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The Conor-McClellan-Christopher Visions of Holocaust in 2002



UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Summit city - twilight, with comet
Summit city - sky reddened with fire



IMPORTANT NOTE: A March 15, 2001 dream by Conor appears to contradict his October 18, 2000 dream concerning a global holocaust in 2002. After much reflection, I came to the conclusion that his second dream was an indication that the October vision might be a conditional prophecy -- a warning of what might be.

No longer. A more recent vision by psychic Rob Christopher quite definitely supports the February 28, 2002 dating arrived at in my dream. This individual also accurately remote viewed the September 11 terrorist attacks in NYC.

In addition, Nostradamus commentator Mark S Cane corroborates the date with two of the French prophet's sixains.

It appears that a higher power has made the decision.

God Save us all.


Conor (10/18/00):

The American President called an International Convention to address the state of world political affairs and the state of the earth's environment. This man is a man of vision who desperately wants world peace and a cleaning up of the environment. The world convenes in an ancient city and it is the year 2002, I know this clearly as I could read the flags saying Earth Summit 2002.

One country does not join the delegates and every other country condemns this. It was a muslim country because I can see the Sultan of Brunei apologising on behalf of the rest of the Muslim world for this country's abscence.

The summit is underway and the world governments are making good progress. The UN President Kofi Annan declares it to be a success half way through, this is the turning point in the dream.

Then a very bright star appears in the sky and the world proclaims great joy as many believe it was the sign for the second coming of Christ. As the world represented at the ancient city celebrates, the city is rocked by pain, I don't know how to describe that better, everyone was in pain and the city was shaking, the leaders of the world screamed that they were betrayed and that we were in danger of succumbing to greater evil.

The city which I was looking down on erupted into flames and the flame spread across the world. The result was mass devastation but not complete, a few countries remained relatively intact, Ireland Scotland Australia and New Zealand being the most recoverable, all the political leaders are dead and new ones are elected, but the world is weakened and the country that did not attend the summit comes to the forefront as a major aggressor, destroying the superpowers of Europe, China, Russia, and the US, the rest of the world must submit or die. Refugees stream into the countries that were most recoverable and they seem on the verge of collapse.

The last part of the dream was from space, in this part I realised that the bright star was the only hope for the planet that was littered with corpses.



McClellan (1/28/81, 2/23/95):

I am on the balcony of a great tower at nighttime.  I am looking at the sky, looking at something opposite to the moon that should not be there.  It is dark-coloured, purplish, and the size of the moon itself, a bit larger perhaps.  I am growing used to the sight because we have been seeing it for some weeks, but it sends thrills of fear through me just the same.

I go inside.

I climb a long, winding staircase.  At the top is a strange room -- like a huge, medieval library one might find in a monastary.  There is an old woman who keeps the books.  She is involved in the occult, it would seem.

She summons me to an impossibly huge book lying spread opened on a large table.  To lift the book would be difficult, its weight is ponderous.  Each page is very thin, like Bible pages. She says it is the great Book of Death.

Her gnarled finger traces the long lists of tiny print.  One needs a magnifying glass to read it.  Listed are many names, each one with a street address, state or province, country, date of birth, and date of death beside it.

I discover that many of the names have the same date of death.

The date I see written is February 28, a year ending in 2.

Then I awake.



Comments (MM):

This is why I am concerned about Conor's dream.  The universal cataclysm he sees happening in 2002 during the Earth Summit may be the cause of the mass death I beheld in the great Book of Death.  If both dreams are correct, the Summit will begin around the 25th of February 2002, and halfway through it -- on 28 February -- the holocaust will occur. This may be the same holocaust the Vatican watered down and only implied in its release of the Third Secret of Fatima.  The same horror that caused Pope John XXIII to faint with fear.

These dreams may also relate to predictions I have made concerning the appearance of a dazzling and dreadful comet in February 2002, the sudden death of the United States president in March/April 2002 (close enough to February), and the assassination of the Pope in May 2002 in a manner consistent with my interpretation of Quatrain 2.97, the part of the Third Secret of Fatima that was released, and another dream vision related to me by Conor in 1999.

The country that will not join Earth Summit 2002 may be Iran.  I suspect the current leadership will change and cease to be moderate.  I believe the current president of Iran, Mohammad Khatami, will either lose the May 2001 election or will be overthrown in a coup. It will then be like the days of the Ayatollah again, only much worse.  Many will call the future leader of Iran the Antichrist; but he will not be the last.

The star may or may not be a comet. The next vector, based on my numerological calculations, for a potential comet is December 2001-February 2002.  The next potential vector for a visible supernova is February 2001.

It would appear that the city will be subjected to some sort of missile attack -- possibly nuclear or FAE [Fuel Air Explosive]. Another possibility is that this great undoing, first of the city, then much of the world, may be caused by an asteroid collision.  This may be a piece of the comet that breaks away.

Conor and I concur that the city in question may be the same city of the Third Secret of Fatima that is half-destroyed.  If it is the host of the World Peace Summit this might explain why the Pope will feel he must make a pilgrimmage there after its destruction.  If the city is watered by two rivers, I would tend to think that it will be Paris (which will be well in range of an Iranian missile attack by 2002).

Conor believes that if this city is indeed Paris, that the rugged cross upon the holy mountain may be the hill of The Sacre Couer Cathedral, a place which the Pope would most certainly visit. He also says that "the star in the dream was a focal point towards the end of the dream, it at first brought great joy and wonderment as if it were believed to be the sign for the second coming, but then a feeling of dread and fear permeated the dream everytime I observed it..."


I experienced yet another dream, about a week before I received Conor's in the mail. I believe this one may also connect with his dream vision:



McClellan (10/11/00):

I remember that there was a great sense of excitement and spiritual unity of some type and it was positive. There was also a prophecy, one not yet known about at this time, that everyone in the world understood and was awaiting its fulfillment.  There would be a third comet or something celestial, the third in a series according to the prophecy, and when it would appear, most of the people on earth would die.  What was confusing to me was why there was so much celebration of the coming of something that would bring mass death.  I also saw it, but the strange part was that it was usually in the day.  It looked red and not really like any comet I have ever seen. I don't know if such a thing is even possible. There was also a photo of it in the newspaper in my dream.  Each day it grew a bit larger. I cannot recall ever seeing it at night in the dream -- but that doesn't mean I didn't, I just don't remember.  There was no date or year attached to the event that I can recall.



Conor (3/15/01):

I was a delegate at this summit from Ireland, and we were standing at the conference centre waiting for Kofi Annan to officially open it. The object was still far in the sky but visible to everyone there, and it still seemed to offer everyone a sense of wonder. As the UN President was about to open the conference a gunshot rang out across the conference centre, the Presient had been shot. The next part of the dream I remember was leaving the city with my fellow delegates and seeing the banner saying World Summit 2002 being torn down.

I have had the same dream three times, its seems fairly contradictory to me, in fact I hope it is contradictory. Could it be possible that because of the assassination attempt the great fire that I saw in the other dreams my not occur? Also I don't know whether the UN President died from the gunshot, it was unclear in my dream.



Rob Christopher (date of vision: 9/10/01 - appearing in a letter emailed to me on 10/2/01):

I write this to you absolutely shaking in my boots and sick with horror.. I am literally having a very hard time typing this because I can't stop my hands from shaking.

I was reading your website again, with obviously renewed interest, and came upon yours and Conor's predictions for possible nuclear attack of mind-numbing proportions on FEBRUARY 28th 2002.


have been spending the last several months training as a remote viewer, and have had several predictions already come true.  I predicted September 11th literally 10 hours before it happened.

I must tell you about this remote viewing session I had on September 10th.

I asked the light to show me an unprecedented event in the near future that I could cooborate.  It showed me New York City completely covered in smoke and fire.  It filled me with a great sense of sadness, immeasurable loss of life, and absolute shock.  An event that would never be forgotten (by the way, when remote viewing, one gets information in many forms, one of the stronger forms being "emotion").

I asked when this event would happen.  It said "tomorrow".  I did not believe this, but took it at face value.  Needless to say, the next day, 9/11, I would find out that the light was indeed 100% correct.

I then asked the light to show me another catastrophic event.  This time I was given a vision of either Europe or the Middle East/Israel, (I also think it may have been Iraq, but maybe this was to clue me in as to the source of the attack), It appeared as if I was in space looking down at this region. I saw MASSIVE fireballs of nuclear proportions.  Not just one, but SEVERAL. I was given the notion that it was nuclear.  I was also given the notion of "World War III".  I asked the light when this would occur and was given the date of FEBRUARY 28th 2002!!!  (possibly also February 23rd 2002.)

Mike I am stunned that this same vision was also seen by you and by Conor. I am stunned and scared.  I am still shaking off the shock of the WTC attacks (I live 30 minutes away in NJ), and now I am shaking again.  Part of me doesn't even want to live to experience any more of this evil.  I can't imagine anymore of this horrible crap happening again.  I can't imagine that the WTC attacks may in fact be dwarfed in comparison by these cataclysmic events that apparently are going to unfold.

God Bless us all...



Comments (MM):

Rob's remote viewing experience appears to reinforce the date of February 28, 2002.

His aerial view of the Middle East and the fireballs speaks loudly to me. It says this is the MABUS SCENARIO and somehow the assassination of George W. Bush which I have predicted on the 2002 page will be tied in with the great destruction of people and beasts. And America will not be spared -- she will share in the fruits of the great murder witnessed by Rob and the winepress of God's wrath.

Yet America will not be completely destroyed. Many parts will not be attacked at all. A new leader (president?) will emerge who will take his orders from Paris and Rome.

I believe World War III has already begun. But February 28, 2002 may be a catastrophic turning point in the war -- a nuclear turning point when everyone is screaming for the peace. It will come when they desire peace most and the coming comet, they will falsely believe, is the covenant of this peace. But it will be a harbinger of mass destruction.

God save us all.


Rob Christopher (date of contact 10/2/01):

Mike I just wanted to tell you the following:

As I said I am a remote viewer in training.  I spoke today with the person who runs the organization I am training with.

I hadn't yet told him about my vision, but after my correspondence with you I felt the need to..

I started telling him about the first vision I had (of the WTC attack).  I then told him about the vision I had for February 23rd 2002.  To my amazement he immediately replied that he knew about this date!  I asked him what he knew about it, and he said that him and several other people had seen attacks in Jerusalem.  Explosions and the deaths of many.  He said that it appeared the Temple on the Mount would be destroyed.

He told me this before I told him my vision, FURTHER reinforcing what you, Conor and I had.

He said that his date for the event was February 26th.  This is another date discrepancy, as mine was the 23rd and yours was the 28th.  His also seemed to be of a lesser scale attack, but definately something above and beyond a "normal" bombing.  However it does seem that something is bound to happen on February 2X, 2002 ...



Mark S. Cane (10/8/01):

I see you have a third confirmation for the February 28th date for nuclear holocaust. Here's another from Nostradamus:


The year 609 or fourteen,
Old Charon will have Passover on Lent,
Put into the script in 606,
All this evil medicine out of Estonia,
The leader will assign the time in person,
But for certain one or the other will compare. Sixain 28.


Old Charon is the ferryman of the dead. The angel of death will passover during Lent. For 2002, Ash Wednesday is February 13th, and Easter Sunday is March 31st, so, Lent includes February 28th.


Six hundred and six, six hundred and nine,
A Chancellor large as an ox,
Old as the Phoenix of the world,
In this world will shine no more,
He will pass with the ship of oblivion,
To the Elysian Fields to make his round. Sixain 25.


Sixain 25 indicates Paris, at a time former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl (Nostradamus' chancellor big as an ox) is visiting. I believe the years are based on the prophet's Liturgical system. I haven't yet seen a fulfillment of one of these to gain a base from, but, if this one is fulfilled, then 609 probably correlates to 2002.



Rob Christopher (posted to my forum 12/24/01):

Ok I had a few dreams last night that I think revises a little the prophesized events in late February.

My dream started with a warlike situation. Bombs and bombs and more bombs, and much devestation going on. It was in Iraq. It was a newspaper I was looking at. The picture in the article was like a movie, it was a motion picture. The headline was "BOMBS OVER BAGHDAD". The date of the paper was Feb 23rd 2002. I was then told by a voice that this was a precursor to the events described by Mike McClellan for 2/28/02 and also by my RV teacher for 2/25/02.

All these events are *seperate* horrible events that will take place all around the same time in late February.

I also had a dream in which someone was doing cocaine. However his face immidiately became red and blistered and "diseased" by the cocaine he inhaled, and was put in a hospital bed. On his medical sheet, I could see the words "inhalation anthrax". Im pretty sure this is a warning that terrorists will try to use illegal drugs to distribute anthrax. Most likely in the forms of cocaine and also heroin, a big import from Afghanistan.


For what could be a related dream (but hopefully not), visit Dream Window 18.




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