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McClellan (October/November 1998) , a dream repeated several times:

I'm driving in an industrial outskirt of a city where there are warehouses and factories. Floating above one of the factories is a long, white metallic structure. With its windows and lights, it almost appears as though it might be a part of the building below it. But the object has a large panel attached to it where the windows and lights are embedded and it is colossal. It is not a part of the building, but something man-made from space -- something that is too close to earth then it should be.

In subsequent dreams I have seen it for what it appears to be -- a space station -- flying low but impossibly slow through the air, sometimes brushing the roofs of houses.



One aspect of dreams is that some elements of them do not occur in what we would consider to be "real time" while others do. If the mind can perceive the crashing to earth of a large body, it will. However, if it cannot, it will instead produce a somewhat more surreal and slower-moving substitute. It doubtlessly depends on a how deep into the REM state a sleeper is when the vision or dream is experienced. In many cases, symbolic imagery is deployed by the brain to help to cushion the potentially violent effects of some dream-based events.

The juxtaposition of something "strange" -- something that belongs in space orbit -- merging with familiar surroundings, in most of these instances, is probably as close to the crashing of a large space station -- such as the ISS or Mir -- to earth as my dreams would allow me to intercept. One can deduce from this recurring dream that the collision will be on land, possibly in a major or secondary city, and not on water as was the case with SkyLab in 1979.

The only other interpretation is that these are "far future" visions, if not mere dreams, during a time when human science and technology is capable of controlling gravity itself. If so, then these space stations and satellites will be just as capable of orbiting the earth at 100 feet as 240 miles.


McClellan (1/28/81):

I have dreamt of this space accident several times, and for the first time way back in 1981.

This will be an explosion caused by an accident while the crew is working on a space station. The space station in this case must be the ISS. Part of the station is damaged as is the shuttle - most of the crew is killed.

I was right there in the dream, trying to hold on to the shuttle which was then on fire. I could see fire on the space station too. We were outside in our space suits - I seemed to know everyone else. We were all drifting backwards towards earth. I can still see it. We became terrified because we knew there was no place for us to go. I woke up long before we entered earth's upper atmosphere to die a fiery death.

That's it. What the technical cause will be for this happening I have no idea.



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