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Rolling Towards Us 

The second outbreak in less than three months
preempts all other televised programming.
Black, gothic, submarine towers emerge
from dark waves in the deep grey mist,
events far away squeeze out the distance
and appear near, too close for belief.

Three months ago came the maps we've grown used to:
Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia,
the Persian Gulf, the Caucasus Mountains.
War came, war went, and with it diminished Iran's nuclear threats gutturally expressed
against U.S. naval forces
by a black-bearded man in a black turban.

Now the maps and the experts are back,
interrupting what has passed for normalcy,
The war which receded to nothing
has crested and crashed again in a wave of angst.
Every day for nearly a week we have watched,
drawing new comfort by a shared sense of d j vu --
we saw it before and it went away.
Still its bigger, much bigger, this time.

All the black ships, black maps, and black turbans
squeeze together as the geography of war grows more strange:
but between the fissures new words wax
of submarines tracked and lost in the Atlantic Ocean,
nuclear threats uttered against the U.S. mainland,
merging with false memories of cities not yet destroyed
and things we saw before that went away.


Michael McClellan

1998 Castalian Springs

1997-2004 Michael McClellan



The following images that have been released since the Russian nuclear sub Kursk sank to the bottom of the Barents Sea on August 13, 2000 are similar to the submarine images I have experienced in my dreams. However, there are many other images I have dreamt, both of individual submarines and fleets of submarines much darker than these photos. I have also had terrible dreams of flashes of explosions at sea, with bright white smoke rising from a large black burning mass. The images below may not have anything to do with the dream above; but then again they may. It may be that we will see more images like these in the months and years ahead associated with the theme of war, nuclear accidents, and the threat of nuclear attack.


Oscar class Russian sub at unknown location

Oscar class Russian sub in Barents Sea


McClellan (2/15/95):

An authority on oracles appears and tells the Iranian president he's "off the hook," and that greater trouble approaches further from the East. He says that North Korea is now the absolute embodiment of evil, holding a black and white map of North Korea the size of a playing card headed with letters of the rogue nations's name in a large "font dwinelle" before the camera lens.

Now it is night or at least theater or planetarium darkness we stand in. Strange lights are flashing in the sky, then a cheer rises up from large crowds on both sides of an avenue as a panoply of warplanes blaze by above blossoming trees. UFOs pull large neon letters behind them announcing each participating nation's name -- Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and on and on -- each future player followed by more formidable processions of fighter jets, tracer bullets, strange aerial armaments, until the review concludes with North Korea. Then we see swarms of greenish-white ICBMs speeding horizontally across the sky, and dive into our cars and head downtown.



McClellan (Sep 29 2001 : 4:14:04 PM):

I'm getting those bad dreams again that I have mentioned from time to time on my email forums and I think part of which is on a dream window. You know, the one about seeing a huge US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf or the Pacific Ocean looking like a sickening mass of white fire and black oil on the television screen -- huge plumes of black and white smoke billowing up while the commentator is talking about a war involving Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

Sometimes it is one ship, sometimes it is several, sometimes it is almost a fleet. Each time it is worse than the time before and we get used to seeing it on the news.

Two nights ago I dreamt one of our aircraft carriers or warships was under attack by enemy fighter jets. They were being shot down out of the sky in flames. One time it was jets another sequence it was older looking planes. I recall thinking while I was in the dream that I had seen this dream before, but had forgotten it and that it is in some way linked to the dreams of the destroyed battleships.



McClellan (2/202):

These dreams have been growing more vivid as the time passes.

I see great fire and destruction in the Pacific Ocean and Persian Gulf, US ships attacked and reduced to fire, smoke, and tar in incredible flashes of brilliant white light by North Korea or China whilst news of the war in Iraq and Iran is being broadcast on television.



1995-2014 Michael McClellan





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