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Simultaneous Terrorism in Gaza, Egypt, and Iraq Becomes Worldwide




McClellan (10/9/04):

I was napping during the twilight hour when day gradually gives way to night.

The sun was setting and I could see the pavement of a street turning orange. There were men shooting guns and hurling grenades at people and they were being fired upon by soldiers. I heard the word "Gaza" mentioned as what sounded like a newscaster described what was happening. The scene seemed sloped down slightly at an angle to the left.

Then I heard the newscaster in the distance say something about a breaking news alert and saw a similar scene, the sun was setting and there was fighting and terrorism on a city street, only this time everything was sloping down a bit more severely to the right. I heard the word "Egypt" mentioned.

I had a sense that both countries were very close together, like neighbourhoods only a few blocks apart, and that these events were happening at exactly the same time.

I experienced the same thing in a slanted twilight scene with setting sun in Iraq. Shooting, grenade throwing, blood in the streets (both from the dying sun and real blood), again at the same time as in Gaza and Egypt.

Again, I had the sense that everything was very close together, like neighbourhoods.

I wondered about this "aloud" in my mind.

An answer came: the entire world will be like this one day. What you see happening in Gaza and Egypt is only the beginning. Soon their plagues will grow and spread throughout the world. Every nation will share the fate of his neighbour and his neighbour's neighbour. Until even the streets of America and Europe become as the streets of Gaza and Egypt. Violence in every nation, simultaneously, by mobs of terrorists and the soldiers and police who must fight back.

And what of the war on terror and World War III?

Before the real war comes, first must come this global nation-by-nation terror, street fighting, and mob violence. It grows outward like cancer, consuming nation by nation, until not a moment can pass without reports of such fighting in many places around the world all at once. America fears chemical and nuclear bombs, but this will not happen until America has become like Gaza, Egypt, and Iraq.

I was also led to know that in the coming year, 2005, Egypt will unexpectedly become the focus of great worry for many nations.



Dream and Vision 2004 Michael McClellan




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