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August 28, 1999 -- This dream occurred TODAY


I witnessed scores of men and women in a large room impaling themselves on knives and what appeared to be swords. Most of them appeared to be East Asian -- but whether or not they were Chinese I do not know.

The dream was quite vivid and most disturbing. I awoke gasping in horror as though I had actually been there. Many of the men were actually "falling" upon their knives, face-down on the floor, impaling their abdomens or chests. However, one man ran his knife through his throat. The few women I saw stabbed themselves in a kneeling position, then fell forward on the sword or knife.

After that dream, I experienced another minutes later. I was walking at the head of an investigation, looking into each room in a long hall. The rooms, living quarters perhaps, were empty. The last room appeared empty as well, but when I peered into it and turned my eyes to the left, I saw the bodies. I saw them only for a split second, then awoke with a feeling of unspeakable dread.






This was mass suicide and I felt the people involved were members of an East Asian cult. Could this be the Falun Gong sect in China which the government has been persecuting since July? Or was this some other cult we have yet to be introduced to?



Comments (4/13/00):

As I said in the dream above, "most" of the people seemed East Asian -- but not all. Mixed in were a few people who seemed European. In fact the man whose throat was run through with a knife was at the front of the crowd -- and I could distinctly make out that he had a white complexion and blonde hair. I initially thought perhaps this was an international cult founded in East Asia with most, but not all, of the members being Asian. However, when I heard of the Falun Gong and their troubles, I assumed I was somehow incorrect about the European faces I saw. So I played down the fact that only "most" but not all the victims were Asian and did not mention the blonde-haired man.

This dream was very frantic and hard to follow as I recall. It seemed that the people were impaling themselves, yet it seemed that they were also being impaled by others.

Anyway, now this nightmare makes more sense in the context of two separate events, both which occurred on April 3, 2000. Both involved long swords or knives and even the investigation part of the mass murder in China seems exactly like my dream.



German family hacked to death in China


April 3, 2000 -- NANJING, China (Reuters) -- A German business executive, his wife and two children were hacked to death by burglars who broke into their home in the Chinese city of Nanjing, police and media reports said Monday. Four farmers from a nearby rural community were arrested and confessed to the killings, the newspaper Jiangnan said. The bodies of Jurgen Pfrang, 51, who was with German automaker Daimler Benz AG, and his family were found huddled together in a blood-spattered room on the second floor of their villa in the outskirts of the eastern city, police said. A police spokesman identified the children as a 12-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl. The mother was 39.

The family had been slashed and stabbed repeatedly with long watermelon knives in the attack in the early hours of Sunday morning, police said. The knives have heavy 45 cm (18 in) blades used to hack watermelons into pieces. Pfrang apparently tackled the intruders, and a trail of blood led up the stairs, the newspaper said. It was believed to be the worst violence in recent times against Westerners in China. The newspaper said security guards spotted one of the intruders clambering down a drain pipe from the house. Police were called and surrounded the villa. Three other intruders emerged with their hands up. A spokeswoman for the German Consulate in Shanghai told Reuters: "The Consul General assumes that this is an isolated case that was only made to conceal burglary. There are no indications at all of other motives."


Meanwhile, far to the West:


Police arrest teen accused of killing family with samurai sword

April 3, 2000 -- MADRID, Spain (AP) -- Police in southeastern Spain arrested a 16-year-old martial arts fan Monday for allegedly killing his parents and younger sister with a samurai sword. Police arrested the teen in a train station in Alicante as he and a friend were preparing to travel to Barcelona, said Jose Luis Rico, spokesman for the Alicante police. The search began after police on Saturday, acting on a tip from a friend of the suspect, found the slashed, nude bodies of the teen's parents in their apartment in Murcia, near Alicante. The 9-year-old sister, who suffered from Down syndrome, was dead in the bathtub. Police found a bloodied samurai sword, along with several books on martial arts and Satanism, in another room. Police, who started questioning immediately, did not offer a possible motive for the crime. Results of an autopsy, released to the state news agency Efe on Monday, showed the mother was attacked by surprise and was killed by several savage sword chops to the body. The father tried vainly to defend himself.



The mystery of my dream, for me anyway, appears solved. I made no mention in my dream that some of the victims were nude -- but I will tell you now that they were. The victims were of both sexes. The watermelon knives and samurai sword appear to match the weapons I saw in my dream. The "unspeakable dread" I felt at seeing the huddled bodies in a room at the end of the hall in the investigation dream, even though I knew I would find them there (doubtlessly, because of the blood trail), quite matches the imagery and horror of the report. I would not be surprised to find out that the room was the last one on the left.

There still remains a possibility that what I saw was a cult murder/suicide; however, I suspect the case is now closed.




1999, 2000 Michael McClellan

2000 Reuters and Associated Press



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