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Rose prophecy


Subject: Rose prophecy
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, September 24, 2015 3:13 PM
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Nostradamus mentioned 2 rivers!

Pope Francis will be at Madison Square garden! between the 2 rivers/east river and the Hudson! The sanctuary in front will be filled with long stemmed white roses! Maybe??

* * * * *

Hi Hans,

Yes, I mentioned the East River and the Hudson River as the two rivers that water NYC. It is a possibility. I did not know about the white roses. This could be bad.

However, thus far, the Pope's trip has been moving along smoothly. I'd be a bit more worried about his trip to Armenia next year around the time of the 35th anniversary of the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II.

Still, regardless of next year and 2017 being more dangerous, have to cover all bases due to the details in the Rose Prophecy by Nostradamus and the details found in the Third Secret of Fatima warning to a future pope.

Thanks for writing,



The Rose Prophecy: Carly Fiorina


Subject: Re: The Rose Prophecy
Priority: Normal
Date: Friday, July 31, 2015 10:21 AM
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This is interesting! Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewelett-Packard is running for president. The 60 years old physically attractive and fit woman is the only Republican woman running among 15 men. Her last name Fiorina is Italian meaning, get this! Flowering or related to flower. Nostradamus says "when the Rose flourishes". This brings forward my theory that Carly Fiorina might be the Flourishing Rose Nostradamus is talking about. Fiorina is surging among certain social and foreign policy conservatives. Can she be at the top by September 26 , 2015? The same date Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the "city where two rivers collide" Philadelphia? I'mgoing to add these comments on your site for your viewers. Or please do it for me.
* * * * *

Carly Fiorina

Thanks Carmelo,
You might be on to something with this one! I'll check it out ... I never even knew about this lady! The Pope page has been in dire need of further updating ... but I wasn't all that alarmed about the Sarajevo trip (less than 24 hours were spent there) and only moderately concerned about the trip to Amman. Now if he says he wants to visit Syria or Iraq, that will be something to really worry about. Philadelphia sounds ominous to me, I don't know why exactly .. it is more than the two rivers. Something else about it.
Then again, let us not forget that The Third Secret of Fatima says the city the "Bishop in White" will visit will be half-destroyed and that he will have to bless the bodies of the dead lying in its streets. World War III need not be the cause ... look at some of the Iraqi and Syrian cities that ISIS has destroyed, partially or completely, or, even worse, some of the cities Bashar al-Assad's own government forces have destroyed. The cities destroyed by civil war look apocalyptic in their destruction. If the prophet Jeremiah is correct (or my understanding of his prophecies are correct), in the near future cities in Jordan, northern Israel, and parts of Egypt and Saudi Arabia will look like those destroyed cities in Syria and Iraq. All the more reason to worry if the Pope ever decides to set foot in those areas. The key base 7 date is still the anniversary of Pope John Paul II's attempted assassination in May 1981 ... which is May 2016.
You certainly can post your revelation regarding Carly Fiorina if you like on my blog at Weebly with whatever you think the right article is it should go with (I have lost track .. have I only done one article regarding the pope at the Weebly blog or have done more than one?)
Meantime, it seems all of the members of my message board (the Prophetic Messenger Service) may have gone the way of the dodo. No one has posted in nearly a year or over a year and the only activity is spammers I have to delete. Maybe forums have gone the way of the dodo, have they? Have social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Linked In, etc. put message boards (forums) out of business? Maybe I should just retire the thing. OTHERWISE, Prophetic Messenger Service could certainly use NEW members ...! Just a thought if you are interested .. some good posts might reactivate the interest of the older members. They could be checking it every day but not logging on, I wouldn't know, because the only dates the forum records is the last date a member logged on.
So, yes, go ahead and post it.
Thanks again,
Subject: Re: The Rose Prophecy
Priority: Normal
Date:Thursday, August 13, 2015 1:24 AM
Size: 21 KB
Boom Mike!
Your site has no updates or any new comments there. But check this out From your web page:
Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.97 ~
Romain Pontife garde de t'approcher,
De la cité que deux fleuves arrouse,
Ton sang viendras aupres de là cracher,
Toi & les tiens quand fleurira la Rose.
Note the French word FLEURIRA.....doesn't that reminds you of....Fiorina??? Just like Hister with Hitler!
Note how people have been talking about the "pink" dress Carly Fiorina wore during her breakthrough debate! Pink is a color of Roses....just saying! We will see next month when the Pope visits Philadelphia by the Blood moon. Will Fiorina be at the top of the polls by then??


Madonna to be In Philadelphia Two Days Before the Pope


Subject: Fwd: hi mike, mk ultra patsy question
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, May 28, 2015 7:22 PM
Size: 9 KB
In addition to the question I asked below, I wondered what your thoughts are on Madonna being in Philadelphia just two days before the Pope is expected to arrive in town. Madonna's tour goes through on September 24th and the Pope is expected to be there two days later. Any chance she'll put a hex on the city and there will be a recreation of the death by two rivers in her performance which then becomes a reality? Just asking to see what your thoughts are on this. Thanks for your help in advance. Hope you've been doing well.
I hope you've been doing well. I haven't heard from you in a while and decided to check up. I had an interesting question for you. So the psychic site I used to use closed down almost a year ago and myself and psychic partner Fefe have been using our own (http://www.knowitnextpsychicpredictions.wordpress.com) to share our thoughts instead. It's obviously been read by the FBI and other officials. However we are disturbed by the fact that a potential government patsy has been in our midst. His name is Barry Clinton and in 2005, he was arrested by the FBI for threatening to kill the Bush family (http://m.bizjournals.com/pittsburgh/stories/2005/06/06/daily27.html?r=full).
He's been lurking on our site lately talking about how he is Jesus and he is anticipating a rapture on June 12th. June 12th is George HW Bush's birthday, by the way. We also heard some of his experiences that sound like MK ULTRA programming sessions while he was in jail. My fear is that June 12th is some sort of trigger date where he's been programmed to assassinate someone of high priority to further implement martial law and the New World Order agenda in our society. Does this have any resonance with you and do we have legitimate concern to be worried about? I'm asking your take because you have a vast resource of knowledge on these types of things and I figured I should throw this by you to see if I can gather any more information that can be helpful to stopping this in its tracks. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
* * * * *
Hi Liam,
I just discovered that I wrote the majority of a reply to THIS email at the end of May or beginning of June ... and didn't quite finish it to send off to you. Things have been awfully confused as I had to move in June and am in serious financial trouble besides, no thanks to my mother, who I cared for for over 5 years, going into a nursing home in 2013 and a lack of any kind of donations since Google knocked my web site down on the search engine, turning my 20,000 views a day to 1,000 a day or less since May 2011 with their goddamned Panda algorithms (or was that really just a cover for censorship of religious, conspiracy, and prophecy-related sites?).. Anyways, I just completed the part concerning the government patsy and the possibility someone like him may be planning on an assassination. But first, Madonna and the Pope ...
I have to admit that the timing for Madonna and Pope Francis is interesting.
However, I have already seen just how closely events almost took a dire turn in 2013 with Obama visiting South Africa at a time when Mandela seemed at death's door. I was concerned that Mandela would die while Obama was there and Obama would be assassinated as well, thus the statue of the black leader toppling backwards would then have been applied to either Mandela or Obama. But Mandela pulled through one last time and Obama's visit was uneventful as uneventful gets. Also, just before Pope Francis was to visit Brazil, there were widespread riots and arson there that miraculously came to an end a few weeks before his arrival at Rio. He was set to visit the huge statue of Christ which is atop a huge gnarled hill overlooking the city, the cross of crosses, but this part of the visit was shelved. All this exactly at a time when the next Lincoln/Franz Ferdinand/Kennedy repeat should have happened. When Mandela did die at the end of the year, Ukraine was ready to explode, and explode it did. Yet the other two "pots" (for a total of "three") that were supposed to boil over in Europe, prophesied by Seer van Rensburg, failed to do so. The huge strike in South Africa that was to turn into a civil war failed to happen, although a huge strike did happen a year-and-a-half later (this year, and still going at this time). It has not led to civil war (yet), BUT mass xenophobic attacks on migrant workers has me concerned. America has returned to Iraq, as the prophet also mentioned at the end of the prophecy, and may indeed lose the war over there. Thus, I am considering reopening van Rensburg's case as still being an inspired prophet. But I am still waiting for the other two pots.
Anyway, Madonna is at the end of her rope, I feel. Her popularity has fallen drastically, I see little hope for her. The only thing she can do now that will capture the world's attention is to die. I can't see her as any blooming Rose; a faded, withered rose is more like it. I have to warn about Philadelphia and the danger to Pope Francis because of the two rivers there; but I suspect that May 2016 is more likely to be the Pope's most dangerous time as it is 35 (5 x 7) years after the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II.
Madonna got whiplash when she fell. She says it was either strangle or fall, but the end result was neck injury, either way. So, by imitating doomed dancer Isadora Duncan's final "performance" by tying a long trailing cape around her neck, and being faced with strangulation or whiplash, she has chosen her method of death. This was not a magical act to ward off death, it was a real accident ... but one that could have been avoided. And one, oddly enough, I suspect she half invited. A broken neck, strangulation, hanging ... by murder, accident, or suicide will come before she turns 60, I suspect. I could be wrong, but I just don't see Madonna as settling for being another Cher.
The next period of danger for an ATTEMPT on the life of a US president is May 2016 ... based on the attempt on former US president Ronald Reagan in May 1981. In all the years since then, there has yet to be any resonance of that event happening again. Perhaps a "false flag" wounding of President Obama would be the spark to ignite martial law? Certainly a brainwashed government patsy, preferably a former member of an intelligence gathering organization like the CIA, would be the likely culprit. Have you ever considered the possibility that this ISIS leader al-Baghdadi is actually a former CIA agent and that ISIS is funded and ARMED by the US government? Sounds preposterous, I know, but this conspiracy has been making the rounds of late ... might explain the huge shipment of new guillotines "discovered" in the US about seven or eight years ago if America becomes a huge Sharia state!
Probably not what you expected to read, but ... it all is what it is.
Kind regards,


For when the Rose blooms Century 2 Quatrain 97


Subject: For when the Rose blooms Century 2 Quatrain 97
Priority: Normal
Date: Monday, April 6, 2015 7:08 AM
Size: 15 KB
The Rosicrucian Fellowship, 1909/11. Teachings present the mysteries, in the form of esoteric knowledge, of which Christ spoke in Matthew 13:11 and Luke 8:10. The Fellowship seeks to prepare the individual through harmonious development of mind and heart in a spirit of unselfish service to mankind and an all-embracing altruism. According to it the Rosicrucian Order was founded in 1313 [26] and is composed of twelve exalted Beings gathered around a thirteenth, Christian Rosenkreuz. These great Adepts have already advanced far beyond the cycle of rebirth; their mission is to prepare the whole wide world for a new phase in religion—which includes awareness of the inner worlds and the subtle bodies, and to provide safe guidance in the gradual awakening of man's latent spiritual faculties during the next six centuries toward the coming Age of Aquarius. [27]
It stands for the Rosicrucian’s and when the Rose blooms is the beginning of a new age.


Pope's visit to Montreal, in 2017


Subject: Pope's visit to Montreal, in 2017
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 12:59 PM
Size: 5 KB
Hello Mike,
Here is a link to a newspaper article regarding the possible Pope's visit to Montreal, in 2017: http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/mayor-invites-pope-francis-to-montreal-1.2220327
In reference to your article at: www.newprophecy.net/popejohnpaul.htm
"For a pope these days to be in any city in the "land between two rivers" (Iraq) is death...... metropolis of Montreal in Quebec, Canada lies on the junction of two rivers:"
I just thought that maybe the "land between two rivers" could be Montreal. Although, the Pope's visit is not confirmed yet.
Hopefully, I'm wrong..


The Rose Prophecy

Subject: The Rose Prophecy
Priority: Normal
Date: Friday, December 5, 2014 8:18 PM
Size: 4 KB
Is interesting that it is being confirmed that Pope Francis will visit Philadelphia on September of 2015. The same month and day of the last "blood moon"! By this time also a WOMAN (Rose) will rise in politics (Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Nikki Haley...)
Everything is shaping up and going according to these prophecies towards the big year of 2017 (anniversary of Fatima, anniversary of the Reformation) What is your take?
It could also be possible a disastrous landing of the papal plane in Philadelphia. The plane carrying the pope and his entourage killed in a plane crash in the "city where two rivers arouse".
* * * * *
Sorry for the big delay!
Thanks for reminding me of the Fatima anniversary. If that is to have any importance, from a base 7 perspective, it would be on the 98th anniversary (7 x 14 years) ... which would be 2015. May 13, 2015 to October 13, 2015 to be exact! If the Third Secret of Fatima about a Pope ("Bishop dressed in White") and the lay people and cardinals accompanying him being killed by soldiers is to hold any weight now or in the near future, I would be extremely concerned about any papal visit Pope Francis will make between May and October 2015. And yes, especially the fourth blood moon on September 28, 2015. The trip to Philadelphia at this time is scheduled for September 22-27 ... missing the blood moon by one day: but that may not matter! If the fourth blood moon, as I have theorized in a recent article, is really the fourth seal opening, then the pale rider and his companion, Death and Hell, will be unleashed on the earth either on that day or within a month before or within three or four months after.

The Pope has another base 7 hurdle in or around May 2016 ... the 35th (5 x 7) anniversary of the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II in May 1981.
I believe we now know the new Rose, and it is not a potential US president. It is one who is like Princess Diana, one who is doing her work and is well-loved. I fear for her life. It is Angelina Jolie. She may rise to a sudden prominence even greater than she now knows, between now and August 2017 (the blooming of "the Rose"). She will be in an absolute danger of losing her life in August or September 2018.
Angelina Jolie is most admired woman in the world! Director, humanitarian and mother-of-six beat Malala Yousafzai, Hillary Clinton and the QUEEN in global poll - February 2, 2015.

But if you are right about the Rose being a female president, I doubt it will be Hillary, But quite possibly one of the others you mentioned, especially one who is a young candidate (possibly under 42 years of age).
I do not think the Pope is in danger of a plane crash, however, unless it is a crash he will survive. The prophecy of Fatima, at least, specifically says it will be soldiers (or men dressed in paramilitary garb) who kill him. This could be someone from ISIS.
Thanks for writing, and sorry about the delay.


Rose Prophecy and the pope


Subject: Rose Prophecy and the pope
Priority: Normal
Date: Monday, November 3, 2014 1:46 PM
Size: 3 KB
Hello Mike,
What about his visit of Istanbul and the Hagia Sophia? The story goes that Istanbul/Constantinople, like Rome, was built on seven hills. The Hagia Sophia, a cross-in-square church in the first place, lies on the first hill. The Muslims took the crossed dome away and used it to build the stairs leading to Hagia Sofia ("rugged cross" ?). There is a Mars Pluto conjunction in November.
I like this pope very much and hope they take good care of him.
with kind regards, Luthien
* * * * *
Hello Luthien,
I did not know about the Hagia Sophia, never thought of looking directly at Turkey as a place of danger rather than Iraq. I think this interpretation of the rugged cross may be a bit of a stretch though... although it being on a hilltop is perhaps a bit less than reassuring.
Turkey is also important because it was a Turk who attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II. I suppose that could be *coincidence* if anything does happen. However, the base 7 anniversary of the May 1981 attack does not come up until May 2016.
And perhaps it will be sometime near to May 2016 that Pope Francis will actually face peril in a foreign land. That would be the only other dating I would give aside from the death of Pope John Paul I in September 1978. That recurred in September 2013 and could still have some influence until the end of this year.
I think Fatima is more likely to be the influence now in November, rather than Quatrain 2.97 as it is too late for roses to bloom.
I decided to call the page "Rose Prophecy" because I think there is a strong possibility that Quatrain 2.97 and Fatima may be related. But they need not be related at all. They could easily be about the deaths of two different popes who are assassinated.
In any event, barring a Fatima scenario, I suspect the Pope will likely survive his November trip to Turkey, unless he does decide to impulsively visit northern Iraq or Syria.
Thanks for writing.
Kind regards,


Pope Peter II


Subject: Pope Peter II
Priority: Normal
Date:Thursday, September 18, 2014 9:01 PM
Size: 4 KB
Everybody knows that something happened during the conclave of 2013. Liberal forces within the college of cardinals did all they could to prevent cardinal Turkson to become Pope. Instead they selected a liberal pope who will die soon(natural causes or assassinated) and then the right Pope will be elected. The famous Peter the Roman is non other than Cardinal Peter Turkson who will be rightfully elected during the same time a "woman" will arise and be nominated and elected president of the United States (Nikki Haley, Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton).
* * * * *
Is there a prophecy about a pope being elected when a woman becomes leader of the United States? I never saw that one and find it most interesting. I have been hearing more about this Nikki Haley .. haven't researched her yet. Hillary seems to be too old.


ukraine as possible country with a cross-mountain?


Subject: ukraine as possible country wih a cross-mountain?
Priority: Normal
Date: Sunday, September 7, 2014 1:26 AM
Size: 3 KB
given the large number of deaths already in the ukraine situation, it seems possible that the pope might want to go there as it worsens in the future. also, did you see the 19 august interview in which the pope, returning from s korea said wwiii had already begun but is being carried out in ‘pie’ (a pezzi) rather than one large event? i did not see the press highlight that part as a story, in the english press.




Subject: Question
Priority: Normal
Date: Monday, August 25, 2014 6:00 PM
Size: 4 KB
Mr. McCelellan, Good Afternoon.
I'm sorry to bother, but I was wondering about a post you made last year stating that 2013 would be a triple Pope year. I had my feelings about that too, but it did not happen.
What wolud you feel about it now? You are now wondering that the Papal visit to PA next year could trigger the eventes you forsee, but I was wondering whether you considered that Book Of Revelations chapter in which two leaders (popes?) were murdered and the people would dance around their bodies chanting...
For years I thought it referred about a papal visit to Jesusalem, and the Pope being murdered with some local leader appointed to accompany him, but couldn´t it also be that Pope Benedict and Francis would be murdered in Rome (The "big city" at the time the Book of revelations was written)?
What would you consider about that?
See you, thanks!
* * * * *
Hello Marcos!
At present I am updating my page on the papal prophecies, in particular Nostradamus' Quatrain 2.97 and the revealed text of the Third Secret of Fatima, as it currently may apply to Pope Francis. Of great concern is the Nostradamus prophecy since it foresees death for the Pope as he approaches a city in a place where two rivers flow. The "two rivers" and "between two rivers" theme appears in a number of other quatrains, and seem to point to Mesopotamia, which is Iraq and Syria, but especially Iraq.
Originally my page was to warn Pope John Paul II against visiting Iraq since he postponed his 1998 trip and was considering to follow through with it in 1999. There were a few other times he considered it, and once did Benedict XVI consider it too and a warning went out to him. They never did, and if they had it would have been either during the no-fly zone war between December 1998 and March 2003 or else after the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003 during the occupation stage and insurgency conflicts, and the increasing terrorist attacks by what was Al Qaeda in Iraq (now the Islamic State).
Pope Francis had also given a possible green light to the idea of visiting Iraq a few days after he was elected pope in March 2013, but turned down the idea in lieu of visiting the Holy Land instead.
Unfortunately, now things are much different. ISIS, now the Islamic State, has taken over parts of Syria and Iraq that is the size of Belgium and created a caliphate. They now possess 1/3 of Iraq. They have conducted mass genocide against Christians and other religious minorities including other Muslims who do not want Sharia law and also Zoroastrians. They have beheaded them by the hundreds and shown their heads on fence posts; they have abducted the women and girls and forced them into marriage or else raped and murdered them; and they slaughtered many children.
Pope Francis has condemned this and declared that military action against the caliphate is "licit." But most disturbingly, after his visit to South Korea, he made public the fact that he is SERIOUSLY considering travelling to Iraq to comfort the refugees and persecuted Christians. He is a man who recognizes his own mortality and is not afraid to risk his life.
This, in my opinion, is the most dangerous action any pope can take ... to go to Iraq. Nostradamus is clear that the "Pontiff of Rome" and all his clergy will bleed from their mouths if they go there. The Third Secret of Fatima warns the "Bishop dressed in White" (the Pope) that he and his clergy people will be killed by "soldiers" after visiting a "big city" that is "half-destroyed" and praying over the dead bodies littering its streets.
The situation now is incredibly dangerous for the Pope and his people ... anyone who accompanies him on the trip, if he follows through with it, will suffer the same fate. Any Christian in Iraq who is near him when he is killed will also be killed.
I can no longer worry about Philadelphia or New York City next year (he has mentioned three US cities he may visit in 2015, forgot what the third one is, but believe it is Washington D.C.).
However, where in Iraq he goes to and when can determine whether he survives the trip or is killed by ISIS soldiers. IT is not for certain.
Then I would consider your theory as being plausible. I doubt it would be a local leader, but would indeed be the "two popes": Benedict and Francis as "the two witnesses" of Revelation 11. They are also called "the two olive trees" (a likely reference to Rome and the Vatican). It is even possible that by that time Francis might be retired too like Benedict. He recently stated that he will likely retire after another three years. Then there will be two retired popes and a new pope.
Yes, a very good interpretation that! Yes, the "big city" (of the Third Secret of Fatima and Revelation) could indeed be Jerusalem. And 1/10 of the city will be destroyed by earthquake after the bodies of the two popes lie in the street for 3 1/2 days, and seven thousand Israeli citizens will die in the quake. If so, Francis will not go to Iraq or, if he does, will survive a trip there, and the pope who will be murdered between two rivers will be his successor.
I would hasten to add though that my "triple pope" prediction was based on events in 1978 which, using my base 7 system, returned again in 2013. It did not take into consideration retirement as that has not happened before. But it still counts in my book, and then came Pope #2, Pope Francis. I must point out that sometimes a prediction using base 7 is fulfilled the year following. That means that Pope #3 may yet appear in 2014.
Therefore, Pope Francis remains in danger of losing his life this year, and going to Iraq is definitely a bad idea!
Danger also lurks in May 2016 as that will be a base 7 anniversary for the attempt on Pope John Paul II's life in May 1981.
Thanks for writing!

Subject: RE: Question
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 12:15 PM
Size: 24 KB
Hello, Mike, thanks for your answer.
Yes, I believe you´re right! Thanks for the tips.
However, you made me wonder about something else: You said that maybe the predictions about the assassination of the Pope needn´t to be different points of view of the same attempt, but rather different assassinations of more than one pope... well, we´ve got more than one pope!
I always thought the Book Of Revelations to be divided into four different parts: The message to the seven churches and three other parts wich contains predictions that were interrupted by a huge earthquake. I use to believe these were predictions concerning Europe, The Americas and Asia, and the three earthquakes are in fact one and the same. Therefore, parts two, three and four would occur simultaneously, and the big earthquake, perhaps felt around the globe, would bring the narrative to an unique closure also witnessed around the globe, if not in person at least via TV or internet.
Having said that, we always use to aknowledge a papal assassination would happen one pope at the time, because usually there is one pope at the time. I also heard about Pope Francis planning to retire, but the way the news broke here (I´m in Brazil by the way), he is quoted to have said that he believes to have only two ore three more years to live, so he would retire earlier than that. The very next day his nephew almost died in a very suspicious car crash that killed his wife and baby boy, back in Argentina. So I believe these considerations of retirement to be linked to the investigations of the Roman Curiae and Vatican Bank the Pope is performing. I also believe his nephew´s accident is a way to persuade the Pope to haste his retirement. My wife works in politics and believes that when someone can´t blackmail you for something, they blackmail you with the people you love. You said yourself Pope Francis doesn´t fear for his life. What about his loved ones?
So, we might as well have two retired Popes and a third in office, wich would bring us to the situation I use to joke about of having "more popes than nuns in the Vatican". Popes Francis and Benedict live in a convent and I joke about the Vatican removing the nuns to fit "all the retired Popes". In the old days, the Popes would accept death for the glory of God, but nowadays they accept retirement to save their own lives. The sign of times, or what differs them from Pope John Paul The Great, for instance.
Dark days in the Vatican are not news. I was once mugged inside the Vatican walls, so I know it´s not exactly a holy place. I would be not surprised if the many possibilities of assassination described by Nostradamus, Malachia, Ezechiael, and many others would be, in fact, an operation to kill "all of the popes", at the same time, just like the earthquake I was telling you about. It would be a great day for terrorism if they killed "two ore three popes", wherever they are, at the same time - just like they did with the world trade center, the Pentagon and tried to do with possibly the White House.
And let´s not forget the possibility of a schism in the church, with the possible rise of a french anti-pope, which would bring us to the incredible amount of four living pontiffs. Certainly a day to remember in the terrorist point of view.
I´m sorry to bother you for so long, thanks for your patience, and write anytime. By the way, some cults in Brazil say that the final 3 and 1/2 years the Revelations talk about would start in mid september-october 2014. They are not exactly the most reliable source, but you never know. So you´re on the right track, and I will keep following your thoughts about it!
See you!


The Rose Prophecy


Subject: The Rose Prophecy
Priority: Normal
Date: Sunday, June 15, 2014 12:56 PM
Size: 4 KB
Michael, Pope John Paul 2 visited Philadelphia in 1979. Pope Francis will not be the first pope who visit this "two rivers" city. But we must be watchful for this prophecy. "Rose" could very be representing a WOMAN rising in power in America by 2015.

* * * * *

I didn't know that.
Then again, the overall world situation is far more violent now than it was in 1979, especially in the United States (there have been something like five mass shootings in the US and Canada in the last month alone, and in two cases the targeted random victims were police officers). Neither 9/11 or the Boston Marathon terror attacks had happened yet either in 1979.
In other words, the times are more right for this kind of event occurring, in the US or anywhere else in the world, than in the past ... and it gets worse every year.
I agree that the Rose is a woman, but now that Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is slowly being yanked into mustering a defense by Shi'a in Iraq against ISIS and Al Baghdadi, there is a related quatrain concerning warfare in the "city of Sadr" (Sadr City is a suburb of Baghdad) and "a return to the honors of Diana." This could still make the woman Diana, England's Rose. Because of this, I must raise the issue of the Pope possibly visiting Iraq since he is a risk-taker. He agreed to such a trip in March 2013, but set no definite future date, only "sometime in the near future" (and the near future could easily be a couple years, 2015 or 2016, or even a surprise visit anytime).
The Rose Prophecy page still is not entirely updated.
I will of course be keeping an open mind about the rose being a woman rising to some kind of power, political or religious or otherwise, in the US next year.


El Shaddai Philippines Scam


Francis O.
Subject: El Shaddai Philippines Scam
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, August 29, 2013 10:06 PM
Size:19 KB
I am a devoted Catholic since birth and still a devoted Catholic today.
However, my faith is quickly faltering as I observe some bogus practices employed by El Shaddai Leader in the Philippines.
El Shaddai Leader in the Philippines, Mike Velarde has been involved in so many anomalies involving financial fraud and conniving with Philippine Government to obtain financial advantages.
How can a servant of God be involved in anomalies like this? Specially that El Shaddai is boasting that it is a Catholic Religion?
Moreover, if you attend El Shaddai's weekly mass, Mike Velarde will be requiring you to buy grilled foods as a sacrifice to God, but you can only buy those BBQs at the restaurant he also owned.
He is also requiring members now to give P5.00 each for no reason at all.
Aside from all of that, he is endorsing candidates in every election which encroaches the boundary between the Government and Religion.
I believe in Pope Francis' ability to change the Catholic Religion.
I am still a believer. But if the Catholic will continue to close its eyes on this, many will have doubts on their belief about the Catholic Church.
I am also directing this email to you because I am not confident about the Catholics Administration in the Philippines of sincerely resolving this issue.
thanks and Long Live the POPE!


the pope prophecy


Subject: the pope prophecy
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 11:42 AM
Size: 4 KB
you were right.



Pope Francis and Prophecies


Subject: Pope Francis and Prophecies
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, March 16, 2013 2:09 AM
Size: 3 KB
It sounds like nostradamous or fatima are talking about Rio de Janeiro Brasil. It also has a big cross on top and there is a big muslim community in the area of falls do iguasu which is also located btw rivers.


antichrist, false prophet
Subject: antichrist, false prophet
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, March 14, 2013 10:39 PM
Size: 8 KB
Mike....I hope you are doing well.
I have been following this trip of Obama's to Israel for March 20th and also the Pope resigning and a new Pope being elected. A lot of folks seem to think that Obama is the antichrist. I do not believe that Obama is the antichrist but instead is MABUS whose death ignites WW3. I think the true antichrist (Prince William) is pulling the strings behind the scenes and using Obama as a front man and sacrificial lamb to bring about the end times. The whole thing with Obama's car being the beast, his call sign the renegade and being he is riding on a donkey(democrat) into Israel soon is part of the deception of the true antichrist. Its too obvious to me at least that Obama is a front.
The next Pope (the false prophet) and a resurrected John Paul 2 possibly will help the true antichrist (William) thru further deception and a 7 year peace plan to bring about the Apocalypse. I've been reading all this for months and months going back and forth. I truly believe that Israel may think Obama is the antichrist and have him assassinated the week of the 20th this month igniting WW3.
The war will rein IMO for a short time only to have the resurrected Pope (False Prophet) and Prince William (Antichrist) present a 7 year peace plan to stop the bloodshed. The new temple will be built and The Pope will have a seat there with the antichrist and they will control their flock there.
I think the Pope was forced to quit because the time for this prophecy is at hand. The Vatican imo has been involved in this whole planning from the beginning. Any info would be appreciated. I hold i am wrong ....
Take Care Chris
* * * * *
Hello Chris,

Have you been reading my homepage and 2013 (Part One)? You would know, if you did, that 49 years (7 x 7), two months, and two weeks passed between the assassinations of US President Abraham Lincoln (April 14, 1865) and Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand (June 28, 1914). Another 49 years (7 x 7), four months, three weeks, and one day transpired between the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (June 28, 1914) and US President John F. Kennedy (November 22, 1963). Another 49 years, six months, four weeks and two days after Kennedy's November 22, 1963 assassination, the dreaded date will be June 21, 2013: an important sacrificial date in occult circles. However, if the process is a doubling of months, then it would instead be 49 years, eight months, four weeks and two days after November 22, 1963 ... or August 21, 2013.

In this day and age that has seen the world become a New World Order, the person assassinated could be either a European or an American or ... even someone from the Middle East.

President Barack Obama is definitely at risk, and there were assassination plots thwarted not far from Kennedy's death anniversary (November 2012). Now he must be cautious again during the cited June or August 2013 dates mentioned above.

Forgive me for quoting from own website, but I really can't see any point in re-inventing the wheel.

Yes, I think if we are living in apocalyptic times, we will see the assassination of Mabus this year. June 21, 2013 sounds like a good day for it. Of course, for all those German/Austrian prophecies that warn about the guns of August going off and starting WW3, August 21 sounds pretty foreboding too.

Obama is certainly a good candidate for Mabus, I agree. And Comet ISON will be a perfect followup to the Hell his death shall bring.

I also agree that Mabus is NOT the beast of Revelation 13. Note I say "beast" and not "antichrist." It was actually prophets like St Hildegard, Melanie Calvat, and Nostradamus who popularised the term "antichrist", and not the Bible. Some prophets simply call him "the inhuman monster" and other appellations.

The OT prophet Daniel made it clear to me in his Chapter 11 prophecy that there will be many figures to come whom we might call "antichrist." The king of Persia is one. The king of the south (of which there are several) and the king of the north (of which there are also several mentioned) are both antichrists, for example. At one point, a southern antichrist is at war with the northern one. Nostradamus tells us these two thoroughly evil men will be engaged in a contest to see which one of them can spill the most blood and redden the sea.

Yet neither will survive. Even a third northern king, "the raiser of taxes," yet another antichrist, will not survive.

But in his estate will come a prince knowing dark sentences who will seek the realm. Seven kings will bow down to him; three will not. In Daniel 8 he is called "the little horn." And he will destroy the three kings who will not pledge their allegiance to him and take their lands.

This is a warlike man, a military man. He may also be of royal blood. And he is also political. He craves the power of a monarch, a universal monarch.
He has no interest in occupying a tiny room in the Vatican and playing the role of a great religious leader. He wants the power that comes with running a nation and an empire.

You atre closer to the truth of who the beast is when you say Prince William than when you say, in your more recent letter, that it is Benedict pontiff emeritus.

He will not be the pope.

Can a pope be a false prophet? That is possible. But do not discount other religions, especially new age ones that suddenly become popular and go global like the Moonies did.

According to Nostradamus the truly final pope of all time will be celebrated almost as a demigod, but people will soon tire of him and he will then be largely ignored and leave the palaces of the Vatican and the Bibles to be burned, going off alone to some desolate retreat, forlorn and sad. Then Antichrist shall be the infernal prince.

Prince William as the beast? Since he married Kate Middleton this is beginning to look less and less likely. Surely the wife of the beast would have been acknowledged in the Book of Revelation. Now she is pregnant. When the child is born, will it be the son of the beast or the daughter of the beast?

Daniel says the beast will have nothing to do with women, will not care for their attentions. He will be so self-loving he will exalt himself above all human affections.

Can such a person marry and have children???

Personally, I do not believe the beast has revealed himself yet or been revealed by events or other people. But, if he is to become known, I think it will be next year, in 2014.

Assuming, of course, that we are truly living in the final days of Tribulation ... if we are in the Book of Revelation at all, I don't think we have yet moved beyond the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. We may soon see the third seal opened, and the famine and hunger and disease that will attend its opening .. then will come the pale horse and Death shall be its rider, and Hell shall follow with him ...

Kind regards,


Emeritus Pope is Peter The Roman and Pope 112


Subject: Emeritus Pope is Peter The Roman and Pope 112
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Date: Thursday, March 14, 2013 10:55 PM
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Emeritus Pope is Peter The Roman and Pope 112
"And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes into perdition. And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength to the beast."
The False Prophet is the new "Pope" and the old and only Pope Benedict is the Antichrist. Benedict was Malachy's Pope 111. Well something that has never happened and is against the rules is Benedict changed his name to Emeritus Pope. Changing titles makes him a new Pope IMO. Emeritus Pope is Peter The Roman and Pope 112. The "New" false Pope is Bergoglio, Who Will Be Pope Francis. Cant have two reining Popes at the same time....Thats why the "NEW" Pope asked his flock to pray for him. He knows he will be serving the Antichrist. The lightening strike at the Vatican IMO possessed Benedict making him the Antichrist. He is the 7th King and the 8th King IMO. The New Pope will serve him. He asked people to pray for him. He will pray with Emeritus Pope AKA Peter The Roman today and swear oath to him...The 10 Kings don't have their power yet. I expect leaders of 10 nations soon to come to the Vatican for 1 hour and pledge allegiance to the Church and the antichrist. He will give them their power.
* * * * *
Hi Chris,

No, Benedict is not the beast. The pontiff emeritus, or the pope for that matter, are not political warrior types.

You were closer with the Prince William idea, although I think events are making him less and less likely a candidate as well, irregardless of the "bloodline."

Yes, the Pope or pontiff emeritus could be the false prophet (or else an archetype for one).

So could the head of any global religion. The Moonies were always a possibility ... until Moon died. There are new age religions gaining in popularity.

I don't think the false prophet is yet revealed. Nor the beast.

Kind regards,




Subject: Pope
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 5:54 AM
Size: 2 KB

Love the site, very intriguing! Just a brief observation, could Benedict XVI be the pope that "flees" the Vatican? Since he is quiting and turning his back on it? Just a thought.
* * * * *
Hi Jason,

That's a good question!

The reason it is is because Comet PanSTARRS is supposed to become very bright in the northern hemisphere beginning March 1. The Pope officially resigns on February 28, but there will be no pope afterwards until one is elected. That election process won't begin until at least March 9 or 10, maybe not till March 15 (when last I checked, news reports were saying the the conclave may begin sooner than March 15, like March 9 or 10, but nothing for certain).

It is entirely possible a new pope will not actually be elected and installed into office until Easter, March 31. That means, depending on your point of view, that March will largely be a month without a pope, or a month that will still have Pope Benedict's "brand" on it, even though he will have resigned. And maybe the resignation date itself may even be moved to sometime in March, one never knows.

Comet PanSTARRS is supposed to reach its brightest on March 10. Astronomers are currently warning that PanSTARRS may wimp out at magnitude 3, still bright enough to be seen away from the glare of city lights, but hardly a major comet. How a comet looks at magnitude 3 is hard to predict ... the size of the comet and distance also figure. Some magnitude 3 comets cannot be seen except in real country dark. Others can be seen quite easily from the suburbs.

The point is: what if PanSTARRS becomes a lot brighter than expected? Astronomers are also warning it could go into outburst or become more radiant after passing the sun, and become a major comet as originally believed.

If PanSTARRS is the comet ("great star") that burns for seven days and nights as described by Nostradamus, it is possible that the retired Pope Benedict will leave Italy rather than move to the papal summer residence at Castel Gandolfo in Lazio. But conditions of global war would likely have to occur at this time ... and I doubt there is enough time for all that to happen.

The comet in question is much more likely to be Comet ISON, which astronomers are predicting will be the brightest comet in all of history. It begins to be seen in the northern hemisphere in the second half of November 2013, and will remain an easy to see naked eye object throughout December and January 2014, before fading from view in February 2014. Thus, this comet is more likely to be applied to the Pope in office at that time ... either the next pope elected or else his successor.

I believe there will be three popes this year, the soon-to-retire Benedict XVI being the first of the three, which means the next pope will have a short reign and will be murdered or assassinated. I believe this second pope of 2013 will be the Archbishop of Milan, Angelo Scola.

Then, and I have projected this for October of this year or earlier, his successor, the third pope of 2013, will be elected. That pope may be the one who leaves the Vatican when Comet ISON is at its brightest. I truly believe that, if events currently underway remain unchecked, by that time World War III will be upon us and forces from space and spiritual beings from other dimensions will unleash additional horror on our world. Sometime between November 2013 and February 2014, the passage of Comet ISON, may come the "three days of darkness" of prophecy.

Hopefully this scenario will not happen. But the opportunity for such a scenario presents itself. But like most opportune events, it can be prevented. But I do think the next pope elected will be murdered and a third pope elected in the fall.

Kind regards,



St. Malachy/Mindy McCready/Lady Gaga


Subject: St. Malachy/Mindy McCready/Lady Gaga
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Date: Monday, February 18, 2013 9:37 PM
Size: 4 KB
Dear Michael,
How are you doing?

Recently sent you an email (McCartney/Sandy Hook) with several additional music links. Should come up with some new tracks soon.

Hey... Heard about St. Malachy and his prophecy?

His predictions start with the 167th Pope, Celestine II. Pope Benedict XVI, the 267th Pope, was the 111th Pope of his prophecy. All his mottos regarding each one of those Popes were accurate. According to his prophecy, the next Pope could be Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman) and lead to the final dismantlement and destruction of the Roman Catholic Church. What do you think?

Also, the very tip of St. Peter's Basilica got struck with lightning hours after the Pope's resignation... Coincidence?

Country singer Mindy McCready died due to an apparent suicide. She had reportedly attempted suicide on two occasions before and her boyfriend had committed suicide just last month...

Could she be the blonde singer you said could die in 2013? Singer Jenni Rivera did die last December 9th.

Went to Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way Ball'! Got floor tickets. It was awesome! Very long and original concert... A great mixture of pop, dance, acoustic and rock.

I'm glad I got to see the 'Born This Way Ball' live, especially since all remaining shows have been cancelled! Gaga explained she'd been dealing with severe joint inflammation for weeks but hid it from her team. It was first announced 3 shows would be postponed but then revealed she needed hip surgery and the remainder of the tour would be cancelled...

Also, not one but 2 different psychics, astrologer Rodrigo Rodriguez Ardila and psychic Michael Hayek, forsaw death for Lady Gaga in 2013.

Psychic Michelle Whitedove predicted turmoil and possible suicide for Lady Gaga in the coming years...

What do you think?

After 86 public acts of contrition in 2012 (2 of the 88 concerts were shortened), I think Madonna's more than safe. :)

Best regards,

* * * * *
Hi Israell,

If you have read my pope prophecy page and recent update on the Second Home page, you would know I do not agree that Malachy's mottos have been attributed to the proper popes. This is because 9 of them were applied to ANTIPOPES, not actual popes, and Malachy intended these mottos to be applied to legitimate popes.

Therefore, we have to the roll the list back nine popes. Thus, John Paul II was not Labour of the Sun, but Cross of Crosses, and Benedict XVI was not Glory of the Olive, but Light in the Sky. Two major comets were seen in 2007, McNaught and Holmes, Comet Pan-STARRS just became visible to the naked eye on the day the pope announced his resignation, later that night another light from heaven, a bolt of lightning, struck the dome of St. Peter's basilica. Four days later a light brighter than the sun appeared over Russia in the form of a large meteorite explosion and inpact. Benedict is still the Pope until he resigns February 28 (at that time Pan-STARRS will start becoming very bright, becoming its brightest in mid-March, while the enclave is busy electing the next pope).

The next pope will therefore be Ingis Ardens (Burning Fire) ... not good as we seem to be headed for World War III.

Back in 2008 I warned that Mindy McCready would attempt suicide in 2010. She did, she overdosed, but survived. My prediction for that year was fulfilled. At that time I said if she tried it again she would die.

Then I predicted a country diva would die violently in April 2012. Ten months later than I projected, this month, Mindy McCready died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. PREDICTION FULFILLED on all counts. It's too bad, but I guess it was only a matter if time.

Another blonde, an actress this time, will likely commit suicide this autumn. It is possible, rather than an actress, it will be a singer. That could be Lady Gaga.

There is also the question of the next Dana Plato ... someone who started her career as a child (like Lindsay Lohan, for example).

Events are happening so fast I can hardly keep up pointing out the ones I predicted. And I have more predictions to post for this year, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Kind regards,



Peter the Roman


Ivan M.
Subject: Peter the Roman
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, February 16, 2013 9:11 PM
Size: 6 KB
http://raptureintheairnow.com/one-world-religion/is-the-last-pope-now-here-peter-the-roman-aka-cardinal-tarcisio-pietro-bertone )

There just happens to already be a Cardinal of high rank with Peter as his middle name. This Cardinal is Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone. Pietro is the Italian name for Peter. This cardinal is now serving as the Vatican's Secretary of State. He is 78 years old and he is Italian/Roman. He has been a Cardinal for the past 10 years.

* * * * *
Hi Ivan,

I believe that the issue of whether or not the next pope is really 'Petrus Romanus' may in itself set off a great schism in the Church. Clearly one faction believes Malachy's list of popes has been fulfilled to the letter but for the last pope. But there are others who hold that there will be an indeterminate number of popes in between 'Gloria Olivae' and 'Petrus Romanus.'

And I am sure there are those who are realistic enough to realise that Malachy would never have included the 9 antipopes in his list to whom the Vatican wrongly applied 9 mottos intended for 9 popes. This is the reason I believe the list must be rolled back by 9 mottos so that Pope John Paul II becomes 'Crux de Cruce' ('Cross of Crosses') rather than 'De Laboris Solis,' and Benedict XVI becomes, not 'Gloria Olivae,' but 'Lumen in Caelo' ('Light in the Sky' or 'Light in the Heavens').

One can easily see that view with a comet that is to become very bright throughout the month of March entering the edge of naked eye visibility on the morning of February 11, the day Benedict announced his intention to resign. Later that night, lightning struck the dome of St Peter's basilica. Four days later, the "light" (bright as the sun at one point) of a large meteorite exploded above a Russian city, then impacted as another "light", an asteroid, passed the earth.

Remember, Benedict is still the pope, and will be through February 28. That means all this phenomena with bright light from the heavens is applied to him, not his successor. As to what happens during the nearly one month there is no pope at all, possibly all the way to Easter, March 31, while an enclave is selected to vote for a new pope, I don't know. Should Comet Pan-STARRS in March be applied still to the resigned Benedict? I would say "yes" since there is no other personage to which it can be applied until the name of the elected one is made public.

I believe Angelo Scola, the Archbishop of Milan and former Patriarch of Venice, will be the Italian elected. Will they say he is 'Petrus Romanus?' Some will suggest this, yes. The reaction to this, in turn, will be the sophistry aimed at him by non-Catholics that he is the false prophet.

You and I know of course that the real false prophet is a certain Syrian Jewish rabbi.

And indeed, in reality, the next pope will actually be 'Ignis Ardens' ('Burning Fire'). I do not think he will live long and yet another pope will be elected before this year ends (making 2013 a Triple Pope year like 1978). At which point 'Religio depopulata' ('Religion depopulated') is elected.

These are absolutely horrible mottos for any pope at a time like this. 'Ignis Ardens' suggests a world war and possibly a limited or full-scale nuclear war. It also could refer to fire from an asteroid impact or even Planet X. 'Religio depopulata' escalates the situation to a great depopulation/destruction/devastation of Christians, even worse, mass death worldwide of people of all religions (from war, disease, and famine). 25 months of warfare later, comes the great French pontiff of which there are so many many prophecies, the one whose motto must therefore be 'Fides intrepida' ('Intrepid faith'). Some prophecies state the French pope will restore the Church to what it was in the First Century AD, after the crucifixion of Jesus. After his death, according to some prophecies that take the long view, will reign simultaneously three 'angelic popes' or 'angelic pastors.' Thus it is interesting to find the next pope in line after 'Fides intrepida' is 'Pastor Angelicus' (perhaps he will be the more powerful or popular of the three). I won't continue with the list, that would require more time than I have ...

But you can see how fitting 'Lumen in Caelo' is now to the still Pope Benedict XVI, given recent "light in the sky" phenomena of recent days and that to come at the end of this month and in March (comet, lightning, asteroid, meteorite) and how disturbingly apocalyptic 'Ignis Ardens' and 'Religio depopulata' sound in our time.

I know if you look at the history of how these mottos were applied it might seem otherwise, but then I would find the dazzling "light in the sky" displays of the last five days far more appropriate to Pope Benedict XVI as 'Lumen in Caelo' rather than the tired tale that it was applied to Pope Leo XIII because his coat-of-arms featured a shooting star. It is said Pope Pius was 'Ignis Ardens' because of the Tunguska Event, which no one saw, but the entire world has now seen the Chelyabinsk Event in all its glory and dread.

Anyway, this will get interesting, I think. I suspect a major schism is coming and even the election of not only a legitimate pope, but an antipope. This Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone may well be the antipope one faction of the Church will attempt to push onto the world as 'Petrus Romanus.' Meantime, another faction will elect the true pope, possibly this Angelo Scola I have mentioned.

Kind regards,



Angelo Scola


Subject: Pope
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Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 5:49 AM
Size: 2 KB

Hello, just a little correction; Angelo Scola isn't the Cardinal of Venice anymore. Now he is the Cardinal of Milan.

* * * * *
Hi Emanuele,

Well, at least it places him a little closer to being the pope Nostradamus calls "the Sabine" (Sabinois).

Have any good ideas for a cardinal from the central Apennines or other ancient territories of the pre-Roman era Sabine people ... who would be a contender for pope?



Subject: R: Re: Pope
Priority: Normal
Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 4:22 AM
Size: 3 KB

Hello Mike, good in fact here in Italy, Angelo Cardinal Scola is regarded likely a next Pope
A Cardinal from central Italy? Let me think, Cardinal Ennio Antonelli (President of the Pontifical Council for the Families), Cardinal Giuseppe Betori (Archbishop of Florence) and Cardinal Agostino Vallini (Vicar for Rome) come form central Italian Apennines. But I hope next Pope will be an African.


pope calls for Angelicans to come back


Subject: pope calls for Angelicans to come back
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Date: Sunday, December 12, 2010 3:58 AM
Size: 2 KB

I guess not in time for the wikileaks to paint him the anti-pope
* * * * *
Hi Robert,

Thanks for the info ... seems to bolster my own prediction further about about an Anglican-Catholic merger (ultimately, I suspect the plan is to pull back all the Protestant faiths and create one Church).

"Ancient prophecies" ... those that deal with a future German pope ... seem to be conflicted as to whether he is an antipope or a real pope, even the so-called "great Pontiff" (which Nostradamus suggests is French, not just because he mentions him as coming from "ancient France," which can be applied to other countries like Germany and Belgium, but because he also calls him the "cardinal of France" prior to his election).

In any event, may be best not to bite one's nails. I still think Malachy's list is off by 10 popes because that would mean including 10 antipopes and the extremely short reign of John Paul I in the list, which I doubt he would have done. Thus, we are not anywhere near Glory of the Olive, but 10 or 11 mottos before.



Pope and Muslim ambassadors meeting


----- Original Message -----
mark cane
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2006 3:21 PM
Subject: Pope and Muslim ambassadors meeting

I continue to read your site with great interest. Just two decades back the threat from the Soviet Union seemed unending. Here we are in a new era, with our attention on Islamic fanaticism. Our prophet, Nostradamus foresaw the end of Soviet communism. He also revealed the dangers of Islam, though obscurely.
The recent Islamic rage over the Pope's speech has prompted an offer to meet with Islamic ambassadors in the Pope's summer residence in Castel Gandolfo on September 25th.
An association with key words and phrases in our prophet's quatrains may reveal a possible connection with the impending meeting.

Quarrels and new schisms by the red hats,
When one will have been elected, the Sabine:
They will produce great sophisms against him,
And Rome will be injured by those of Alba.

Pope Benedict is recently elected. The Islamics are producing great arguments, quarrels and schisms over the Pope's remarks. The Pope's summer residence is in Castel Gandolfo. The modern city is built on the ancient site of ALBA Longo, Capital of the SABINE League.

The prophecies as so vague as to make it difficult to interpret fulfillment in advance. It just seems the Pope's stay at the summer residence may be indicated as a time of danger, and thus increased vigilance.

Best regards,

* * * * *
Hi Mark,

I am familiar with this quatrain and have a somewhat different view of it.

Actually, when I read line 2, it very much looks like Nostradamus is saying that the "elected" pope will be a "Sabine": the Sabines were an Italian tribe from northwestern Italy, one of the various tribes that helped settle the Roman empire.

At first glance, I suppose this might not sound particularly revelatory. Most popes were Italian until Pope John Paul II. However, the prophecy specifies what part of Italy he will come from, and, what is more important, helps identify one of a small number of popes remaining until the complete collapse of the Church another 150 years from now. With popes from Poland (JPII, now deceased), Germany (Benedict XVI), and possibly two from France, I think Nostradamus wanted us to know that what is described in the quatrain will happen when an Italian is once again pope.

I also believe that the last line is about an Albanian invasion. It makes sence that a joint Russian-Islamic invasion of Europe might wish to use European Muslims that are in close proximity to Italy to aid in its conquest. Actually what Islamic nation is closest to Italy than ALBANIA? The Albanians, as well as the Kosovar, Presevar, and other Albanians from Serbia and Macedonia, are largely Muslim. Nostradamus also mentions Dalmatia in another quatrain as a base of operations, which is an oblast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea. Apparently missile attacks will be launched against Rome from Croatia. Who would do that? Right next door to Croatia is Bosnia, a nation of Bosniak Muslims. The Bosniaks, in a new Balkans war, may one day overrun Croatia, and prepare it as a base for Iranian and Arab actions against Italy, whilst the Albanians from Albania, Serbia, and Macedonia actually launch attacks inside Italy.

I also do not think Nostradamus would use both Sabine and Alba in the manner he does if they are to refer to the same thing, unless a Sabine (NW Italian) pope is injured by his own league (The Sabines of Alba Longo). That would remove any Islamic element and simply portend a new schism in the Church when the Holy See is occupied once again by an Italian.

Having said that, there is still a possibility you may be right about some sort of diplomatic injury (or real injury) to the Papacy by Islamics at Castello Gandolfo, formerly Alba Longo (that is if the ambassadors don't turn down the Pope's invitation to meet there). However, there still must be division in the ranks of the Vatican heirarchy first (quarrels, schisms, sophisms) since the "red hats" are obviously the cardinals. Thus far, there has been no sign of quarreling amongst those in the Vatican. And only two days remain until September 25 for such internal discord to be aroused (unless the schism happens on the same day the Muslims injure Rome).

However, if this does happen, new schisms form, the Vatican sets to quarelling, and some sort of diplomatic or real injury to the Papacy occurs at Castello Gandalfo by Islamic ambassadors or radicals, I will still consider Nostradamus to be in error about line 2, because that is definitely a line identifying the nationality of one of the latter days popes as a Sabinois (NW Italy).

Also, another quatrain says this same pope who is plagued by the Albanois will only reign seven months and then die tragically. Benedict XVI has reigned sixteen months, more than twice as long.

Still, like the Mabus quatrain, which I believe has been partially fulfilled twice already, this year and in 2001, the quatrain you present could likewise be partially fulfilled in two days time (injurious discussions at Castello Gandolfo, but no schisms amongst the cardinals, or everything in the quatrain being fulfilled but the pope's true nationality).

But the day will come when it shall be entirely fulfilled in the worst possible way: an Albanian attack on Italy during the European phase of WW3 (or WW4) when the Church is schismatic and an Italian from NW Italy is pope.

This trouble with Benedict XVI and the Muslims is a perplexing one for those of us who understand prophecy. The outbreak of animosity of Muslims against the power centre of Christianity, Rome, is not surprising. It is to be expected according to most relevent prophecies. Unfortunately, none of the specific prophecies at our perusal conforms to anything that is being planned or is happening. Perhaps, in a convoluted way, 5.46, the quatrain you have presented, may be one that will, at least partially anyway.

But many people believe the Pope is going to be murdered. I have to confess that I find that an irresistable conclusion as well. As it is, according to my base 7 system, there is incredible danger to the pope between August and November 2006, and that prediction has been on my site for quite a while. Yet, he is not going to be visiting a city in Turkey noted for being watered by two rivers (neither Istanbul nor Ankara are watered by TWO rivers). Nor is he to be hiking up any holy mountains at Ephesus in search of a notable corkwood cross at the top (ruins of the temple of Diana he may find though). If he is killed at Castello Gandolfo on September 25 that could be applied to the quatrain of a great pope who dies in Rome (which most believe was Pope John Paul II). The problem with it having been JPII or it being Benedict XVI is that there also must be a naked eye comet visible near Ursa Minor. There was none last year, and despite all the hype concerning Comet 73P (Schwassmann-Wachmann) this year, it was not seen by hardly anyone save through a telescope or, in some lucky cases, binoculars. 2002's Comet Ikeya-Zhang was much brighter than 73P, and for a much longer period of time, yet a lot of people, including myself, couldn't even see that. As things stand for the average person, the last truly visible naked eye comets remain Hale-Bopp in 1997 and Hyakutake in 1996. For the Aussies and New Zealanders it was Linear A2 in 2001.

Maybe the problem is that everyone is rushing things. Just because the Muslim world has become outraged at the pope and some Al Qaeda have discussed killing him doesn't mean death for the pope is imminent. It may take six months, a year, or longer before the right conditions occur that will also conform to prophecy.

Nevertheless, in the meantime, I will be interested in what happens on Monday.



Benedict in Istanbul


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 5:28 AM
Subject: Benedict in Istanbul

Benedict is due to visit Istanbul later this year. He is of course now hated in the muslim world for his reference in a speech that Islam is spread by violence.

Istanbul is in a part of Turkey renowned for its roses, rose oil and fragrances.

Istanbul is also at the confluence of the Bosphorous connecting it to the Black Sea and the Dardanelles that connect the Sea of Mamara to the Aegean. True these are not rivers but they have the imagery of rivers.

If you have been to Istanbul there are old Byzantine ruins scattered around including the old city walls - indeed a half ruined city.

Perhaps Benedict should cancel his trip to Istanbul.

* * * * *
Hi DW,

The moment this all began, I wondered about the Pope's trip to Turkey and if it in any way could be linked with Quatrain 2.97 or with the Third Secret of Fatima.

By the way, he is also supposed to visit two other places during his visit: Ankara and the ancient city of Ephesus. You might know something about either of these beyond anything I found out. If so, let me know.

Unfortunately, when Nostradamus says the city will be "watered by two rivers" I doubt he could have mistook the Dardanelles strait or the Black Sea for rivers.

Truly, Istanbul is only "watered" (and divided) by the Bosphorus River.

Nostradamus had an excellent model for a city watered by two rivers in his own country: Paris. Also, Rome itself is watered by two rivers. Technically, with all my warnings about Baghdad, it is not really watered by two rivers either. Only the Tigris runs through the city. However, because of Iraq's renown as the "land between two rivers," I felt that one should consider the potential double meaning in the last line in that singular case.

Yes, Nostradamus could have made a mistake in perception, but I don't think so.

As for the ruins, I thought of those too. But there is more: in this city of ruins the pope steps over the corpses of many slain people and blesses them. Istanbul is not currently littered with bodies on its streets. War has not touched it, although terrorism has.

Perhaps he will visit Istanbul at a time when terrorists strike in the heart of the city?

But then, he would also be on his way to a steep, holy mountain after passing through Istanbul, one with a notable cross at the top, and I don't know what that would be. Not Ephesus.

It really feels as though we are forcing both the Nostradamus quatrain and the Third Secret of Fatima to get them to correspond to Istanbul. But perhaps one of them might work with Ankara? Are there two rivers watering that city?

The two rivers do not have to be large and famous, they need only be rivers to qualify.

Of course, Pope John Paul II visited Turkey and nothing happened (but he was not under a threat of death either).

Perhaps the reason this is just not working out is because, perhaps, the Vatican will call off the pope's trip.

There are other quatrains regarding the Vatican and Turkey, but they portend danger for an important cardinal being taken hostage and about a delegation of cardinals running into a crisis enroute to Turkey. Nothing really about the pope, though.

The Pope need not travel to Turkey to die, in any event. He could die or be killed right in Rome for that matter, especially if there is a comet visible.

At the moment, however, I think it would be simply common sence, under the current circumstances, if the Pope called off the trip to Turkey himself.



Pope Benedict the Last Pope?


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2006 2:13 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Correction

Hi mike,

i saw on your second home page today, that islamic extremists want to punish the pope for his muslim views. About a week ago i watched another one of the history channel's programs about prophecies. You know the prophecy of 111 popes. Well it seems that the 111th pope might be the last or the second to last pope: Pope Benedict.

"Saint Malachy

Talking about Joseph Ratzinger the new pope, St Malachy as we all know (!), prophesied that he is the penultimate pope:

No 111 - Gloria Olivae (The Glory Of The Olive).

According to Malachy, after Ratzinger (now known as Benedict XVI), there is only supposed to be one more Pope before 'The terrible judge will judge his people' - or Armageddon, doomsday, judgement day etc.

Well, the way the world is going, this isn't too hard to believe unfortunately. However, there is much evidence that St Malachy only actually predicted 111 Popes in total. It's possible the 112th Pope was bolted on after the 1820 publication of Malachy's writings. (This could be for any number of reasons....)

If this is true, then the new German Pope Ratzinger could well be the last Pope before all these fun and games are over."

It fits the description of the 3 secret of fatima. Mike i think this is indeed the last pope. After all if the vision of the 111 popes and the the third secret of fatima, share a common end to the circumstances and demise of the catholic church. It is a part of the coming of the antichrist to world war table. And i think we both agree that the 3rd anitcrist as a person will emerge from the middle east. This antichrist, will drive out the forces (us and colonial) of the midle east. invade eastern europe, until the violence has spread in europe, the war will not begin. But Russia allied with Iran are on a page further than the world is, when it comes to planning. When the misery of the war spreads to the balkans, then this will be the confontation between the east and the west, yet once again. World war 3 will emerge from where world war 2 ended. What's for sure is that all world wars have started in europe, coinicidence? Can you imagine the religious effect on christian catholics if the catholic , vatican is destroyed. What i think, is that the vatican and the catholic church already know that the beggining of the end is near for them. This is the start of a new millenium, a new age, a new religion, and there is no room for the superstitions, lies, and trickery that exists today. This upcoming battle will be in the nature of good vs evil. If you will the froces of light against darkness. However angels will not fight the war but we will.

What however may be more important is if there is a conspiracy in the vatican, and even above those men. I do not doubt for a second that the vatican is intermingled with the world elite. They have been infact for a long while. The religion of the catholic itself is a blasphemy to more orthodox believers. What I am saying is that, the catholic vaticans probably know that they don't have much time left. I am sure they are very afraid of the St Malachy prophecy as well. I also believed that the end of the present age (before ww3) is carefully calculated by the world elite. I believe the wars today, economic faults, and diseases are all enginnered as a part of a plan to elimnate 'useless' lives. In fact, they must have been engineered for a long time. What is most important however, is that the Elite know about Nibiru, and it's impending encounter with earth. I believe these rulers of our planet if you want to call them, have already prepared and are waiting for the planet's arrival. This is the presentation of the big show. Not only will nature punish us but the power greedy rulers we have on earth today will help with the elimination of human lives.

time will tell
But one thing's for sure. History repeats itself.
* * * * *
Hi Kris,

Unfortunately, by embracing Malachy's list of 111, and concluding that Benedict XVI is indeed the 111th and last for all time, you ignore all of Nostradamus' prophecies concerning some 10 future popes (for future is what they must be since they bear no resemblance to past popes).

If Benedict is killed or dies, and there are no more popes, then what happens to the "great Pontiff" who is supposed to support the "great Monarch" from France after World War III? This is not merely a prophecy found in Nostradamus ... it appears in hundreds, maybe thousands, of prophecies from Europe since the time of Merlin (and even before that).

What happens to the Sabine pope (northwestern Italy) who must die in Rome during Albanian attacks on Italy? What happens to the pope "from ancient France" who wins an election against a candidate from Spain (or Central or South America)? I won't list the others, you know you can find them all discussed on Nostradamus NOW Archives 1 at

I mentioned before that the Catholic Church included ten antipopes in Malachy's list of popes. Malachy didn't authorise this to be done. He couldn't since he was dead. The Church took it upon itself to include the antipopes in his list of 111.

Why would they do such a thing? Really it is hypocritical.

On the one hand the Catholic Church brands ten men as "antipopes" because they do not recognise them as legitimate popes. That is what is means to be an antipope. It does not mean that antipopes are "evil popes," it simply means they are men with a smaller following than the actual reigning pope claiming to be pope without the authority to do so. These antipopes often reign at the same time as legitimate popes or reign temporarily during a schism in the Church (again without authority).

So, again, on the one hand the Catholic Church brands ten men after Malachy's death as "antipopes" because they do not recognise them as legitimate popes.

Then, on the other hand, they add these ten illegitimate antipopes to Malachy's list of 111 popes.

Why? Certainly not because Malachy wanted it that way.

I think they did it to assure that by the end of the millenium, by the year 2000, there would be close to 111 popes having reigned. The Catholic Church has always insisted that the end of the world would come as early as the second half of the 20th Century or at least by 2000.

Think about that, and think about all the Nostradamus prophecies of popes who have not yet reigned, including the "great Pontiff" that many many prophets also have predicted will follow World War III.

If I have a choice, I'll go with Nostradamus over Malachy.

Yes, it is true: as far as we and 2/3 of humanity are concerned, World War III and the catastrophes that Nibiru will bring may as well be the end of the world.

However, no European prophet declares World War III will be Armageddon. Most prophets of the last 1800 years say there will be less people on the planet and that they will rebuild and that a new Church age will begin. The true antichrist (the beast of Revelation), Armageddon, and the Second Coming are still farther away in the future. It is why if you read any prophecy about World War III (or invasion of Europe by the East), that in the aftermath you have 1) a period of mob rule, continued war, and revolution in Spain, France, and Italy 2) the rise to power of the great Monarch and great Pontiff, both from France 3) and finally a great peace where the Church is once again in its pristine power.

Most prophecies "trail off" there, but some continue on for a considerable length before the Antichrist (beast) arrives ...

Don't confuse Nostradamus' "third antichrist" with the Bible's "the beast," they are not the same thing.

Where is the "third antichrist" in the Bible? Although he is not called "the third antichrist", he is the same person who appears as the conqueror on a white horse whose entire purpose is to conquer and destroy at the beginning of the Book of Revelation (the first oif the four horsemen, which is to say the first seal). He is also the Persian conqueror that appears at the beginning of Daniel's long prophecy of the future in his Chapter 11. He is also discussed in Daniel's Chapter 8.

I know it is difficult to believe, but the world will become a much worse place AND a much better place than it is now ... and that switchover between the two will continue for another 236 years finally ending the way the Bible says it shall.



Pope Benedict's remarks
----- Original Message -----
To: mmcclellan@adelphia.net
Sent: Saturday, September 16, 2006 8:03 PM
Subject: Pope Benedict's remarks

Dear Mike,

Do you think the Pope's comment about Islam that he made in Germany is the begginning of the fufillment of Quatrain 2.97.
* * * * *
Hi Zachary,

It may or may not be.

I checked out Turkey, where he is to visit November 28-December 1, and neither Istanbul, Ankara, nor ancient Ephesus (the three cities he will be visiting) are "watered by two rivers" or even situated between two rivers.

Turkey will one day be a deadly place for a major cardinal, and for a group of cardinals as well, according to Nostradamus, but no mention of the Pope being in danger there.

The time of the Rose (if late spring and early summer are intended) is virtually over as we approach autumn on September 21. By the time of the late November trip, it will definitely be long past the time of the Rose. However, if "The Rose" means a resurgent interest in or focus on the late Princess Diana, moreover an actual worshipping of Diana, that is an event that could still happen at anytime, even late November.

I would also point out that the Pope will be visiting ancient Ephesus whilst in Turkey, which contain the ruins of the Temple of Diana, the pagan goddess (and I believe a day will come when the ancient goddess Diana and the late princess Diana will become regarded as the same personage).

Otherwise, I would say Quatrain 2.97 can only apply to the current Pope if he visits a city watered by two rivers during late spring or early summer of 2007 if Muslim hatred for him is still running high.

Could the Pope be killed in Turkey even if Nostradamus didn't predict it?


My base 7 prediction shows danger of death for the current pope during August-October 2006 on page 2006 (Part Two). Late November 2006 is close enough to that vector.

And, of course, he need not go to Turkey for it to happen during the current August-October 2006 period. It could happen right in Rome itself.



Some Research


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2006 11:15 PM
Subject: Some Research

Dear Mr. Mcclellan,

I enjoy your site for a few years. I'm interested in a lot of prophecy and stuff like that. I have some comments with reserch I do for at least for myself.
I think Quatrain 2.97 is about what happened already with Pius VI and Napolean.
Roman Pontiff beware of your approaching,
Of the city where two rivers water,
Your blood you will come to spit in that place,
Both you and yours when blooms the Rose.
Also on your theory that St. Malachy didn't recognize John Paul I. If St. Malachy talked about the anti-popes (I know you don't think Malachy talked about them either) he forgot about anti-pope innocent III (1179-1180). He had a short reign, so St. Malachy could have skipped him just as much as John Paul I.
I read in one of the emails you talked about not knowing of a nephew of a pope. Well I read that the true Pope Innocent III was nephew of Pope Clement III, Innocent III had a nephew, Pope Gregory IX. Gregory's nephew, Pope Alexander IV. I understand that some of these popes were before Nostradamus, but I still found it interesting.
Thanks and keep it up.
* * * * *
Hi Joseph,

The big problem I have with the idea that the death of Pius at Valence in 1799 pertains to Quatrain 2.97 is the wording in line 4. I know it may sound like a small thing, but it yields larger questions. The wording "both you and yours."

Pius was the ONLY one to die bleeding from the mouth (from gastric enteritis). Where are the others who would likewise die with him in the same fashion? It does say "Both you and yours." "Yours" suggests that other people will be with the pope and meet the same fate. Pius died alone.

Now, this little phrase yields a larger picture when we look at the prophecy in The Third Secret of Fatima. There we are presented with a scenario where the Pope AND his fellow clergymen and clergywomen (bishops, priests, nuns, etc) are all murdered under a hail of bullets by soldiers.

Contrary to what was said when the secret was released in 2000, this prophecy has never been fulfilled. Pope John Paul II was the only one wounded (and not killed). No other priests, bishops, nuns, officers, etc who were with him were also shot.

So, we have two similar prophecies, neither of which were fulfilled to the letter. Only Pius died at Valence, no one else (as indicated by "both you and yours"). Only John Paul II was shot, no one else (as indicated by mention in the Third Secret of many others following along with the Pope also being shot).

Thanks for the additional information. I didn't know about the extra antipope nor the nephews. But I must ask of these nephews: were any murdered?? This is what Nostradamus says shall happen: that the nephew of "the great Pontiff" will be clubbed to death by a band of cardinals led by one who will become a pope.

Intruiging stuff, eh?

Thanks for visiting my site and for your support.



The Antipopes


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2006 9:56 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Air assault

Hi Mike,
I am just watching about the 3 secrets of Fatima, and wonder how are they so accurate and detailed, about the 2nd W.W.
The 3 rd secret however is no secret at all. It's obvius that it's about the last vatican pope. You already know that. However, i think that you doubt yourself wrongly if you dismiss the Anti-popes who lived in in the 13th 14th century period. They are the ones included in the prophecy! Why?
It's the only logical explanation. If God, indeed gave an accurate vision to this prophecy, he must have foreseen all of time (which includes the wicked, heretic, and autonomous popes through the centuries. This is the whole point of the popes.. Just because the pope is corrupted by evil doesn't mean that he is not to be counted in the prophecy, indeed, we are hinted that today, At the End Times, the last Pope will fall under the power of evil, it's what the prophecy is all about!

God has shortened the second Coming pf Christ and his Angels. It has already started! You're not going to see Jesus or any angels descend from the skies however. Jesus and his angels, have already descended into the bodies of the faithful, and they will be the ones, who will start the new world, after Satan is defeated.

Churches today gather the sheep to preach on them when Jesus will return??? This is rubbish! Jesus has always been with us, he is with the faithful, he is the Holy Spirit of God. Not a magical fairie, or Alien or an Angel as people would like to think . No, only kids who watch the disney channel can believe in this.

The truth is much more shocking then we realize, it's all coming together now. Now is not the time to stop feel sorry for ourselves. It is at this time precisely where we have to stop, think, and use the greatest power of the Universe, love, for it, and it it's beings, and remain faithful with the true power of Christ within. Only then will the war stop, and evil be defeated.
* * * * *
Hi Kris,

It is not over concerns such as "evil" that I have put forth the theory that the antipopes might not have been considered in Malachy's vision.

For one thing, understand that all an "antipope" actually is is a person who is claiming the title of pope, but is not elected or recognised by the majority of the College of Cardinals. He is not "evil." Indeed, he may be a very good man, a better person, perhaps, than the real pope. He is simply ruling without the authority to do so. Often these antipopes reigned at the same time as the legitimate pope.

Malachy foresaw an orderly procession of 112 popes, one man following after the other. But how could this be when there were two, even three, men ruling at the same time? The Catholic Church is responsible for crediting these antipopes as part of the succession, not Malachy. If you look at a list of the popes at the time there were so many antipopes, you will see it was one hell of a mess!

Anyway, at the risk of repeating myself, it is the Catholic Church that has declared that those men who had no legitimate right to reign as pope were "antipopes." So I must ask, why the same Catholic Church that does not recognise the authority of these men allowed each of them to appear in Malachy's list of future popes? It is a contradiction.

My best guess is that the Church knew that if they did not include them, there would be too many popes on the list left yet to reign by the end of the millennium ... and the Church was pushing the idea that the end of the millennium would be the time of the last pope and the Second Coming of Christ.

Yet many early Catholic prophecies contradict this idea as well. St Methodius was one who prophesied the great war that so many later prophets would call the "last war" (what we call World War III, and are likely in at this time). However, in his prophecy, after the great war there would be a peace and the Church would reign supreme once again, only to be followed by another greater war and another Roman emperor (Western leader) ushering in an even larger and greater peace and Church age, followed by a war resulting from the opening of the Gates of North, then a war of Antichrists fighting one another and killing many Christians, followed by the final abomination of the last Antichrist (who St John called "the beast").

Nor was St Methodius alone in this early Christian belief about events after the beginning of the millennium, and I would add that Nostradamus definitely concurs with this same chronology as evidenced in his Epistle to Henry II. I would also say it resembles the events outlined in Daniel's prophecy that is all of his Chapter 11 and the opening verses of his Chapter 12. In later years, after the year 1000 AD, this prophecy of St Methodius and others that shared his view was SEVERELY EDITED or ABRIDGED by "inspired Catholic prophets" so as to portray the great war of the millennium 2000 as the "last war," followed by a seven year peace under a "great monarch" who, dying, will give up his crown in Jerusalem, and is then immediately followed by Antichrist (note that it is a great monarch of France or Germany who reigns seven years, and not the beast whose length of reign is never given in these revised prophecies).

I therefore hold most, but not all, of the Catholic prophecies after 1000 AD highly suspect. The prophecies of St Hildegard, for example, appear to be divinely inspired: there are none other like her prophecies about the Antichrist. I also find the 20th Century European prophets, although somewhat derivative of others since 1000, are too specific and unique to be ignored. You may note that these three in particular, Alois Irlmaier, Erna Steiglitz, and the Seer of Waldviertel (who is still living), see the coming world war as a truly terrible and horrific war, but certainly not Armageddon because they also foresee a HUMAN peace afterwards and a Church age, not the Second Coming of Christ.

But I see from your letter that I have strayed somewhat by discussing the last two paragraphs. The whole point I was trying to make with this discussion is that the Catholic Church has been manipulating divinely insipired prophecy so as to make it fit their view of when end times events shall occur ... and the conventional view since 1000 AD has been that they would begin with the year 2000 AD.

Other prophets do not agree with that view, and neither do I.


From: Mike
Subject: Correction
Date: Sunday, July 16, 2006 8:34 PM

Hi again Kris,

Just one correction:

In the last paragraph of my email I just sent, I said the Catholic Church was manipulating when "end times" would begin. I meant to say, they were manipulating when the seven-year "Tribulation" or the very final seven years of the end times would begin (which for them has been 2000 AD or not long after or before).

As for the "end times" themselves I consider that to have the same meaning as "the latter days": a final age of mankind that may be many decades or even a few centuries long. I believe we are either now in these latter days or shall begin them when Iran's Ahmadinejad declares war (he is the conqueror whose sole purpose is to go forth and conquer who appears as the first seal in the Book of Revelation). When the sixth seal is opened, and everyone on earth must behold God's face on the day of His Wrath (I hold that shall be a single day when Planet X shall take on the appearance of God's face), then everyone will know the latter days are truly begun.

Yet, if you continue to read on after the sixth seal's opening, you can tell immediately that there is some distance to travel before the world reaches the "age of the seventh angel": that being the seventh trumpet that sounds after the seventh seal is opened. And all of this precedes by many years the appearance of the woman in Revelation 12, the war in heaven when Satan and his fallen angels are cast upon the earth (they have freedom to move about in space yet), the two witnesses and their rapture, the great earthquake in the Middle East, and the rise of the beast and false prophet.



My dream symbolizing Pope John Paul II


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, April 01, 2006 3:43 AM
Subject: My dream symbolizing Pope John Paul II

It is the one year anniversary of Pope John Paul's death and I am thinking of him. I had a dream 7 days before he was shot in 1981. My dreams are only symbols and I always get them wrong but after the event occurs, It is as plain as a bell.

I walked into a public restroom and saw a television. It said Special Report and then there was a picture of the word John and then Paul and then a gun. I awoke as I do when it is a dream of things to come. The feeling is like when someone you love has just died, very unpleasant.

I called my husband crying and told him that I was very upset because John Lennon has just died and now Paul is going to be shot too. One week later as I watched TV there was a Special Bulletin. They said Pope John Paul has just been shot. I felt so shocked. Now my dream made perfect sense.

But why did I have to dream it?

* * * * *

Hi Myra,

Good question. I know how you feel.

I had all kinds of premonitions, indications from one Nostradamus quatrain, and a system of determining future events based on the number 7, all of which were leading me to the inescapable conclusion that Princess Diana would die, possibly murdered by someone who was French, in August 1997. I didn't know the exact day, but I knew the month and year.

And it happened ... at a time when I was powerless to do anything about it. I couldn't share my fears with anyone, there was no one to share them with. No time for a book. No computer. No experience yet on the Internet. No way to know how to get my concerns conveyed to her.

Now I have a website ... but even when I am right about something important, it doesn't seem to change anything. And I run into more inaccurate predictions now that I am online than I did when no one knew who the hell I was or what I was doing.


And why did I know so much about what would happen to Diana when I could do nothing about it?

I was in a similar situation, I guess.


Third Secret of Fatima


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, December 30, 2005 10:17 PM
Subject: Third Secret of Fatima

Hi Mike,

I'm just a few pages into your website and have been reading about the Third Secret of Fatima and your speculation that the pope/bishops/religious group will be walking through a city partially destroyed by war.

The translation of what Sister Lucia wrote is:

"Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; "

What if the punctuation in the translation is wrong? Punctuated differently it would read:
Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark. Before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling. With halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way.

(This way of punctuating it seemed right to me as who "half trembles"? You either are trembling or you aren't.)

This then would seem to suggest a city ruined by earthquake that was still experiencing aftershocks.

Perhaps a large earthquake that killed so many that there were still dead in the streets when the Pope felt compelled to visit....or.....the Pope and the others are already IN the city when the earthquake hits.....

Just thoughts. What do you think?


* * * * *

Hi Donna,

It is possible, but that would require that the soldiers who kill the pope and his "bishops, priests, men and women religious" are in the city just by coincidence when the earthquake strikes.

Also, note that a "big city half in ruins" probably has not been attacked by a nuclear weapon, unless it is a metropolis the size of New York or Los Angeles (which by description of the holy mountain and cathedral with cross at top, it cannot be). Also, the Pope and his entourage would be committing suicide walking into a area with lethally-high doses of radiation. Thus, the attack on the city was conventional, possibly half ruined by something like Fuel Air Explosives.

Under those circumstances, invading soldiers may very well be in the city, taking control of the undestroyed portion, rounding up survivors as prisoners of war, and preparing the way for occupation forces that would eventually rebuild the city.

The thing is, the likeliest identity of this city is Avignon in France, based on the peculiar match of the hill called Le Rocher des Doms and the Cathedral Notre Dame des Doms at top. It is the best match I have seen so far to the holy mountain and Cross.

And southern France, including Avignon, will be under military attack when a pope is in hiding there according to Nostradamus, most definitely.




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