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Jennifer's Vision: Meteor or Asteroid Strike in the Tasman Sea -- Eastern Australia Inundated by Colossal Tsunami


Giant tsunami bears down on city on Australia's eastern seaboard


I have dreamt on many occasions of a large tidal wave wiping out areas of the eastern seaboard of Australia and the feeling is that it is getting closer.

During a plane flight earlier this year, I looked up at the screen where they show a map of where you currently are in your flight, and felt something was going to happen in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand - an impact of some sort.

As far as the Tasman Sea, whenever I go for walks, especially near the city, there are times when I think I see a large wall of water coming towards me. The time is getting closer, I just cannot say when.



Comments (MM):

This would certainly seem to indicate some sort of asteroid or meteor impact in the Pacific. This may be a type of Tunguska event over or on the ocean -- not the major asteroid slam I believe will strike the Mediterranean Sea about the year 2008. What Jennie is describing could well be the cause of the 'universal earthquakes' Edgar Cayce believed would occur in the year 2001 (or later if 'a new cycle begins in 2001' instead). A significant strike anywhere in the so-called Pacific 'Ring of Fire' could have calamitous consequences for planet earth.

The Tasman Sea impact may also be the event that will trigger the universal earthquake of the sixth seal of Revelation (which I also believe is the cataclysm Edgar Cayce predicted). If Jennie's vision is in any way linked to this event then a meteor or small asteroid will hit in just the right spot where the Pacific tectonic plates all meet. The impact could spark worldwide earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and unprecedented tsumani activity.




Dream and Vision 1999-2005 Jennifer B.

Commentary/Interpretation 1999-2005 Michael McClellan




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