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May 13, 1996

9:00 AM

I have had a vivid, terrifying dream that the Soviet Union was reintegrated and that the old style communists were back in power. There was a deep, pervasive sense of dread everywhere because the new leadership was considering using nuclear weapons against the United States. At the time there was an ongoing war in the Middle East -- one which I have dreamt about periodically over the last several months -- involving Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf.


It is a war that seems to rise and ebb, widening a little each time it rises again. In the beginning it mostly involved Iraq and the U.S., then Iraq and Turkey, then Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, and so on. Greece has been involved on some occasions, and so have some of the former Soviet Moslem republics.


In one report, I witnessed smoke and fire billowing out of a large black mass. The scene appeared to be in black and white. The scene turned out to be the destruction of a great naval fleet in the Persian Gulf. Also, in the dream was a threat repeated over a period of several days of an imminent nuclear attack by the resurrected Soviet Union against the United States. However, the attack never seemed to be carried out. But the times were very, very tense. Most of this appeared televised at home. However, before I awoke, I was watching a televised update on a large screen in a hotel restaurant or lounge.




There was, in fact, no resolution to this dream, since I awoke before there could be one. Because the vision was unresolved, our collective fate still resides within us. A nuclear war can happen, but it need not. It is up to us and our elected leaders.

The Middle East dreams have never ended. The on-again, off-again crises in Iraq that began on October 29, 1997 and continue in 1999 and 2000 with U.S.-British airstrikes in the northern and southern no-fly zones very much resemble the opening scenes of the 1996 dream. Dreams of future military clashes between Iraq and Turkey and a larger regional conflict to follow continue periodically, often as though viewed on a large black and white television screen.


1996-2004 Michael McClellan



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The following images that have been released since the Russian nuclear sub Kursk sank to the bottom of the Barents Sea on August 13, 2000 are similar to the submarine images I have experienced in my dreams. However, there are many other images I have dreamt, both of individual submarines and fleets of submarines much darker than these photos. I have also had terrible dreams of flashes of explosions at sea, with bright smoke and fire rising from a large black burning mass. The images below may not have anything to do with the dream above; but then again they may. It may be that we will see more images like these in the months and years ahead associated with the theme of war, nuclear accidents, and the threat of nuclear attack.


Oscar class Russian sub at unknown location

Oscar class Russian sub in Barents Sea




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