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McClellan (early 1995):


Some dwell in houses, many in skyscrapers,

High-rise apartments, billions of people

Watch screens in fear as stars blink and twinkle,

Plague slowly approaches from far away shores.


A tyrant from China frightens the families

Entranced before screens sectioned off into windows:

Obscenities, threats of war, but greater dread comes

As the African pestilence creeps into Europe.




At the time I wrote these two verses I had not yet used a Windows program or operated a computer more modern than a Commodore 64. I was also unfamiliar with the picture-within-a-picture function most televisions now have.

At that time there was no reason to be concerned about China. Also the ebola outbreak in Zaire (now Congo) had not yet occurred.

In the dream, I was watching what may very well have been Web TV (something else that did not exist at that time). The angry Chinese leader was in a small window in the lower right corner. News of a dangerous exotic disease was being reported in the larger window.

At the time, I thought this was a dream about the far future, perhaps another 40, 50, 100 years or more. Computer technology has leaped forward at a dizzying pace since that time. What seemed like science fiction to me in early 1995 is now reality.

I am quite concerned, obviously, not only with the danger posed by China, but the link to a deadly plague -- a potential pandemic.

The following dream that I had nearly twenty years ago implicates North Korea directly as a very dangerous adversary of the United States. Note that other nations are also at war at this time, including Afghanistan (which is and has been with the USA since October 2001):


McClellan (2/15/95):

An authority on oracles appears and tells the Iranian president he's "off the hook," and that greater trouble approaches further from the East. He says that North Korea is now the absolute embodiment of evil, holding a black and white map of North Korea the size of a playing card headed with letters of the rogue nations's name in a large "font dwinelle" before the camera lens.

Now it is night or at least theater or planetarium darkness we stand in. Strange lights are flashing in the sky, then a cheer rises up from large crowds on both sides of an avenue as a panoply of warplanes blaze by above blossoming trees.

UFOs pull large neon letters behind them announcing each participating nation's name -- Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and on and on -- each future player followed by more formidable processions of fighter jets, tracer bullets, strange aerial armaments, until the review concludes with North Korea. Then we see swarms of greenish-white ICBMs speeding horizontally across the sky, and dive into our cars and head downtown.



This is admittedly a bit weird, especially the part with the UFOs. The cheering crowds on both sides of the avenue may, in fact, symbolise opposing sides in a major global conflict. Note that the attack by North Korea occurs when blossoms are seen on the trees -- in spring. It may well be that before this time, during the winter, war will already have begun between Israel and Syria, the US and Turkey against Iraq and even Iran, and a possible conflict in the Caspian Sea region may also be underway involving states such as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

I have had MANY dreams concerning war between China/North Korea and the United States over the last nearly eight years. Many are repetitive and I have not always written them down immediately after experiencing them. I do not need to: they are vivid and have happened often enough over the years, that I can recall them as though I would a memory of an actual event.

Still, I will cull through my past writings and my posts made in the Email Forum and on my Prophetic Messenger Service forum and commend to this page whatever I have that may be of importance. So, over time, there may be more than what now appears below. Even if some of the details are repetitive, please take note of anything that is different as well, since this adds to the entire body of my dream visions concerning this very terrible war to come in the Pacific.


McClellan (9/29/01):

I'm getting those bad dreams again that I have mentioned from time to time on my email forums and I think part of which is on a dream window. You know, the one about seeing a huge US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf or the Pacific Ocean looking like a sickening mass of white fire and black oil on the television screen -- huge plumes of black and white smoke billowing up while the commentator is talking about a war involving Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

Sometimes it is one ship, sometimes it is several, sometimes it is almost a fleet. Each time it is worse than the time before and we get used to seeing it on the news.

Two nights ago I dreamt one of our aircraft carriers or warships was under attack by enemy fighter jets. They were being shot down out of the sky in flames. One time it was jets another sequence it was older looking planes.

I recall thinking while I was in the dream that I had seen this dream before, but had forgotten it and that it is in some way linked to the dreams of the destroyed battleships ...


McClellan (9/3/02):

Always in the backdrop of many dreams is the war with Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. I think Afghanistan will continue for a long time -- it has always been a part of the picture in my dreams since 1996.

And there is always something else going on that suddenly comes to the forefront. Sometimes it is frightening news of China or North Korea moving into a short war, then backing off again. Other times Iraq or Iran comes to the forefront, doing something horrible in the Persian Gulf, then everything fades to the background again ...

In one case it was definitely China; but in that one Chinese fighter jets were being shot down by US surface-to-air missiles we didn't even know were hidden in the forests outside of our cities.


McClellan (9/6/02):

I see in my dreams war going on in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan ceaselessly for several years. I also see other countries making war in other places, like China or North Korea in the Pacific, or Russia and Iran in the Caspian Sea region, new wars in the Balkans, and of course Israel with Syria and Lebanon. These other wars move into the foreground and then they withdraw into the background ... sometimes months go by without a shot being fired in these other wars. To the people it is as if those wars have stopped, and only the war in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan continue, but later these other wars start up again, worse then before. Each time big powers like China and Russia move into war again it is much worse each time and the destruction to America's navies is truly alarming to see. There is much bloodshed in the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

People will be terrified to see what happens in the naval wars. I see these always and they are horrible. To see monstrous warships and aircraft carriers deployed and to see them destroy each other utterly in fire and smoke. To see the nuclear explosions at sea and the great tidal waves that drown coastal cities in waters of blood.

Because the wars appear with great strength and then move into the background, low level, people are lulled into believing this is not World War III but rather a world crisis, but it IS World War III.




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