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Conor's Vision of the Antichrist and Malta




Conor (12/25/00):

I had three dreams at Christmas that were a bit disturbing...

In the three dreams I was standing on a hill in Malta of all places, I have been there so I knew where it was. I was looking east, and it was just before dawn, to the east there was a huge thunderstorm, I could see the lightening quite clearly, and it was approaching fast. The sun rose up behind the storm and it was so red it was nearly black. The storm the came over me and the rain started, and it was blood raining down. Then a child in white said to me "Happy Easter". Then the child said to no one in particular "Malta, the east has the mulloch on you and you will only last one more Easter".

So that happened three nights in a row, and I cannot really figure out if this means anything or not.

As regards to the antichrist being in Malta, I saw it as a place where he hides from the world rather than where he is from, it is most likely that it could be his secret base, possibly?? I have never seen what the antichrist looks like in my dream but only that it is definitely a man, so it could be Gadhafi, but I don't know.



Comments (MM):

Since Conor was unsure of the spelling of "mulloch," I suggest that he might be hearing a distortion of the word 'mullah.'  A mullah, of course, is a Moslem spiritual leader or teacher.  They tend to be found in Moslem countries east of the Arab world -- especially in the nation of Iran.  The chief mullah is called an imam, and is usually designated Ayatollah.

The storm represents war, I think, literally coming from the East.  Whilst the dark red sun and rain of blood may be symbological, they could also portend phenomenon that may result from a global catastrophe, one that is man-made, natural, or both.

'Happy Easter' is Easter 2001, since Conor's dream occurred at Christmas 2000. What the child in white (Christ) is saying is that Malta will suffer great hardship after another Easter has passed, which is Easter 2002.

Thus, a leader from Iran (the Mullah) will prosecute a war from the East that will reach Malta and southern Europe sometime after Easter 2002.

According to my projections, August 2002 is the time when Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi will launch a chemical weapons attack on Malta, before pressing onward with additional attacks on Sicily, Sardinia, Italy, Spain, and Gibralter.  Gadhafi will be allied with the East, and will do the Mullah's bidding.

With the blessing of Persia and Russia, Gadhafi will ruin the Mediterranean, bringing great terror and death to southern Europe.  Missiles he has received from North Korea and Russia will rain down pestilence and nuclear death on many.  Sardinia and Gibralter he will incinerate with nuclear weapons.



Conor (4/11/00):

Last night I had a new dream which was extremely vivid and I thought I should let you know as it seemed to involve the antichrist.

I was standing on a beach looking eastward, it was night time yet far off to the east the sky was full of fire and blinding lights, low in the horizon. As I contiued to watch the sea was getting more violent and from the east a red tinge was being added to it so by sunrise the water was like blood. As the sun rose it took on a greenish hue as if it were trying to emerge from a green fog, but the fog persisted.

Then a young man emerged from the fog across the water and collapsed on the beach in front of me, he told me he had a terrible secret to tell and that anyone who knew it would be able to defeat the antichrist. I asked him what it was and this is exactly what he said,..., " The Antichrists weakness is where he is from, he will destroy the culture of the world but preserve his own, to destroy him his culture must be cast as ashes to the wind in the desert",..., then I asked him where the Antichrist was from he said,..., " He is from the land of the Children of Orion," he then started to die, but as he did he pointed out across the sea and I could see a land with two huge mountains set side by side and a smaller one set off to the left, the the man said "That is his domain destroy it before he destroys you," the man then died and melted away in my hands as if he was placed in acid.

Then I appeared to be looking west as the sun set and as it did so I could see the constellation of Orion appear directly behind it.

I have an idea where the land of Orions Children is, but I could be wrong. I looked today at history books and in various texts the land of Orions Children was called Nubia, if I am not mistaken that former land was part of Libya, Egypt and a little in Israel.



Comments (MM):

The beginning of the dream, I suspect, is a reminder of what part of the world the great war to come will originate:  the Middle East and Eastern and Central Europe.  The bloody water symbolises great naval battles in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Black Sea, Eastern Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean.  By the time the man has emerged from the water it has spread to the Ionian Sea. The fog and greenish hue suggest conditions of chemical warfare.

What was once ancient Nubia is today located in Egypt and the Sudan.  These are the 'two mountains.' Libya was not a part of Nubia. However, it is not unlikely that Libya, along with Egypt and Sudan, was a part of what was called the land of the Children of Orion.  This suggests a future federation of African nations comprised of Egypt, Sudan, and Libya.  This is quite plausible.

I believe Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will be assassinated in 2002 around the month of June or July.  I suspect the assassin(s) will come from Sudan which will be allied with Iran in the Middle East war.  When Egypt is defeated, it will be governed by a dictator who will be in league with Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir (or whoever rules Sudan at that time if Al-Bashir himself is overthrown or for some reason replaced).

I believe Russia and the Islamic rogue states of the Middle East will be defeated in Eastern and Central Europe.  This will be done at a terrible cost to human life.  The deadly chemical weapons used against the enemies will be made in the West and many Western civilians will be killed as well.

The Southern League, for that is what I would call them -- the nations of northern Africa or the Children of Orion -- will hold strong despite the defeat of Iran and its regional allies. They will pierce through Western defences and wreak havoc in the Mediterranean Sea, making bases and strongholds out of Malta and Sicily, attacking and invading much of Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, southern France, Spain, and Portugal.  They will also launch missile attacks against Gibralter and Britain.

That is why Conor sees Orion in the West.

They will be defeated in due course by France, Britain, and America, but much of Italy and southern France will suffer great devastation first.

War between the West and the Southern League is the final chapter of World War III.

If Israel has not been liberated before this final stage, it will be at this time.  There will also be two powerful nuclear missile attacks against Iraq and Iran, before or after this.




Dream and Vision 2000-2002 Conor

Commentary/Interpretation 2001, 2002 Michael McClellan




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