear attack on the United States ... until now.

I was in an enclosed army vehicle along with a company commander. A young soldier seemed to be running towards us, but he was actually running for his life. He held out one hand in our direction and I saw it suddenly turn dark brown and black. It looked less like a hand and more like steaming, blackened mitten. He began waving it wildly in pain and I could hear his screams. I could see heat waves and steam rising from his charred hand, now crumbling into flakes, but no smoke. Then the blackness spread along his arm as he writhed about violently. I saw it reach his face. We knew instinctively what was happening and recoiled in horror. In the space of a minute he lie on the ground, a charred corpse.

Then a small boy from the village, an innocent casualty, came near our vehicle and we watched the same event take place, knowing there was nothing that could be done. His pitiful screams filled my ears and I wanted to, but couldn't, block them out.

It was the yellow dust our pilots were dropping from the planes high above us and from the rockets our artillery was launching that was sowing the field with the blackened dead. For some reason it could not reach us in our special vehicle, but it was killing everything and everyone it came in contact with outside. Even the enemy soldiers inside of their tanks were not immune. I had no idea what made us so.

We were somewhere in Europe, I knew. Judging from the many large forested hills, mountains, and valleys, I figured we were somewhere in Central Europe.

I asked the company commander what the enemy was using against us. "Nerve gas," he said. Novichok, sarin, chemicals I never heard of, all of it really nasty stuff, worse than anything purported to be in the Iraqi arsenal back in 2003. I knew this was Russia we were at war with.

As we drove into a forested region, I could see what appeared to be a white fog clinging to the hollows and hills of the wooded valleys. I cannot say for certain the "fog" was nerve gas, but if it wasn't then it must have been phosphorus gas -- it was not a natural fog. Underneath the misty film in the trenches we could not see were dead men -- our men, our soldiers.

As is typical with dreams, the scene changed, and I was at the top of an enclosed observation deck. Across the valley was another platform facing ours, not quite as tall and more crudely made. As sophisticated as our platform and equipment on it appeared, I was led to understand that it and others like it were pre-fabriquated and could be quickly erected in the space of a single day. I cannot say for certain this was also the case with our adversary.

We were high above the gas which clung to the ground as fog -- about 200 feet above ground-level. The gas couldn't reach us. A technician was at work installing some sort of electromagnetic-pulse device. Some fellow soldiers were kidding him for being so slow.

I looked out with binoculars at the enemy platform, white trails from our artillery shells or missiles (whichever) disappearing into the distance. Tall Russian officers were giving orders to swarthy-looking soldiers in brown and green camouflage fatigues who appeared shorter in contrast. They were Afghans, Iranians, or Arabs -- it was hard to tell for certain.

So it appeared that Russia and the Iranian-led Moslem states were not only allied, but the militaries were working together under joint command structures.

I was also aware that nuclear weapons had not yet been used -- at least not here in Europe. Only the Russian nerve gas and our yellow powder that burned quickly on contact.

I was all too happy to wake up. It was much uglier than I can really describe.


Prophetic Messenger Service
(McClellan) Posted - Apr 30 2002 : 8:12:32 PM

Russia invades Italy

OK, this will be fairly brief and to the point.

Last night I dreamt of the coming war, but it was quite muddled. However, one thing came though quite clearly that I recall.

I don't know the reason, but Russia invades Italy. And the strange part is that the United States ALLOWS this to happen. In fact, it seemed from the dream that America actually discussed this with Moscow in advance and felt Russia had justification for doing this.

I can only speculate from this a couple of things:

Perhaps Italy will become like the Balkans -- a nation plagued by a dangerous civil war (perhaps linked to a major Balkan war).

Perhaps Italy will become a haven for international terrorists.

In any event, the US gives Russia its blessing to invade from the NORTH...



War in Middle East is still raging, US is still at war with Iran and Iraq. War continues in other places. Warnings and threats from a resurrected Soviet Union continue. Suddenly, one late spring or summer night, Russia launches total thermonuclear war against the United States. The last thing I see before waking up are US missiles being launched in retaliation, before the Russian missiles hit us. For most Americans, this is the end of the war ... and the end of their lives.


McClellan (2/5/02):

Oh my God, I finally have seen it with my own eyes and it was terrifying!

There is now no question that the United States will be attacked by a massive nuclear missile launch from RUSSIA. It is possible there will be limited attacks by others, including terrorists beforehand, but the most dreadful and destructive attack will come from Russia.

There had been warnings from the Russians for some time regarding our war in the Middle East and elsewhere. I don't know if we were technically at war with Russia or not, but we were definitely bogged down in a war (or in wars) with Iraq and Iran and elsewhere. Neither North Korea nor China was in my mind, but that doesn't mean we weren't at war with them. But we were definitely at war in the Middle East with at least Iran and Iraq.

We were all outside at night, a crowd of us, and there was this eerie sense of anticipation. It was as though we knew what was coming but were hoping it would not happen.

Then we saw them appearing high in the sky, coming from a direction I am still not sure of. I felt a strange sense of "recognition" or "de ja vu" and it made me sick to my heart. I could see four or five missiles that appeared to be red very high in the air, just below the zenith. They seemed centered together in a tight little pack, and they moved slowly, smoothly, but were probably actually moving quite fast in space. I don't know how I knew, but I knew they were MIRVed (multiple warheads).

"Oh, my God!" I heard a woman's strangled cry as we looked up. It reminded me a lot of the "Oh, my God!" I heard actress Veronica Cartwright utter in the chest-popping scene in the first "Alien" movie from 1979. She said what we all felt.

They passed overhead and behind us, disappearing over the horizon. Then we saw what appeared to be a launch of our own ICBMs in the distance -- to attack the Russians. I awoke before hearing or seeing a blast, but I KNEW what was coming.

It seemed this was in the spring or summer, but what year I do not know. I know this event marked our collective death -- most of us will die when this happens.

I am seldom frightened by dreams, however bad they are. But this was eerie and frightening too. The unimaginable, the thing we have always feared, was happening before my very eyes.


Nuclear Nightmare

Michael McClellan: Tuesday afternoon, November 3, 2009

We were in an upstairs office building downtown in a large city ... it was a night-time attack, about 8 or 9 PM and there was nowhere to go ... no escape. We sat helplessly and terrified in our padded office chairs, contemplating our deaths, how we would meet them. The alerts had been sounded sometime ago, the sirens were still in the background, but useless in their purpose ... machines that would wail on and on until their destruction. We already knew certain nearby cities no longer existed. We heard the thudding of explosions going off in the distance ... a distant rumble here, a deafening thunderbolt there. The attack on our city had already begun with something like nuclear flamethrowers, new and unfamiliar, yet horrifying weapons. We knew absolutely we were just waiting our turn, and it would come, we knew we were going to die without any doubt. The sense of hopelessness was utterly paralysing. Some of us who had carried sedatives or tranquilisors were taking them, but they were almost utterly useless. One person babbled crazily about the blindness he believed he would experience when his eyes were burned out should he not die instantly ... Even so, our building had not yet suffered any power outage. We had normal lighting. The fear you feel in a situation like this is not a sensation that can be easily described. It is nightmarish to the extreme ... a frenzied, furious, angst-filled, nightmare that only accelerates with each passing second ... and you can't wake up from it and you know, absolutely, that things will never be normal again ... You will greatly desire to see and hear things return to normal so desperately, feel things like breathing normally again, wish it could be so, but you know it cannot and will not be. You are in hell.

The strange thing in a situation like this is how long it can take before your turn comes ... there is no logic to this kind of war once it begins. Once it starts no one, nothing, not you, not a god, not anyone nor any thing can nor will stop it ... and the military absolutely will not want it to end. Once it starts it just can't stop. It all moves so incredibly fast, yet until the nuclear blazes get to you, some things still manage to function. The television still worked, I don't know how or why. It seemed to be set to change channels automatically whenever a channel stopped broadcasting ... and this was happening a lot ... and we were surprised how many otherwise all-movie stations had given themselves over to the nuclear attacks ... reports were hard to follow, they were being given by people who were literally losing their minds on the air, crazy, words making only partial sense ... and it wasn't long before the channel changed again to another because these people just died in a burst of red ...

Most of what I saw was not on television. I have to tell you that what I saw had to be "shown" to me by a divine force, there is no other way it could have been done. What I saw was impossible for any living man to see ... I am certain of that. I was allowed outside, in the city, and saw firsthand what was truly a hell on earth that was sweeping across everything in a vibratory wave of lava red flames. I should have been incinerated the moment I was outside, but I was allowed to see what no one should ever be mad enough to want to see. It was a nightmare scenario ... a total mutation of everything ... very surreal and exquisitely terrifying ... everything I saw, heard, and felt repelled my senses. There was no beauty, not even a dark beauty, to this living horror. There were no signs either of anything that had been alive ... anyone or anything that had died was just gone, nothing left. Everything I did see was incredibly distorted ... objects appeared as wavy verticle lines, even the red flames ... metal buildings were being turned instantly to ASH ... I mean heaps of ash, too, not burned-out, cinderous metal beams. This was like no movie about nuclear war you have ever seen, and infinitely more nightmarish. Forget films you may have seen like The Day After, Threads, Miracle Mile, The Day After, Terminator 2, The Sum Of All Fears, etc etc etc ... no film or documentary ever produced, nothing you have seen created by man could possibly prepare you for this very real horror. Although I heard thunderous explosions, I saw no mushroom clouds, nor did I need to. Had I, I think, it would have broken the terrible spell of this very weird landscape, this endless, raging inferno that caused objects to shrink, shrivel and turn to ash, or simply vanish, things that were wavy and verticle.

Incredibly, even though I say no living man could exist in this churning red hell outside, I caught a glimpse of what I believed was impossible on the television, and watched it all in shock. There were tanks charging along through the flames, freaky-looking military vehicles I have never seen before anywhere, but they were some kind of tank helping to spread the nuclear fires even more. As I said, everything was distorted and vertically wavy. I saw them charging through the lines of distortion, through the red fire, through the ashen heaps of buildings in the fires, and inside of them had to be soldiers, in a landscape no living creature could possibly exist in, men who were pushing the nuclear war along on the ground, making everything infinitely worse than it already was. How human beings could exist in these lumbering, and at times fast-moving, vehicles I did not dare imagine, but these tanks had to be able to offer their occupants protection somehow. I felt a surge of anger at the thought of any military leader escalating this war, yet that is what was clearly happening. No matter how horrible and hellish everything was, it apparently was not dreadful nor nightmarish enough for someone, anyone, in command. I knew then from that brief, frenzied news report that my own city had just been destroyed along with everyone I knew who was in it, and the screen blinked off again as the television searched for another working station.


Economic Tsunami

Michael Sktt Andersen

Copenhagen Monday, October 26 2009

Hi Mike
I almost just woke up after dreaming this:

I was watching 2 men in conversation about why they loved America so much, when the first man said :

- Well for instance take the price of a Cigar, it is only 16 dollars, ( and as he was saying this we all looked at a tv-screen which was showing news of the stockmarket and prices in general ), 22 dollars..75 dollars. The prices listed on the tv-screen changed so quickly that the numbers were spinning, and at the same time I could see names of Companies in the the top right corner change each second. When the numbers finally stopped spinning it ended at 22.750.

I think that this could mean that the dollar becomes almost worthless, or that the prices on the stockmarket will rise in an incredibly short time, possibly both, anyway it can't be good.




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