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Dreams of Nuclear Terrorism or Nuclear Attack



UPDATE (10/31/01): I have had numerous dreams of nuclear attacks since 1995. Some of these I have chronicled but not posted, others I have only recently discussed with some of you.

However, given the gravity of the current reign of terror, certain dreams some of you have also had, and some disturbing news articles, I feel it is certainly long past time that I put what I know on to this newest dream window (MM).



McClellan (2/26/95):


Lightning in the south, great thunder

A pillar of smoke rises heavenward,

White to black, black debris scatters in a dark sky,

The city destroyed, the earth trembles.



McClellan (3/13/95):


Unreliable information, people travel in dread

Out of the cities by car, bike, or by foot.

In the safe city, seconds are counted:

Great thunder, earthquake, surprise and fear

and sudden incineration.



Mary Ann (10/12/01):

I have been having a recurring dream ... I am walking through a department store, the sales girl hands me a phone and says it is for you ... I see two white trailer trucks, going down a highway ... then I see an old film clip 50's black and white nuclear explosion, for some reason I think it is the Midwest, Chicago. I see faces of famous people from that area such as Oprah Winfrey, etc. associated with Chicago ...



If your dream about Chicago is right, the US may be facing nuclear terrorism by Bin Laden moles planted here awaiting their commands. I've been afraid something like this this might happen -- 100 nuclear suitcases from the 1960s have been missing from the Russian arsenal since 1997.  Or these could be crude atomic devices created by the terrorists.

I took special note of the explosion in your dream -- that it was like a 1950s black and white nuclear explosion.  I think what you may be describing is not a hydrogen explosion at all, but an atomic bomb. 

In some of my dreams I have dreamt I was twenty miles or less away from cities such as Boston in a cellar and seeing something much like what you describe through the windows of a house cellar. The explosion, very powerful, causes a tremendous and terrifying trembling of the earth, a violent shaking of the foundations and ceilings, and causes windows to shatter as well. The explosion looks more like a black and white atomic blast with dark particles flying up high into the air than a hydrogen blast (which would incinerate anything within 20 miles).

Since I am usually alive in the dreams (except in one case where I am incinerated), yet close enough to feel the quaking and shattering, I am concluding that these are crude atomic devices or low-yield battlefield hydrogen bombs.

Again, your dream would seem to indicate a terrorist nuclear attack rather than a strategic nuclear attack from another country.  Obviously it going to be very important to mention this on my site and that Chicago is in danger.


Mary Ann (10/14/01):

You are absolutely right ... it was atomic, black and white type. Maybe you are right about the nuclear suitcase thing ... I had the same dream again last night. I am looking, like you, through a window and its a black and white cloud like you used to see in old film clips about atomic bombs. That's it exactly. Old technology. I may be wrong about the Chicago thing, I'm not wrong about the two white trucks though. I saw Oprah Winfrey and immediately supposed Chicago, and this time I saw the Capital Records Building in Hollywood, California (that is if it is still there). I don't what this means?? Any ideas??? Or a round building that looks like the old Capitol records, seeing the building and thinking, that is the Capital Records building ... I too, like you, am alive, not on the other side.  Is there a round building in Chicago ... I specifically saw the blue neon sign that said "Capitol"....



There's enough there to suggest multiple targets. I have had dreams of Americans running around in a frenzy, watching television monitors, and what looks like Russian officials giving advice about where loose nukes may be located (how would they get that information??).  Maybe they are American military officials and not Russians.

Anyway, we see a plume off in the distance suggesting a city -- possibly as far away as 100 miles or more -- has been destroyed by an atomic device. There are no missiles. Yet people are frightened where the "other" nukes are going to go off (see also similar dream regarding Russia from 1994 on Dream Window 7).

I feel this may mean the warning by former Russian general Alexander Lebed of stolen Russian nuclear suitcases falling into terrorist hands in October 1997 is real and that Bin Laden agents are in different US cities, maybe in the UK and some Western European countries as well, waiting for the code to turn the key and annihilate whatever city each one is in. This is a frightening dream and one where I also experienced the panic and uncertainty that everyone else felt.

So Chicago may be a target.  Hollywood may be a target (it certainly symbolises everything that Bin Laden hates in Western culture). And finally the Capitol may be telling you that Washington DC is also a target ...



Jennie M. (10/17/01):

Sitting here tonight reviewing your site for updates, I was scrolling through the 2001 Part Two page and when I started to scroll past the WTC pictures, I had a physical shudder. I can't help but feel it will happen again. Another attack of a similar nature. I have now had two "deja vu's" this week, so something big is building.

In relation to Quatrain 9.31 and your interpretation in line 2, "The tin isles of St. George half-sunk". Given the recent events in the United States, could St George perhaps be interpreted differently from England and instead New England? This is where Boston is located (where two of the flights on September 11 originated). Gut feeling working here ...


COMMENT: This looks like a premonition. Both Boston and Buffalo have figured in my dreams which is why I have placed Jennie's remarks on this page as well.

Whether this is the time for nuclear attacks on the US or not, now is the time to concern ourselves with the matter. The following cities have, for one reason or another, been revealed as potential targets of nuclear terrorism:

Los Angeles (and/or Hollywood)
Washington DC
New York City
Kansas City
Oklahoma City



Tom (2/7/02):

In a dream, I saw a television which was poor in quality and reception, which had the date of either January 2002 or February 2002 at the bottom of the screen. I saw an entire city on fire. It was covered in black smoke, no gray whatsoever. In the middle, was an enormous flame which was far taller than the Sears Tower.

A few weeks back managed to fall to a "near-asleep" mode ... I pictured myself in a clear, dry land and viewed a huge skyscraper, much like any building you'd see in a major city.

I enter and I walk to an elevator. I push the button and walk in when the sliding doors open. As soon as I'm inside and the doors shut, I press the "B" button, which takes me down to a basement. I hold in my mind the question I want answered and when the doors open once again, I see the city erupt in the thickest smoke you'd ever see in your life, with a huge flame rising up. I watched it just as long as I could make my mind view it. I don't remember seeing any coastline or anything, since the explosion started the second the doors opened.



Tom (2/11/02):

I apologize for flooding you with E-mails as of late, but I had another dream last night that Chicago will be under attack in some way shaped or form. I dreamed I went to the gym (I always go there on a Monday), and I was walking to the running area with all the aerobic machines and noticed on the 3 televisions they have there showed a breaking news event that said, "Chicago Under Fire" I believe it was.

Just a short time ago, I found out the FBI gave a warning that an attack could take place maybe as soon as Tuesday, which is raising some very high concerns for me, since I live not even 90 miles away from that city.



Joseph Polise (3/11/02):

Destroyed City

I was on a train in the Chicago subway and when I got off and exited the station, I looked around to see that the entrance area of the subway was a burnt out shell.

I was in a conversation with my sister and some lady kept trying to interrupt me; I was attempting to explain something to my sister but found that we had to move away from this woman who was hitting me as we spoke.

My sister and I walked into an abandoned building in a dark (no electricity) urban area. There were many homeless people around us trying to take our clothes and our bags away. Still trying to explain something to my sister we kept climbing the stairs in this building. In the corners of the hallways I saw dead bodies decaying. Most of them were black people. Someone screamed for us to get out of the building, that I had to get my sister out of there. I had a paper in my hand which detailed how people were now to be placed in newly built camps or makeshift cities. This is what I was trying to read to my sister. The camps were sponsered by a wartime govenment. Each camp is structured around an individual's personal history: their health history, job, and credit information. Each person is issued a card with all their information encoded on it.

The next scene I recall is me outside in a destroyed, abandoned city. There has been a state of emergency issued here because of bio-terrorist attacks. The air is overcast with smog. The buildings are damaged. I know this because I am watching a small TV which has emergency news programming on it. The news is 24/7. My thought at this is like "Well, at least there is still TV." The news is dismal and it's without an announcer reading it, just written information scrolling across the screen.

The final part of this dream I can remember clearly. It involves me in a room with several others. We seem to be refugees. There is one man (not me) who has taken a leadership position over the rest. He is a tall black man. He hides out in a back room and he seems to collect items that will be necessary for survival, and he distributes these to the rest of us. He is extremely stern, but I recall trusting him for some reason. He becomes angry when some provisions he has found are inadequate. He is looking for clothes, but only finds some baseball caps in the box he has opened up. He throws these across the room. My last memories of this dream are of him screaming at the rest of us, almost preaching for us to keep up faith that something will change and that we will be able to live normally again.




Cindy (6/1/02):

Destruction of Chicago

In the second, I'm standing on a hill on the outskirts of some city. And honestly, after reading about some of the other dreams, I feel this city could be Chicago because I don't recognize it and I've never been to Chicago. Anyway, there's a huge explosion and I see a mushroom cloud rise up, devastating the city.



Tonya, husband of (9/18/02):

First, I want to say, last July he had a dream of the world shaking. Within 3 months 9/11 happened.

He says within a time frame of 3 (not sure if years, months, or days) that something is going to happen that will make 9-11-01 look pale in comparision. This has me very scared! Now, I will relate his dream.....

In it he and I were driving over hilly country and he said I happened to look up and say, "Look, isn't that a mushroom cloud?" Then, he swerved and tried to turn the car around but people were moving too slow. He says the sky was gray but the cloud was red, orange, and gray .... next he thought he saw buildings crumbling but a huge water tower was standing and he couldn't see it fall.

Then, we were trying to gather things up to go home to our families and he said an old woman looked at him and said it is too late we have been poisoned and have 3 days to live .... She told him she was in her 2nd day.

He told her that it did not touch us .... then he felt the hot wind!

Also, he dreamt of massive tornados being spawned by this bomb. Also, everything was foggy white ... everywhwere. There was water nearby, too.

So, he says prepare for a bomb in a major world city within 3 years.

We both dreamt of 9-11-01 3 months before it happened and the pattern is setting up again ... we ended up taking a ride around and we went the exact same way as we did last July! We also, felt the same but new feelings of despair .... as if nothing really matters now. Beware ..... and thanks again for listening!


COMMENT (edited for space):

In one dream only I dreamt I was in the basement floor of a large bank or hospital (near a cafeteria or mail room). The lights went out and it was completely black, seemingly a power outage was the cause. Then I felt a violent shaking and KNEW what was coming ... my sudden scream turned to smoke as my entire body burst into flames and all I could see for a few seconds before I died was fire everywhere ... I must have been at ground zero ...

Anyway, Tonya's husband's dream sounds like one to be heeded. Although he says the nuclear attack will be in a major world city, I suspect this city will be in the United States due to his previous 9/11 dream and the fact that he and his wife appear to be in America during the dream itself.

Three months (December 2002, a likely month for the US attack against Iraq) or three years (sometime in 2005 when war is well under way) sounds right to me. Too bad he doesn't know which city it is.



CD (9/26/02):

Metal Oxide - "Lee"

Had a dream early this morning. Two men at a large table. One of them was assembling something. This man was Asian. The other man, whom I could not make out that well, referred to this man as "LEE". The words "METAL" and "OXIDE" were used in this conversation. The rest I could not discern other than that an explosion was being planned and that "poison" would be the effect on land/air/water.

Upon awakening, I searched google for the words ... Metal / Oxide / Terrorist and found several web pages (of which the following is just one) dealing with metal and oxide being used in a primitive nuclear bomb.

be well friend,





It appears you accidentally remote viewed, while in the sleep state, a terrorist operation in the planning stages. It is probably the logical "next step": the nuclear destruction of Manhattan. The poison is radiation that will mix with the ocean waters off coast and spread to adjacent regions (so both air and water will be poisoned by the blast).

This is highly important information, I will post.

Too bad the time for the attack wasn't given; but I suspect the terrorists may be planning to do this after the US launches an attack against Iraq -- which could be another 12 months away or longer if inspections procede and Bush is obliged to put up with it. However, it could be sooner, like between December of this year and next March if Bush decides to act against the will of the United Nations.



Footnote (4/1/03): I have just received a few links from an anonymous source that may further explain the meaning of the "metal oxide" in the dream by CD. The source believes this could actually be antinomy mercury oxide, better known as "red mercury."

The following link takes us to a site that discusses what may be the real reason why war is being waged against Iraq with so much haste. According to the article, Russia has been working with Saddam Hussein in the development of condensed nuclear weapons technology using red mercury. The danger is so great that the US has secretly threatened to launch nuclear strikes on Russian nuclear weapons facilities and is planning to nuke parts of Iraq. It is also believed that Al Qaeda and Iraqi agents may have three of these devices in the United States hidden in drones which can be launched and guided to their targets by satellite. These drones very much resemble the strange mechanism described by the Seer of Waldviertel which falls through the air and destroys NYC. The war against Iraq is intended to end the danger in the Middle East and to restore the concept of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) to deter Russia's nuclear ambitions. Here is the link:

Yet another link takes us to a special US government page that discusses the nuclear threat. It was arrived at by using the keywords mentioned by CD: "metal," "oxide," and "Lee." Here is the link:



Mary Ann (11/22/02):

Subject: recent article hoax, Apocalypse Now, and additional dream vision material

I don't like it ... too many things are true in it... I remember specifically the day of 9/11 and Fox News interviewed Ollie North who said (my memory is perfect on this one) that there were 5,000 operatives in this country ... and that George Bush should declare war on Osama bin Ladin. He said 5,000 ... repeat 5,000 ...

I don't like the part about hidden nukes, fits in with yours and mine dreams.

My two white vehicles somewhere outside a nuke station perhaps ... I see a single two lane road with mounds of dirt and a half moon shape overhead road lights ... something like a banker's light fixture. There is no plant life on these mounds, just dirt or dry hills, maybe man-made mounds of some kind. I have never seen anything like the typography ...

Oh yes by the way..... two people attempted to crash the Turkey Point nuke station last month, they were in a white van (scary) and never caught and the story quickly quelled by local news.

I don't like the 25th or 27th of the month either... I feel strongly about this one.



I have to agree -- the parallels between what the article says and a number of reports and interviews I have seen and read, not only the very same day but over the past year, are way to similar to be a coincidence.

This certainly does match the dreams and the "seven largest cities" would probably come close to the list of cities on the dream page.

Seems dreams of a nuclear attack are becoming more lucid, in addition to yours, there is the "Lee" and "metal oxide" dreams as well.

Personally, I fear five of the nuclear warheads that have been placed in seven US cities, bought on the Russian black market, are the suitcase bombs Alexander Lebed warned about back in 1997. I have a bad feeling that "seven" is an understatement. I would not be surprised if there are 100 bombs in a 100 cities waiting to off.


During the US war against Iraq -- when Saddam has been vapourised. Then Al Qaeda will ignite nuclear fires all across the United States. Considering that the number three man said each nuke attack would be followed up by bio-chemical attacks against three major US cities via planes now hidden away in barns (for a total of 21 cities if 7 nukes go off), it will certainly seem as bad as a massive nuke attack nationwide (total cities nuked and attacked by bio-chemical weapons: 28 -- that number is 3/5 the total number of states).

It appears that Bush is giving Saddam 17 days starting yesterday (that's until December 6 or December 7) to fully comply or else the attack will commence. One viewer has calculated that Saddam will attack Israel on December 15, so this is close. Now your dating might reflect when Saddam is killed and nukes are used: December 25 or 27.



Anonymous source (3/21/03):

Target: Manhattan!

In this dream, just a week ago, I saw myself in a bar in Manhattan having a beer (this is strange then I do not drink any alcohol any longer since 12 years and I dont like beer!) with colleagues, and are just making jokes on this what we called "junktalk" about the nuking of NY, the thing in the sense of "Watch out, I will nuke your beer ....". So afterward I wanted to go, and went outside, (I do not remember directions!) and saw that the sky was heavy overcast, and when I looked at my left I saw first that we could have an upcoming thunderstorm, but suddenly I saw an object going through the sky like being shot by Artillery or Mortar a little outside town, and saw this object going down a few miles further to my right. There came a very heavy explosion, which made the ground tremble, and saw the explosion cloud coming through the streets. I started running for my life, then I knew that close to where I was, were stairs downwards on a yard where one a building was, but now only the remains and all what was below the ground level, and it was there where I wanted to hide.



----- Original Message -----
From: Ile
Sent: Monday, December 01, 2003 5:21 AM
Subject: dream about destruction of the New Jersey


This is not _exactly_ a dream but something what "I remember beforehand". I think you are maybe interested to hear this. I wrote this since I read your latest dream.

My girlfriend worked as an au pair in New Jersey 1-4 years ago (to sum up she worked about 1 year). She lived there (in New Jersey) with family. Family's father works in the NY d.c. city, and mother did work there too (she's now on leave or something because of the kids (two daughters)). I understand that they (my girlfriend and the family members) are very close.

Finally my "memory of the future":

1. "my gf cries a lot. she is so depressed. some city in the US has been destroyed and she worries about that family. 'why this happened?' she says.. she is really sad and nearing madness. she doesnt know has any one of them died or anything since it has been impossible to contact them [by phone or by (e)mail I guess!]"

I have other "memories" maybe linked to this:

2. "news reported in tv says that there has been destruction in some cities. contact to some cities has not been established so we dont know what the situation there is. it is for sure that some cities are in the US. some cities are in other parts of the world. later, we learn that even more cities world wide has been destroyed. I guess it is night since it is dark, very dark."

3. btw, i bought my portable radio from prague 1 year ago. It was after I remembered this:

"I am biking. I am listening to my radio at the same time. it is cold -- not much snow or none. It must been fall or spring [from August to December or from February/March to April]. news reported says that an atomic bomb has been exploded somewhere. it was some kind of historical event [1st a-bomb explosion after in 50 years???]. later, another atomic bomb has been exploded. im biking near school which i know. [this means that im living in same area where im living now. Im moving from the area in 1-2 years]"

I have yet other "memory" about her (gf) great sadness but im not sure is these two memories somehow linked:

4. "the day is somehow special to her: she is celebrating something, maybe her graduation. [btw she will graduate in 1-3 years] there is great sadness. she is depressed and cries. we're in amusement park. sadness is ruining her day/celebration."

It is interesting that last time when we visited that same amusement park I felt sick and I had very serious head ache. I have visited that place only 2 times and both times I have gone sick. it is like time/place continuum is kinda twisted there. meaning of this is so far very unclear.

I think (logically) that the sequence of these events is 3-1-2-4. im no sure because this is only interpretation.

I tried to explain these in full detail as possible and I leaved out mostfuzziest parts. I have told about these memories to my gf and to the some relatives of mine. this is first time when I have some courage to tell about these to some one else (besides my close ones). memories 1-3 are quite clear, but the timing varies. I'd guess that these will realise in timescale 0-2 years.

best regards & peace,


p.s. A little bit how I "dream" or remember beforehand (if you are curious):

im not sure have I told you but I sometimes "remember my future". Unfortunately I dont "remember" clearly or vividly but these "memories" has always realised exactly. these are usually very short "memories". I cannot explain that how it happens. e.g. It seems to be so that my time is not fully fixed in present time -- sounds crazy I know. (im not sure how to explain that) that's why I sometimes have what I call "future deja vus", a.k.a. I remember when something happens that something similar WILL happen in the future. And when it happens I will of course have a normal deja vu ...

* * * * *

Hi Ile,

There is little difference between the experience, the difference is you are awake and I am asleep. Even so, in my dreams I have the sence I am "remembering the future" as you say. Very strong feelings of deja vu -- much stronger and pervasive than anything I ever have felt when awake, except ...

... except when I saw Princess Diana at Gianni Versace's funeral on TV and reacted as though she was already dead, reacted exactly as I would react on August 31, even though she had another six weeks to live. But that's another story ...

That de ja vu I know very well, it prevades my dreams. It is, perhaps, how I know the dream is one for the future and not merely a dream. Indeed, in the dream I have access to memories of other dreams of future events as though they were past events that happened already.

What is interesting is you are doing this awake.

When the Blackout happened, I had the strange feeling again whilst the TV newspeople were trying to figure out what was going on. Some were having trouble making contact in other East Coast cities and I realised I have seen this before ... that when the first nukes go off in NYC and a few other cities, at first it will be very similar. There will be mass evacuations from cities only suspected of being on a list of possible targets. The people will pour into the streets just like during the Blackout, some will be walking just like then, others will be screaming and running for their lives. If they are in cities the terrorists have selected, they won't make it. We will be cut off and see the nervous TV people trying to figure out what happened to their cams, trying to re-establish contact.

It could have happened in August, but it didn't -- the Blackout happened instead. That was one "right time" for the nuclear terrorist explosion, but it didn't happen so something else had too, but it will happen during the next time it is right. I think that could be at evening in autumn 2004 or at daybreak in the summer 2005.

Yes, part of New Jersey will be destroyed along with NYC. The entire sector, metropolitan NYC, Long Island, Jersey City, Newark, Paterson, Yonkers, all will know some measure of destruction from the Manhattan bomb and the other one in metro NYC, the Hudson River will be irradiated.

I think your visions sound authentic and conform to what I believe will happen in the near future.





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