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Princess DianaMarilyn MonroeUsing base 7 numerology, I theorised at the head of the year that 1962 might exert a powerful influence on 1997 (7 x 5 = 35 years). The ghost of 1961 had appeared the previous year courtesy of Cuba and Eastern and Central Europe. The tragic death of a famous female celebrity in August 1997 was one of two major events I feared might occur. I called the first event "the Marilyn Scenario" because I believed the woman would, like Marilyn Monroe, die in her thirties and that the cause of her death would not be taken at face value. It would shock this media-linked world as nothing had since the death of Marilyn Monroe.

However, in January 1997, I had no definite idea who this theoretical female victim might be. I must emphasise the word theoretical. Up to that point in time the successful predictions I had made for 1996 using my newly discovered number system could have been mere products of coincidence.

I really did have my doubts that anything like this would happen.

Because Marilyn Monroe had been an American actress, my initial concern was that something dreadful might happen to one of the leading American female actresses or entertainers of the time -- someone whose career had begun between thirteen and sixteen years earlier. Someone still in her thirties. Topping the list was Madonna. Nevertheless, despite the fact that she was English and not a member of the acting profession, I did consider the possibility that Princess Diana might be in some degree of danger. But, at the time, I strongly doubted it.


Quatrain 10.35


On February 10, 1993, I was eight months away from completing the first draft of the book now entitled Nostradamus and the Final Age (at that time I was calling it Nostradamus: World Events). I had begun writing the book in April 1992. I had wondered about Quatrain 10.35 for several years. It was the last two lines, in particular, which captured my attention:


Women's apparel in the temple of Diana:

Going to be murdered by the unknown one from Marne.


On that date I made the following entry (regarding the above lines) into the manuscript:


Line 3 in some respects has already been fulfilled with the ordination of women priests in the Church of England in 1992. Under Henry [a future French King Henry V], the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church will marry, so this may relate to women taking an even greater role in church affairs, possibly even attaining positions in the College of Cardinals. Artemis [Arthemide] is the Greek name for Diana, the goddess of the moon. However, within the context of the last line, it is unlikely that it is a goddess who is to be murdered by a Frenchman from the Marne River. This then should be considered a warning to the future Queen of England, Princess Diana. According to Nostradamus, Diana's killer will never be captured or identified.


Collage: Diana (head and shoulders) in front of templeIn October 1993, I completed the first draft and was about to format it to manuscript form when my printer broke down. I tried in vain to find someone to repair it or a way to replace it. It was a Commodore 64, purchased in 1989, and the printer (as well the computer) I learned, was now obsolete. Also, according to a resource book I had recently purchased, major publishers did not consider dot-matrix book submissions unless the dot-matrix was of "letter quality" (mine was not). This meant I would have to begin a new draft on new equipment -- when I could afford it.

Eventually, over the course of developing and polishing each successive new draft, I dropped the Diana prediction. I was no longer convinced that line 3 could be about female priests in the Anglican Church. If the Diana of line 3 was the living woman of that name, it would mean that she would one day be worshipped at a temple erected in her honour. I felt such an idea was preposterous. In order for Princess Diana to have a temple dedicated to her she would have to be worshipped as a goddess. Even in our crazy, mixed-up world I found such a development extremely unlikely. It would be the ultimate in celebrity worship: deifying a living woman.


Collage/Art 1998-2006 by Michael McClellan


July 1997: Six Weeks Before The Tragedy


Diana was now divorced and the most famous available single woman in the world. Since her divorce the previous year, her popularity had grown by leaps and bounds. She was now many things to many people: glamour queen, jet-setting celeb, royal mom, humanitarian, friend to the sick and to those in plight, even just a regular person -- a sad and lonely person looking for love.

Initial predictions I had made for early 1997 had been wrong or merely close. I had predicted the phenomenal success of the Mars Sojourner-Pathfinder mission; but that was not enough to vindicate the system I was using. Then a shot rang out. Fashion designer Gianni Versace was dead -- the last victim of a man who I predicted would terrify the country with a string of murders over the summer. Of course, I had no way of predicting the murderer's identity or who his victims would be. I became convinced that Andrew Cunanon was the other half of what led to the Heaven's Gate mass suicides: the evil spirit of Charles Manson working its way in the world again in another form. This was because 1969 and 1997 were also perfectly aligned. One of Manson's victims had been a famous hair stylist, Jay Sebrig. Gianni Versace was a famous fashion designer -- one who had created ensembles for women such as Madonna and Princess Diana.

On television I watched Diana comforting singer Elton John at Versace's funeral in Milan. At one point there was a closer view of her face, looking toward the camera. At that moment I became alarmed by what seemed to be a terrible revelation. For a few fleeting seconds I felt as though I had made contact with Diana over the television screen. "My God, " I said repeatedly, "please don't let her be the one." My heart sank at the thought of her being killed -- the same way it actually would sink six weeks later at the news of her death. However, after ten minutes, I began thinking the whole thing was a product of my imagination.

What I now believe happened that day is that I had finally became seriously aware of the connection between "the Marilyn Scenario" and Quatrain 10.35. Throughout 1997, Diana seemed to glow every time I saw her on television or in a magazine. How far she had come. Perhaps now she was a goddess, metaphorically speaking.

Collage: Diana in sporting attire walking past temple

Collage/Art 1998-2006 by Michael McClellan

Another of Manson's victims had been actress Sharon Tate, considered to be one of the most beautiful women of 1969 since her brief career was launched in The Valley of the Dolls the previous year. Sharon Tate and Marilyn Monroe had both died in August, seven years apart. Now I was beginning to feel uneasy -- who would Cunanon's next victim be? Quatrain 10.35 warned of a mysterious man from the Marne River as being the killer of Diana. It was being reported that Cunanon's wherabouts were unknown and that he had a French passport.

Andrew Cunanon died by his own hand a few days later. Thank God, I thought. Perhaps Diana would be safe after all. Still, had I the means to do so, I would have warned her to stay away from France for the remainder of 1997. However, I did not have the means and the passing weeks lulled me into a sense that I been wrong and that Princess Diana's future was secure.

Six weeks later, on August 31, 1997, Princess Diana died in Paris. The dreaded month of August was nearly over -- but not before one of the strangest car accidents in our time claimed the life of a woman loved by the entire world. She and her new boyfriend, Dodi al-Fayed, had been murdered by an intoxicated chauffeur, a Frenchman named Henri Paul, and an unknown driver of a mysterious white Fiat Uno. The Marne flows into the Seine a few miles north of Paris. I had been right, I thought bitterly -- and I damned myself for it.


The Temple of Diana


I had read the prophecy backwards. The events in line 4 would occur before those in line 3. Diana would have to be murdered first before there would be a temple erected in her honour. The meaning of the "temple" is finally clear. It stands at Althorp, the Spencer family estate. Many of the fashion ensembles Diana wore in life are now on exhibit in the museum dedicated to her memory, thus solving the enigma of the "women's apparel" in line 3.

Diana's temple at Althorp




One of the greatest tragedies in the last two thousand years quickly became one of the greatest conspiracy cases of the century. It had taken twenty years before Marilyn Monroe's death began to be questioned by the public and re-investigated. No one spent anytime allowing this poor woman to lie in peace before they began weaving a grand web of conspiracy theories about her death.

I believe it was an accident -- a bizarre accident -- but nothing more. I refuse to be caught up in what are likely to be decades of theories, questions, and morbid analyses concerning her death. I only wish to remember her for the good and beautiful lady that she was.

As for Nostradamus, he had only one last thing to say on the subject of her murder by vehicular manslaughter and negligent homicide: one of the participants -- doubtlessly the driver of the white Fiat Uno -- will remain "unknown" for all time. He may indeed live somewhere along the banks of the Marne River, but he (or she) will never be found.


May God Bless you Diana, Princess of Wales, and bring you the peace
in another existence that you were unable to find in this life.


Vignette of a pensive Diana


"I Shall Arise" -- her final words. Are you ready for the return of the goddess Diana?

She shall certainly come, whether the dates given above are correct or not, she shall come soon, and her Apollo shall reign beside her. The sins of her murderers shall be revealed, they shall not be able to hide, be they kings, men of renown, or presidents of great nations. They shall be hounded and given up to death.

The corridors of the Moon have protected the blessed Diana, daughter of Jupiter and Latona, daughter of gods and daughter of men, and fed her, and clothed her in a great time of trouble and Tribulation!

Read the secret known until now only by Cheiro, Jeane Dixon, John the Revelator, the architects of the Pyramid of Cheops, and the king of prophets ... Nostradamus! Be happy and confident in a new Revelation.



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