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NOTE (7/31/21): The base 7 system IS practical up to 98 years and far beyond! At this time, since 2020 and also this year, 2021, I have accurately predicted several events based on precedents from 1789 and 1790 ... 231 years ago. I also predicted an event in 2018 based on an event in 1780.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, my book, Nostradamus and the Final Age, has nothing whatsoever to do with the base 7 system of prediction. It is a thorough examination of the future as Nostradamus understood it to be. All evidence of what this future may look like is backed up by instructions he provided and by other prophets whose work concurs with that of the French seer.

The events presented on this page represent a very tiny glimpse into that future - a snowflake on a tip of an iceberg compared to what is in my book. Even so, the highlights covered on this page run from 2018 to 2242.

Base 7 numerology, unlike the book, is used to pinpoint more closely what is in the book.

In any event, one should consider my book a modestly-priced supplement to this web site and, likewise, this web site as a free supplement to my book.


NOTE (2/27/13): This page originally called "Beyond 2012," was created when my website first went online at GeoCities on May 9, 1999. GeoCities was later acquired by Yahoo! in 2001 and this site has been a Yahoo! website ever since. This page has remained unchanged since 1999, except that a few predictions were moved to what is now the 2016 page.

The time has come when a few of these predictions must now be considered.


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First Manned Exploration of Mars


Manned exploration of Mars


It is not impossible that Nostradamus foresaw a manned mission to Mars, but I have yet to see mention of it in his quatrains. Nevertheless, if it is going to happen, it will be some time yet. My projection for this event, should it occur, is July/August 2018.


UPDATE (February 27, 2013): The above prediction, which has sat on this page since May 9, 1999, now must seriously be considered. It appears plans are in the works for a manned mission to Mars ... in 2018 ... just as I actually predicted using the base 7 system nearly 14 years ago!


Group aims to send 2 humans on Mars mission in 2018

By John Zarrella, CNN | February 27th, 2013 02:50 PM ET

If newly unveiled plans pan out, a man and a woman may represent humanity on one journey that has never been attempted before: a mission to Mars.

“It’s incredibly feasible. It’s not crazy talk," Taber MacCallum, CEO of Paragon Space Development Corp., told CNN. MacCallum and millionaire Dennis Tito announced their plans Wednesday to send a couple of earthlings on a 501-day trip in a spacecraft that would fly by the red planet. The proposal was unveiled at the National Press Club in Washington.

The mission would lift off in 2018, they said. It would not involve landing on Mars, making the proposed journey infinitely easier than putting people on the planet's surface, which NASA wants to do later this century. But the spacecraft would pass within 100 miles of the planet.

Tito has founded the Inspiration Mars Foundation, a nonprofit organization spearheading this effort. No stranger to space, the one-time NASA engineer became in 2001 the first space tourist flying on a Russian rocket to the International Space Station.

The public-private initiative could, according to MacCallum, use an existing rocket and capsule. “If you take existing chemistry and technology and add some improved technologies," MacCallum told CNN, "you can get a mission together.” A life support system also would have to be developed.

The group is not asking NASA for money, he said. “This is a philanthropic effort to be done for America,” MacCallum said. It could be accomplished for under $1 billion, he said, a figure that’s cheap compared with the tens of billions of dollars a NASA landing on Mars would cost.

At Wednesday's press conference, the panel mentioned selling media rights and finding sponsorship as well as other forms of fund-raising. It was noted that a 6-year-old boy already made a contribution, sending in $10 and calling this mission "my Apollo." Despite MacCallum’s optimism, pulling off such a feat within five years is no small task.

Besides life support for the crew, one of the biggest challenges would be the return into the Earth's atmosphere. Heat shielding for a high speed re-entry hasn’t been tested. NASA isn’t even testing its new system on the Orion spacecraft until next year at the earliest. Orion is in development to take astronauts back to the moon and on to Mars.

And there’s also concern about radiation exposure. The man and woman whom MacCallum and Tito want to send would likely be a married couple. Because of the radiation risk, MacCallum said, they’d be older and “out of the childbearing years.”

Dr. Jonathan Clark, a former NASA flight surgeon and chief medical officer of Inspiration Mars Foundation, said the crew should be selected six months to a year before the mission to allow time for a full health screening. And the mission planners will have to prepare for the possibility of a crew member perishing. "If we wanted a guarantee, we wouldn't be doing this," he said.

Water and oxygen will be recycled in flight, so the crew will be drinking and breathing the same resources over and over throughout the journey, Inspiration Mars representatives said. "No two people will have ever been more alone than the crew of this mission," Miles O'Brien, press conference moderator and former CNN correspondent, said at the event.

The year for the mission was chosen because Mars then will be 36 million miles away, about as close as it ever gets to Earth. But consider: The humans who have traveled the farthest from Earth were the Apollo astronauts nearly a quarter-million miles to the moon. Next to the Mars journey, that’s like a walk around the block.

Still, Tito said Wednesday, "This is a challenging but attainable goal for advancing human ... knowledge. Now is the time."


NOTE (9/29/15): I am leaving this prediction on the page for a while as it has been here since May 9, 1999. But as I have now created a 2018 page, it will appear on there as well. Eventually, it will be removed from this page, and moved from the current 2018 page (there is only one right now), to appear on what will eventually be the 2018 (Part Two) page.



The Libyan Prince, the New Leader of Africa, Becomes
Powerful in the West and Adored by the French


Saef al-Islam Gadhafi


Daniel 11:5 --

And the king of the south [Moammar Gadhafi] shall be strong, and one of his princes; and he [Gadhafi's son] shall be strong above him, and have dominion; his dominion shall be a great dominion.

Crowd of French youth welcomes the son of Gadhafi


Quatrain 3.27

The Libyan Prince powerful in the Occident [West],

The French will become so enamored of Arabia,

Studied in letters he will condescend

The Arab language into French to translate.


Girls swoon at sight of Sword of IslamMoammar Gadhafi's self-appointed heir, whom I believe must be one of two elder sons, Saef al-Islam or Khamees, becomes powerful in the Western world and is especially adored by the French. His influence in the West will in part be a result of his shared hatred of the non-Arab Asians, including the Turks. As Nostradamus next demonstrates, the "Libyan Prince" will also fuse Christianity and Judaism with the Sunni form of Islam largely practiced by the Arabs of the Middle East. He will possess great charisma and sex appeal since the Arab customs and dress will be imitated by French society. He will also be a great master of negotiation and a powerful orator, representing Africa and most of the Arab Middle East, thus becoming a true "king of the south."

It is impossible to know for certain if Saef al-Islam will fulfill this prediction. However, unless Moammar Gadhafi's regime is overthrown, it goes without saying that the Libyan Prince will have to be one of his sons. Saef or Khamees are the best psychological candidates because they are more likely to have motive than their other brothers (both were wounded as children during the 1986 US air raid on Tripoli and Benghazi).

Between the two, Saef al-Islam is a name which resonates with galvanic power and, translated, means "the sword of Islam." However, readers may keep alternative candidates in mind (should others present themselves) when reading quatrains applied to the Libyan Prince.

He will come to power upon the death of his father in September 2018.

Those of you who have read my book may notice something missing from this presentation. There is a reason for this that will be made known to all of you at a later time.

Want to know what is missing? Read my book: Nostradamus and the Final Age.


COMMENT (10/15/18): Hard to believe isn't it? But this prediction was posted on this site May 9, 1999 ... over 19 years ago! All this time it has been located at on this page (formerly called Beyond 2012).

While things haven't happened exactly as expected with the late Moammar Gadhafi never quite in the role of Daniel's "king of the south," the basic premise is proving to be very likely. When Gadhafi was arrested and imprisoned after his father's death in 2012, it seemed impossible that he could become "the Libyan Prince" of prophecy. But since his pardon and release in 2017, he is now a powerful presence among the Libyan people ... and will run for President in December 2018.

Whether or not he wins doesn't change the prediction. If it is intended that he be a post-WW3 leader, his time will come then, if not before. AMAZING that the date on this prediction is so close to the pending election itself: September 2018. His father died almost exactly seven years earlier ... in October 2011.


Qaddafi’s Son Is Alive. And He Wants to Take Libya Back.

Ten years ago, near the remote Libyan desert town of Awbari, a band of armed rebels ambushed a small convoy that was fleeing south toward Niger. The gunmen stopped the cars and found a youngish bald man with bandages covering his right hand. They saw a face that had been ubiquitous on Libyan state television: Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi, the second son of the country’s notorious dictator and one of the rebels’ chief targets.

Gaddafi’s son seeks Libyan presidency 10 years after NATO-backed campaign plunged country into chaos – media

The son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is reportedly eyeing his country’s highest office a decade after his father was overthrown and murdered by NATO-backed rebels, triggering years of civil unrest. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has begun to reach out to Western and other diplomats as he seeks to re-enter public life, the Times reported. Once viewed as his father’s successor, he is preparing to stand in Libya’s December 24 presidential contest.

Israeli intelligence met with Libyan general Haftar's son - report

Israeli Intelligence Ministry officials secretly met with Saddam Haftar, the son of the de-facto leader of Libya General Khalifa Haftar, according to a report in the Washington Free Beacon. Haftar, the son, is currently eyeing Libya's presidential seat, which will be decided in December. Haftar would be running against Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, who is the son of the late dictator, Muammar Gaddafi. Haftar would be running against Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, who is the son of the late dictator, Muammar Gaddafi.


NOTE (7/31/21): The election was suspended due to the second Libyan Civil War that began in 2014. That war finally ended early in 2021 and it appears elections will be forthcoming, possibly at the end of this year.

Technically, it won't matter WHO wins the presidency in Libya, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi or Saddam Haftar (aka Saddam Hifter). Both are sons of Libyan leaders, either would fulfill "the Libyan Prince" role in prophecy. However, I believe that the son of Gadhafi is holding the cards.


This update also appears on 2018 (Part One).



China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Other
East Asian Nations Abandon Communism
from Michael McClellan's Nostradamus and the Final Age


Quatrain 4.32

In those places and times that meat gives way to fish
The communal law will be made in opposition:
The old ones hold strong, then removed from the scene,
Panta chiona philon
put much behind.


That part of the world that depends almost exclusively on the sea for its protein will overthrow its "common" or "communal" law. In December 2019 China will abandon communism. In its place, the people will either embrace democracy or establish a benevolant monarchy. This quatrain may also apply to North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other communist nations in the Far East. Panta chiona philon is Greek for "all things common among friends (ie., communism). East Asia will never allow a communist state to gain control of the region again.

NOTE: This prediction will only apply to China and North Korea if they do not go to war with the US and other Pacific nations over territories under dispute, such as Taiwan and the Kuril Islands. If such a war occurs, both China and North Korea will cease to exist.



The Third Antichrist Comes to Power in Central Asia


The Third Antichrist - scan and restoration by Michael McClellan, C 2005


Quatrain 3.60

Throughout all Asia great proscription,

Also in Mysia, Lycia, and Pamphilia [all in Turkey]:

Blood flows through absolution,

Of a young black one replete with evil.


Erika Cheetham (1989) reads "proscription" as "conscription," suggesting that a massive military draft occurs throughout much of Asia. Proscription, properly speaking, raises the specter of oppression rather than a widespread policy of conscription. Either way it works since both situations will probably be features of the young dictator's reign, one which will also involve much flowing of blood according to line 3.

As Europe slumbers, this new Hitler will come to power in Central Asia and Asia Minor. He will be "black" in the poetic sense, "black-hearted," "cruel," or "evil." He will be the dictator of what Nostradamus calls "the great Empire of Antichrist" which will evolve throughout the "the Attila" (Central Asia, Mongolia, Siberia, and Russia) and "Xerxes", (Iran) -- a continuation of the barbarian empire originated by Iran sometime between 2001 and 2006. How Russia becomes involved in this federation, as well as how "the Attila" and "Xerxes" enter the picture, will be more fully explained in the next chapter. Much of the world will choose to ignore this man's rise to power, just as it did when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933. He will be the second and most horrid personification of the third antichrist (the "great Empire of Antichrist"), the first being the Persian leader who started World War III.

This man, whom the prophet elsewhere identifies as RAYPOZ, will come to power in February 2021.


Abdul Ghani Baradar


Taliban co-founder ‘Baradar the Butcher’ to reportedly lead new Afghan government

Feared Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar — who was once nicknamed “Baradar the Butcher” — will lead the new Afghan government, sources within the militant group told Reuters. The new Taliban-led government is yet to be announced almost three weeks after the militants seized control of Afghanistan.

A once-vanquished insurgent returns as Afghanistan’s likely next leader

The man likely to be Afghanistan’s next leader entered Kandahar on Tuesday escorted by a fleet of white SUVs, showered by fireworks and greeted by thousands of Afghans, at least a few holding rocket-propelled grenades. For years, the Taliban’s political leaders were ghosts, the invisible strategists of a powerful insurgency, and now here was the convoy carrying Abdul Ghani Baradar. Some people in the crowd cheered. Many others just stared ahead, transfixed.


September 6, 2021: Well, we'll see. There are other Central Asian states to weigh in yet. This figure would have to become powerful throughout the region, all the way to Xinjiang province next to China to be the one. Nevertheless, the timing matches my projection.



Children of Edward and Sophie Abducted by UFOs


Quatrain 2.58

UFO abduction of royal childrenWithout foot or hand, teeth sharp and strong,
By a Globe to a mighty harbour with the eldest born:
Near the portal, disloyal transport,
In a little moon, the small great one carried off.


Quatrain 9.24

Above the palace from a rock of windows,
Carried off will the two little royals be,
To pass by air Lutetia, the cloisters of St. Denis,
A nun, flies devouring the green pits.


A royal prince, the eldest born child of Edward, is abducted by what can only be described as a UFO. Line 1 may be a partial description of one of the strange vehicle's occupants, or a rather convoluted way of characterising someone captured in a tractor beam, a "disloyal" form of "transport" since it defies the law of gravity.

Here the UFO is described as a "rock of windows." Combined with the previous quatrain, this makes the total number of children abducted in this fashion either two or three, thus depriving Edward of any possible heir to his throne. Line 3 indicates part of the aerial route, passing over the ruins of Paris and what was once the northern metropolitan region. It is possible the cloisters will still be intact if the bomb which destroyed Paris during World War III was of low megatonnage or atomic as opposed to hydrogen. The nun in line 4 is either another abductee or a witness to the kidnapping. The remainder of line 4 may be a bizarre reference to UFOs; otherwise it is incomprehensible.

This event, spectacular as it is, is far more significant than a mere UFO abduction. There is a reason why this will happen -- a reason that will impact the lives of everyone on this planet over two hundred years later. To find out what that may be, read my book: Nostradamus and the Final Age.

The dating for this event is February 2023.


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The Death and Funeral of Emperor Chiren
from Michael McClellan's Nostradamus and the Final Age


Quatrain 8.5 Chiren's funeral

There will appear a luminous, ornate temple,
The lamp and candle at Borne [E. Netherlands] and Breteuil [N. France],
For the canton of Lucerne [NW Switzerland] will turn
When one will see the great cock in his shroud.


Quatrain 6.71

When they will come to give last rites to the great king
Before he has completely rendered up his soul,
He who is last (youngest) will come to lament him,
Through Lions, of eagles, the cross, the crown sold.


Daniel 11:2-4 ~

And now will I show thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia: and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia. And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will. And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided towards the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those.


Daniel 8:8 ~

Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong the great horn was broken; and for it came four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven.


Daniel 8:21-22 ~

And the rough goat is the king of Grecia: and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king. Now that being broken, whereas four stood up for it, shall stand up out of the nation, but not in his power.


Christianity flourishes in the Netherlands and France. In one of Nostradamus ' more dazzling displays of visual imagery, Chiren's Holy Empire reaches its zenith. At the time of the emperor's lavish funeral, however, northwestern Switzerland will seek to withdraw from the empire. The cock was a nineteenth-century symbol for France.

I have determined, partly through my base 7 system of numerology, that the death of Chiren will occur in May 2023. Also, since so much significance has been accorded the year 2012 by various prophets old and new, this may be the actual year a new French "president" of Europe is elevated to a Carolmingian style emperor.

REMARKS (11/1/13): CLOSE. If King Philippe of Belgium is to be the Chyren monarque, he was crowned only a year later than 2012: on July 21, 2013.


According to Daniel, the future empire ("he goat") will "wax very great" (become very powerful and expansive). Likewise, as Nostradamus tells us, when the empire has reached its greatest hour, the emperor ("the great horn") will die.

In Quatrain 6.71, when last rites are administered to the dying emperor, a secret arrangement will be made between him and Great Britain ("the Lions"); a new merger between what remains of the United States, Canada, and possibly Mexico (all symbolized by the American eagle); and the Pope ("the cross") concerning the future disposition of the Holy Empire.

The "crown sold" is the imperial crown. But who is the "last" (or "he who is youngest") who will come to visit the king on his deathbed?


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Seat of Empire Shifts to Great Britain --- Mystery of Daniel's
"the Four Notable Ones" Solved
from Michael McClellan's Nostradamus and the Final Age


Daniel 8:4, 8:21-22 ~

Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong the great horn was broken; and for it came four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven. And the rough goat is the kingdom of Grecia [United Europe]: and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king [Chiren]. Now that being broken, whereas four stood up for it, four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation, but not in his power.


Daniel 11:2-4 ~

And now will I show thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia: and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia. And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will. And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided towards the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those.


We have established that this "first king," "great horn," and "mighty king" corresponds with Nostradamus' Chiren (Jacques Chirac?), future French monarch and Emperor of Europe. He will be succeeded by four notable European leaders.

Because the "great horn" will leave behind him no male heir to the throne [posterity], his empire will be divided up four ways and the seat of the empire will shift from the monarch's country [France] to another European nation.

And who are these four mysterious leaders who will reign over nearly the whole of Europe? Daniel does not tell us who they will be, but Nostradamus does:


Epistle to Henry II ~

For God will long regard the barrenness of the great lady, who soon afterwards shall conceive two principal children. But, being in peril, she will to him give birth with risk of death at the term of her eighteenth year, and not able to conceive beyond the age of thirty-six, shall leave behind her three males and one female, and of these two will not ever have had any of the same father. The differences between the three brothers shall be such, though united and agreed, that the three and four parts of Europe will tremble.

By the lesser in years shall the Christian monarchy be upheld and augmented; sects shall rise and presently be put down again; the Arabians shall be put back; kingdoms shall be united and new laws made. Concerning the other children, the first shall possess the furious crowned Lions, holding their paws upon the escutcheons. The second, well attended by the Latins, will go so deep among the Lions, that a second trembling and furious descent will be made. The daughter shall be given for the preservation of the Church, the dominate part of it falling into the Pagan sect of the new unbelievers, and she will have two children, one from faithfulness, and the other from unfaithfulness, by the confirmation of the Catholic Church. The son, who to his confusion and late repentance, shall go about to ruin her, shall have three regions over a wide extent of leagues, that is to say, the Roman, the German, and the Spanish.


The "three males and one female" who begin the Epistle are definitely analogous to "the four notable ones" who appear in Daniel's prophecy as the heirs of the "great horn." We are reminded by Daniel in 11:4 that when they come to power, their reign will "not [be according] to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled." They will not be his children, in other words, nor even his fellow countrymen.

Mention of "the great lady" who rules long under the watchful eye of God indicates we have been introduced to a great queen -- one who will rule for many years and produce four offspring: three sons and a daughter. Nostradamus tells us that the empire is divided up between the four siblings upon Chiren's death and that they will rule "the three and four parts of Europe." However, "the daughter" will sacrifice her political power and her son will be given territory in three countries to reign over.

And who are they? Logic dictates that they must not only be living at the present time, but they must also be in their adult years.

The prophetic evidence is overwhelming. These royal siblings must be the four children of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

The three brothers: definitely not the Kennedys.

She does indeed have four children: three sons and a daughter -- Charles, Andrew, Edward, and Anne -- just as the first passage specifies.

Without a doubt, the eldest son, Charles, is heir apparent to the "furious crowned Lions." Queen Elizabeth was 21 when Charles was born in 1948 -- not far from the "term of her eighteenth year" predicted by Nostradamus, although not in any danger of death.

The youngest child, Edward, was born in 1964 when the Queen was 38 -- again, quite close to the age of 36 specified by the French seer as the time when she would no longer be able to continue to bear any more children.

Indeed, the House of Windsor is currently the only royal family in the entire world which conforms so closely to Nostradamus' specifications.

According to the prediction, the eldest brother will inherit the throne of Great Britain: "the furious crowned Lions, holding their paws upon the escutcheons." In heraldry, crowned lions are only to be found in this way in the British, English, and Scottish coats-of-arms. There is no other way to interpret this sentence, which more than likely makes the queen of this passage English rather than some other nationality. Unless the British monarchy fails and Great Britain falls under the leadership of a foreign government, the eldest son cannot be anyone other than Charles, the British Crown Prince.

The three brothers are also the enigmatic "three brothers" who keep popping up in the quatrains and are most definitely not the Kennedys as nearly all commentators insist.


Princess AnneEpistle to Henry II ~

The daughter shall be given for the preservation of the Church, the dominate part of it falling into the Pagan sect of the new unbelievers, and she will have two children, one from faithfulness, and the other from unfaithfulness ...


Further contemporary evidence is provided by Nostradamus' description of the "daughter" and her children. One of them, born in wedlock, will be the product of an adulterous affair because Nostradamus positively states: "she will have two children, one from faithfulness, and the other from unfaithfulness." This is an amazingly accurate forecast concerning the fourth sibling: Princess Anne.

Princess Anne does indeed have two children: her son, Peter Philips, currently age 20, and daughter Zara, age 17. Like her brothers Charles and Andrew, Anne was also the subject of much scandalous gossip before and after her divorce from Captain Mark Philips. During her marriage it was made public that she was romantically involved with Timothy Laurence, now her second husband. It was also alleged, but never proven, that at least one of the children was actually fathered by Laurence and not Mark Philips ("she will have two children, one from faithfulness, and the other from unfaithfulness").




Epistle to Henry II ~

The eldest son shall possess the furious crowned Lions, holding their paws upon the escutcheons [shields].


Prince Charles, the eldest son 'The furious crowned Lions, holding their paws upon the escutcheons'
Prince Charles, the eldest son One version of "the furious crowned Lions" on the British
coats-of-arms. Escutcheons are located at centre.

This is a major linchpin in my theory that the three brothers are the sons of Queen Elizabeth II. In all of European history crowned lions have only appeared in the coats-of-arms of England, Scotland, and Great Britain. Therefore, the three brothers must be British. In other quatrains, Nostradamus calls Charles "the lion" and "the old lion." If Charles does not become king in 2002 as Quatrain 10.19 suggests, he will attain the throne with the apparent passing of his mother, the queen, at some point before or by the year 2009. However, as King of Great Britain he will be unable to attain to the duties of emperor. Thus, he will only be a partner to the new government. Another member of the royal house will have been selected to rule France, the continental seat of Annemarc, and hold the titular office of emperor.




Prince EdwardEpistle to Henry II ~

By the lesser in years shall the Christian monarchy be upheld and augmented; sects shall rise and presently be put down again; the Arabs shall be driven back...


Quatrain 6.42

To Ogmios will be left the kingdom

Of the great Moon who even more will do:

Throughout the Italies he will extend his ensign,

His rule will be by careful counterfeit.


Chiren's designated successor -- the youngest of the three royal brothers of Britain -- will be made the new king of France and crowned emperor. This, of course, will be an unprecedented historical event -- never from the time of Charlemagne on has there been a Roman or Holy Roman emperor from England nor has a member of the British royal house ever ruled France.

Nostradamus calls the French king's successor Ogmios -- an ancient Celtic god who was synonymous with both Mercury and Hercules. Referring back to Quatrain 9.33, this makes Edward the second of five leaders of Annemarc to be named Hercules, but because he is not one of the three promised from Gaul the French prophet has identified him with the Celtic variant of Hercules.

The cult of Ogmios, renown for his oratorical prowess and superhuman deeds, was widespread, extending from northern Gaul to the western-most coasts of the Emerald Isle. Britanny (northwestern France), Belgium, Wales, Ireland, the Scottish highlands, and portions of England including Cornwall were originally settled in the years be fore Christ by the Celts, a nomadic north European people, eventually mingling with the Britons, Gauls, and Romans. Although Nostradamus occasionally speaks of "the Celtic nation" (abscribed to France by some commentators), only Ireland attained the sort of cultural cohesion deserving of that title. Generally speaking, the Celts were a disorganized lot. Therefore, we must respond to the prophet's ambiguous use of Celtic themes with some measure of uncertainty, especially where France is concerned.

Why would Nostradamus compare this leader alone with Ogmios, when everywhere else in the quatrains emperors of herculean stature are actually called Hercules? And why is it that this convoluted Frenchman makes a distinction between the "Celtic Ogmios" and the "Gallic Ogmios" in his Epistle to Henry II? The answer must be that the Ogmios of the quatrains does not come from France but from the British Isles.

Although the Windsor bloodline is essentially German, there are both Celtic and French tributaries which flow into the royal ancestral river: Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, daughter of the Earl of Strathmore; King James I of England and Scotland (formerly Ja mes VI of Scotland, son of Mary, Queen of Scots); and Mary of Guise of the House of Lorraine are a few of the more prominent of these.

Prince Edward has shared neither the curse nor the blessing of publicity experienced by his two elder brothers. Unlike Prince Andrew's intriguing military career and ill-fated marriage to Sarah Ferguson; or Prince Charles's philanthropic pursuits and controversial new age beliefs, as well as his highly publicised relationship with Lady Camilla Parker-Bowes and divorce from the late Princess Diana; Edward has done little to draw attention to himself.

Prince Edward Earl and Countess of Wessex SophieIn June 1999, Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones, now 35, an executive at an advertising firm. Upon their marriage, Edward was conferred the titles of Earl of Wessex and Viscount Severn. Edward is the first person in several centuries to hold the title Earl of Wessex, which harken s back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon monarchy that was displaced by the Norman army of William the Conqueror in 1066. Sophie, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the late Princess Diana, was given the title Countess of Wessex. I feel that these factors, the ancient title and the Diana-resemblance, will place this couple on a powerful and dynamic path, although it will be some time before they capture the popular imagination (probably not until the birth of their first child).

According to Quatrain 6.42, this serious youngest brother of Wessex, the land of the Britonic Celts (Ogmios), will one day become Chyren's self-appointed heir to the imperial throne. Why he will be selected for this powerful office cannot possibly be known at this time, although his cerebral gifts must certainly be a factor. Like the god Ogmios, Edward will some day display a great oratory prowess and a skill for diplomatic persuasion. He will truly be "the great communicator." We must assume that Chyren selin will insist that Avignon or Marseilles remain the seat of the Empire, thus necessitating that Edward become King of France. With Rome Annemarc's spiritual capital, the "young Ogmios" (as he is also called) will secure Italy immediately after Chiren's death and govern it after the fashion of his predecessor "par prudent counterfaict". He will not, however, rule the expansive Latin territories long -- for two other members of the royal family will be given their fair share to co-govern the expansive Holy Empire of Europe.




Prince Andrew, the second sonEpistle to Henry II ~

The second son will be well attended by the Latins.


Once the rebellion has been pacified, the normal process of government will be implemented throughout the Empire. Edward will transfer control of nearly all Italy to his elder brother, Prince Andrew (the second-born son of Queen Elizabeth II). With the second-born son of Queen Elizabeth II now installed as Andrew I, King of Italy, "the three brothers" will now be firmly established in Europe as Nostradamus predicted throughout The Centuries.




Epistle to Henry II ~

The daughter shall be given for the preservation of the Church, and she will have two children, one from faithfulness, and the other from unfaithfulness.


The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne, unlike her three brothers, will not receive a kingdom of her own. Whether this will be a voluntary act on her part or a prearranged agreement made with Jacques Chirac or within the royal family itself is uncertain. What her actual status in "the Church" -- presumably the Anglican Church -- will be is equally mysterious. This church, on the other hand, may be a religion which will evolve from the evangelical sects now worshipping the late Princess Diana as a saint. Also, it should be remembered that Pope John Paul II's dream of uniting the Protestant faiths, including the Anglican Church, with Catholicism may become a reality during the reigns of "the Great Monarch" (Chyren selin) and the "Great Pontiff" of France.

The prophet Daniel insists that four, not three, individuals will break up the reign over the Empire between themselves. If Princess Anne is not the fourth "notable one" of Daniel's prophecy, who will be?




Epistle to Henry II ~

The son shall have three regions over a wide extent of leagues, that is to say, the Roman, the German, and the Spanish, and it will take a military hand to adequately control the region stretching from the 50th to the 52nd degree of latitude.


Peter PhillipsSince Andrew is given Italy to reign, and many quatrains bear this out, it is unlikely that the "Roman" regions which Peter will rule shall be found in Italy itself (unless he is given the less prosperous southern portion). Peter's "Roman empire" is more likely to consist of the detached Italian islands of Sardinia, Corsica, Malta, and Sicily.

As monarch over Sicily, he will be coronated Peter V, King of Sicily at the age of 34, the first of that name to rule the island since the death of Peter IV in 1387. Germany, a nation which conspired in the Swiss Revolt, will still require pacification, especially above the 50th parallel, and new leadership. According to Nostradamus, Peter will use military force to accomplish this objective.

The status of Spain is unclear: under Chyren selin it will have been united with France through a marriage treaty, presumably between a member of Chiren's family and the ruling Spanish party. As with Italy, it seems unlikely that the royal nephew will gain control over very much of Spain -- possibly the Pyrenees region and, most certainly, the Balearic Islands.


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Revolution Leads to Civil War in France


Quatrain 10.37

The great assembly near the lake of Le Bourget (N. France),Demonstrations throughout France and Britain - scan by Michael McClellan, C 1998-2005

They will rally near to Montelimar (SE France),

Marching much further, the pensive ones draw up a plan,

Chambery, Morienne (SE France), combat at St. Junien (W. France).


Pro-government demonstrators assemble near Le Bourget, seven miles northeast of the ruins that were once Paris. Along with the imperial forces of Edward, they will march on the insurgents in south-western France. The conflict then widens, with most of the south pitted against central France.

This is the earliest stage of what will become known as World War IV.

The civil war will begin in November 2024.



A Protracted Solar Eclipse Heralds a Massive Invasion of Europe
from the North by the Great Empire of Antichrist


Total solar eclipse


Epistle to Henry II --

Then the great Empire of Antichrist shall descend from the Attila [Russia], and Xerxes [Iran] come down with an innumerable number of people...and before this shall proceed a solar eclipse, the most dark and obscure that was since the creation of the world, till the death and passion of Jesus Christ, and from him until now.


Paracelsus (16th Century) --

Following the great and fearful eclipse of the sun, I say that then there shall overflow as the waters of a mighty river all kinds of revolts, riots, wars, slaughter, murders, conflagrations and all evil into the northern countries. Then beware Brabant [Belgium], Flanders [N. France, Belgium, Netherlands] and Zeeland [Netherlands] and ye who, like my Swiss countrymen, feed upon cheese. Then will the Lily [France] be altogether decayed, exhausted and cast down. In the same wise will the Eagle [the Empire] be plucked, dishonoured, insulted and despised.


Invasion from North during 'dreadful eclipse of the sun' - collage and graphics art by Michael McClellan, Copyright 2001


Quatrain 3.34

When the eclipse of the Sun will occur.
In plain daylight the monster will be seen:
All will not agree on the interpretation,
Expense will not be guarded, none will provide for it.


Without warning the peace is broken. A dreadful eclipse of the sun occurs in Northern Europe. This, obviously, will not be a normal solar eclipse and, like the one which accompanied the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, will be greatly protracted in duration. It will occur suddenly and unexpectedly, therefore astronomical charts are unlikely to pinpoint the exact time when this will take place. Its cause may be either natural or supernatural, but its event could cause the three days of darkness mentioned in Marian prophecy.

Central Asian, Iranian, and Russian invaders will sweep down from Scandinavia and Finland into Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and a heavily-armed Belgium. The monster who is variously interpreted is the third antichrist and his hordes, accompanied by Moslem Russian partisans as well as Russians and Scandinavians forcibly conscripted. This suggests that some will regard him as an enemy; others, who will happen to be in revolt in Northern Europe, will regard him as an ally. Civil wars will erupt throughout the Low Countries and Germany with the victors allying with the barbarian invaders.

The base 7 dating for this event is September 2037.



Mass Emigrations to the Risen Continent of Atlantis -- A New
Prophet Surpasses Nostradamus in Importance


"Colossus of Rhodes" - Copyright 2000 Mario Larrinaga

Liber Vaticinationem Quodam Instinctumentis (346 AD)

Norma 64:9

In the land beyond the Pillars of Hercules [Atlantis] there will rise the ghost of an horned image, and the prophet will return to the table while the waters flow forth from the hives [aqueducts].

Quatrain 3.94

For five hundred years more they will hold notice
Of he who was the adornment of his time:
Then suddenly a great revelation given,
Which will render the people of that century quite content.


(June 2066) -- The prophecies of Nostradamus will continue to be heeded until the 500th anniversary of his death in 1566, then his work will be eclipsed, although not necessarily for all time, by predictions made by a great 21st Century prophet. The prophet will be an important individual who will sit at the same table as the emperor and other world leaders as a consultant. Temples and statues of ancient deities will be discovered by the new inhabitants of Atlantis. One in particular will be a huge, horned image built by the ancient Atlanteans to function in a manner similar to the Colossus of Rhodes or the Statue of Liberty.

When will Atlantis rise from its watery tomb? How will this come about? The answers are to be found in my book, Nostradamus and the Final Age.



The Empress is Assassinated by Spanish Militants


Opera houseQuatrain 10.25

The empress is beheaded in her balcony boxBy the Ebro a passage is opened to Brisanne,

A good distance away the Tagus makes a demonstration,

In Perigueux [SW France] will be committed the outrage

Against the great lady sitting above the orchestra.


The wife of Claude, the sixth emperor of Europe, is murdered in her balcony box while she is attending an opera or concert. The assassins are in some way connected to Spanish, perhaps Basque, demonstrators and an incursion into southern France. The city or town of Brisanne remains unsolved and perhaps has yet to exist.

The base 7 system, if still accurate by this time, would date this event as occurring August 2116. Based on astronomical data by Nostradamus pertaining to this period of future history, it is likely to be quite near this date in any case.



Pantheon of Gods Established


Quatrain 5.77

"Temple of Zeus" - Copyright 2000 Mario LarrinagaAll the degrees of Ecclesiastic honor
Will be changed to Dialis [Jupiter] and Quirinus [Mars].
One of Quirinus in Martial guise:
Then a King of France will render him one of Vulcan.


The emperor will seek to replace Christianity with the worship of gods reminiscent of the Roman pantheon. He will confer honors upon his top general, making him a high priest of Vulcan. Alternatively, the "one of Vulcan" may be a man who will be appointed to carry out the incineration of perceived enemies of the state and "unbelievers" since Vulcan was the god of fire.


High priestess


Quatrain 3.26

Of Kings and Princes they will raise up idols,

Prophets and priests auspiciously elevated:

Horns, victim gilded in gold and blue, dazzling,

The intestines will be interpreted.


The great and famous, both living and dead, will be deified and their idols worshipped. The second half of the quatrain describes a human sacrifice being performed to the fanfare of horns. Later omens of the future will be interpreted from his intestines by soothsayers.

Date: April 2151.



Emperor Louis XIX Assumes Power by Force -- A Communist Scientist Clones the First Immortal Human


Quatrain 9.59

At La Ferte-Vidame [NW France] he will seize.Emperor Louis and Nicol the red

Nicol held, the red who had produced life.

The great Louis will secretly cause to be born

One giving Burgundy to the Bretons through envy.


Biologically immortal humans, but not deathlessThis complex quatrain tells of many events. A new character named Louis appears on the scene after the assassination of the pagan emperor, and seizes control of the government.

According to the prediction, a "red" named Nicol -- probably a member of the Communist Party which will still hold many seats in the Council of Europe -- makes an important breakthrough in the field of biogenetics: the procreation of the first human clone not carrying a death gene. Many human beings alive at this time will benefit from the discovery. Their genetic systems will be restructured by clone DNA.

Aging will stop, even reversed. Biological immortality will be achieved. However, they will not be completely deathless. People will still be capable of being killed by accidents, catastrophes, wars, murder, or execution. Later, there will be consequences which cause many to curse their immortality.

The last two lines describe one of the new emperor's heirs who will hand over the province of Burgundy to a Northern power bloc which will have control of Brittany early in the 23rd Century. Thus, Gaul will once again become partitioned into French and Belgian states, although the boundaries will not conform to the current ones.

Date of breakthrough: February 2186.

In three years time, these humans will wish they could die. Find out why in Nostradamus and the Final Age.



Gog Invades the Caucasus and Turkey


Gog and his vanguard - scan by Michael McClellan, C 2001


Ezekiel 38:2 --

Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meschech and Tubal (ancient kingdoms in what is now modern Turkey) ...


Quatrain 5.54

From the Black Sea and great Tartary,

A king there will be who will come to see France.

He will pass through Alania and Armenia,

And in Turkey leave his bloody Rod.


It is at this point that the Oriental begins to assert himself as the biblical character of Gog. The lands he conquers and holds dominion over both in Ezekiel and Nostradamus are strikingly similar.

Gog and his forces originate from deep within Tartary, probably from Mongolia or northern China. He will descend from southern Russia through Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, then conquer Turkey, ruling it with a bloody scepter.

Date this second stage of Gog's war begins: October 2201.



Close Encounter With Planet Mars


Ancient Chinese Prophecy --

The hour of rebellion is not yet, but will come with a manifestation from heaven, this shall be a red star in the east [Mars]. For at that hour the man [the Antichrist] will appear, and on that day from all the fields of the Empire shall rise up those sown of the dragon's teeth: Then will the silence of the ages be broken, labyrinths uncoil, and a murmur come from depths so deep and unknown [Hell] that even the world itself shall shrink with dread.


Quatrain 1.80

Mars overlooks future metropolis - collage and graphics art by Michael McClellan, C 1994-2001From the sixth brightest celestial light
Will come thunder so great in Burgundy:
Then is born a monster of a most hideous beast,
March, April, May, June, great wounding and worrying.


Normally, the sixth brightest celestial object in the sky after the sun, moon, Venus, and Jupiter can be either Mars or Saturn depending on whether or not Mars is approaching its closest opposition to earth (every 15 to 17 years). This is how we identify Mars as the "celestial light" in line 1. However, strange and terrifying storms are connected to Mars' appearance in the sky, indicating that it is now very close to the earth. This quatrain portends a close encounter with the planet Mars similar to one theorized by Immanuel Velikovsky in his 1950 book, Worlds In Collision.

Mars was the principal god of the early Romans after the founding of the original kingdom by Romulus. Apparently, the planet Mars will herald the arrival of a new Romulus -- and the "thousand-year" world empire he will promise his followers.

According to my base 7 calculations the Mars close encounter will occur in March-June 2238.

What cosmic event did Nostradamus foresee that will cause Mars to deviate from its orbit so radically? Read my book, Nostradamus and the Final Age, and discover for yourself.



The Emperor Wittemberg Dies at Dreux --
Rise of the Beast and False Prophet


Advent of the beast and false prophet - scan, restoration, and graphics effects by Michael McClellan, C 1998-2001


Meantime, two individuals will be working secretly to accomplish the Northern king's overthrow: both will be leaders of a strange, new religion which will burst upon the scene during the discovery of an ancient Roman tomb. Both of these men will stir up the nations of Europe with their visions, their revelatory rantings of a new age, their dreams of greatness for humanity, and their rejection of all things past. Fearful of the popularity of this new faith and the charisma of its leaders, the third Northern king will travel to Dreux, and while there will attempt to think through a scheme which will diffuse the unraveling threat to his rule and his world:


Quatrain 9.57

In the place of DREUX a king will rest

And search for a law to replace Anathema,

While the sky will thunder so very loudly,

At the new gate the King will kill himself.


In a scene almost reminiscent of one of The Omen films, the king will inexplicably take his own life. "He shall be destroyed," says the prophet Daniel, "neither in anger, nor in battle." His enigmatic end will be accompanied by a strange and terrifying electrical storm of unnatural origin. But then again, this will be a time of miracles.




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