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Red Comet and Potential Nibiru-related Dreams



McClellan (verse regarding recurring dream - 2/23/95):


On the west balcony at night, a thrilling darkness,

Mars the size of the moon, peeking over the rooftops.

On the east balcony, a dark planet looms in the sky --

Silence, distant thunder, a wondrous and evil time.



McClellan (prose entry regarding recurring dream - 2/23/95):

I am on the balcony of a great tower at nighttime.  I am looking at the sky, looking at something opposite to the moon that should not be there.  It is dark-coloured, purplish, and the size of the moon itself, a bit larger perhaps.  I am growing used to the sight because we have been seeing it for some weeks, but it sends thrills of fear through me just the same.



McClellan (from a poem based on a dream - 10/28/96)


A horizontal slit of red light streaks across the equator

Of the darkened disk, emitting infrared radiation.

Astronomers study with special optical instruments

Lest they go blind.

Black-robed technicians gather the infrared energy

Into mysterious machines.

The annointed one observes, the world anxiously awaits a monster.



McClellan (10/11/00):

I remember that there was a great sense of excitement and spiritual unity of some type and it was positive. There was also a prophecy, one not yet known about at this time, that everyone in the world understood and was awaiting its fulfillment.  There would be a third comet or something celestial, the third in a series according to the prophecy, and when it would appear, most of the people on earth would die.  What was confusing to me was why there was so much celebration of the coming of something that would bring mass death.  I also saw it, but the strange part was that it was usually in the day.  It looked red and not really like any comet I have ever seen. I don't know if such a thing is even possible. There was also a photo of it in the newspaper in my dream.  Each day it grew a bit larger. I cannot recall ever seeing it at night in the dream -- but that doesn't mean I didn't, I just don't remember.  There was no date or year attached to the event that I can recall.


According to experts, Nibiru will rise in the east to the left our sun. In the dream above I saw it very high in the eastern sky during daylight hours. I know this because I was looking out the kitchen window and the kitchen faces east. It is definitely not a comet when I see it like that -- it is a round object, red in the centre surrounded by white -- something like a hard-boiled egg with a distinctive red yolk. It is unlike anything I have ever seen in the daytime sky or could ever imagine ...


December 14, 2005 -- Over the years, I have shown many images of what I think Planet X will look like when it is finally visible, based on a number of my dream visions. Unfortunately, thus far, they have only been approximations of what my dreams have revealed ... and some not very good approximations, at that.

However, I have finally found an image on the internet that perfectly matches the above dream vision:



McClellan (from letter dated 3/16/01):

As for myself, I have had more dreams of the comet.  They are not frightening.  In fact, the comet is very beautiful and is so bright it can be seen during twilight before the sun completely sets, when a rosy colour is still in the sky.

Of all things I am driving some sort of self-propelling device.  I have stopped at a corner near a streetlight that is just beginning to flicker and glow and can see the comet quite clearly.


Yes, I know, that device I mentioned sounds like 'it' -- the new invention that is to be unveiled in January 2002.  Funny thing is, I've been dreaming about driving this light-weight, self-propelled (by reverse magnetism?) thing around, gliding just a few feet above the ground at speeds of around 35 MPH, for the last five years or so -- well enough before the publicity and continuing speculation about the nature of 'it.'


McClellan (3/5/03):

The last major dream I had regarding Nibiru or Planet X previous to this one was on my birthday, October 11, 2000. This dream occurred yesterday, on the morning of my father's birthday, March 5, 2003. It was quite lucid and I suppose many will find it more than a little disturbing.

The first scene I recall was of the morning sky. It was just after dawn and the sky either had a thick haze or light cloud covering. A group of us was looking at the sun which appeared as it would under these conditions: a fuzzy blob of mellow light as opposed to the brilliant, sharply defined circle we see when the sky is clear blue. What startled many of us is what we saw slightly above and to the left of the sun. It was another fuzzy blob of light, somewhat smaller than the sun, and a little less bright. The effect was very much like like looking at a double sun -- two suns rising nearly side-by-side. It was a beautiful, but disturbing, sight.

My understanding was that this object was not as close to earth yet as it would be later. Everyone was frightened by the sight of this "double sun."

Then I was shown another scene of the object when it was much closer to earth. This was about the strangest sight I have ever seen.

What I saw is actually difficult to describe. It was like a ball of fire in the sky -- not like the sun, but more like a fireball. I would say the colour was closer to orange or a yellow-orange, not red. What was really weird about this thing was that it was spinning wildly around like a top. The gases and fire seemed to whirl around at a rapid pace and what looked like darker bands of smoke or flame were whirling around the object at an incredible rate of speed. Like a top, the fireball seemed to wobble in the sky as it spun. It was incredibly strange.

I don't know if I was seeing this as it would appear under normal observation or if I was being given a closer look.

Then I saw something else that startled me. To the upper right of this whirling fireball, I could see a much smaller black object. It was not round, but oblong. It remained stationary even though the fireball was rapidly spinning. I figured the reason I could see it at all was because the light of the fireball was bright enough to make it show up as black against the background. For some reason I was made to know that we should fear not only the fireball, but the small black object near it as well. My impression was that this was an asteroid being pulled along with the spinning object.

Then I was in a large house that was not familiar to me. It seemed to be constructed entirely of marble. I was thinking about things that were happening elsewhere in the world. I was being shown "memories" of things that were happening elsewhere at the time this object comes near. I knew there was a great war underway, but only had a general sense of that, no specifics. The specific images were of victims of a terrible plague and famine thoughout the African continent and of a truly horrific catastrophe in Southern Asia. I could see nothing but dead bodies throughout what I thought was India, but I am not certain.

Then I could see events in the United States. The weather was spring-like or perhaps a cool summer day. It was during daylight hours. I could see people pretending to need help at a person's doorstep. When they were let in, they murdered everyone in the house. I saw this happening in many neighbourhoods, people sometimes shooting other people trying to flee into their homes or just as they appeared at the door.

What followed I cannot trust to be a part of the vision, but may instead have been my own mind taking over and changing the dream. It was of some strange membership club taking over an abandoned plaza in our neighbourhood. After that sequence, I awoke.


Nibiru analogue


The following two dreams are from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. They are the most detailed dreams concerning Planet X and events around and shortly after the time of its passing that I have read thus far. The source claims to have had both of these dreams 10 years ago:


Anonymous (3/3/03 about 1993 dream):

In the eighth dream I was driving out into the country and listening to the radio .... (I now own the car I saw in my dream) ..... the astronomers and scientists were talking on the radio about a strange anomaly that had entered the solar system ...... they were arguing back and forth .... they could not agree on what it was or whether or not it would hit us or not .... they were getting very upset with each other.

The object they were tracking was being very unpredictable ..... they had a hard time guessing what it would do next. Anyway .... as I was driving through the country roads I noticed something strange ..... the cows and birds and all the animals were acting very weird. running here and there .... dogs howling in terror ...... insects swarming .... all was chaos for the animals.

To cut a long story short ..... the object moved between us and the sun .... or seemed to. The sky went dark crimson and the earth started to vibrate. I looked up at this thing ..... it was about the size of the moon ... maybe bigger, and it was surrounded in a brilliant dark crimson fire, sort of a wispy veil ..... it was very beautiful ..... and terrifying. The earth the rocked violently and everything that was not nailed down went flying. Then the world went dark .... for about three days. Nothing would work .... not the car ... not the torches .... and everything felt very weird .... like static charge in the air ... but different somehow. The darkness could be felt almost physcially .... thick and dense was this darkness.


Anonymous (3/6/03 about 1993 dream):

In dream 9 the earth was laid waste...everything was burnt up or poisoned. War was still continuing over seas .... limited nuclear exchanges were the norm ... the earth shifting only stopped the wars for two months ... then typical of mankind ... they merrily continued to kill each other ... just like in the mother shipton prophecies. I had these dreams a very long time before I even heard of mother shipton .... when I read her prophecies I was shocked again ... she saw what I saw. Anyway ... america ceased to exist as a power and most of that country had been destroyed by a coalition of russia, china, and korea .... there were a couple of other countries involved but not to the same extent. Europe rose up as the superpower of the world ... and they just kept laying waste to whoever did not bend the knee ..... submit or die was the motto apparently .... much the same as americas motto is now. They will get what they dished out .... tenfold.

The war and death continued ..... when out of the blue the dragons tail returned ... BIG TIME. On the passing of nibiru the earth was battered and bruised but still functioning to a certain extent .... THIS time however the earth gets struck .... a very huge comet or meteor .... I am fairly sure it was a comet though. It was enourmous ... there was little warning and no time to prepare. Those that had hidden away in bunkers ... those that thought they were safe ... were in for a BIG surprise this time.

Just when things couldn't possibly get worse this huge thing enters the atmosphere .... it will not be a direct hit .... if it was it would destroy the whole planet .... this thing skimmed in through the atmosphere .... it made maybe a half orbit .... everyone will see this thing. It curved its way around the earth ripping the atmosphere as it went. Chunks of it were breaking off here and there causing havoc. The main body of it skimmed the surface of the ground and deflected back into space .... but the devastation this time made nibiru look like a joke. The earth rocked much harder this time ..... not the vibration that nibiru brang ..... this was a harsh rocking of plates breaking up ....volcanoes going crazy and desruction on a grand scale. When this thing comes .... when the dragons tail cracks .... and lights the sky ..... all will be equalised.

This will happen within twelve months from now if the sequence continues as it is. There were a few survivors here and there .... just a few.

After this thing passed ..... the earth went deathly still and silent ..... nothing moved and not much lived. All wars stopped ..... nothing left to fight with .... except sticks and stones. It was everyone for themselves. The sky was dark and the sun appeard red .... like in the bible account.

This is where dream 9 ends. I woke up feeling terrified ...


Catherine (9/19/02):

Another of my dreams was about the Sun "swallowing Mercury", and then becoming bright beyond the possibility to look at it. (A friend suggested maybe a nuclear explosion would happen), and after that Israeli forces firing over the Dead Sea at targets in Jordan. (Perhaps Palestinian renegades taking advantage of the situation and attacking us?)



The second dream could be about the passage of a massive object in the inner solar system. Its gravitational influence will cause Mercury to stary from its orbit and be swallowed up by the sun.

This may be the brown dwarf star Nibiru, also called by other names including Planet X, Marduk, and Wormwood ...

I would say that you have seen Nibiru before its approach to earth, when it is nearer Mercury coming at us from the sun. This would indicate its inward orbit will take it farther away from us at a "safe" distance as it approaches the sun and then close to earth as it swings back into space.

I believe the great Arab-Israeli war I expected to begin in late 2001 will finally take place by April-June 2003, so what you see in Jordan agrees timewise with Nibiru's approach ...


Tonya (9/21/02):

I dreamt I was at a house and people were fighting. Then, I opened the door and looked out at the sky. It was daytime and I saw the faint trace of the moon like normal ... but off to the left was another moon like object!!! This was odd to me .... However, the scariest part was a planet that was huge and looked like earth itself was heading straight for us! I shut the door and this hot wind came through the walls and it turned black like space! Also, I thought it was trying to slice us in pieces ... but I yelled out by the power of my faith in God you will not harm us ....... it didn't. The next thing I saw was that the house was in the air and this is weird I know. George Bush was about to fall off the porch into nothingness.


Chris (1/6/03):

I was looking out towards a city from a distance but I don't really know what city it was. I just wasn't familiar with the skyline. The sun was either just starting to rise or starting to set. I looked up and saw an object streak across the sky. My first impression was that it may be a comet until it started coming down toward the city. It hit the city and there was a very bright flash. In the dream I don't ever remember hearing it coming or hitting. I remember thinking "oh crap...this isn't good." Then I woke up ... my heart was racing.

Last night I was dreaming that I was walking down the hall in my school and I had saw my brother. I went up to him and asked him "Did you hear what happened?" and he said "Yes." Right after he answered Our principle came on the intercom saying that school was dismissed due to a situation of some sort. After that I told my brother to come with me. We went out to the parking lot got in my car and drove to the grocery store down the road. We went in the store and some people were talking about looting the store but people were checking out at the registers like normal. Suddenly a guy runs in the door and says "We're all gonna fuckin die!" and everyone instantly started going crazy, fighting over food, and anything else they could find. I woke up scared, and wondering if I was safe.



The first dream could be about a large meteor or small asteroid being dragged along by Nibiru that crashes into a city. The second dream seems to reinforce the Nibiru scenario when it is realised that there may be more and larger space rocks headed towards earth or an admission by the government or the media that Planet X is nearing earth.


Tonya (1/27/03):

I thought I looked through a window and up into the night sky. Well, I saw the moon .... and to the left of it I saw a faint trace of something else that looked like our moon. Next I looked again ... and it was bigger and brighter.

The next time I looked at it .... The thing was in our atmosphere ... and it looked like a planet ... I was terrified ... and I looked at the tv and the news flash said it is heading for the east coast and it will hit in the Atlantic ocean.

I could see the humongous planet crash and sink below the waves and I saw a huge tidal wave inundate the whole east coast! Then, I started warning people to head to the high grounds of mountains .... and I tried to get fresh water in jugs and get members of my family to safer places ... as muddy water started washing everything away.


Laura (2/15/03):

While reading the 21st Century Forum email from Tonya ...... I was taken aback to say the least! I had a dream about a month ago. I was standing in a parking lot some miles from where I live. In my dream it was day time. I looked up into the sky and a window opened up and showed me a vision of the moon and another planet. That planet in all it's glory was in fact the mirror image of the planet earth. Strange as it sounds. The window closed then reopened some moments later. And there appeared again the exact same image. The feeling I had in the dream was I was supposed to warn people. Of what I'm not sure about.

I found it very strange. That someone else would have a dream so amazingly similar. It makes me very curious and I wonder if other people have had a dream similar to this and exactly what does it mean?


COMMENT: Both these dreams, by two people who not know one another, point to a close encounter with a planet or planet-like object. As with my dream at top, it looks like another moon, only a deeper, darker colour. However, in both of these cases, the planetoid becomes more distinct and appears to be earth-like. Quite unusual and certainly not applicable to Nibiru (at least as Nibiru is described as being a brown dwarf star rather than a planet). Could these two dreams be of an event farther into the future? The end of the Book of Revelation comes to mind with "the Translation" -- the coming of new heaven and a new earth.


Anonymous (1/15/03):

1. I was shown a food tin with a black label in front of me in the air. It was horizontal and the right hand rim had either some numbers or letters or both, but they were jumbled. A voice said to me, "don't try to put any numbers to this". I was a bit dazed and confused, almost woke up, but then fell into a very deep sleep.

2. Then I was standing adjacent a house which I know in Sydney, suffice it to say that I think they would represent "authority". What looked like to be a house on the outside, was actually a meeting place inside, reminding me of a modern church. Everybody inside was busy planning some kind of conference/seminar. However, I noticed that the house was ona hill, and I was outside, looking at a large crowd of people coming in the distance to the meeting. The were about 1-2 km away and had to climb uphill to get to the meeting. Suddenly, the ground started shaking violently, and the ridge that this crowd was just coming up over, collapsed, killing them all. A voice gave me the words of Psalm 91: "one thousand will fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand". I don't have dreams like this. It was pretty awful.

3. Suddenly, as if the earthquake or whatever it was, was not enough, huge boulders started falling out of the sky. The sky was blue, but the event came suddenly, without warning. The boulders were spinning in a very threatening way, and were up to 1metre in diameter, maybe more. There was nowhere to hide and the damage was huge. All I could do was to scream out to God to save us, but, I somehow "knew" that it was not necessary, given the Psalm 91 recital of protection. I was suddenly in a car. All the houses around the area were hit, but the car was not - incredibly. Once it had receded, I got out to see if the car was damaged in any way. Remarkably the car was still very shiny and the only damage was a small scratch above it LH headlight. I knew straight away what the car represented, once I saw that all the ground in front of it had given way. This icon of Aussie wealth, even though intact, was now useless. A house next door was damaged, but everybody assumed the occupants were dead, even though I sensed the chance for them to be saved. The people organising the event in the adjacent building, however, did not want to come outside to get involved. Instead, they wanted to stay inside and watch the event on TV.

4. Finally, I noticed that I was in the bathroom of the house/church building. It had been renovated in a completely "over the top" way; pure white, expensive tiles and some very expensive thick glass decorations. But it was very cramped and seemed so out of place. I then woke, with a recollection of either my voice or someone else's, saying, "the Australian church is going to be shaken very hard".

Another dream that may or may not be related from either 96 or 97:

... a dream so vivid about me and my family on the side of a hill (I believe in Sydney's Northern Beaches), at night. The whole sky was filled with green meteor-like objects. They travelled a lot slower than typical meteors and had white glowing tails. It was so vivid that I stayed up late the next night (in Sydney) to see if they would come. After many years of not seeing them, I wrote it off as imagination. However, what it did do was to prompt me to look into all this end times stuff, from which I have learned heaps.



It appears that this dream may be a mixture of prophecy and parable.

It appears that what has been shared could be Planet X related. However, I would not expect to see boulders falling from a BLUE sky. By the time things get to that point the sky would be very troubled in appearance -- very dark clouds and much reddness in the sky in both day and night.

However, what is described is consistent with a super-volcanic eruption. The stones from such a blast (which only occurs every 600,000 years) would be hurled hundreds and even thousands of miles from the site of the eruption. The Seer of Waldviertel describes a phenomenon such as what is described here happening at night in Austria and Germany. If it happened at night in Europe, Australia would be getting it in the antipodes by day. That is very consistent.

These stones from a major super-volcanic eruption would be cast very high into the atmosphere and travel a very great distance. In the sky, they would look very much like fiery meteors -- and no one would really know the difference.

It may very well be that Planet X will not pass us close enough to cause a pole shift, but might exert influence on several dormant super-volcanos. Mother Shipton warns of "three mountains that will spew mud, and ice and death." This is the theory I am now subscribing to since it was last reported that PX will pass 42 million miles from earth rather than originally calculated 17 million miles.




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