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Five Dreams of Florida's Destruction by Asteroid/Tsunami



Below are three visions concerning a colossal tsunami that destroys major cities along the Florida coast and inland. The most recent one by James Blackhurst, I received by email today (September 4, 2001). It suggests that the time may now be near. The two which follow are my dream from April 28, 2001 and a vision by Dan and Donna Smith (January 26, 2001).


Blackhurst (9/4/01): I Give you this to look at, The Florida disaster that will take place, by a large wall of water is close. The shark attacks occurring along the eastern seaboard has been played down, but the evidence of so many sharks near the shore has fulfilled a dream I had. My dream showed many sea creatures (especially sharks) crowding the beaches of Florida. In my dream I am looking at the sea from the shore, I ask why. The voice said watch, A huge mountain collapses in the ocean, the weeks prior to this, the mountain released severe heat forcing the sharks to hunt for prey elsewhere. As the mountain collapsed a huge wall of water rushed to the shore. I feel this disaster is close.


COMMENT: The mountain which collapses may be one of the collapsing volcanos or super-volcanos geo-physicists have been warning us about this year. If it is the latter, all of the Americas will be severely affected by the powerful blast. The eruption of a super-volcano only occurs every 600,000 years. If one erupted today it would easily fulfill the prophecy of the sixth seal of Revelation, triggering off earthquakes and volcanic eruptions worldwide and plunging the entire planet into perpetual twilight for many months.



McClellan (4/28/01):

I was some distance away from land, I am not sure how far. It seemed I was in an ocean.

The waters were churning violently and boiling and it was dark as night. In fact, I assumed this was happening at night. There was a great deal of steam rising from the waters and in the darkness I saw also mixed within it a blood red colour. There was much blackness and blood red steam. I saw nothing in the sky but black and red vapour.

Asteroid impact 40 to 90 miles off coast of Florida

Then I was looking down upon a great city that was on the harbour. It was like a helicopter view. I saw tongues of water sloshing down the streets and splashing upwards on the buildings. Most of them did not seem too high from the ground level. Then I saw one tongue of water that filled the avenue and lapped so high that it covered an entire block of high-rise buildings. I began to see more of these tongues that lapped high, splashing water almost to where I was. As the scene progressed I saw less and less of the buildings and more and more sloshing, roiling water.

Then I was shown a map where this was happening. I could distinctly see the Florida peninsula. Then I awoke.


Comment: This was a very vivid dream. What I found most interesting was that the action took place in Florida. I have never been to Florida and most prophecies concerning destruction of American cities that I have been familiar with focus on New England, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, the Midwest, and, of course, the West Coast. So why a dream of Florida?

I may have received my answer in one of a series of prophecy "spam" (multiple emails) sent courtesy of G. Baptist (John Lallier). The vision is by Dan and Donna Smith as related to G. Baptist on 1/26/01. It was one of a number of emails sent to me today by G. Baptist (May 15).



Smith (1/26/01):

The Lord took me in the spirit to outer space and I saw very dim stars. Then the lights came on and I saw an asteroid, brown in color, coming to the planet earth.

The Lord took me in the spirit and showed me driving down the east coast of Florida and back up the west coast. When I got to Orlando, the Lord cut Florida in half and I said, “Lord have mercy”. He said “No more mercy”. Again I asked “Lord have mercy” and again He repeated “No more mercy. I asked Him, “Lord why are You doing this”. He answered “death of the innocents." I saw south Florida, Kissimmee to Miami, underwater. Then He showed me portable buildings stacked like a train all connected together. The buildings were full of people with legs and arms missing. I ran into the buildings and there was no end to them.

I saw an asteroid race right by Florida. What a horrible sound it made as it hit us. Then I saw helicopters and out of them came men with guns. When they came to me, I disappeared. Then I was somewhere else and I put out my hand and an apple was there and I ate it. The Lord will take care of His true servants, have no fear.

I was in a red suit, riding in a red car and something was holding me from passing and going to the sea. Then the restraint was removed and I got to the sea. I dropped my cell phone and I went into the sea and entered a building that was vary strong and safe.


There was an interpretation included I assume was written by Smith. I have included it here:


Interpretation (Smith):

I have a great call on my life Isaiah 63, 64 and 65. Red is the blood of Christ and power of the Lord. The sea is the people ready to be harvested. The building is Christ. The cell phone is my connection to this world.

We are to be led by the spirit and hearing Gods voice and not sold out to the world. God’s Kingdom is not of this world. I died 17 years ago when I got the Holy Spirit and I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus. We must give ourselves completely to Him and we will do great exploits for the end time harvest. Jesus said that we will do greater things than He, because He will send the Holy Ghost. Mark 16 & 17. Be one of them and give God the glory.


COMMENT (McClellan): Most of the vision above is self-evident and inspired by God. It supports my April dream of an asteroid/meteor-related tsunami that destroys a part of Florida.

I must add, however, that I do not like receiving spam email of any kind -- even if it is prophecy-related. This vision lept out at me because it had significance in regards to my own vision. I almost deleted it, but caught the word "Florida" in time. All the other emails were deleted.

Please, if you have something to share, don't be impersonal about it. I don't like seeing six to ten emails packaged for mass circulation on the worldwide web clogging up my viewer.



Andrew (4/29/05):

My dream began on a normal morning. I was with my girlfriend in what seemed to be a condo we were staying in for vacation. I remember it being on near the beach, maybe 50 feet away. My mother was upstairs getting ready for the day, and we were downstairs with her father.

He was sitting at the table and talking about things, I decided to get up and get a drink. When I sat down, facing my gf's father I noticed he had stopped in mid-sentence and was gazing open mouthed and with wide eyes to the horizon past the large bay window in the kitchen.

When I glanced out I saw a massive cloud of vapor, like a mushroom cloud, but it quickly dispersed. I could see a ring of white on the horizon. In the background, almost as quiet as a pin drop, I could hear her father screaming "Extra-terrestrial object ..... (something i didn't make out) .... past the horizon."

I immediately looked to Mary and recommended getting to higher ground. Within seconds we were upstairs on the second floor, and already a massive wall of water slammed into the house. We looked out the window and the water was already at the second floor.

We ran down the hall and tried to get out of the house through a window. Mary put her hand through the glass in a panic, trying to unlock something from the outside. That's when it happened. The raid rise of the ocean was just the first part. I could hear it building up, the sound of sand paper combined with air compressor. The Tsunami..... as it hit the house I could feel the wood foundation shatter. The wave lifted the house into the air, 30, maybe 60 feet, then crushing us underneath the extreme weight of the water. The house shattered. We lost our lives and the wave continued.

I have never had a dream with so much fear. I read the section of your page on the flooding of Florida. While the location I was at in my dream was tropical, it did have bright blue beaches. I cannot confirm the exact location, but I feel that it was an island, and in the southeastern US. It was during the summer season.



The following dream vision takes place at a different location, but could be connected if there is more than one impact around the same time. Otherwise, it may be linked to the Toutatis impact in the Aegean and Ionian seas in July 2008 or July 2015:


D. Orlovic (5/22/05):

I was living in Wien (the capital of Austria /really-never been there/). The news came that an unknown asteroid was approaching Earth. Then it somehow came out that it was going to hit our planet. We were not able to see it from Earth because it was approaching us behind Mars. There was the feeling in the air that everyone would die. People were panicking in the streets. Suddenly it trespassed Mars and became visible. It came quickly and you were able to see the giant smoke trail in the sky. Then a very bright flash. The news told that it hit an area south and not distant from Wien. The Tv was showing the consequences of the heat wave on the human flesh and face (very strange and frightening part of the dream). And then - the end. Me and others were under tables when the heat wave came. I remember feeling a rising heat before I suddenly woke up.

It was very shocking because when I woke up I wondered if I am alive (for some minutes).

I had it two months ago. More horrific than the UFO-related dreams I had before. I hope this can help your work.



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