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The Mysterious Woman in the Funeral Parlor



NOTE (2/9/03):

The following was an extremely bizarre dream, so much so that I was hesitant to mention it at all, thinking it might perhaps be somehow demeaning to the memories of the shuttle astronauts who lost their lives. I find it must now be shared and with good reason (that will become clear after it is read).

I was asleep at the time of the shuttle disaster. I did not yet know about it when I had the following dream:


McClellan (2/1/03):

In The Funeral Home

The dream was largely about family members who had died in the past. My grandfather, who died a number of years ago, was featured prominently in the opening sequence.

He was the way I last saw him alive: sitting upright in his hospital bed, knowing the end was near. For some crazy reason he was still sitting upright, though dead, as they rolled him away on a gurney.

The next thing I knew I was sitting in a funeral parlor and he was lying in his coffin on the other side of the room. My parents and some other family members were seated nearby to my left (at least that is who I thought they were).

Then I noticed a woman sitting alone, adjacent to my right. There was a clear sheet of plastic draped loosely over her head, covering her to the waist. I could make out her face through the plastic and found it to be pretty.

I lifted the plastic from her. She sat quite still, motionless as a mannequin, staring ahead at nothing and smiling. Her smile was quite fixed, as though she was being photographed.

She never blinked. I was very close, looking her face over and her hair. I remarked that she was quite pretty, but I did not recognise her. I asked my relatives (at least I thought they were) who she was, but no one answered.

Then I looked again at her face from the side angle. Her eyes were rolled up heavenward, like the eyes of one who is dead.

This startled me, frightened me a bit. I looked again and all was as before.

I asked what was going on, what was the matter with her, why did she not move or speak.

Someone said, "Don't be afraid, it is normal. She is dead."

Other things happened in my dream after that, including more dead relatives and a talk with my cousin. But what really stood out was this dead woman I did not recognise.



When I awoke I asked myself why was this woman in my dream?

Then I heard about the Columbia disaster, watched it on television. I made no connection between the event and the dream at that time.

Later, when I was on the Internet, I saw the photos of the crew. And I immediately recognised the face of Laurel Clark. Hers was the face of the dead woman in the dream. One small difference I did note: her chin seemed a bit larger in the photo than what I saw in the dream. Other than that, it was her: the same eyes, nose, hair, and the exact same smile.

Face of Laurel Clark

For the next few days I asked myself what the meaning of all this was. Why was she in the dream and not the other six members of the crew? How could it be a warning of the Columbia Disaster if she were the only crew member in the dream? Why was she covered with a plastic sheet?

I debated for several days about posting the dream, but thought why bother? If it was intended to mean something then what was the meaning? Why was a dead Laurel Clark in my dream? Why did the sequence where I was looking her over stand out more than anything else?

The name Laurel Clark kept playing over and over in my mind.

Now, I think I know why she appeared in the dream. It was a warning from Laurel Clark (or whoever placed the inanimate Laurel Clark in the dream) that another tragedy was coming. She was alone for a reason -- I was supposed to focus on her and her name.

Then came the news of Phil Spector murdering a woman. The next day the name of the victim was revealed: Lana Clarkson. An actress named Lana Clarkson.

Laurel Clark was placed in the dream to warn me that someone with a very similar name was in danger of being murdered. Laurel - Lana. Clark - Clarkson. Laurel Clark - Lana Clarkson.

I have long suspected that such a murder would occur around this time -- a blonde-haired female celebrity murdered by a stalker, boyfriend, spouse, or a male celebrity. I was given a clue, but it was useless because I did not know who Lana Clarkson was.

I know now. I recall her films, even her bit part in Brainstorm.

Clarkson's murder may very well be the Natalie Wood scenario I was speaking about in my Madonna-Pamela Anderson Prophecy. Perhaps it was not Madonna or Pamela Anderson who was in danger as I had speculated -- perhaps it was Lana Clarkson! Brainstorrm was Natalie Wood's last film -- the one she was working on when she died in the waters off Santa Catalina island. Lana played a lab assistant in the film and was the blonde having sex in the spliced and looped video that gave one of the team members perpetual seizures.

Laurel was warning me that Lana would die. And she has -- by a "spectre" - a ghost.

It is over now and too late -- or is it? Does the name hold other clues?

I still do not understand the meaning of the plastic sheet that covered the motionless Laurel.



Dream Vision and Commentary 2003 Michael McClellan





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