Astrological Profile of Madonna and Her Potential Death


Madonna: MK-Ultra Slave programmed for destruction?----- Original Message -----
Michael McClellan
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 9:23 AM
Subject: astrology of madonna

Dear Sir,

I happened to stumble upon your web-site purely by accident; I was blown away by what I read there. I paid special attention to your Madonna-Anderson prophecy. Why? Your logic is clear alright, but I also have had in the past year feelings that Madonna was in danger. I am not a numerologist, I am an astrologer. I have studied Madonna's chart for the last several years, and have noticed several things that correspond to your speculation on the manner of her death.

August 16, 1958
7:05 AM
Bay City, Michigan

(1+6=7) She is ruled by 7 in Chaldean numerology. Seven vibrates to the planet Neptune. Neptune rules illusion and dreams- but also addiction and deception. The birth number 16= the Tower in the Tarot. According to Linda Goodman,

16=shattered citadel"

The Tower " It warns of a strange fatality, also danger of accidents and the defeat of one's plans... The 16 brings with it obligation and responsibility to listen to the voice within which will always warn of danger through dreams in time to avoid it. "Abraham Lincoln"= 16: " Lincoln was warned repeatedly of his potential assassination by his dreams... He did not heed these many clear warnings, and refused to take the necessary precautions, therefore was unable to avoid his fate." (Star Signs,p.199)

Trump 16 contains the image of a Royal couple (King/Queen) falling from a Tower struck by Lightning. The eye of Horus (Illuminati imago) lies behind the Tower. Madonna is a Leo (Queen) , her status in the entertainment field has always been carefully orchestrated and planned by powers much greater than simple blonde ambition. Some have depicted her as an MK-Ultra "mind controlled slave" (see David Icke). These people are "programmed" by a variety of techniques. One image used in the control of a Monarch Slave is the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Interwoven on the Tree is a polarity (good/bad) set of "altars". The altars are related to hidden personality programs which are 'triggered' by internal/external cues leading the MK slave to perform preprogrammed actions. I found it interesting that Madonna had become involved with the Kaballah Learning Center... along with Rosanne and Monica Lewinsky (two others who have been associated with MK Ultra programming. In any case the Eye of Horus of Trump 16 could be associated with the forces ultimately responsible for whatever happens to Madonna. By the way, Monroe was also a "presidental model" MK Slave, but that is another story...

Madonna's horoscope contains a stellium in the 12th house, this is the section of the chart dealing with hidden forces, often subconscious or hidden from the rational mind . The destructive outer planets Uranus and Pluto occupy Madonna's 12th house. Uranus is at 12 Leo and rules her sixth house of work and daily functioning. Pluto is at 1 Virgo and rules her third house of conscious thought. Therefore Madonna's daily actions and functioning in work may be linked to forces outside her control (Uranus and Pluto). She has some very powerful handlers who control much of her schedule and routine in life. These handlers are either extra-dimensional (spirit guides which may be belevolent or malevolent) or hidden human agents who work from behind the scenes . My intuition tells me that Madonna is aware of this dimension of her life , that it terrified her at first, but that she has come to make peace with it in her own way. Her Sun and Mercury in the 12th give her the courage to confront these issues.

Uranus conjunct with Pluto" I have a tale to tell/
Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well/
I was not ready for the fall/
too blind to read the writing on the wall/
A man can lead a thousand lives/
Ive learned my lesson well/
Hope I live to tell the tale /
'till then it will burn inside of me.

Live to Tell - Madonna

In any horoscope, the death is indicated by the house eight. 01 Aries lies on the cusp of Madonna's eighth house. The conditions surrounding her death may be violent (Mars of violence rules Aries). Madonna's Mars is at 15 Taurus in her ninth house. She may die by injury to the throat (Taurus rules the neck) in a foreign country (house nine) . As per your observation her killer may be male (Mars) ; the man could be a religious like figure or non-American (ninth house rules these types). Furthermore Madonna's Mars conjoins the fixed star Menkar in the Cetus constellation. Menkar is called " the neck of the Whale".

" In some cases in conjunction with Saturn, Mars, or Neptune, diseases of the throat, inflammation of the larnyx, sometimes death or danger by suffocation may be noted" (p.22, Ebertin- Fixed Stars and their Interpretation) .

Madonna's larynx"The Monk" By aspect, Mars squares Uranus in Madonna's horoscope. Mars/Uranus is a dynamic, innovative pair, but also prone to symbolize accident or injury. Madonna's death definitely has a explosive, sudden and/or violent potential astrologically. The Mars/Uranus square has an indirect midpoint at 7 mutable. Madonna' Ascendant (physical body) falls on 08 Virgo, thus Mars/Uranus= Asc: " An excitable person with the inclination to commit acts of violence- an upsetting event, accident, physical injury" ( p. 159 Ebertin, Combination of Stellar Influences) . Uranus rules Madonna's sixth house Aquarius cusp. She may employ her potential killer or he is her social inferior. Additionally, Uranus at 13 Leo is on the star Acubens which indicates hidden motives and criminality. Finally, Madonna's Sun at 23 Leo 07 is influenced by Alphard, the "one who stands alone" . Alphard is in the "neck of the Hydra" , in fact , Alphard is the alpha star of the constellation Hydra. In connection to Alphard, one is warned of "smoke inhalation or danger by suffocation". (p.51, Ebertin). By the way , fixed stars represent energies largely beyond our conscious control; they have a daemonic quality to them.

Madonna has deceptive employees around her right now. This type may come on with a spiritual facade, but it is just that - a facade! She also may have to cease going on hunting trips with Guy Ritchie as all firearms are dangerous to her . This is a natal indication . Reckless driving is a no-no. Her chaffaurers may have drug or alcohol problems., etc. I only wish her the best, yet I wonder what will happen.


* * * * *

Hi Joseph,

I have wondered for some time if there existed any astrological evidence that might support my contention regarding Madonna. Now I see that there is.

Before continuing, I should mention that base 7 numerology, the system I created, is not 'true' numerology. Rather, it is a mathematical system of prediction based on historical repetition. When true prophecy supports the system, such as Nostradamus, that is a time when extreme caution should be observed.

Obviously, if an astrological profile of Madonna such as yours supports the contention as well, it makes a prediction of death all the more relevant.

I know very little about astrology except some of the most basic stuff. But I trust your analysis.

One aspect of your analysis may explain part of a dream vision I also posted on the Madonna-Anderson Prophecy (Part One) page. That is the part one of the dream, concerning the Madonna Doll.

Madonna dollYou may recall that the Madonna doll is being held by someone and is being 'programmed' with new personality features. However, this time, the work is not completed. Then we move to a large storehouse in the 'Madonna factory' where the Madonna doll transforms into a human Madonna and is arguing with several of the people controlling the factory and controlling her. She leaves in anger and one of them says, 'Let her go, let her have her own way' followed by the remark, 'She's expendable.'

Your mention of Madonna being an 'MK-Ultra mind controlled slave' and also of her 'handlers' which you say are 'either extra-dimensional (spirit guides which may be belevolent or malevolent) or hidden human agents who work from behind the scenes' seems to become all the more relevant in light of the dream.

I can tell you that, in this case, based on my dream, the 'handlers' are indeed human. But I have no idea WHO they are.

Incidentally, if there truly is a karmic connexion between Madonna and Diana as I have put forth (similar to the karmic link between Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield), do you think it is possible that Princess Diana was also an MK-Ultra?

Is it rebellion against the programmers or is it the program itself which leads to death?

Perhaps it is intended that Madonna be a human 'sacrifice' or 'false martyr.'

Some people believe that Madonna is getting her ideas from my web site: the two car crash videos she did last year, her wearing of tight choker necklaces and scarves in some photos and in her concert tour, also the name 'Drowned World Tour' [Natalie Wood drowned in 1981], and the men in gas masks [symbolising no protection for Madonna against asphyxiation]...

However, it may instead be that I have managed to tune into her programming and into the cues you mention that trigger pre-programmed actions.

There is a definite HYPNOTIC quality about the music in 'Live to Tell.' I have always loved that song and think it may even be the best song she ever did, but I have to admit the meaning of the lyrics always eluded me (until now). For me images of sunrise AND sunset appear when the backround music plays, both equally as beautiful, creating a stange addiction to anticipating the melody unravel again and again ...

Your 'House of Death' analysis appears to concur with my findings. When Madonna came down with laryngitis during her Drowned World tour last year, I felt this was especially portentious and meant I was on the right track. I note with great interest that according to your astrology, her bout with the infection was also a fulfillment as well.

Thus it would appear that the asphyxiation model may be the one to watch out for. However, a neck injury (even decapitation) from a car crash is also a possibility.

I concur, her death will take place in a 'foreign land' -- probably England. She may have lived in London for the last few years, but being an American and living in the US nearly all her life, England is still a foreign country. London is a great harbour city such as is described in line one of Quatrain 6.73.

The religious-figure man would be the 'monk' I mention -- whoever he is. Since Madonna is one of the largest living icons of the WESTERN WORLD she would surely represent everything someone like Osama bin Laden would revile. In an experiment with sympathetic art I did back in 1996, I have Madonna crossed with a statue of a priest and church with clock tower. Inside the statue is the Ingmar Bergman 'Death' character from his film 'The Seventh Seal' and behind her head, crossing behind her neck, is a missile rocketing towards its target.

I have been afraid to reveal the collage on my site. I don't see how I can without showing another one I did for Diana in 1996: one where she is holding the death tarot card whilst standing precariously on a platform in a garden. To her left are the icons of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome and to her right the silhouette of a curly-haired athlete statue throws a watch at her head rather than a discus.

I find the 'neck of the Whale' part quite chilling. Not only does it reinforce the death through throat or neck injury/suffocation forecast, but it also connects with the image of the whale as a symbol for obesity. Although Madonna is not obese, her last name, Ciccone, means 'fat man' in Italian.

Comet LINEAR WM1 transited Cetus when it flared to magnitude 2.3 for Southern Hemisphere watchers. Comet Ikeya-Zhang will be transiting Casseopia in April when it becomes a possibly very bright comet for us in the north. (Comet Hale-Bopp preceded Diana's death in 1997 by four months).

The Hydra also is of interest. You have mentioned the Illuminati. In one of Nostradamus' letters to a client whom he corresponded with frequently, he mentions a secret organisation of the Catholic Inquisition called 'the Hydra.' To your knowledge was the Hydra in any way connected to the Illuminati? Madonna has gotten in trouble with the Catholic Church before in the past, especially in 1989 with her video "Like A Prayer' -- so perhaps it is not impossible the 'monk' may actually be a hitman who works for the Church?

I am disturbed by the 'fixed stars' part of your discussion. I never knew they were daemonic in nature. This may be the missing part of the formula -- the 'intelligence' I speak of that manages to alter the outcome of some of my predictions. This may explain why predicted events sometimes take an unexpected twist or convolution or why an anticipated trend fails to materialise or a novel trend is suddenly created. Nothing could have been more convoluted than the way in which Princess Diana died. Even though I knew she would die, that she would be murdered, that it would happen in AUGUST 1997, that it would happen in France or at the behest of a Frenchman, I could never have figured out the HOW or WHY.

Clearly, if not for the daemon stars, we would stand a much better chance of being the masters of our own fates.

I agree with your final statement about Madonna being surrounded by deceptive employees wearing spiritual masks. These doubtlessly are some of the 'handlers' or 'programmers' in reality.

Joseph, I find the information you have shared to be the most significant revelation I have ever received from an outside source that confirms my own suspicions. Having the support of a professional astrologer like yourself might wake some of these people up who think my prophecy is nothing but a lark or the work of a lunatic.

I would like to post your material, along with your byline, to the Madonna-Pamela Prophecy.

However, due to the fact that I have used up all of the bandwidth on both pages, I will have to do this as a separate page that can be linked to from the Madonna-Anderson Prophecy page ...

Thank you so much for your input and I hope to hear from you quite soon.

Kind regards,




More Astrological Evidence from American Astrology and Dell Horoscope,
Courtesy of Shadowdncer


UPDATE (4/24/02) - Madonna astrological "doom evidence" is building.

A frequent visitor to my forum, Shadowdncer, has revealed the following information:

American Astrology (June 2002 issue) - "Tomorrow's News" - for 6/02 - "a few days after the summer solstice (6-21) Venus/Neptune opposition on 6-23rd and the full moon - a weak penumbral eclipse - on the 24th. The detrimented full moon at 3 degrees 11 min Capricorn falls on the US Venus at 3 degrees 07 min of Cancer, bringing sad news of a much-loved female icon whose warm and womanly style has always captured the hearts of the American people." Author of article is British.

Dell Horoscope Magazine (February 2002) - astrologer Mary Jarvis says a famous female (moon) will likely pass before 2003. Uranus is passing the last degrees (powerful) of Aquarius now. Uranus = Sudden shocks, changes, crises. The visitor notes that Madonna, being a Leo, is a polar opposite of Aquarius.



Two Collages by Michael McClellan Created in December 1996
that Portended Death for Diana and for Madonna


Now, for the first time, I am sharing two pieces of collage work I did back on December 19, 1996. The collage process I use is what I call "automatic" (like automatic writing) done without conscious will -- one works in a sort of trance, disassociated from all influences, save the materials available. It is much like being a participant in a seance or a ouija board. What the finished products would look like I did not know when I embarked upon their creation. They, more or less, assumed their shapes using me as their tool, taking on a life or existence of their own.

I do not understand the meaning of the words pasted at the bottom of the Diana collage to this day, so don't ask what they mean.

Madonna is still among the living, but Diana is dead. She died eight months and 22 days after her collage was created. Perhaps by comparing the two, one can discover what fate has in store for Madonna.

Grey scale copies of these collages were distributed to art and poetry magazines in 1997. I pulled the Diana collage from circulation following her death on August 31.

This is the first time these collages have appeared anywhere in their original colour.


"Romanesque" - Madonna "automatic" or "sympathetic" collage, created 12-19-96, C Michael McClellan 1996-2002


"Romanesque" 1996-2002 Michael McClellan

NOTE: The above Madonna collage was one of two "automatic" or "sympathetic" celebrity collages created by me on December 19, 1996. They were created by hand, not computer, I might add. - MM


"European Marble Masters" - Diana "automatic" or "sympathetic" collage, created 12-19-96, over 8 months before Diana's death, C Michael McClellan 1996-2002


"European Marble Masters" 1996-2002 Michael McClellan

NOTE: The above Diana collage was the other of two "automatic" or "sympathetic" celebrity collages created by me on December 19, 1996. You can imagine my shock and deep-felt sense of horror looking at this again after Diana died eight months and 22 days later on August 31, 1997. - MM


Those of you have any artistic or symbological expertise: your comments are welcome.

Whilst I think the meaning of the Diana collage and how the images work may now appear obvious (for example the statue throwing the watch "discus" is obviously Dodi al-Fayed, the watches mean time is short, the symbols of eternity and potential divinity are to the left, etc), there may be something in it I have not considered. The words at the bottom also remain a mystery to me.

As for the Madonna collage, the clues, such as they are, remain unfathomable to me. If it is indeed a portentious collage for Madonna, what is indicated?



Madonna as Victim of Mind Control in Entertainment


----- Original Message -----
To: Michael McClellan
Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 5:49 PM
Subject: mind games

Dear Michael,

Madonna's lyrics/imago are organized by Illuminati forces. She is probably near the end of her career as an MK Ultra slave. Her music is very revealing if examined in context of the mind contol premise. Look at the highlights of her long career:

With her first hit "Lucky Star" , the program was announced:

" You must be my lucky star/ 'cause you shine on me wherever you are/ I just think of you and I start to glow/ and I need your light, and baby you know."

Here there is a reference to the "royal star" imago of MK Ultra Monarch programming. The alters are placed on the corners of a pentagram or six pointed star which map the relationship between them in a directional fashion. More importantly is the trigger contained in the refrain of this tune.

Madonna, shown here in her Bad Girl video, reveals her true face only once"STAR LIGHT
The trigger in Lucky Star is:

" STAR LIGHT/STAR BRIGHT /THE STAR I SEE TONIGHT; extended refrain. This is an example of how entertainment is used in the activation of alters for those subject to the fascination of MK Ultra programming. Such simple nursery rhyme like refains can 'trigger' the altars of other programmed slaves when heard on the radio or on a CD or TV. The dissociated personality of someone mind controlled simply hears a tune like "Lucky Star" and in the right situation does the craziest of things, like go on a murder-suicide mission, agree to become an agent of drug trafficking, or whatever the altar's file tells him/her to go out and do. They look like lone agents, but their actions serve those in positions of the highest , hidden orders of international influence. The ultimate motives of the Illuminati are based on a plan for One World Govenment, a single unit of currency, population reduction, with the remaining hoi polloi under the influence of a global , computerized tracking and surveillance system, the reintroduction of pagan worship (of the gods who will be played by humans in the upper echelon of the Illumuminati. Mount Olympus will be somewhere in Colorado.)

Remember Madonna's first feature film " Desperately Seeking Susan"? In this movie, an ordinary housewife is hit on the head and in an amnesiac state becomes a Madonna clone doing nutty things. The principle imago in DSS is a leather jacket with the "eye of Horus" symbol on its back . The Eye of Horus is one of the symbols of Illuminati power. This film is a parable in my opinion.

Madonna and Michael Jackson came out about three years after the assassination of John Lennon, who was oh-so-on to what the Beatles were used for in the sixties. Listen to his song "Mind Games". The slaves Charles Manson and Mark Chapman were triggered in their actions using Beatles music , ie "Helter Skelter". Each generation therfore has its own entertainers the programmers use as agents , through commercialized pop music and imagos. Madonna is currently "expendable" because she is getting older, unable to influence those who are younger. So now we have Britney Spears, Christina Aguliara, and Justin Timberlake who were all trained at Disney. Disney is a major MK Ultra operative.

Mariah Carey - an MK Beta sex slave?By the way Mariah Carey is a slave whose music/lyrics are cues used to trigger Beta sex slave altars. Mariah= Moriah; "Moriah" is another word for Illuminati. Mariah herself was handled by programmers working out of Sony . On her 30th birthday she was "fired" from Sony Music. Her programming went into self destruct mode and she attempted suicide twice. This is what happens to older Monarch slaves. Mariah's song "Butterfly" cues prostituition/sex slave altars most likely. "Spread your wings (legs)/ little butterfly..." LOL. Mariah's case shows how MK slaves are usually programmed in multiples. There are Beta programs (sex slave, protitution), Deltas (suicide mission like those who participate in things like 9-11) , and psychic programs (disinformation agents, channelers, remote viewers) . See the lectures of Dr. Corydon Hammond. The point with Madonna and pop music is that organized religion doesn't work anymore, so since Elvis pop music has been the new opiate of the masses. The song "Ray of Light" is Madonna's via Illuminati's vision of the coming NWO.

"Quicker than a ray of light she's flying/trying to remember /where it all began"
the influence of the micro-chip implants and the elimination of human organicity.

"she's got a universe inside her"
the human microchips connected to a universal tracking system

" she's got a little piece of heaven/ waiting for the moment EARTH SHALL BE AS ONE"
one world govenment brought on by the bait of immediate fulfillment of human desire and need through implanted mico chips.

"and I feel like I just got home, and feel like I just got home ... quicker than a ray of light , she's got herself a universe, etc. "
you come home when you accept the chip which can fulfill your every desire.

I don't know if Princess Diana was an MK slave per se, but she was heavily controlled nonetheless. Her death, like the possible death of Madonna , had a ritualistic agenda behind it. In fact, according to David Icke she was slain over a site which served as a ritual slaying ground for the Moon goddess of an ancient pagan religion. This may be what you were resonating to when you included Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Icons in you collage of Diana holding the Death Trump.




Astrological Profile and Mind Control Commentary 2002 Joseph Polise

Additional Astrological Material 2002 American Astrology
and Dell Horoscope Magazine

Additional Commentary 2002 Michael McClellan

Collages 1996-2002 Michael McClellan



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