The Madonna Death Curse

Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39 ~

At night in bed the Supreme one strangled, for having stayed too long, blonde elevated: By three
the empire is subrogated and enslaved, is put to death nor packet read.



Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.73 ~

In a great city a monk and artisan, lodged near the door and walls and lodges: Against Madonna,
in a secret cellar speaking, betrayed for acting under colour of marriages.

COMPLETED October 28, 2011 (4:15 AM EDT), UPDATED July 12, 2020 (10:36 AM EDT): On December 20, 2005, I predicted on this website that "the Paul McCartney Death Curse" would begin to play out again, causing the death of a famous rocker around November 2008 or January 2009. Like McCartney's alleged death in November 1966 or January 1967, a mystique would surround this curse that would not be fully understood for at least another year.

In this case, the "mystique" surrounding the premature death of pop icon Michael Jackson was already in full swing nearly a year before his death on June 25, 2009. A foreshadowing of his death began on an almost nightly basis in August 2008, and it came in the form of a cryptic warning uttered by pop diva Madonna during the August-December 2008 leg of her worldwide Sticky & Sweet Tour. No one understood the meaning of the warning she made during her song "Hung Up" at each performance ... and this was debated for some time. Against the backdrop of a chess board and chess game in progress, with pieces periodically becoming pulverised, Madonna would stop the song and proclaim, "In exactly 29 moves, the queen will topple the king," after which the number was resumed with greater zest and fury.

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott Dead "Dimebag" Darrell


In some shows Madonna played rock guitar using a riff from Pantera's song "A New Level" which had been created by their lead guitarist, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. Abbott had been shot and killed in Columbus, Ohio, while performing on stage with his other rock band, Damageplan, on December 8, 2004. Four other people were killed, and three wounded by the gunman who was himself shot dead by a patrol officer.

By channeling the music of the slain guitarist and incorporating it into "Hung Up," an aura of death surrounded the dark and mysterious pronouncement by Madonna. A majickal foundation was established for a very real "death curse" by living up to the words "turn me on, dead man" heard when "Revolution 9" from the Beatles' White Album is played backwards. In this way, Madonna and her fans were "turned on" by the music of the "dead man," Dimebag Darrell, and also by the the idea of the dead "king" yet to become dead ... the one whom Madonna promised she would topple (implying, in the minds of many, that he would be killed).

However, this incantation was actually intended to cause God ("the king") to abdicate his throne and enjoin his divine power, indeed his power over life and death, to Madonna.

It must be understood that Madonna's actions are always cold and calculating, and the abdication theme she was acting out had an ulterior motive, one which she hoped would lead to her assuming the throne of God as the queen of the world. Her actions portray her desire to be a goddess, escaping the certainty and slavery of death and attaining eternal life. Because she did not believe God was listening to her, she expressed her anger, hatred, and frustration by casting forth a wholesale death curse ... a death curse far more powerful than anything she had intended or even believed possible.

The very first time she uttered the infamous phrase, "In exactly 29 moves, the queen will topple the king," was at the opening night of the first leg of her Sticky & Sweet tour at Cardiff, Wales, on August 23, 2008. On this date, the Madonna Death Curse was born. As an omen that this curse was now in effect, a massive statue of Paul McCartney was toppled by raging winds from Hurricane Ike in Houston, TX on September 18, 2008. This led me to the erroneous conclusion that perhaps it was Sir Paul (or, if you believe, FAUL McCartney) who was in danger. This curse prediction of mine, after all, was based on his alleged death in 1966 or 1967 and the mystique that surrounded it for over three years, and the cult following surrounding Paul's purported death would attract for decades to follow.

Ultimately, as we all now know, Macca, and a number of other possible candidates for Madonna's "death curse," had protected themselves partially or completely in various ways. However, it is quite clear that this formidable "promise" by the Queen of Pop, although not aimed particularly at any one person, was intended to take down anyone who might be considered, or consider himself, as the King of Pop.


There were very few personalities in 2008 and 2009 who would actually fit this title ... and one, above all, was so obviously vulnerable.

When pop icon Michael Jackson held his hands aloft at a news conference and proclaimed his final tour, "This Is It!," would begin in July 2009, he made himself the "toppled king" of Madonna's deadly onstage promise.

He may as well have shouted out to her, "Take me!"

On June 25, 2009, 42 (6 x 7) years and five months after the actual January 7, 1967 car crash that fueled the persisting rumours of Beatle Paul McCartney's hushed-up death and secret replacement by a double having happened in November 1966, Michael Jackson died at home, purportedly from an overdose of the surgical sedative Propofol ... a tragic death that is now being played out in the trial and courtroom drama of Jackson's personal doctor, cardiologist Conrad Murray.

Shortly after Jackson's death, Madonna began the second leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour on July 4, 2009, which included a tribute to Michael Jackson.

During the tribute a creepy-looking double of Jackson appears on stage, dancing to the Thriller song "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'."
Madonna Trances Out, Briefly Visiting the Darkside Whilst On Stage

As the dancer makes a threatening move, pointing what appears to be a finger of accusation at Madonna, the pop diva appears to swoon and falls backwards for several seconds as a bizarre, whooshing sound effect overlays the music.

Pay close attention to her "collapse" in the Sofia concert at the end of the clip at right. Madonna whips over to the darkside and is "unconscious" for a much longer time and has to be revived by a dancer. When she regains "consciousness" she seems confused and disoriented.

This action was a protection technique, apparently to absolve Madonna of responsibility for Jackson's death and to keep her safe from her own curse. Madonna is one who is scantily adept at leaving this realm and passing over into the darkside in astral form ... and it was this that was playing out on stage. By doing this, she was able to lay her guilt in the darkside, thus absolving herself.

As the song breaks out into the lengthy dance chant that ends the number, Madonna and her dancers sing along and clap their hands in time, at one point the diva shouting out to her audience in near hilarity, to "Give it Up for Michael Jackson!" Indeed, the entire presentation of "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" appears to be a mockery and victory celebration of Jackson's death, for the Queen of Pop had indeed succeeded in toppling the King of Pop.

However, Madonna's death curse turned out to be far more powerful than even she could imagine.

On July 16, 2009, two stagehands were killed when rigging collapsed as workers were building the stage for Madonna's concert in Marseille, France. Manslaughter charges against Madonna were even being considered at one point during the investigation.

On April 2, 2010, Madonna's former personal manager and close friend, Caresse Henry, age 44, committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshot.

A year later, Henry's sister Yvette Dobbie said the following:

Caresse Henry and Madonna "in mourning"Madonna and Kabbalah have blood on their hands. They killed my sister as surely as if they would have pulled the trigger themselves. They don’t want to hear this, but I don’t care — I’m not in the entertainment business and I’m not intimidated by Madonna.

"The cult aspect, the all-encompassing intrusion into her life, how you think, what you eat, how you meditate … that really didn’t sit well with my sister. She was Catholic and didn’t think this was a good thing. Madonna was done with her, it was over, and it would be handled by lawyers.

"When Madonna is done with you, she’s done.

“She was just crestfallen, devastated, heartbroken and felt very betrayed. She couldn’t believe that Madonna let the Kabbalah people have such a heavy hand in it through all of these years that she was loyal to her.

"Everyone was telling my sister, ‘It was Kabbalah. [Madonna] is doing what she has to do. When she started out working with Madonna, Caresse was this vivacious, happy girl, and the longer she was with Madonna, her life changed dramatically. Being with Madonna was very toxic to her.”

Much to Madonna's dread, the "death curse" she began flinging around in August 2008, did not end. Madonna, through majick yet again, established the length of time this curse would prevail in her 2008 video, "4 Minutes to Save the World." The "4 minutes" refer to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the four commands by God they must carry out, but they also signify "four years" for the curse to last. The video itself implied that Madonna was the "fourth horseman" of the Apocalypse": Death, tempting the darkside and death to enter this realm. It was a role Madonna explored even further during her "Sweet & Sticky" tour in 2008 and 2009.

Just some of the tragic and sensational deaths that occurred in 2009, 2010, 2011The death curse conjured in 2008, for the most part, ended quite dramatically in February 2012. This was a very powerful spell: everyone had to duck, even people not related in any way to Madonna. It exacerbated nearly all prevailing base 7 death trends for 2009, 2010, and 2011.

It caused Madonna herself to temporarily withdraw from the pop music spotlight and retreat into what turned out to be a failed filmmaking project. "W.E" died a flop after its debut at the Venice Film Festival in September and was booed at its London premiere.

Once again, Madonna had failed to bring down her God so that he might abdicate his power and authority to the Queen of the World (Madonna). It appeared she had very little time remaining to assert herself correctly as "the Mother of All Harlots and Abominations" and the living incarnation of Ishtar, the goddess who is associated with the original "Whore of Babylon" and the first human woman who was her personification, Semiramis, wife of Nimrod.

Unfortunately for the Queen of Pop, she has had two death-dealing precedents of her own since 1995 and again since 2005. The second of these was to come up again on August 16, 2012: the seventh anniversary of the fall from her horse that resulted in serious injuries on her birthday, August 16, 2005. Thus, August 16, 2012 represented not only that but also the thirty-fifth (5 x 7 years) anniversary of the death of rock and pop legend Elvis Presley, and a week before the fourth anniversary of the death curse first cast in Cardiff.

This was highly dangerous to Madonna and could have resulted in her death sometime in 2012. An ultra-famous, blonde-haired or otherwise famous female had not died tragically in 2011 ... breaking a pattern that had been fairly consistent since at least 1920 with the suicide of actress Olive Thomas. However, part of that pattern dictated that a female icon, usually blonde (but not always), would occasionally die either a year early (as actress Grace Kelly, Princess Grace of Monaco, did in September 1982, instead of September 1983), a few months late but in the following year (as did actress Carole Lombard in January 1942, barely missing the target of December 1941 by a month) or a year late (as did actress Thelma Todd in December 1935 instead of September 1934).

Thus, unless another famous blonde star died by the end of 2011, Madonna was in positive danger of being the ultimate victim of the "doomed blonde" trend a year late ... in 2012. And, although August 2012 appeared to be the most dangerous time for Madonna, it could happen as early as January 2012, seventy (7 x 10) years after the bizarre accidental death of actress Carole Lombard, or as late as December 2012, seventy-seven (7 x 11) years after the "murder made to look like suicide" of actress Thelma Todd.

The horseriding accident from August 2005 loomed on the horizon as some kind of potential repeat as I mentioned. Madonna also appeared to have suicidal tendacies. In October 2009, Madonna confessed that she had considered killing herself by jumping off a building during her divorce from Guy Ritchie.

Even worse, the precedent for the "blonde supreme" strangulation/hanging murder prophesied by Nostradamus had been set in spectacular fashion in 2011. Indeed, a network of such precedents had been building since 2006 to create the scenario outlined in Quatrain 1.39; each more ghastly and sensational than the one before.

The first event of 2011 involved a former Penthouse model who appeared in the film Caligula (1979) and other movies. The case remains unsolved to this day.


Police Seek Help on Death of Former 'Penthouse' Model Anneka Vasta

Mail Online

By IBTimes Staff Reporter | October 27, 2011 5:27 PM EDT

Anneka Di Lorenzo

Authorities appealed to the public for information Tuesday after a nine-month investigation on the death of former Penthouse model, Anneka Vasta, who was found washed up on a Camp Pendleton, Calif. beach. Joggers found the model's naked body with a broken neck on the Marine training beach on Jan. 4, 2011.

Military police initially thought Vasta was a teenager because of her slender and youthful body, reported the San Diego Union-Times.

Police are still trying to establish whether Vasta's death was a suicide, accidental death or foul play. Her family "vehemently denies" that Vasta could have committed suicide, the San Diego Union-Times reported.

Vasta, formerly known as Anneka Di Lorenze in her modeling days, lived a glamorous B-list Hollywood life in the 1970s and 80s. She was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 1975 and appeared in Bob Guccione's infamous soft-core porn films, "Caligula." According to MSNBC, the film is famously known because Roger Ebert walked out of it, later awarding the film zero stars and describing the film as "sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash."

Anneka Vasta in Caligula

Much later in her life, Vasta won $4 million in a landmark sexual harassment suit in New York after Penthouse publisher Guccione, whom she dated, forced her to have sex with two of his business associates.

Federal investigators remain clueless in the 58-year-old's death. The Navy Criminal Investigation Service has asked the public if anyone recalls seeing Vasta along Interstate 5, where her car was parked, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

After 9 months of investigation, police can still not determine how Vasta's body got from the vantage point 60 feet above sea level where her car was parked, to the rocky, sandy beach below, over a mile south.

Investigators believe that had Vasta jumped from the scenic vantage point where her car was park, she would not have made it to the beach because the tide is not high enough at that location, If Vasta had jumped, investigators do not believe her body would have hit water, explained the San Diego Union-Tribune.

"We know her life ended in the water, in some circumstance, we just don't know how," said Special Agent Rachel McGranaghan.

When investigators discovered Vasta's maroon 2011 Mazda 626 sedan perched along Interstate 5, they also found a blood-stained leopard-print blouse and a sports bra in the car. A steak knife with Vasta's blood was found by the passenger floorboard. Lithium and an empty bottle of Xanax were also found strewn in the car, but no drugs were found in her body after an autopsy was completed.

The autopsy report did, however, show a shallow wound on her wrist (which may indicate a half-hearted attempt at suicide) and stab wounds in her chest.

Vatsa was known for being extremely open to strangers and family members worry that she may have been in the car with someone she had met that New Year's Eve weekend.



Broken neck or drowning? The perplexing case was never solved. Although it happened in January, it was not reported until October. In July, the craziest suicide case in history followed Vasta's January demise:

The "suicide" sensation in question was the July 13, 2011 hanging/bondage death of Rebecca Nalepa Zahau, girlfriend of multi-millionaire and CEO Jonah Shacknai. The case topped all newsworthy, sensational suicides of women (or men) in that it was very bizarre, very kinky, and there were indications that ritual murder may have actually been committed and "covered up" (but not well enough to discredit justifiable speculation that it was indeed a murder ... a murder that took nearly ten years to be proven at any official level). Rebecca Zahau, age 32, was found hanging from her bedroom balcony window completely naked, her wrists and ankles bound, her mouth gagged with a T-shirt, in boyfriend Jonah Shacknai's mansion two days after Shacknai's son died in a "freak accident." Indeed, it LOOKED as though Shacknai was forced by some occult group to allow the ritual sacrifice of both Rebecca Zahau and his son, Max Shacknai, age 6. Max, whose comatose death was supposedly caused by injuries he sustained "accidentally" by "falling down the stairs," was actually suffocated into a coma by unknown means before the purported mishap. His death was not related to the fall, in other words.

The victim, Rebecca Zahau, was unknown to the general public at the time of her "suicide" by hanging; and she was certainly not a blonde ... not even Caucasian, in fact, but Asian. It doesn't matter ... this case had not only been bizarre and mysterious, but had been so spectacular in nature that it dominated headlines for quite some time and continues to be brought up periodically. Also, the fact that Marilyn Monroe's giant statue was unveiled the same day of Zahau's death sealed both of these events together as one very huge warning to someone very famous. It was a very large RED ALERT that Quatrain 1.39 might be fulfilled in 2011 or 2012 ... and that the victim would likely be of iconic status.

For Madonna, 2012 looked very perilous indeed. As it turned out ... it almost was. But first, and once again, Madonna turned to the OCCULT to save herself:



Madonna appears at Superbowl as Isis, Inanna, Ishtar



Madonna's Super Bowl half-time show

The first public appearance of Madonna's MDNA album campaign was a low-key affair: just the biggest night of the American football calendar, more than 100 million viewers, a collision of some of the planet's biggest pop personalities, and a budget that makes your average James Cameron effort look like Homes Under the Hammer.

'Ye Shall Be as Gods': Madonna's Super Bowl Occult Satanic Ritual

In what could possibly be the most-watched occult ritual in television history, Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime performance was a 12 minute display of Satanic symbolism, Illuminati ritual and blasphemy against the God of the Bible.


February 6, 2012 (8:46 AM ET), UPDATED (10:17 PM ET)

There no longer is any question that Madonna is taking on the role of a goddess ... and that goddess was in ancient times the consort of Ba'al in his various forms.

The half-time presentation involved two motiffs working together: one Egyptian, the other Roman. The Roman theme was something of a distraction, although it did reflect the gladiatorial nature of football. The Egyptian theme helped to support Madonna in her role as the goddess ISIS, as did the heiroglyphics at the base of her throne.

However, the true nature of her appearance was as the later Sumerian goddess Inanna. Appearing as INANNA was the next best thing to appearing as ISHTAR.

Inanna, the Morning Star (also known as Astarte, Diana, and many others), in some Sumerian accounts was the sister of Ishtar, in others she and Ishtar were one and the same. As Sumeria gave way to Babylonia, Inanna became worshipped as the goddess Ishtar. Inanna's descent into the Underworld matches exactly the story of Ishtar, the goddess who came after, the goddess of the Babylonians and Assyrians.

Inanna was known as the One With Many Names. Variations of her name include Anna, Nana, Inninna, Nina, Nanna or Nin-me-sar-ra (the Lady of a myriad of Offices). Later, she was transformed into Ishtar during the Mesopotamian periods ... The Ephesians knew her as Artemis/Diana. There are also other names for her, including Anatu, Anunit, Atar, Athtar, Gumshea, Irnini, Mylitta and Esther (the name Madonna adopted some time ago as her Kabbalah name).

Again, I remind the viewer that this information, as well as the connection between between Isis and Ishtar, became confused after the fall of the Babylonian empire (or more precisely, after Yahweh's destruction of the Tower of Babel). See our article "THE GATE OF THE SHACKLED STAR GOD."

Again, all of this is key in understanding why Madonna is the Whore of Babylon. The goddess Ishtar was the Whore of Babylon and the Babylonian queen, Semiramis, was her first mortal incarnation. By appearing as goddesses Inanna and Isis, Madonna was confirming she is 1) Ishtar, 2) a god, and 3) the modern Whore of Babylon.

Why did Madonna choose to appear as Inanna rather than Ishtar? The decision was based on more temporal concerns, I suspect. Madonna had promised to tone down on the amount of skin and nipples that would be shown. To appear as ISHTAR would have required her to wear something so skimpy as to be semi-nude. This is an image she has embedded in our brains for the last 28 years anyway. Therefore, something more definitive was required, I feel ... something that would make a positive statement.

The dead giveaway was the gold gown and the crown with horns (MDNA, below at left).

Madonna appeared in long glittering gold robe and intricate headdress Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of love and war Isis wearing solar crown with horns nursing Horus

At far right is an image of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Her headdress shows the sun disk within the horns of an Apis bull. We can see how the sun portion was modified by the designer of Madonna's goddess crown, but the long protruding horns remain more or less intact. The horns on Madonna's headdress instead bend inward like those worn by the Norse goddess Freya and the Celtic Danu.

There are already blogs appearing inaccurately comparing these horns with Satan. However, they are not of Satan, but of Ba'al in his various manifestations.

At center is an image of Inanna, the goddess of love and war, with a lion. No other image of Inanna better illustrates her dual nature. She is depicted as a goddess of love, "showing some leg"; while the lion, and the weapons of battle (maces) seen rising up behind her shows that she is also the goddess of war. In all of ancient mythology, no other deity is the goddess of love and war combined. The eight-pointed star (Venus) is another symbol associated with Inanna.

The dualistic nature of Inanna, thus, reflects that of Ba'al.

Godonna has made her choice, it would now appear. She serves Ba'al and is hammering home to the world that she is a GODDESS and THE WHORE OF BABYLON. Still, by taking on the role of Inanna, she is hedging her bets as to whether war or peace is coming. Either way, she shall prevail as goddess of war or goddess of love.

The eye of Horus is included near the show's finale ... the great eye that watches us all:

The eye of Horus, the great eye that watches us allMadonna plays the lyre

Note the god plays a lyre ... the instrument that evolved from the horns of a bull or cow, one of Ba'al's symbols. She is attended by a dancer dressed as an angel ... an angel of Ba'al.

As a final statement, to seal the deal as it were, at the conclusion of 'Like A Prayer' (possibly the most stirring, beautiful live version of the song ever done) Godonna says life is a mystery (a "mystery religion") and reprises Ishtar's sudden descent into the Underworld ... and calls it "home" from its dark depths ...


Madonna nearly paid for this shameful act of BLASPHEMY with her life, five days later:



Hoskins is psychotic, violent and highly dangerous warns LAPD


Hoskins planned to slit Madonna's throat from 'ear to ear'Recent but undated photo provided by LAPD of stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins


Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39 ~

At night in bed the Supreme one strangled, for having stayed too long, blonde elevated: By three
the empire is subrogated and enslaved, is put to death nor packet read.


February 10, 2012 (10:47 AM ET): MDNA may have declared herself a living goddess, and she may fancy herself as the Whore of Babylon, but if YHWH is not amused, she may have signed her own death warrant.

If there is a "King of Stalkers" out there it is ROBERT DEWEY HOSKINS. In May 1995 this psycho climbed the fence to Madonna's home carrying a knife with the intention of slittling her throat. A security guard managed to shoot Hoskins in the leg and have him arrested. Hence the reason he was tried and convicted in 1996, and sent away for ten years in a maximum security prison. While in prison in 2002 the convict that went by the nickname "Mr Madonna" once again began making threats to slice Madonna's throat, which assured that after his release in 2006 he would be transferred to the state bughouse for the rest of his unnatural life. The escape of this guy from a mental hospital a week ago is about as scary as finding out that Michael Myers is on the loose and heading for Haddonfield, IL ... whether it is Halloween or not.

Beginning in 2000 and over the course of the next year I worked on and completed a two-page analysis on this website using the base 7 system to warn that this individual would likely be the cause of Madonna's death in 2002 or 2004 if he ever escaped or was released. We'll never know if I was right because he was not released by 2006 as originally planned. Eight more years have passed since the 2004 analysis was made and we find Madonna now facing this peril. He is loose and no one knows where he is. Not only has he still got the hots for the pop goddess, but he is threatening other female celebs as well with his own unique brand of knife play, most recently actress Halle Berry.

Here are some news articles:


Madonna and Halle Berry stalker escapes captivity

A MAN convicted of stalking Madonna in 1996 who has "very violent tendencies" has escaped from a psychiatric hospital. Robert Dewey Hoskins, 54, who once scaled a wall at the pop star's Hollywood home and threatened to cut her throat, walked out of hospital last Friday, a Los Angeles police spokesman said today.

'Violent and psychotic' Madonna stalker escapes from hospital | NME

A man who was convicted of stalking Madonna has escaped from a psychiatric hospital in California. Robert Dewey Hoskins, 54, received a 10-year jail sentence in 1996 after he climbed over a wall around the Queen of Pop's home and threatened to slit her throat.


Madonna stalker escapes from mental hospital

February 10, 2012 -- Updated 0807 GMT (1607 HKT)

Marked for death? Halle Berry (L) and Madonna (R)

(CNN) -- A man convicted of stalking singer Madonna, and who once threatened to knife her, has escaped from a southern California mental hospital and is being sought by police. Robert Dewey Hoskins, 54, walked away from Metropolitan State Hospital in the Los Angeles suburb of Norwalk on February 3, police said. Hoskins had served a 10-year prison sentence for stalking the "Material Girl," police said. "Hoskins is highly psychotic when not taking his medication and has very violent tendencies," Los Angeles police said in a statement. "The public is being warned to notify police immediately if he is found, and to not engage him on their own."

Hoskins may have taken a bus to the Long Beach area. Police said they searched in those areas but have not found him.

He stalked Madonna all over California in the early 90s, CNN affiliate KCAL reported. He threatened to cut her from "ear to ear" if she did not marry him, the affiliate reported. He was arrested in 1995 and the next year at his trial, Madonna testified that Hoskins repeatedly scaled the fence of her home and made her have nightmares, the affiliate reported.

Fresh off her Super Bowl halftime performance, Madonna is set for a world tour. She will launch the tour in Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 29. The European portion will also have 26 shows, including stops in London, Paris, Milan and Berlin. The North American portion of her worldwide extravaganza includes 26 cities, with the first tour stop in Philadelphia on August 28.


Why this may be happening now has a lot to do with the as-of-yet unfulfilled base 7 influence from last year: the tragic blonde curse that has run, more or less, every 7 years since at least 1920. Two exceptions in 1935 and 1942 occurred a year later than the target years of 1934 and 1941. Thus, 2012 instead of 2011 ... with all the close calls included from 2011. Also, it has something to do with the fact that Madonna almost was killed in a horseriding accident seven years ago on her 47th birthday, August 16, 2005. Thus, her two personally dangerous years would stem from either May 1995 (last occurring in May 2009 and not again until May 2016) or August 2005 (recurring again in August 2012).

On top of that, a death curse came to life in 2008 during Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour through her misapplication of majick onstage when she uttered "In exactly 29 moves, the queen will topple the king." The spell took on a life of its own and is still seeking victims. A few days later, Paul McCartney's statue toppled in a strong wind storm and a number of people close to Madonna (or to her name) have died ever since, including the intended or unintended "king," pop star Michael Jackson. The most recent victims, who died in a horrifying Christmas Day fire, were the three children and parents of popular fashion executive Madonna Badger, well-known in the world of fashion, modeling, and entertainment.

Hoskins is obviously a drugged zombie, possibly with a mission from TPTB to set up Madonna, and possibly her children as well, as an ultimate sacrifice. He may well have been allowed to go free ... perhaps as an agent of what actor Randy Quaid and his wife called the Hollywood Star Whackers.


Madonna stalker caught after escaping from mental hospital - CNN

A man convicted of stalking singer Madonna was arrested Friday, a week after he escaped from a Southern California mental hospital.

Madonna Stalker's Personal Possessions Exposed

LONG BEACH (CBS) - A man convicted of stalking Madonna was recently captured after escaping a mental hospital in Norwalk. Now we have learned more about his personal life with a look as his personal possessions. Robert Dewey Hoskins, 54, kept his possessions inside a Long Beach storage facility until he fell behind with his rent and his belongings were sold.


Hoskins was captured on February 11. He had been loose since the Superbowl Halftime Show. Still, a human sacrifice was needed ... and later that day the famous icon who did not die tragically in 2011, instead was murdered on February 11, 2012.



February 12, 2012 -- Updated 0829 GMT (1629 HKT)

(CNN) -- Two loud booms jolted awake the music industry executive in her fifth-floor room of the Beverly Hilton hotel. The time was 3:30 p.m. Saturday. The thuds seemed to be coming from the room below her, followed by the loud and urgent voice of a man. It was only later that the executive and the world learned the news: Whitney Houston, who was a guest in the room below hers, died at the age of 48. Like countless music fans, the executive was shocked by the loss of one of the world's most majestic voices.

Just days before, Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina looked joyous swimming in the hotel pool, said the executive, who did not want to be identified. Houston, she said, looked healthy and beautiful. But on Saturday afternoon, Houston's bodyguard found her body, said Courtney Barnes, publicist for hip-hop artist Ray J, who was dating the pop diva. Beverly Hills Police Lt. Mark Rosen said there were "no obvious signs of criminal intent" and that the cause of her death is under investigation.

Whitney Houston is dead at age 48 Famed music producer Clive Davis, a longtime mentor of Houston's, hosted his annual pre-Grammy gala at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday night to a subdued crowd.

"My heart goes out to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and her mother, Cissy," Davis said.

"Her family asked that we carry on. We dedicate this evening to her."

Guests at the party included Tony Bennett, Gladys Knight, Penny Marshall, Jimmy Jam, Paul Shaffer, David Foster, Adam Lambert and Britney Spears. Houston was scheduled to attend the party, but was not scheduled to attend the Grammys on Sunday, her spokesperson said.

"I'm sure the whole show will be a tribute to her," Shaffer said about the Grammys. "Here is music's happiest night combined with such a sad note. You got to be some kind of philosopher to make some kind of sense out of this. I certainly can't."

According to her official website, Houston sold more than 170 million albums, singles and videos in her career. Her string of Billboard No. 1 hits in the 1980s included "Saving All My Love for You," "How Will I Know," "The Greatest Love of All," "Where Do Broken Hearts Go," and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)." Houston's commanding performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the 1991 Super Bowl, just days into the first Persian Gulf War, electrified audiences and became the gold standard for performing the national anthem, according to many music critics.

But her mesmerizing voice was pacified in recent years as she grappled with addiction problems. Houston took a hiatus for several years before releasing her first album in seven years, "I Look to You," in 2009. "I just took a break, which sometimes you have to," Houston said. "You have to know when to slow that train down and kind of just sit back and relax for a minute."

In a 2009 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Houston recalled how her mother arrived one day at her doorstep with sheriff's officers and a court order in a drug intervention. She talked about doing cocaine and smoking marijuana. "(My mother) says, 'I have a court (injunction) here,'" Houston said. "Either you do it my way, or we're just not going to do this at all. We are both going to go on TV, and you're going to retire.'"

Houston had a high-profile and tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown, a former "New Edition" star who has had multiple brushes with the law. The couple appeared together in the mid-2000s on the reality show "Being Bobby Brown." They had one child together, Bobbi Kristina. In May 2011, Houston got help for her much-publicized struggle with drugs and alcohol, her representative said at the time.

But before her death, on the eve of the 54th annual Grammy Awards, Houston was making a comeback to the spotlight. She had performed as late as Thursday night at a pre-Grammy event in the area, singing a duet of "Jesus Loves Me" with singer Kelly Price. Houston also recently returned to a movie set for "Sparkle," a remake of the 1976 hit that was loosely based on the story of The Supremes. It is scheduled be released nationwide in August, according to Sony Pictures. It was Houston's first movie role since 1996's "The Preacher's Wife."

News of Houston's death elicited waves of shock and grief among fellow music legends. "I just can't talk about it now. It's so stunning and unbelievable," singer Aretha Franklin said. "I couldn't believe what I was reading coming across the TV screen. My heart goes out to Cissy (Houston's mother), her daughter Bobbi Kris, her family and Bobby (Brown)." Dolly Parton, who wrote "I Will Always Love You," said, "mine is only one of the millions of hearts broken over the death of Whitney Houston. I will always be grateful and in awe of the wonderful performance she did on my song and I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, 'Whitney, I will always love you. You will be missed.'" And Simon Cowell, the music mogul known for his blunt critiques of performers, said he was "absolutely devastated by this news." "You're going to remember where you were when you heard the news. It's that significant," he said. "I'm so sad for her. She was undoubtedly one of the greatest superstars of all time, one of the greatest voices in our lifetime we're likely ever to hear."

Whitney Houston death: Bathtub drowning among scenarios probed
February 12, 2012 | 12:49pm

LA Times

Investigators probing the death of Whitney Houston are trying to determine whether she drowned while in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday shortly before she was set to attend a pre-Grammy Awards gala, according to a source who has been briefed about the case.

The source, who spoke to the Los Angeles Times on the condition of anonymity because the case was ongoing, stressed investigators still have many unanswered questions, particularly about what Houston was doing in the hours before her death. Investigators are also interviewing family members and friends to determine whether Houston had any underlying medical conditions, a practice common in death investigations.

The Los Angeles County coroner's office is expected to perform an autopsy Sunday, but it's likely that a final cause of death will be deferred until toxicology test results come in. The source said drowning is one of several scenarios that investigators are examining as they gather evidence.

Beverly Hills police said there was no indication of foul play in Houston's death but also said it was premature to say that she had died of natural causes.

Houston had drug and alcohol problems for years, and last May her spokeswoman said she was going back into rehab.

The Times reported that days before her death Houston had been acting strangely, skipping around a ballroom and reportedly doing handstands near the hotel pool. According to The Times' Gerrick D. Kennedy, Houston greeted people with a warm smile but appeared disheveled in mismatched clothes and hair that was dripping wet.

Police said that so far they do not have evidence that drugs played a role in Houston's death.

Was Whitney Houston drowned or drugged?

The tub of death

After news of her passing, fans flocked to the hotel, some leaving flowers and tributes.

On Sunday morning, a bleary-eyed Ray J was briefly inside the lobby of the Beverly Hilton surrounded by three companions.

The musical artist, who reportedly had been dating Houston on and off, had his hood on, and was being consoled by others. "Whitney dead," he repeated multiple times, as one friend grabbed him by the shoulders. "Whitney dead. We all gotta live with that."

A little later, Ray J left the hotel in the passenger seat of a red Ferrari.

Fans have begun assembling a makeshift memorial of flowers, candles and notes for Whitney Houston outside the Beverly Hilton. "Bittersweet memories that is all we will take us," read one note. "We will always LOVE you."

One woman drove by, turning onto Santa Monica Boulevard from Wilshire Boulevard, asking a reporter on the street corner to add a bouquet to the mix. Another woman snapped a photo with her iPhone on the way to the bus stop. "Oh there's my bus, I'm always late," she said, running to the stop. "Just hope I'm not late to heaven."

Worshipers at the First A.M.E. Church of Los Angeles held a special moment of silence in honor of Houston at their 10 a.m. service. Their pastor John J. Hunter described Houston as “one of the most dynamic voices of our time,” according to an announcement on the church website. “We are all deeply saddened by her passing and our hearts go out to her family,” he said.

An outdoor candlelight memorial and public gathering is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. Monday in Leimert Park and will continue for at least two hours, according to community organizer Najee Ali. Fans will be able to express their grief and their admiration of Houston’s talents while Houston’s recordings play throughout the evening, he added.

Paramedics performed CPR for about 20 minutes before the pop star was declared dead. The Beverly Hills Fire Department said it was called to the hotel about 3:30 p.m. and Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. Beverly Hills police on Sunday said officials would not be making any formal announcements about the case until at least Monday. “There may be something at the beginning of the week,” Beverly Hills police Sgt. Brian Weir said Sunday morning about the possibility of a news conference or statement about the probe. "The investigation is pending.”

Houston's death cast a shadow over Sunday's Grammy Awards and brought tributes to the singer from around the world. Grammys Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich and his team were scrambling Saturday night to find a poignant and proper way to mark her passing, and their plan was to have Jennifer Hudson perform a "respectful musical tribute" on the CBS broadcast on Sunday night. "It's too fresh in everyone's memory to do more at this time, but we would be remiss if we didn't recognize Whitney's remarkable contribution to music fans in general, and in particular her close ties with the Grammy telecast and her Grammy wins and nominations over the years," said Ehrlich, a key figure in the Grammys since the early 1980s.

Houston had been planning to attend music industry titan Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammys party Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton. Late Saturday, Davis told those assembled at the party that he had a "heavy heart" and was "personally devastated" by Houston's death, but "simply put, Whitney would have wanted the music to go on, and her family has asked for us to carry on."

It's unclear how long the investigation of Houston's death will take. In other cases of high-profile figures dying unexpectedly, the investigations lasted for months and included detailed toxicology tests. It took nearly three months for the coroner to officially rule on the death of Michael Jackson in 2009. In that case, authorities extensively reviewed the prescription drugs he was taking, interviewed his doctors and examined his medical history. The coroner ultimately determined he died of "acute propofol intoxication." The coroner's office took about a month to rule that rapper Heavy D's unexpected death last year was caused by a blood clot.

Houston seen drinking considerably
two mornings last week
February 16, 2012 -- Updated 0936 GMT (1736 HKT)

(CNN) -- Pop superstar Whitney Houston was seen ordering and consuming considerable quantities of alcohol at The Beverly Hilton two mornings last week, said a source briefed on her behavior and activity in the days before her death Saturday.

The source told CNN's Don Lemon that Houston ordered the drinks before 10 a.m. last Wednesday and Thursday from the bars in the lobby and pool area. Guests both days overheard Houston loudly complaining about her drinks, accusing bartenders of "watering down" or "putting too much ice" in them, the source said Wednesday.

The source said other guests expressed concern about Houston's erratic behavior. Her disheveled appearance, including mismatched clothing, suggested to them that she was intoxicated, the source said.

The source said Houston was seen jumping in and out of the pool and doing somersaults in the pool area. The source added that Houston was alone for some of the time, but was also seen at the pool drinking with her entourage and a male companion on both days.

Saturday, the day she died, Houston was seen drinking at the pool in the morning, although the source noted witnesses said her behavior did not appear erratic.

A singer who participated in an impromptu duet with Houston at a party Thursday night said Houston was not behaving erratically, but did have champagne. "I didn't see someone who was high," Kelly Price told CNN's "Starting Point" on Monday. During the party, Houston took the stage unexpectedly and sang a hoarse rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" with Price.

Whitney Houston 1963-2012

Authorities are trying to determine the source of Houston's prescription medication found in the hotel room where she died, officials said Wednesday.

The Los Angeles County Coroner's office has issued subpoenas seeking Houston's medical records and her prescriptions, Ed Winter, assistant chief coroner, said Wednesday. Investigators are also contacting pharmacies where the prescriptions were filled, he said.

Houston, 48, was found dead in the bathtub of her suite at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday, hours before she was to attend a pre-Grammys bash at the Beverly Hills, California, hotel.

Houston's death certificate, filed Wednesday, listed her cause of death as "deferred," meaning it was delayed pending more information. Speculation has grown while authorities await the outcome of toxicology tests that could take weeks.

Winter has said that while medication was found in the room, the amount was less than that usually present in overdose deaths.

"I know there are reports that she maybe was drowned or did she overdose, but we won't make a final determination until all the tests are in," Winter said earlier. He ruled out foul play and said there were no injuries to Houston's body.

The prescriptions found in the room were in Houston's name, Winter told Lemon. By contacting the doctors, investigators are attempting to verify the prescriptions and find out if there were any more. Several doctors have been contacted in California and other states, along with pharmacies, he said. All were cooperating.

"The doctors I've contacted so far have been helpful," he said, and nothing out of the ordinary was found as long as Houston was taking the medication as prescribed. Some additional information has been gained, he said, and investigators are waiting to see Houston's medical records. It does not appear that she was "doctor shopping," he said, but officials are attempting to contact as many doctors as possible to rule that out, along with determining whether Houston was filling multiple prescriptions. "Everything is above board," Winter said. "So far, nothing looks criminal."

But it was too soon to say whether Houston had any prescriptions she should not have or used an alias, he said. Although subpoenas have been issued -- a fairly unusual step in a death investigation -- Winter said the federal Drug Enforcement Administration has not been asked to assist.

As part of the investigation following the death of singer Michael Jackson in 2009, bags and bottles of prescription drugs were found at Jackson's home. Local and state authorities spent months tracking the pharmacies that filled the prescriptions. One of those pharmacies was the Mickey Fine Pharmacy and Grill in Beverly Hills. One of the prescriptions found in Houston's suite was also from the Mickey Fine pharmacy, Winter said, but "the prescription that came from Mickey Fine is not something that would kill her." Investigators want a history of all prescriptions Houston may have filled there and at other pharmacies, and wants to make sure all of the pharmacies that filled Houston's prescriptions are accounted for. Generally, "you go to a doctor and get a prescription, then you go to the dentist and get another prescription," he said.

Houston visited a Beverly Hills ear, nose and throat specialist four days before she died, a source familiar with her visit said Wednesday. Dr. Shawn Nasseri has treated Houston for throat and vocal problems for several years, said the source, who asked not to be identified because they are not authorized to speak publicly about it. Nasseri treats many well-known singers who have vocal problems, and has served as the doctor for "American Idol" contestants for several years.

Houston's battles with drug addiction had cast a shadow in recent years over her impressive singing voice and her talent. However, a close family friend told CNN on Tuesday that Houston had not used "hard drugs" for several years, although she was taking medication for a throat infection and Xanax or a similar drug for anxiety and to help her sleep. The friend said Houston was also known to have a drink if she went out.

The coroner's office said toxicology tests could take six to eight weeks, though Beverly Hills police Lt. Mark Rosen said that the coroner's report is expected to be finished sooner -- in two to three weeks. Winter said Wednesday his office has asked that Houston's toxicology results be expedited, saying he's hoping for a tournaround of four to six weeks, possibly sooner. "With respect to Ms. Houston, we have an average of 50 cases a day," he said. "We've got 49 other cases and families looking for results too."

A private, invitation-only funeral is planned for Houston on Saturday at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, where she honed her vocal skills as a child. The services are expected to be made available for television and web streaming, Houston's publicist said.

Singer Aretha Franklin, Houston's godmother who is known as the "Queen of Soul," has been asked to perform at the funeral service, Franklin's spokeswoman said. And Houston's cousin, singer Dionne Warwick, was in New Jersey helping the family with funeral arrangements, Warwick's publicist said. Gospel singer and pastor Marvin L. Winans will give the eulogy at the funeral at the request of Houston's mother, said New Hope Pastor Joe Carter. Winans officiated Houston's 1992 marriage to R&B singer Bobby Brown, said Carter. The two divorced in 2007.

Asked why no public memorial service was planned, Winans told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night the family didn't "want to have a parade."

"I don't think, knowing Cissy (Houston's mother) and the Houston family ... it was a matter of public or private as it was this is my daughter, this is my sister, this is my mother, this is my friend and we want to do this with dignity."

Although the family is not commenting on Houston's burial location, her death certificate filed Wednesday in Los Angeles lists it as Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey. A message left by CNN with the cemetery office was not immediately returned.



Whitney Houston's death was an Illuminati human sacrifice ... a BLOOD sacrifice to the exhaltation of Madonna to high priestess and goddess:


Was Whitney Houston MURDERED?

Whitney Houston's death on February 11th 2012 sent shock waves throughout the entire world. Many whom were to have thought that She had fallen back into her habits and eventually Od'ed which led to her death. I for one find too many things suspicious about Whitney's death.

Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual

ShareTweetEmailThe 2012 Grammy Awards took place in a horrible context: the wake of the sudden, mysterious death of Whitney Houston. The show went on nevertheless ... but not without a lot of strange symbols and events that made one thing very clear: There is a definite dark side to the entertainment business.

Whitney Houston's Death, Blue Ivy Carter and The Goddesses of Fertility

In this article we will delve into the metaphysical and occult aspects of Whitney Houston's death. This article is a little more advanced than my first article and it is for those that have done at least 1 year of research into the occult and the illuminati doctrine.

Whitney Houston Death Blood Sacrifice

All over the internet all I have been reading and watching is the conspiracy about Whitney Houston's death. I personally felt that the whole situation was shady. So let me break it down. So Whitney Houston passed away on the 4th-floor room at the Beverly Hilton on Feb. 11, 2012.


With Whitney Houston's death, the book was finally closed on all deaths associated with Madonna's toppling of the "king": Michael Jackson. Some of these were collateral damage through coincidence. Some collateral death or close calls can still occur years later as was the case with Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, who attempted suicide in June 2013 (one of many attempts she has recently admitted). Most chilling was the bathtub suicide of Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown in July 2015. Then, a year later, in April 2016, singer/songwriter Prince died of a drug overdose, two months shy of seven years after Michael Jackson.

First the "king" then the "prince"? I suspect both Prince and Paris Jackson had more tp do with base 7 repetition than Madonna's largely expired curse. Bobbi Kristina's suicide would appear to have been a result of depression over her mother's death.

Still, there was one other event, one involving Madonna. But that "event" may have been fabricated:


Madonna reveals whiplash injuries after stage fall

Pop icon Madonna claimed she was left with whiplash following her on-stage tumble at the Brit Awards and said that she will not be wearing the offending Armani cape at future shows. Appearing on British channel ITV's Jonathan Ross show, the 56-year-old explained: "I didn't hurt my butt,

Madonna on Brits 'nightmare': 'I could either be strangled or fall, and I chose to fall' | NME

Madonna says she was with a doctor until 3am following her tumble at The Brit Awards at around 10pm on Wednesday evening (February 25). The pop icon was tugged backwards down three steps when dancers attempted to remove her long cape as part of her show-stopping routine at the event at The O2.


This should have happened after Madonna's second horseriding accident, in May 2016. Instead it happened in February 2015, fourteen months early. Many believe this was staged. I doubt it. Madonna was surprised and caught off guard. Had it happened in 2016 instead of 2015 it might have been a fatal event.

And this is the destiny Madonna can only POSTPONE ... she can never prevent it from happening one day. For this is the ghost of Isadora Duncan, and it was her dead hand that tugged at Madonna's cape in an attempt to strangle her.

Madonna has a sickly look on her face at times, and that is because she knows of all the females she has imitated over the years, it was the talent and genius of Isadora Duncan she appropriated for her own dance and entertainment spectaculars. Name any actress and ask which is Madonna most like and the answer is none of them. She is most like dance innovator and choreographer Isadora Duncan and even has her personality, radical political views, and sexual orientation. They are cut from the same cloth.

Isadora, like Madonna, was a bisexual, which was not uncommon in early Hollywood circles ... nor is it, as we well know, in the latter.

And, as history reminds us, Isadora Duncan died a strange death in Nice, France, in September 1927 ... strangled and nearly decapitated by her long-flowing scarf which was caught in the spokes of a tire of the automobile in which she was a passenger.

Madonna's favorite poet, Sylvia Plath, dedicated a few lines to Isadora's scarves in her original draft of Fever 103.

In 2004, actress Heather Locklear almost ended up like Isadora in a different way ... her winter scarf got caught in a closed elevator door as the cabin was moving down. A quick-thinking friend with a pair scissors in her purse solved that issue quickly before it was too late.

Later that year actress Charlize Theron almost broke her neck doing her own stunt work during the making of a film. Actress Brook Burns DID break her neck diving into a swimming pool and would have died if not for the actions of another swimmer who came along just in time and knew how to handle such a medical crisis.

Isadora's dead hand was tugging away all through 2004 to no avail. Then actress Shelley Long attempted suicide by drug overdose ... and survived. Thus, Isadora's hand waited for two years ... until November 1, 2006.

Which brings us to the hanging death of Indie actress and filmmaker Adrienne Shelly. This was discussed by me on my site in 2006 because of a prediction I made, but enough time has passed since to get an even more accurate picture of what happened, thus I will use Wikipedia's account:

Diego Pillco, 19, an illegal immigrant from Ecuador, is arrested and charged with the murder of actress and filmmaker Adrienne ShellyActress and filmmaker Adrienne ShelleyThe 40-year old Shelly was found dead at approximately 5:45 p.m on November 1, 2006. Her husband, Andrew Ostroy, found her hanging by a bed sheet from a shower rod in the bathtub of the Abingdon Square apartment in Manhattan's West Village that Shelly used as an office. It initially appeared to be a suicide. Ostroy had dropped her off at 9:30 a.m. that day, and as the building's doorman told journalists that he had accompanied Ostroy at his behest after Ostroy had not heard from Shelley that day. Upon reaching the apartment, they found that the front door was unlocked.

An autopsy was performed the following day. The New York City Police Department was suspicious of sneaker prints in the bathtub that did not match Shelly's shoes (she was found wearing only socks). Shelly's husband also indicated that there was money missing from Shelly's wallet.

He denied allegations that she would have committed suicide.

Press reports on November 6, 2006 stated that police had arrested construction worker Diego Pillco, a 19-year-old Ecuadorian illegal immigrant who confessed to killing Shelly after she complained about the noise he was making in the apartment below hers. Pillco said that he "was having a bad day". Police said Pillco had made a taped confession implicating himself in the murder.

Diego Pillco entered his guilty plea on February 14, 2008. He said that, contrary to his original story, Shelly had not complained about noise, but had in fact caught him stealing money from her purse after he slipped unnoticed into the apartment. When she tried to call the police, he grabbed the phone and covered her mouth as she began to scream. After Shelly fell, Pillco tied a bed sheet around her neck and decided to strangle her. Originally, Pillco claimed he didn't know Shelly was still alive when he hanged her, but in court he admitted to choking her with a sheet, tying it around her neck and stringing her up to make it look like she committed suicide. The medical examiner determined that Shelly was still alive when hanged. Pillco was sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole on March 6, 2008.

At Pillco's sentencing on March 13, 2008, Shelly's husband, along with family members said that they would never forgive him. Andy Ostroy said of Pillco " are nothing more than a coldblooded killer" and that he hoped he would "rot in jail". In remembering Shelly, Ostroy said that "Adrienne was the kindest, warmest, most loving, generous person I knew. She was incredibly smart, funny and talented, a bright light with an infectious laugh and huge smile that radiated inner and outer beauty... she was my best friend, and the person with whom I was supposed to grow old".

The above account speaks for itself.

However, it is possible that Adrienne Shelly's convicted killer, Diego Pillco was a patsy or an actual assassin hired by the dark forces linked to the Illuminati that control the entertainment industry in Hollywood, perhaps seeking to send a frightening message to certain independent filmmakers.

Yet, could Shelly's murder have inspired the Illuminati to test the waters further? Far enough to kill David Carradine and Lucy Gordon by hanging in 2009? And then, in 2011, in a work of ultimate perfection and depravity, carry out the sensational hanging of Rebecca Zahau, covering it up to look like a suicide, complete with the cryptic message written in black paint?

The Madonna death curse has been exhausted for at least four years, most likely eight. Still, the ghost of Isadora Duncan will always be near to catch Madonna ... or any other female star ... being her most careless. Isadora's scarf may next tighten again in 2025 or 2032.



The Madonna Death Curse 2011-2020
Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs, Michael McClellan


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