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Russian Nuclear Attack on the United States




McClellan (2/5/02):

Oh my God, I finally have seen it with my own eyes and it was terrifying!

There is now no question that the United States will be attacked by a massive nuclear missile launch from RUSSIA. It is possible there will be limited attacks by others, including terrorists beforehand, but the most dreadful and destructive attack will come from Russia.

There had been warnings from the Russians for some time regarding our war in the Middle East and elsewhere. I don't know if we were technically at war with Russia or not, but we were definitely bogged down in a war (or in wars) with Iraq and Iran and elsewhere. Neither North Korea nor China was in my mind, but that doesn't mean we weren't at war with them. But we were definitely at war in the Middle East with at least Iran and Iraq.

We were all outside at night, a crowd of us, and there was this eerie sense of anticipation. It was as though we knew what was coming but were hoping it would not happen.

Then we saw them appearing high in the sky, coming from a direction I am still not sure of. I felt a strange sense of "recognition" or "de ja vu" and it made me sick to my heart. I could see four or five missiles that appeared to be red very high in the air, just below the zenith. They seemed centered together in a tight little pack, and they moved slowly, smoothly, but were probably actually moving quite fast in space. I don't know how I knew, but I knew they were MIRVed (multiple warheads).

"Oh, my God!" I heard a woman's strangled cry as we looked up. It reminded me a lot of the "Oh, my God!" I heard actress Veronica Cartwright utter in the chest-popping scene in the first "Alien" movie from 1979. She said what we all felt.

They passed overhead and behind us, disappearing over the horizon. Then we saw what appeared to be a launch of our own ICBMs in the distance -- to attack the Russians. I awoke before hearing or seeing a blast, but I KNEW what was coming.

It seemed this was in the spring or summer, but what year I do not know. I know this event marked our collective death -- most of us will die when this happens.

I am seldom frightened by dreams, however bad they are. But this was eerie and frightening too. The unimaginable, the thing we have always feared, was happening before my very eyes.



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