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Mass Attacks on Humanity by UFOs and Battles Between UFOs,
and Alien Occupation Dreams




D. Orlovic (2005/02/18):

I was watching TV and changing the channels. When I set CNN there was the notorious red area with BREAKING NEWS written on the top of the screen (we see CNN Intl. here in Croatia). Then I can clearly remember a live picture of the Great Pyramids in Giza. There was a swarm of dark-grey UFOs flying around them. The anchormen seemed not to surprised by the event. It may be that this was not the first extraterrestrial visit. The analysts were showing also satellite images of the area and the flying saucers were visible. It doesn't seem that they were hostile but there was a sense of panic in me.

Then I had a quick location transfer to a house in Russia. There was a family with a child worrying about an incoming UFO. This part of the dream wasn't in fact very clear and still don't remember the sense.

Last thing that I remember was the name ''Austin''. I was stunned when i looked today at a geographical map and saw that Austin, TX, was at the same (nearly) latitude (30) as Giza or al-Jizah near Cairo.



D. Orlovic (2005/01/25):

I had this dream in 2003 but I don't remember the exact date:

It was dusk and I was standing on the highest floors of a skyscraper in a city such as New York or Chicago. The skyline and dark-colored skyscrapers were visible I remember I was fearing a 9/11 - style attack and it seems there was some sort of blackout (that's why the buildings were all in dark). Then, suddenly, the sky got filled with white and red dots. The dots were in a chaotic movement all around the buildings. As I said, the sky was LITERALLY filled with them. The dream left me the impression that they were some sort of mini-UFOs, and I woke up full of panic.


Michael McClellan (1/21/02):

I have been having recurring dreams for many years of strange sights in the heavens. Streaming, red-feathered serpents at war with what appear to be classic, saucer-shaped UFOs ...


Michael McClellan (9/1/00):

Most of my UFO dreams I take to be in the far future -- another hundred, two hundred, or more years or so. I see them at war with one another. Sometimes I see images of red feathered serpents flying in the sky along with UFOs and they are in battle ...


Michael McClellan (1/11/00):

Red-feathered serpentI have also had many recurring dreams in my life of UFOs at war in the night sky. Often in my dreams a second type of space craft appears at war with them that is most strange -- they look like long, feathered red serpents streaming through the sky. I was dreaming of these even BEFORE I was familiar with the dragon of Revelation.

Since reading John at Patmos's vivid description of the final age of human history, I have come to the conclusion that the war in heaven will appear to many people to be a battle between UFOs. This is how Satan and his angels will deceive the world -- by presenting themselves as friendly extraterrestials with all the solutions to mankind's problems.


Michael McClellan (5/22/04):

As for the red-feathered serpents ... Diabolical flying machines or living entities, if my dreams are correct, mankind will see them battling flying saucer type UFOs in the sky. And then woe to the inhabitants of earth, for the great serpent shall be cast down among us, as prophesied in the Book of Revelation, wrathful in the knowledge that he has but a short time to work his deception.


Michael McClellan (2/23/95) - recurring dream:


Battle, spectacle in the sky at night:

Armadas of white flying saucers amass

Suddenly pursued by red feathered serpents HISSING in the air,

Red and green dragons, wonder to the onlooker.



Michael McClellan - earliest dream of (evil?) aliens, at age 3 in 1957:


In the land of Scotland, a strange small people

With black saucer eyes and white, sharp, grinning teeth:

A great grid of coloured lights reaches the black night sky:

Those who climb it greet those who descend.



Michael McClellan (2/23/95) - three recurring dreams (of "good" aliens?):


More on the ground, than in the sky

Will flying saucers rest unoccupied.

Platinum white, solitary, in a serene place.

In outskirts and countryside, peace reigns.


Not far from a bridge and running brook

In a sparsely-wooded region,

A platinum white saucer sits unattended:

Nearby, a white arched building, twelve feet in height.


A great change is announced to the world

People assemble outdoors in anticipation.

The stars are larger, brighter, nebulae, galaxies, comets, dazzling,

Things not seen in heaven before become common-place.




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