The Early 21st Century: 2002 (Part One)

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Results of Base 7 Projections for 2002


UPDATE (10/22/03): Each projection has been rated, with or without final comments, at the bottom of each presentation. Also, a third 2002 page was created a short time ago so that all of these presentations have space to breath.

I have restored several original presentations that I earlier deleted to make space. They appear exactly as they did before they were deleted. Also restored are some updates that were also deleted for space. In addition, I have posted some news stories that demonstrate predictions fulfilled rather than merely list a news link.

Due to the revelation that Pamela Anderson's Hepatitis C is much worse than revealed last year and that she only expects to live another ten years, my previous base 7 accuracy rate has been boosted slightly.

The "final" base 7 accuracy rate, based on all three 2002 pages' ratings, along with the celebrity page rating, is now 71.6%. It remains possible that some of the failed or partially successful projected events may yet be fulfilled before the end of the year. If that occurs, the rate will go up.

Again, I must emphasise that it is my base 7 system of prediction that is being rated -- not my interpretations of Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, or any other prophet.

Caveat and Disclaimer

Massive Flooding in Northern Europe


Deluge crashes into North European coast Northern Belgium, southern Sweden, southern Norway, parts of Denmark, and all of the Netherlands will be completely inundated. Other parts of Europe, such as France and Germany, will suffer major flooding as well. This deluge will have no precedent. Edgar Cayce predicts the same event: "a part of northern Europe will disappear in the twinkling of an eye." However, what he did not say is that the waters will eventually withdraw...this time.


Base 7 dating: January 2002.


The Zwinger Castle is flooded by the nearby swollen Elbe River.Flood toll rises in southern France - September 10.
Deadly floods hit southern France
- September 9.
Menacing Danube rises in Budapest
- August 18.
Dresden flood reaches record peak - August 17.
Dresden floods reach all-time high - August 16.
Floods wreak havoc in Germany
-- Europe's worst floods for more than a century - August 15.
Dresden evacuated as waters rise -- River Elbe highest since 1845, Danube may beat flood record set in 1500 - August 15.
Prague prepares for the worst as waters rise -- At least 88 dead across Europe - August 13.
Flooding kills at least 74 in Russia, Western Europe
- August 12.
Floods continue to wreak havoc in Europe - August 11.


COMMENT (8/13/02): This prediction is at least PARTIALLY FULFILLED, although it is seven months late.


NOTES: Major flooding will inundate much of Northern Europe in January 2002. Other parts of Europe, such as France and Germany, will suffer major flooding as well. This deluge will have no precedent.

Europe's worst floods in more than 150 years occurred in August and September 2002. From France to Germany to Russia, most of the continent saw flooding of truly biblical proportions. In some places, record levels not seen since 1500 occurred. However, most of Northern Europe, ironically, was not affected this time.

The Edgar Cayce prophecy quoted that was used for speculative purposes and dramatic emphasis was not fulfilled.


RATING: +0.75

Earthquakes or Nuclear Attacks Plague Japan
- Great Tokyo Earthquake?


According to the base 7 system, if Japan is not devastated by tremendous superquakes in December 1999, it will be in August 2001 or January 2002. This may be the culmination of the process predicted by Edgar Cayce that will result in the nearly total destruction of Japan. However, since Japan has been designated as an enemy by North Korea, it is not impossible that the devastation predicted for the island nation may take the form of North Korean nuclear strikes by medium-range Taepo Dong missiles. Destruction of Japan


UPDATE (12/3/01): This prediction is carried over from 2001 because there is a second vector for January 2002. The August 2001 vector was fulfilled prematurely on March 26, 2001 when southwestern Japan was struck by a 6.4 temblor that killed two people and injured dozens more.

The next quake, around the month of January 2002, will be a true "killer quake" that may cause the destruction of Tokyo. Alternatively, if Kim Jong Il of North Korea does make a grab for the south, this could be the month he attacks Japan as well.


8.0 earthquake shakes Japan -- 7-foot tsunami, major damage reported in north

Fires break out in oil refineries after Japan is struck by major earthquakeMSNBC AND NBC NEWS

TOKYO, Sept. 26 — Three powerful earthquakes, one of them of potentially historic magnitude, struck Hokkaido in northern Japan early Friday morning, causing major structural damage, NBC News reported. The quakes injured at least 160 people and generated a 7-foot-high tsunami off the coast of Hokkaido. Tsunami advisories were issued for much of the Pacific region, including Japan, Russia and the Philippines.

THE FIRST QUAKE, which struck about 4:50 a.m. (4:50 p.m. ET Thursday), preliminarily registered magnitude 8.0, a rare category of earthquake capable of causing widespread destruction, according to the National Earthquake Information Center of the U.S. Geological Survey. It was the biggest earthquake recorded anywhere in the world since 2001.

The quake was followed within two hours by a series of strong aftershocks, two of which were classified as major earthquakes themselves. The second one, which came after about an hour and a half, measured 7.0, the U.S. earthquake center said.

NBC News producer Arata Yamamoto reported from Tokyo that there was major damage to buildings on Hokkaido, while NHK television showed video of a fire at an oil refinery, which was quickly extinguished. At least 24,000 were without power in Kushiro city and six neighboring towns. A man cleaning up broken glass in a street was hit by an oncoming car and died, NHK said, but there were no other immediate reports of deaths. At least 164 people were injured, at least two of them seriously, it said. Some were hurt when a local express train derailed. All train services were suspended. Kushiro Airport was closed after part of a roof caved in, and several roads were blocked by landslides.

Hokkaido, which is about the size of Austria, is the second-largest of Japan’s four main islands. It is home to 5 million people, a nuclear reactor and active volcanoes. It is less than 500 miles from Tokyo, and its capital, Sapporo, was host to the 1972 Winter Olympic Games.


Beyond the immediate damage from the shock itself, authorities braced for the destructive waves known as tsunamis that Pacific quakes often generate. With an epicenter only 36 miles under the seabed, the Hokkaido quake was unusually shallow and was a prime candidate to spawn waves that could cause a “great amount of damage,” said a scientist at the Geological Survey.

The U.S. West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center reported that a 7-foot-high wave had formed off the coast of Hanasaki on Hokkaido’s Pacific coast. A 5-foot-high tsunami formed off the coast at Urakawa, it said. All 2,200 households in Erimo, in southern Hokkaido, were advised to evacuate after tsunamis hit three locations in the town, local firefighters told the Kyodo news agency.

Television pictures showed boats heading out to sea after the warning was issued. Two small fishing boats capsized in coastal waters in Samani, a fishing town in southern Hokkaido, local officials said. Tsunami warnings were in effect for Japan, Russia and much of the Pacific Rim. Tsunami watches were in effect for Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines and much of the central Pacific.

If the preliminary 8.0 rating is confirmed, the quake would equal the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, which killed about 10,000 people. By comparison, the famous 1906 earthquake that destroyed much of San Francisco measured 7.7.


COMMENT (9/25/03): I don't know if today's quake is the beginning of a series of major earthquakes to hit Japan or if this is the culmination of the activity begun in July and again in Tokyo five days ago. The fault involving Tokyo is not the same as the the one that caused the 8.0 temblor in Hokkaido. It may be the entire island will soon be in for the massive destruction described by Edgar Cayce. Not only that, but war with North Korea now seems to be imminent with its defiance of the IAEA resolution and reports of US planes and ships being mobilised in the region. A combination of superquakes and nuclear strikes, rather than one or the other, may become a Japanese reality very soon.

Between the Tokyo quake on September 20 and today's historic 8.0 temblor in Hokkaido, I must consider my prediction as PARTIALLY FULFILLED. It is true that the projected vector was January 2002 and it is now September 2003, but today's and recent events still fall in a year adjacent to 2002 (2003 is adjacent to 2002).

However, because 18 months have elapsed from the actual month vector (January 2002), and because of the fact that we are dealing with an earthquake, I can take only partial credit for predicting this event. Still, should additional superquakes or North Korean nuclear strikes occur over the next several months, especially in Tokyo, I will feel my warning was vindicated, albeit tardily. Take note of the prediction and consider that now is the time to prepare for anything worse!


RATING: +0.40

Danger of Accidental Nuclear War?


Stray ICBMNEW PREDICTION: 1/4/02 -- The last vector I projected for an accidental nuclear war between Russia and the United States was for September 2000. This month, January 2002, is the next vector. The danger also has the potential to extend to a possible exchange between the US and China and/or North Korea.

It is my belief and hope that, as in the past, it will be a "close call" like January 1995 when for nearly 15 minutes a drunken Boris Yeltsin contemplated launching the entire Russian arsenal at the United States because a detected satellite launched from the United States was approaching Russian airspace and was being mistaken for a possible nuclear attack. The true nature of the launch was discovered in time, fortunately.

It is possible, I suppose, that this event could be linked with the February 28 visions below or triggered by an unanticipated bombardment of earth by a small asteroid. I should also mention that if there is a close call we may not hear about it for many months or a few years later. The January 1995 incident was not generally known about until it was reported in a documentary in 1997.

Therefore, it is possible that we may have to wait anywhere from a few months to nearly three years to find out if I was right about this. Of couse, if there is an accidental war, those of us who survive will know.


NORAD jets scramble to investigate vapor trail over Caribbean and midwestern U.S.

Thursday, November 28, 2002 Posted: 5:52 PM EST (2252 GMT) -- COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (CNN) -- Fighter jets scrambled in an unsuccessful attempt to investigate a contrail of unknown origin first seen over the Caribbean and later reported over the midwestern United States, the Department of Defense said Thursday.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command scrambled the jets soon after unverified reports were received around 4 p.m. Wednesday that the contrail, seen near the Turks and Caicos Islands, was headed northwest toward the United States, said Lt. Cmdr. Curtis Jenkins, a spokesman for the Colorado Springs-based group.

A contrail is a white trail of condensed water vapor that sometimes forms in the wake of an aircraft.

The jets were scrambled from more than one base and more than one location, he said, though he did not know how many jets or from how many locations. Commercial airline pilots later reported the contrail over Florida and then over Indiana, after which no more sightings were reported, he said. The jets attempted to intercept and identify the source of the contrail, but no visual or confirmed radar contact was made, he added.

"I don't know that anybody was predisposed to think it might be some thing or the other," he said. "We don't even know that it was a thing. It was just simply reports of contrails. We don't even know that it was the same one. We had reports from different places and NORAD did its job and tried to find out."

NORAD is coordinating with the Federal Aviation Administration and is continuing to investigate the reports, he added.


NOTES: We may never know how close the incident reported above brought us to the accidental brink of nuclear war or we may not be told until the incident is profiled in a "documentary" three, four, or more years from now. Needless to say, NORAD only gets involved in situations that may go nuclear, so if confirmation is ever possible, this prediction will then be 100%.


RATING: +0.66

Disaster Claims Lives of US Astronauts


Space Launch Disaster NEW PREDICTION: 6/30/00 -- It is possible that this time around, unlike with Challenger, the shuttle crew will never make it off the launch pad. I see terrible fire consuming everything from the ground up upon ignition -- an explosion -- and everything collapsing in a raging inferno. The vector for this horrific mishap is January/February 2002.

In an alternative scenario, I am also mindful of the fact that if the space disaster involving nine crewman (as prophesied by Nostradamus) and an accident assembling the ISS does not occur in 2000 as I have predicted, it could happen at this time instead. I also believe there will be great danger to Russian cosmonauts this year as well in separate incidents.


Israeli Astronaut or Pop Singer Lance Bass May Die in Space! (7.24.02)

Pop star Lance Bass prepares for what may be a fatal flight into spaceRegarding the US, the first Israeli astronaut in space could be a tempting target for Islamic terrorists. Regarding Russia, there is the issue of the first celebrity in space: in October, pop singer Lance Bass is scheduled to accompany cosmonauts in space flight to the ISS. Both of these events are highly dangerous! Also, the name "Bass" has dangerous implications for the singer. Those of you familiar with my theory regarding "name sounds" know that this year is dangerous for anyone with a name derived from Mama Cass Elliott who died 28 (4 x 7) years ago. Combine the prediction for a space disaster with a celebrity with the "Cass" sound (Lance Bass) and you have grave danger of death for Lance Bass participating in a space launch or any other stage of the trip to and from the ISS.


Seven astronauts die as shuttle shatters

The crew of STS-107, the last Columbia mission, walked out for launch on January 16Saturday, February 1, 2003 Posted: 4:35 PM EST (2135 GMT) - HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) -- Seven astronauts were killed today when space shuttle Columbia broke up about 38 miles above Texas on its way to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

President Bush said in a televised address to the nation Saturday the news had brought "great sadness to our country," but pledged, "Our journey into space will go on." "These men and women assumed great risk in the service of all of humanity," Bush said. "In an age when space flight has come to seem almost routine, it is easy to overlook dangers. ... These astronauts knew the dangers and faced them willingly."

Bush said the nation grieved for their families. "The crew of the shuttle Columbia did not return safely to earth, yet we can pray that all are safely home," the president said.

Earlier, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe said there was no indication the tragedy was "caused by anything or anyone on the ground."

Shuttle Commander Rick D. Husband, Pilot William C. McCool, Payload Commander Michael P. Anderson, Mission Specialists David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla and Laurel Clark and Israel's first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, were killed.

O'Keefe said it was "too early to speculate about the exact cause," but said a team was already being assembled to delve into data and debris. "We have assured [the families] that we will begin the process immediately to recover their loved ones and understand the cause of this tragedy," O'Keefe said.

O'Keefe said that NASA officials had been waiting eagerly for the shuttle to land because "we couldn't wait to congratulate them" for their extraordinary performance. "The loss of this valiant crew is something we will never be able to get over," he said. Flags at the White House and NASA headquarters were lowered to half-staff in tribute to the crew.

Debris from shuttle Columbia descends over TexasAn administration official said the shuttle's altitude made it "highly unlikely" it fell victim to a terrorist act. FBI officials also were quick to discount the possibility of foul play or terrorism. "We have no information at this time that indicates that this was a terrorism incident," said Gordon Johndroe, press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. "Obviously, the investigation is just beginning, but that is what we know now."

Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge went to the White House shortly after hearing of the disaster. He made phone calls to officials in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana about the possibility of falling debris in their states. U.S. officials said the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would play the lead role in investigating the disaster, working closely with the military.

Video of the shuttle streaking over Dallas showed Columbia disintegrate into trails of flaming debris. Reports of debris stretched from Corsicana southeast of Dallas into Louisiana. Officials warned that debris could be hazardous and should be avoided. Authorities in Plano, Texas -- north of Dallas -- were investigating the possibility shuttle debris may have caused an apartment fire there. In Nacogdoches, Texas, police reported "numerous pieces of debris" both inside the city limits and in Nacogdoches County.

Residents as far east as Shreveport, Louisiana, reported seeing and feeling an explosion. "As we seen [Columbia] coming over, we seen a lot of light and it looked like debris and stuff was coming off the shuttle," Benjamin Laster, of Kemp, Texas, told CNN. "We seen large masses of pieces coming off from the shuttle as it was coming by," Laster said. "The house kind of shook and we noticed a sonic boom ... and then we seen a big continuous puff of vapor or smoke stream come out and then we noticed a big chunk go over."

NASA officials at the Johnson Space Center in Houston said they last had contact with the shuttle about 9 a.m. ET, and it had been expected to touch down at about 9:16 a.m. ET.

Dozens of people, including several officers, reported seeing "a ball of fire," Bowie County Sheriff's office dispatcher Jodine Langford said. "They saw it go out and then break into pieces," she said.

The Israeli Embassy in Washington has dispatched a small team to Florida to be with Col. Ilan Ramon's wife, four children and his parents, a spokesman for the Israeli embassy told CNN.

Ramon's family members had traveled from Israel to watch the planned return of the shuttle to the Kennedy Space Center Saturday morning.

Former Sen. John Glenn, who was the first American to orbit Earth and returned to space at age 77, told The Associated Press he had he met Husband while training for his own 1998 mission. He said he was watching the landing on television with his wife.

Columbia is the oldest of NASA's shuttle fleet, first launched in 1981. It was on its 28th mission. The shuttle underwent an extensive, 17-month overhaul that began in September, 1999. It rejoined the shuttle fleet in February, 2001 and flew its first mission after the upgrades in March, 2002.


COMMENT (2/1/03): I only learned of this tragedy a few hours ago. I had sincerely hoped that reports of finding various problems with the shuttles in advance of launch over the course of 2002 was going to be the extent of this prediction. Sadly, today, the event I foresaw -- another tragedy similar to the Challenger disaster of 1986 -- took place. It has occurred one year to the month later than I predicted (January/February 2002). Now, I very much fear that certain other tragedies predicted for 2002 will occur this year instead, such as the assassination of the US President. It is very ominous that Columbia broke up over the state of Texas, the state where George W Bush was governor.

This prediction can now be said to be officially FULFILLED, although I would rather it had remained "thwarted." May the souls of these brave men and women find peace. Challenger was not long enough ago for us to have to see this happen all over again.


Russian Soyuz blows up, killing one, injuring eight

Soyuz-U rocket explodes as it blasts offWednesday, October 16, 2002 Posted: 9:52 AM EDT (1352 GMT) -- MOSCOW (Reuters) -- A Russian Soyuz rocket carrying a research satellite exploded seconds after blast-off, killing one person in a setback that could hit the international space station program, officials said on Wednesday. The 300-ton unmanned Soyuz-U rocket exploded 29 seconds after take-off from Russia's Arctic Plesetsk cosmodrome late on Tuesday, its blazing debris showering onto the launchpad, an Emergencies Ministry spokesman said. A 20-year-old serviceman was killed by the blast's shockwave and eight other people were injured, defense ministry officials said. The rocket carried a satellite with European research equipment and was not connected with the orbiting international station, manned at present by two Russians and one American.

But an official at Russia's mission control, which monitors the $90 billion international space station (ISS) program, said the accident could raise a question mark over the next planned flight to the station. "Serious conclusions will have to be made as a modified version of this same rocket is due to take a group of cosmonauts to the ISS shortly," the official, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters. Two Russians and one Belgian are scheduled to blast off for the ISS on October 28 on a brief mission to fit a new rescue capsule to the station. The Russian-made capsule has to be replaced every six months. "There are no plans as yet to postpone the flight," Sergei Gorbunov, spokesman for Russia's top space authority Rosaviakosmos told Reuters.

A spokesman for the defense ministry which manages the Plesetsk cosmodrome said the rocket hit the ground near the launchpad which had been sealed off by troops until a government commission completed investigations.


COMMENT (10/16/02): On May 12, the Cosmodrome roof collapsed at Russia's Kazakhstan launch complex, killing eight people. However, that was not launch-related. Today's accident more closely matches my prediction of deaths occurring with the rocket never making it off the launch pad, but exploding on take-off. This still appears to be the Russian side of the disaster coin ("I also believe there will be great danger to Russian cosmonauts this year as well in separate incidents"). As for the US, it seems that, thus far, there has been the very close call regarding cracks found in a fuel line of the Atlantis prior to launch in June and more cracks discovered on other shuttles thereafter. Although one can say this is definitely a PREDICTION FULFILLED, caution should be exercised throughout the remainder of the year.


NOTES: A fiery disaster will threaten the lives of US shuttle astronauts in January/February 2002. There will be great danger to Russian cosmonauts this year as well in separate incidents.

If you read my updates over the course of the year you should have had a definite sense that something very bad was imminent with the US space program. An October 16 update still exists immediately above mentioning the cracks found in a fuel line of the Atlantis prior to launch in June 2002 and more cracks discovered on other shuttles thereafter. The original news stories and my cautionary remarks that accompanied them were deleted, unfortunately, due to lack of space. However, one update is still on file that I could restore to this page that included a warning to pop singer Lance Bass not to travel to the ISS with the Russian cosmonauts and a warning that whatever US shuttle mission the Israeli astronaut would be a part of might be doomed. As it turned out, he was among the seven crewmen killed in the February tragedy. (Update restored).


RATING: +1.0

Daughter of Prominent US, Canadian, or UK
Family Abducted


Barbara Bush, daughter of US President George W. Bush NEW PREDICTION: 6/9/01 -- The daughter of a prominent American or British family will be abducted in February 2002. A daughter of the US President, Barbara or Jenna Bush, cannot be ruled out. Or an heiress, perhaps a daughter of someone like Ted Turner. The captors will be terrorists, international or domestic. If in Britain possibly the IRA. This is also a second and final potential vector for the abduction of a female member of the royal family or Prince William, the first being March 2001.


The Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry Hostage Drama

Captive of Taliban, Heather Mercer Captive of Taliban, Dayna Curry

Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry, Christian missionaries and natives of New York State and Texas, were already "detainees" being held by the Taliban when the US war in Afghanistan began on October 7, 2001. They were the first major media-reported female hostages of a foreign power or prisoners-of-war since American soldier Melissa Nealy was captured and held prisoner by the Iraqis during Operation Desert Storm in February 1991. Prior to 1991, the last prominent young woman from America to be taken captive was newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst who was abducted in 1974 by the domestic terrorist group known as the Symbionese Liberation Army.

The media focus on Mercer and Curry was admittedly spotty. At times their plight made headlines, but for the most part it was not until the final days of their captivity, their escape under rather dangerous circumstances, and repatriation that they received the full attention they deserved.

Their ordeal, however, was at best a lukewarm fulfillment of my prediction. Neither came from rich families and neither were abducted from their homes by the Taliban.


John Walker: Brainwashed Captive of War?

Patty Hearst during bank heist American Taliban John Walker

There was something terribly wrong about the John Walker case. When I first saw the footage of Walker being captured I had a strange sense of de ja vu. I had seen this before somewhere. Then I remembered: it was in 1974, several months after heiress Patty Hearst had been kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.

What I was recalling was the the now infamous televisied images of Ms. Hearst holding an automatic weapon during a bank heist, apparently participating in the anti-American acts being carried out by her captors. During her trial in 1975, it came out what many suspected all along: she had been brainwashed by the SLA and had also become a victim of the "identification syndrome" many hostages go through.

Now, 28 years later, I was seeing another American participating in an unbelievable event: captured with enemy Taliban soldiers firing on U.S. soldiers. He looked dazed, disoriented, and spoke like someone out of the film "The Manchurian Candidate." As "brainwashed" as Walker appears, he is not considered a "hostage." It is believed that he joined the Taliban willingly. Even so, this does not square with the timeline of events we know about. He traveled to Afghanistan to learn Islam under a local Moslem spiritual teacher in a remote village. Then suddenly one day he disappeared. Some of his belongings were later found in a small room he stayed in. The next thing anyone knows, he is fighting alongside the Taliban. Allegedly he joined of his own free will. But did he?

I considered this as yet another facet of my prediction since part of my inspiration for it was the Patty Hearst Kidnapping. The sight of Walker fighting alongside our enemies seemed analagous to seeing Patty Hearst holding a machine gun, participating in a bank heist with known domestic terrorists. But Walker was not abducted, technically-speaking (at least as far as we know). And he was a male, not a female nor a daughter of a wealthy family. Between the Walker case and the Mercer/Curry hostage drama I felt I had a good part of my prediction fulfilled. That is, until June 2002 ...


The Elizabeth Smart Abduction Case

14-year-old abductee, Elizabeth Smart

COMMENT (7/3/02): Occasionally, a prediction will produce more than one outcome around the time projected, as witnessed above with the Mercer/Curry and John Walker cases. Technically, however, the Elizabeth Smart case is a real criminal abduction -- not a political detainee-turned-hostage drama or a brainwashed soldier caught fighting on the wrong side of a military operation. This more closely falls along the lines of the event I predicted -- a daughter abducted from the $1 million estate of her wealthy family. Still, a terrorist organisation had nothing to with it.

Elizabeth, aged 14, was kidnapped on the night of June 5, 2002, at gunpoint from her bedroom by a male, originally believed to be in his 20s or 30, wearing a tan baseball cap. The focus now, however, is on a 48-year-old handyman named Richard Ricci who worked for the Smarts last year. The abducted girl, as predicted, is from a rich family and one uncle is tied prominently to a major newspaper. Sadly, unlike Patty Hearst, I doubt we will see young Smart being caught on a security camera trying to rob a bank a few months or so hence.

Adam WalshFor some reason this abduction has eclipsed all other current abducted children cases and become the biggest news story and media event of this type since the abduction and murder of 12-year-old Polly Klass in 1993 (a very similar kidnapping by the way). I believe the base 7 influences that contributed to this tragic crime are twofold: the 1995 sudden death of 17-year-old model Krissy Taylor (seven years ago in July), providing the near-age and sex of the victim, and the very awful kidnapping and murder of 6-year-old Adam Walsh in July 1981 (21 years ago, 3 x 7). Adam's body was never found, but his severed head was discovered floating in a canal 120 miles away.

This last gruesome detail, I am sorry to say, may have been an influence from 14 (2 x 7) years earlier: the decapitation death of actress Jayne Mansfield in a June 1967 car crash.

I am sorry to say that, based on this evidence, I do not believe Elizabeth Smart will ever be found alive and if she is found at all the circumstances may be similar to that of Adam Walsh's. One can always hope that things will turn out to be otherwise, but she has been missing for an entire month, and rather than being a runaway is the victim of an abduction without a ransom. This dire forecast is also based on the increasing likelihood that Richard Ricci was the one who committed the kidnapping and the fact that his machete is now being scrutinised by police as a possible murder weapon.


Elizabeth Smart found alive

Elizabeth Smart leaves the Salt Lake City police department with her family on WednesdayThursday, March 13, 2003 Posted: 1347 GMT ( 9:47 PM HKT) - SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (CNN) -- Missing teenager Elizabeth Smart, the subject of an intense police hunt since she was reported abducted from her bedroom last summer, was found alive Wednesday in the nearby suburb of Sandy and reunited with her family. "I don't know what she's gone through and I'm sure she's been through hell," said Elizabeth's father Ed Smart, adding that it was "absolutely wonderful" to have her back with their family. Salt Lake City Police Chief Rick Dinse said 15-year-old Elizabeth "is well and healthy." "She knows who she is," he said, and police are questioning her about what happened. "She's a very smart, alert lady," Dinse said. He added, in response to a flurry of questions, "We are convinced she was kidnapped" and held against her will. Ed Smart said Elizabeth described being taken at knife point. But he said he hasn't asked her for details of her ordeal because he didn't want to traumatize her any more.

The two people -- identified by Dinse as suspects -- are Brian David Mitchell, 49, a drifter and self-described prophet who calls himself "Emmanuel" and did some work in the family's home in November 2001, and Wanda Eileen Barzee, whose relationship to Mitchell was not clear. "America's Most Wanted" described her as Mitchell's wife. PoliceBrian David Mitchell [L] and his wife Wanda Barzee [R] were tipped to Emmanuel's whereabouts by two callers who had seen his photograph and knew he was wanted for questioning in Elizabeth's disappearance. The callers said they had seen a man resembling Mitchell walking down a street with two females in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy. Witness John Ferguson described an older couple "calmly talking to police." But Sandy Police Chief Steve Chapman said when police officers confronted the couple "they were evasive in some of their answers." After further questioning, police were certain the man was Emmanuel and the girl was Elizabeth. At the time, she was wearing a wig, sunglasses, a blue overcoat and something resembling a veil. Elizabeth reportedly was moved around. "I don't really feel like I've done any great thing," said Anita Dickerson, one of the callers who tipped off police. "I did not think about any reward. I'm a mother with seven children." No charges have been filed, but U.S. Attorney Paul Warner said those responsible for the girl's disappearance "will be vigorously prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law ..."

Patricia Hearst: Elizabeth may face future trauma -- Former kidnap victims recall ordeals that came afterward

Elizabeth Smart with her father, Ed, and Mary Katherine, leftFriday, March 14, 2003 Posted: 0649 GMT ( 2:49 PM HKT) - SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (CNN) -- Elizabeth Smart survived being kidnapped at knifepoint and being held captive by homeless street preacher Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Ilene Barzee for nine months, according to police. "There's no question at the time of the abduction she was in fear, and was fearful for a period of time," said Salt Lake City Police Chief Rick Dinse. He also said the fact that she was walking around with the couple in an area where she might have been able to escape indicted that they had some sort of psychological control over her.

Patricia Hearst Shaw understands what that is like. She was a college student when she was kidnapped from her apartment in 1974, imprisoned in a closet, sexually assaulted and forced to participate in a bank robbery before being freed. "You have been so abused and so robbed of your free will and so frightened that you come to a point that you believe any lie that your abductor has told you. You don't feel safe. You think that either you will be killed if you reach out for help, or you believe your family will be killed," said Hearst. "You've, in a way, given up, you've absorbed the new identity they've given you. You're surviving -- you're not even doing that – you're just living while everything else is going on around you," she said.

Heiress turned captive turned fugitive Patricia Hearst describes brainwashing: "You will believe any lie that your abductor has told you." Hearst said that for some time after Elizabeth is back with her family she may still believe "her kidnappers have some sort control over her." Hearst said she didn't feel free until she faced her abductors in court and "knew for sure that they could never, ever hurt me again." Elizabeth's father, Ed Smart, also believes his daughter was brainwashed. He and his family have not pressed her for details to spare her further trauma. "We want her to have privacy, we want her to have the opportunity to be reunited with her family," said her uncle Tom Smart. Being with her close, loving family may be the best thing for Elizabeth, said Hearst, adding that professional psychological help would be a good idea ...

Hearst said Elizabeth Smart may face another ordeal as the case is readied for trial, and she urged the Smart family to hire an attorney "to keep the investigators in line." Hearst suggested the Smarts limit the investigation to the kidnapping and not include any physical abuse Elizabeth might have suffered ...


COMMENT (5/15/03): NO QUESTION ABOUT IT. Elizabeth Smart was the one. She has been found alive and physically unharmed. There are already comparisons being made between her case and that of Patty Hearst, even by Ms Hearst herself in a televised interview. She was kidnapped, apparently not by terrorists, but by a religious cult. It appears that she was brainwashed, denied her true identity when first questioned, and even lived within close proximity of her home, never daring to try to make contact with her family ... such was the psychological hold of her captors.

It was necessary for us to wait until 2003 to understand the full measure of what happened to Elizabeth .. that she was not, fortunately, another tragic case of a child kidnapped and murdered like so many others were in 2002. The length of her abduction -- nine months -- was about the same as Patricia Hearst's, I would add.


NOTES: The daughter of a prominent American or British family will be abducted in February 2002 ... an heiress, perhaps a daughter of someone like Ted Turner. The captors will be terrorists, international or domestic. Based on the "Patty Hearst" scenario.

This prediction was made in early June 2001, well before the hostage drama of American mercenaries Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry who were held hostage by the Taliban became major news near year's end. Yet neither was an heiress nor came from a prominent American family. Still, both were the first high-profile civilian female hostages since Patty Hearst. The Patty Hearst abduction of 1974 was the obvious precedent for this prediction, yet it was John Walker, an "American Taliban" male, who we saw turning against his own country in a startling videotape of a US raid on an Al Qaeda base in Afghanistan. Domestically, 2002 was the year of abduction/murders of young girls, and the nation was caught up in the highly-publicised abduction of 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart, a millionaire's daughter, now returned to her family after a nine month ordeal, brainwashed and held as a sex captive to serve as one of suspect Brian David Mitchell's many wives. In the end her story has most resembled the Hearst drama. She was abducted four months later than the February vector stipulated.



John Walker
Elizabeth Smart
+1.00 =

War Between Turkey and Iraq


This is not a new prediction, but the base 7 dating is. Nostradamus describes this horrendous conflict, much of which will be fought in northern Iraq and southern Turkey. It may well be that Iraq will invade Turkey as an ally of Iran; however, one cannot rule out a Kurd-related cause to this war.

Quatrain 1.55

Under the opposite climate of Babylon (Iraq),
Great will be the effusion of blood:
By land and sea, air, heaven will be unjust,
Sects, hunger, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.

Fighter jet over Turkish airspace

In my current e-book, Nostradamus and the Final Age, I discuss the recent and future role of Iraq between 1996 and 2006. It is clear in various quatrains written by the prophet that either Saddam Hussein or a successor, most likely his son Uday (pronounced "You Die") Saddam, will clash repeatedly with Iraq's northern neighbour, Turkey.

I have, at last, isolated a potential vector for this event: February 2002. This will follow five months after neighbouring Iran begins its invasion of Turkey.

To view a personal vision by me that may relate to this war, open a Dream Window.


Turkey Executes First Major Military Assault Against Iraqi Regime

DEBKAfile - Special Military Analysis

10 August 02

On Wednesday night, August 8, Turkey executed its first major military assault inside Iraq. DEBKAfile’s military sources learn from Turkish and Kurdish informants that helicopters under US, British and Turkish warplane escort flew Turkish commandos to an operation for seizing the critical Bamerni airport in northern Iraq. This airport, just outside the Kurdish region, lies 50 miles north of the big Iraqi oil cities of the north, Kirkuk and Mosul.

With the Turkish commandos was a group of US special forces officers and men. Bamerni airport was captured after a brief battle in which a unit of Iraqi armored defenders was destroyed, opening the airport for giant American and Turkish transports to deliver engineering units, heavy machinery and electronic support equipment, which were put to work at once on enlarging the field and widening its landing strips.

The American unit, reinforced, went on to capture two small Iraqi military airfields nearby.

The Turkish expeditionary force in northern Iraq now numbers some 5,000 men, in addition to Turkish air force contingents.

DEBKAfile’s military experts explain that with Bamerni airport and the two additional airfields the Americans have acquired full control of the skies over the two oil cities of Mosul and Kirkuk, as well as over the Syrian-Iraqi railroad, which they can now cut off by aerial bombardment. A prime strategic asset, this railroad is Saddam’s back door for taking delivery of his illegal overseas arms purchases, which are ferried from Syrian ports to Baghdad by the Syrian-Iraqi railway. On the return journey, the same railway carries illegal Iraqi oil exports, over and above the quantities allowed under UN sanctions, out to market. The Iraqi war effort and the Syrian treasury depend heavily on the revenues accruing from these smuggled oil sales.

The battle over this airfield was in fact the first important face-to-face engagement between a US-led invasion force and Iraqi troops. It was carried out seven hours before the Iraqi ruler delivered his televised speech to the nation, on the 14th anniversary of the bloody eight-year Iraq-Iran war. In that speech, Saddam threatened American troops going to war against Iraq that they would return home in coffins ...

Turkey Sends Thousands Of Troops To Iraq Border

Special To World

December 10, 2002

ANKARA -- Turkey has moved additional troops to its southern border with Iraq.

Turkish sources said thousands of military and paramilitary forces were deployed around the Iraqi border over the weekend. They said the forces were comprised of mostly infantry as well as support units.

The reason for the Turkish deployment was not given. But the troop movement was reported during escalated fighting in northern Iraq between pro-U.S. forces and Al Qaida supporters near the Iranian border. Much of the fighting has taken place near the city of Halabja during the Muslim holiday of Id El Fitr, Middle East Newsline reported.

The United States has deployed the aircraft carrier Harry Truman in the Mediterranean. The warship, regarded as the most advanced in the U.S. Navy, heads a carrier group of 12 warships and 80,000 soldiers.

Turkey was already said to have more than 10,000 troops along the Iraqi border. Many of the troops were deployed in northern Iraq and operate in coordination with the United States.

The military has also transported communications and logistics to the Iraqi border. The sources said the supplies and troops arrived from southern and southeastern Turkey.

Turkish sources said the military preparations near the Iraqi border have led to increased tension with the new Islamic-oriented government of Prime Minister Abdullah Gul. They said civilian officials and military commanders openly disagreed over Ankara's policy during the visit by U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz to to Turkey last week. At one point, Turkish Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit disputed an assertion by Foreign Minister Yasar Yakis that Ankara had decided to allow U.S. warplanes to use Turkish air force bases for any war against Iraq.

US aids Kurd attack in north

Peshmerga fighter in northern Iraq.Sunday, 23 March, 2003, 18:40 GMT -- BBC News - Fierce fighting is said to have broken out between Kurdish troops, with American support, and the Iraqi army in northern Iraq. The fighting is just south of the city of Irbil, about 190 miles (300 km) from Baghdad. BBC world affairs editor John Simpson said he could see artillery and a great deal of heavy machine gun fire.

It looked as though the Kurdish peshmerga fighters were pushing their way down to two towns in the general direction of Kirkuk. They were shooting flares into the sky to illuminate enemy positions. There were also reports that Kirkuk - and the town of Mosul to the west of Irbil - had been bombed by coalition warplanes.

New explosions and anti-aircraft fire were reported in Mosul on Sunday evening. American special forces have been operating in the area for some days now apparently in support of the military push.

Earlier another BBC correspondent in the region, Jim Muir, said American planes had bombed positions in the region held by the Ansar al-Islam, a radical Muslim faction which Washington says is linked to al-Qaeda. This followed a heavy missile strike on Friday night in which at least 60 people were killed, many of them from another Islamic group. He said a ground offensive had been expected against the Ansar al-Islam within days.


COMMENT (3/23/03): With fresh reports that Turkish troops are "pouring" into northern Iraq tonight, it would seem that a complete fulfillment of this prediction is near. The "Kurd-related" aspect of this predicted war against Iraq is now playing out with the aid of US forces. So, for the moment, this prediction remains PARTIALLY FULFILLED, but certainly it appears that must change soon.


NOTES: A situation partially fulfilled in some respects and in other respects one that has almost played out a few times, with the Turks backing off at the last minute each time or only initiating limited engagements. It is a projection that is still technically in progress and one that could become completely fulfilled before the end of 2003.

RATING: +0.33

Renewal of War Between Armenia and Azerbaijan


Armenian civilian fighters during early days of last Nagorno-Karabakh war NEW PREDICTION: 12/9/01 -- War will erupt once again between the republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan over the future of Nagorno-Karabakh in February 2002. This will likely be triggered by the sort of contentious events that began in the summer of 2001 regarding the Caspian Sea. This is a conflict that almost has to happen again for certain Nostradamus and biblical prophecies to be fulfilled. The war itself will eventually provide Iran with an excuse to intervene on the side of Azerbaijan so as to make possible a new federation of states stretching from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea that will be governed by Teheran.



The Millennium Comet Appears


Quatrain 2.46

After great misery for humanity, a greater approaches,
When the great motor of the centuries has been renewed:
Rain, blood, milk, famine, weapon, and pestilence,
In the sky fire seen, dragging a long trail of sparks.

After the pall of ash and dust has disappeared from the upper atmosphere, humanity will begin to see the approach of a comet that will put all others viewed in the previous century to shame. The millennium comet, or "great comet" or "great star" as Nostradamus calls it, will be even more spectacular than its predecessors. This wartime prodigy may have a head the size of the full moon or greater and be bright enough to cast a shadow at night. Its tail may also be the longest ever recorded. The sky should clear sometime around February 2002, in time for this comet to be seen as it reaches its closest approach to earth. If skies are clear before that time, skywatchers may begin to see it in December 2001.

Comet and War Sub - Collage/Art  1994-2001 by Michael McClellan


Comet lights up night sky

April 6, 2002 Posted: 10:41 AM EST (1541 GMT)

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Skywatchers have their best chance of viewing a fiery new comet which was discovered earlier this year. Comet Ikeya-Zhang, named after the Japanese and Chinese astronomers who first spotted it on February 1, will be the brightest comet to make an appearance since Hale-Bopp in 1997. It has been visible as a faint smudge low in the western sky since the middle of last month but can now be seen with the naked eye until around 9pm BST (2000 GMT) for the next few days.

After being spotted in February it passed within 47 million miles of the sun at midnight on March 18 before heading back towards the outer solar system. It will make its closest swing by Earth on April 28-30, but will miss us by a comfortable 37 million miles.

Robin Scagell, from the UK's Society for Popular Astronomy, said: "It's going to look like a small wisp of light in the sky. "The comet has a pronounced tail extending over five to 10 degrees, which is about 10 times as long as the width of the moon."

Until now it has appeared close to the sun in the evening sky and will remain so until the middle of April when it will be close to the w-shaped constellation of Cassiopeia. In extremely dark and clear conditions, observers might be able to see Ikeya-Zhang with the naked eye.

For the best view of the comet and its long tail, astronomers recommend being far from city lights and using strong binoculars. "At one time or another in the month of April, people most places on Earth where they have a dark sky should see the comet," Steve Maran of the American Astronomical Society said.

Ikeya-Zhang is a periodic comet, which means it returns to the inner Solar System on a regular basis. It would have been visible in 1661 and may also have been seen in 1273 and 877. Some calculations suggest that on a previous occasion it might have split in two, with the larger fragment returning in 1532.

Scientists think comets contain frozen remnants of our early solar system and may have struck Earth in its infancy, seeding the oceans with water.


UPDATE (4/21/02): Despite optimistic projections by Sky & Telescope that this comet would brighten considerably as it approaches earth on April 28, due to a notable brightening trend after perihelion on March 18, it appears the "great comet" Ikeya-Zhang is fizzling out. Too bad -- if it had continued to brighten, we would have all been treated to another Hyakutake or Hale-Bopp that even city lights would not have been able to obscure. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us in the Northern Hemisphere, living as we do under the obfuscating sway of city light pollution (about 75% of the population), this comet was a non-event. Its low placement on the horizon was yet another impediment. Still, for those who could see it, it was a small gem of delight, as demonstrated in the naked-eye photo below. Although this comet was not widely-enough seen to fulfill any major prophecy (in my opinion), it was well enough into the naked-eye range, as was Comet Linear WM1 in late January, to be considered a FULFILLMENT of my personal comet prediction for 2002 (that's a fulfillment twice-over). If this were a hundred years ago or more, we would have all been able to see this comet without any difficulty.

NOTE: Here is one of several good naked-eye photos of Comet Ikeya-Zhang I was able to find. This Northern Hemisphere comet reached magnitude 2.8 in late March 2002. A naked-eye photo of Comet LINEAR WM1 was impossible to find, unfortunately. It reached magnitude 2.3 in the Southern Hemisphere in late January 2002.

Comet Ikeya-Zhang - naked eye photo by Mike Klensch - 4-1-02

For more news and information regarding Comet LINEAR WM1 and Comet Ikeya-Zhang and their potential places in prophecy, view the The Comet Prophecy.


NOTES: There were two naked eye comets in 2002: Comet LINEAR WM1 corresponded with the parameters given by me of December 2001 to February 2002, whilst Comet Ikeya-Zhang, which was brighter and much more visible than WM1 was in the northern hemisphere, appeared in March and April. Neither was a truly "great" comet like Hale-Bopp, although Ikeya Zhang held the most promise and was reported enough by the mainstream media that people were looking for it. City dwellers would be disappointed however, since both comets were definitely for dark skies away from light pollution.

Because I pushed this prediction as being for a truly great comet, even one fulfilling Nostradamus' so-called millennium comet, neither WM1 or Ikeya-Zhang earn a 100%. There is much technical success to the projection, but none of the magnitude.



Comet Ikeya-Zhang

World Summit 2002 and Global Holocaust


'Armageddon 2' by Geoff Wiltshire

"Armageddon 2" Geoff Wiltshire 1996-99

NEW PREDICTION: 11/4/00 -- If a series of similar dream visions experienced by Conor and myself should come true, the majority of the world's population will be killed on February 28, 2002 as a result of a global nuclear war begun by Iran. It will occur midway through a World Peace Summit that will begin on February 25. At that time people will be regarding the comet mentioned above with wonder, prophesying that it portends the Second Coming of Christ. The location of this summit may be Paris or Damascus. The ancient city will be the first to be destroyed. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, who will head the convention, will be incinerated along with many other heads-of-state.

This, of course, means that if our joint visions are fulfilled, some of the predictions that follow on this page and the next will not take place. For example, the US president will not be assassinated, he will simply be another casualty of the global conflagration.

This is also quite close to the April vector for the projected nuclear destruction of New York City. If Jacques Chirac attends the summit, he will never live to become monarch and emperor. Some other Frenchman will have to avenge the deaths of three to four billion people. Prince William may be forced to postpone his wedding plans indefinitely. On the other hand, I am reasonably confident that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, being a close ally of Teheran, will be involved in "mopping up" the Mediterranean and terrorising the weakened nations of Southern Europe.

Pray these visions are wrong. I certainly do.

To read all three related visions by Conor and myself and and further comments relating to them enter a Dream Window.


UPDATE (4/4/02): Between October 2, 2001 and December 24, 2001 I received additional support for the visions that appear in the Dream Window by Conor and myself. Remote viewer Rob Christopher shared one where, from a perspective in space, he saw several large nuclear fireballs rising from the Middle East and especially Iraq. This was experienced on September 10, 2001 -- immediately after being shown the attack on the World Trade Centre and being told it would happen the next day by the "light." In another later vision he described seeing a massive bombing of Iraq in a newspaper with the headline "Bombs Over Baghdad." His dating for the first event was February 23 or 28, 2002 and February 23, 2002 for the war article. He also shared a remote viewed event experienced by his RV instructor concerning bombing attacks in Jerusalem, explosions and the deaths of many, and the destruction of the Temple on the Mount. The date given by the "light" for this was February 26, 2002. In addition Nostradamus commentator Mark S. Cane offered prophetic evidence from Nostradamus' sixains that the period of Lent (February 28 inclusive), Passover, through to Easter Sunday would be a period of doom.


UPDATE (6/27/02): Events around late February and March 2002: Arab Peace Summit in Beirut, Yasser Arafat absent, Kofi Annan attending; war breaks out in Israel, the West Bank, southern Lebanon, and Shebaa Farms after Passover Massacre; suicide bombings in Jerusalem increase; Comet Ikeya-Zhang visible in the Northern Hemisphere; US prevents Israeli invasion of Syria behind the scenes. Despite the specific dates given in the dreams and visions, the key dream vision revolves around a United Nations World Summit taking place in 2002. This summit will be held from late August to early September 2002 at Johannesburg, South Africa. So it is this period we must next watch very carefully.


To review major events and reports that occurred from January 30, 2002 through August 30, 2002, visit the Holocaust News page. Special attention should be focused on January 30 to March 29. Bear in mind that this is only part of the picture of what transpired around the time of February 28. I will soon create a special slide show, hopefully, demonstrating how closely we came to seeing the dreams and visions concerning a world summit and global holocaust become fulfilled in 2002.

East Asian Cult, Possibly Falun Gong, Victims of
Mass Murder/Suicide


Collage - Falun Gong, assailant with sword, woman preparing for hari keriNEW PREDICTION: (2/15/01) -- Recently has come the news of five Falun Gong members setting themselves ablaze -- one woman burning to death. Falun Gong has been in the news for quite some time -- 1999, 2000, and now 2001 -- longer than I would have believed. If the group continues to grow and rebel against the government in Beijing throughout 2001, I believe they, or another Eastern-based cult, are headed for a truly horrific mass death in March 2002. Perhaps what will come will take the form of a dream vision I had believed was fulfilled in April 2000 when members of a German family in China and another family in Spain were slaughtered by assailants wielding swords and long knives. Both events occurred on the same day.

I had had recurring dreams of what appeared to be scores upon scores of East Asian and European (mostly East Asian) men and women being forced into a large room and falling on swords voluntarily or being stabbed to death with long knives. Afterwards, the bodies were removed from the room and more were herded in. I felt that they were members of some sort of cult. When the sword murders occurred in April 2000, I thought that was it. Still, I have a nagging feeling that a more exact version of the dream might occur in China to the Falun Gong (or some other Eastern-based cult). For more on the dream open a Dream Window.


16 Female members of Falun Gong commit suicide by hanging -- Group denies reports

July 4, 2001 - HONG KONG, China (CNN) -- The Falun Gong is denying reports 16 of its followers have committed suicide in a Chinese labor center instead saying they were tortured to death.

Members of the outlawed group, which China calls an evil cult, have reportedly died in a mass suicide according to the Hong Kong based Information Center for Human Rights. It says 16 Falun Gong practitioners hanged themselves in the Harbin labor camp on 20 June after being tortured and authorities increased their period of detention by three to six months. Spokesman Frank Lu says police in China confirmed their report. "We have talked to the family members of those who have committed suicide," Lu told CNN. "We have also talked to police officers from the native towns of a few of the suicides. They have indicated it was a mass suicide."

The Falun Gong website tells a conflicting version of the June incident reporting at least 15 female Falun Gong practitioners "died in a spate of violence and torture at the Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China". "The Wanjia Reeducation Labor Camp claims that the cause of death was that the women committed mass suicide by hanging, but could not explain how this could happen given the fact that the victims were under 24-hour surveillance in the labor camp," the website states.

The Falun Gong spiritual and mediation group names four of the dead women and outlines horrifying systemic abuse. "Some 50 female practitioners who refused to write a "Separation Statement" denouncing Falun Gong were thrown into male prisoners' cells to face abuse" the Falun Gong claims. "Labor camp guards demanded that they also stand on the cement floor 24 hours a day, tied them up all night long and deprived them of sleep."

Scholars and diplomats tracking the Falun Gong in China say police and prison departments have orders from Beijing to step up pressure on the group. One goal they say is to ensure more of the estimated 10,000 practitioners in reform through labor camps recant their beliefs.


RATING: +1.0

Major Earthquake To Hit Morocco


Earthquake icon


NEW PREDICTION: 2/6/02 -- It should happen around March 2002. Might be a very large tidal wave thrown in for good measure.


Morocco floods hit oil plant - November 27, 2002.
Dozens killed in Morocco floods - November 25, 2002.


NOTES: A major earthquake will strike Morocco in March 2002 followed by a massive flood.

There was no earthquake, but massive flooding came to Morocco in November 2002.

RATING: +0.5





Over 500 killed in Morocco quake

Wednesday, February 25, 2004 Posted: 0350 GMT (11:50 AM HKT)

Many houses were destroyed in Imzouren(CNN) -- The shattering earthquake that struck northern Morocco early Tuesday has claimed 564 lives, the country's Interior Ministry said as hundreds of people prepared to spend the night outside for fear of aftershocks. Another 300 people were reported injured, 80 of them seriously, the ministry said.

Many of the deaths were around the Mediterranean port city of Al Hoceima which has a population of several hundred thousand. The city's mayor Mohammed Boudra said most of the dead were women and children, as most of the men of the area mainly work overseas. Other deaths were reported in nearby, remote inland villages in Rif Mountains. Residents in rural areas such as Tazaghin, Tizi Ayash and Imzourn live mainly in mud huts that cannot withstand such a powerful earthquake.

Ait Kamara, a village west of Al Hoceima, was "completely destroyed," a Western diplomat in Morocco, monitoring local news reports, told CNN.

The 6.5-magnitude quake, which struck at about 2:28 a.m. (0628 GMT), shook the Strait of Gibraltar, just off the northern coast of Morocco. It was centered in an area 185 miles (295 km) east-northeast of Rabat. "Everyone knows that downtown Al Hoceima is a seismic area so buildings there were built to withstand earthquakes, which is why there was not so much damage in Al Hoceima," a Moroccan official said. "The casualties are mainly in the rural areas."

Thirty people injured in the earthquake were hospitalized in Al Hoceima, with six people due to be airlifted to Rabat, the Moroccan capital, the official said. About 100 other people have been checked by doctors and sent home because they had only slight injuries. French rescue crews have been arriving at the airport to help the former French colony.

The quake shook the Strait of Gibraltar, just off the northern coast of MoroccoKing Mohamed VI ordered all available resources mobilized to help with the rescue effort, including army forces, helicopters, police and firefighters. "The area is very mountainous and very difficult to access," journalist Alauoi Hassan told CNN. "I guess everyone was asleep at the time, so the toll will be high."

A civil protection spokesman said 18 homes were destroyed in the village of Imzouren. The remote villages affected are several hours drive by car from the nearest main town in normal times, but may be even more cut off due to earthquake damage. The quake was also felt across northern Morocco, including in the Spanish territorial enclave of Melilla.

"Yes, we felt it. Everything moved, including the floor. And you heard the noise that is characteristic of an earthquake," said Juan Roman, a desk clerk at the Spanish state-run Parador de Melilla hotel. Roman said some of the hotel's guests called to the front desk after the quake to ask what had happened, adding that no one had panicked.

He said there was no damage to the hotel. He said that Melilla -- a town of about 60,000 residents -- is about 93 miles (150 kilometers) from Al Hoceima.

However, the quake did not appear to be felt in Spain's other territorial enclave -- Ceuta -- also along the Moroccan coast, but some 310 miles (500 kilometers) west of Melilla. A staffer at the SER radio outlet in Ceuta told CNN the quake was not felt there.

The last large earthquake to hit the area measured 6.0 and struck in 1994.

Major Chemical Weapons Attack


Chemical weapons attack on city NEW PREDICTION: 7/29/01 -- This one is not so easy to pin-point in terms of location. The casualties will be quite high. It may either be a terrorist attack or a military attack.

I believe this attack will either occur in the Middle East, East Asia, or in the United States. Those most likely to be responsible are Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, his sons Uday or Qusay Hussein, terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, or Chinese President Jiang Zemin. One cannot rule out a chemical attack against an Israeli city.

I see two major attacks: one in March 2002 and another one in August 2002. The summer attack may be the work of Moammar Gadhafi as well as use of chemical weapons in the Balkans. However, if I am premature about such events as those, the August attack may well be the work, once again, of Iraq, North Korea, China, or terrorists.


Bomber planned to use cyanide in Netanya attack: Israel

Wed Jun 05 2002 09:27:11 ET - (DRUDGE REPORT) -- A suicide bomber who killed 29 people in the Israeli town of Netanya on March 27 had planned to disperse cyanide with the blast, making the operation more deadly, an Israeli general was quoted as saying Wednesday. Abdelbaset Odeih, who staged the so-called Passover bombing in the Park Hotel, was foiled by a last-minute technical difficulty, General Aaron Zeevi, Israeli military intelligence chief, said, according to the daily Maariv paper. Zeevi revealed this to the parliament's foreign affairs and security committee on Monday, the paper said.

The attack, which struck on the night of the religious feast of the Jewish passover, was the worst of its kind to hit the country, and was claimed by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas. Two days later on March 29, the Israeli army launched the devastating "Defensive Walls " offensive on the West Bank Palestinian autonomous areas which ended on May 10.

Israeli security forces have been on the alert lately for a "mega-attack", and on Monday held a drill in Givatayim near Tel Aviv to train rescue and security services to deal with a scenario of a plane crashing into a building while a large bomb goes off in a basement where toxic chemicals are stored.

Last month, a near-disaster was averted when a bomb set fire to a tanker in the country's main fuel depot in a densely populated suburb of Tel Aviv but failed to ignite the vast reserves, an incident which experts said could have killed thousands of people. Also last month, the Israeli army claimed it foiled a plot to blow up the Azrieli Tower skyscraper in Tel Aviv when it seized a large bomb in a raid on the Palestinian West Bank town of Qalqilya.


COMMENT (6/5/02): This story was widely reported today on the major news networks as they covered the bus bombing in Megiddo. Unfortunately, Drudge Report is the only Internet news service I have found so far reporting the botched chemical attack. Personally, I'd like to know more of the details. In any event, notice that the planned cyanide attack was for March 27 -- "dead on" my established vector of March 2002. Note too that this was to happen "in the Middle East" and "in an Israeli city" as specified among several other locations. I must consider this near event to be a PREDICTION THWARTED, which counts as much as one that is actually FULFILLED. Obviously, this remains a prediction that could still actually come true. Also, there is still an August 2002 vector for a second attempt or a successful one, so be on the look out.


Dozens of theatre hostages needed hospital treatment after suffering from gas inhalation Relatives in distress outside Moscow hospital


COMMENT (11/5/02): I think the photos pretty much tell the story: Russian special forces used toxic gas many experts believed to have been a chemical weapons agent against hostages and hostage-takers alike in October. Now this prediction is not merely THWARTED (in March), but FULFILLED.

This was the first incident of chemical weapons use since the Aum Shinri Kyo cult used sarin nerve gas in Tokyo and Yokahama subway trains in March and April 1995. The last use of chemical weapons before that was in 1988 -- twice Saddam used chemical weapons against the Kurds of northern Iraq. I note that also in October we had an alarming domestic terrorist situation in the DC area -- a sort of "sniper" version of the Oklahoma City bombing with the arrest of a black version of Timothy McVeigh. If October 2002 was similar to March and April 1995, and noting that in both 1988 and 1995 the chemical attacks came in twos from the same source (Saddam and the Aum cult respectively), then there may be another chemical attack by Moscow against the Chechens or even against Georgians by January 2003, if not sooner, even this month.

Cyanide Plot on London Underground Tube - November 17, 2002. Another nail in the coffin.


NOTES: A major chemical attack in Netanya, Israel (the Middle East) was thwarted in March 2002.

RATING: +1.0


NOTES: A second major chemical attack took the form, not of a terrorist attack, but a military attack against terrorists and, unfortunately, the hostages they were holding. Casualties were quite high during the Moscow crisis in October.

RATING: +0.85

Civil Massacre or Terrorist Attack in Major South African City -- President Thabo Mbeki Assassinated


Terrorist attack in South AfricaSouth African President Thabo MbekiNEW PREDICTION: 4/27/01 -- A very serious problem presents itself in March/April 2002 with what appears to be a civilian massacre or a terrorist attack in a major South African city. I don't know how bad the scope of this massacre will be -- if it is riot-related or a terrorist attack. Then a second vector for a potential assassination of South African President Thabo Mbeki occurs in April 2002. He will be shot or stabbed, I am not sure which. 2002 will also be an important year for an attempt to integrate the many states of Africa into a United Africa. South Africa may be a part of this effort. But I fear the move may fail.


Nine bomb blasts rip through Soweto

Wednesday, October 30, 2002 Posted: 1:45 PM EST (1845 GMT)

Police search for clues at a bombed-out mosqueJOHANNESBURG, South Africa (CNN) -- Nine bombs have exploded in South Africa's Soweto township killing one woman and critically injuring her husband. Government officials urged residents not to panic as police began following up what was described as "concrete leads" and forensic experts combed the bomb sites.

The bombs exploded at a series of different targets including a garage, temples and railway stations in 10 hours from about midnight Tuesday local time. A 10th device was defused at a petrol station and an 11th exploded at a Buddhist temple 110km (70 miles) northeast of Soweto.

President Thabo Mbeki blamed the explosions on white right-wing extremists saying they were plotting to overthrow his majority-rule government, which came to power after the end of apartheid in 1994. He told a news conference: "These are criminal actions that seek to introduce a terrorist campaign in the country. They will certainly fail." "The information the government has had for some time ... indicates that the right wing have the intention to conduct a campaign of this type to destabilise the country and create a political climate that would enable them to take ... actions for the removal of the government and the installation of some other government."

A woman was killed by shrapnel from one of the railway station explosions and her husband was injured by debris.

Four bombs exploded near one railway station, two went off at a second station and two further blasts hit other railway lines, Reuters reported. One of the explosions blew a hole in the wall of a Soweto mosque, and two people were injured in a blast at a Buddhist temple in Bronkhorstspruit. Nqakula said if the petrol station bomb that was defused had exploded "there would have been maximum damage."

When asked if they could be linked to right-wing white power groups Nqakula said: "We are not eliminating anything." He added that the people responsible for the attacks were "experts" who "knew what they were doing." Police Director Henriette Bester told The Associated Press: "It is unknown who is responsible. No one is claiming responsibility and no arrests have been made."

Muslims denounced the attack on the mosque. One man told CNN's Charlayne Hunter-Gault it was an attack on Allah and Allah would retaliate against those responsible.

Nomvula Mokoyane, the provincial minister for safety and security said the attack was "very shocking, and it deserves the condemnation of all South Africans," AP reported. "This is actually against our own democracy," she added. "We cannot ... allow this kind of anarchy."

In recent weeks, police have discovered several weapons caches, including homemade bombs, and arrested 14 people accused of involvement in a plot by white extremists to attack the government. The men, who police described as a "maverick, isolated group intending to destabilise the country," were scheduled to go on trial next year. Authorities say the ringleaders remained at large.


COMMENT (10/30/02): This prediction is now HALF-FULFILLED, although six months late. The other half, Thabo Mbeki's possible assassination, remains to be seen.


Falling scaffold narrowly misses Mbeki

Saturday, August 9, 2003 Posted: 2238 GMT ( 6:38 AM HKT)

PRETORIA, South Africa (Reuters) -- A falling stage scaffold narrowly missed South African President Thabo Mbeki on Saturday as he prepared to address a Women's Day rally. A gust of wind blew away the black plastic backdrop and pulled over a steel framework, which fell down behind Mbeki and other dignitaries assembled on the stage outside the grand Union Buildings seat of government in the capital Pretoria. Mbeki was not hurt, but a woman who appeared to have sprained an ankle was stretchered away. Officials brought in a crane to clear the debris and made an ad hoc stage nearby so the National Women's Day celebrations could continue.


COMMENT (8/20/02): This was a very close call for Mbeki, although certainly not an assassination attempt. Nevertheless, this event was CLOSE and will boost my accuracy rate for this prediction slightly, but not much.


NOTES: A civilian massacre or a terrorist attack in a major South African city did occur, not in March/April 2002, but in October 2002.

RATING: +1.0


NOTES: South African President Thabo Mbeki was not assassinated in April 2002, but he was nearly killed by a falling scaffold in August 2003. A bit close.

RATING: +0.20

Danger of Assassination for U.S. President in 2002


The likelihood that the presidential candidate who is elected in the year 2000 will die in office during his first term of office is very great. It is fairly certain that the person most likely to succeed Bill Clinton as U.S. president will either be Vice President Al Gore or Texas Governor George W. Bush. I suspect the latter of the two will win the election.


The Shawnee Curse

George W. BushWilliam Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy were all elected at 20-year intervals in years ending in zero. All died in office, four of them by assassination. All were victims of a curse uttered by Shawnee Chief Tecumseh as he lay dying in battle in 1813. Only Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980, survived the curse -- but not without being seriously wounded by a would-be assassin's bullet, making him the fifth chief executive to be shot by an assassin. The year 2000 will be the final election year over which Chief Tecumseh's shadow will be cast. With the proper advance warning, it is possible that the 2000-elect may be able to cheat the Shawnee legacy as well. However, it will be difficult.



Why Reagan Was Able to Cheat the Shawnee Curse -- Why the 2000-Elect Must Die

It was not until 1981 that the curse of Tecumseh appeared to have lost its punch. An assassination attempt was made on President Ronald Reagan's life in March of that year following his 1980 victory. The would-be assassin was a mentally disturbed, 25-year-old male named John Hinkley. President Reagan survived the attack, but not because of dumb luck. Something else occurred which softened the impact of the dying Tecumseh's malediction.

dawn Venus-Jupiter conjunction with crescent moonThe cursed legacy of the dead presidents may have been influenced by a somewhat different phenomenon. All of these men were elected to a term governed by a synodic-cycle conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. What made these conjunctions so special is that they were all established in the earth element, one of the fundamental substances which make up one of the primary classifications of the zodiac.

Interestingly enough, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 1981 was established in the air element, thus breaking the chain of misfortune. This is the reason Ronald Reagan survived the attempt on his life. Even so, he was seriously wounded, and his press secretary, James Brady, was rendered permanently disabled by a bullet through the brain. Thus, one might conclude that the curse and the conjunction are either inter-linked or that the conjunction is capable of exerting some degree of influence over each outcome of the curse.

However, the conjunction of 2000 will once again be rooted in earth, not to return again to that element for another 600 years. With this in mind, according to my numerological calculations, the number of potential vectors for the US presidency and death are several during the first term of office. The conjunction of 2019 will then begin an uninterrupted cycle of air conjunctions until well beyond the time of Armageddon.


The U.S. president will have to contend with the potential for an assassination or a deadly mishap some time during his first term of office. The most perilous vectors for such an event occurring are March/April 2002, August 2002, and November 2005. As time passes, hopefully more clues will become apparent.

Quatrain 2.57

Before the conflict the great one falls,
The great one to death, death, too sudden and lamented,
Born imperfect: the greater part of the way he will go,
Near the river with blood the land is stained.

Cruise missile attack by sea

No U.S. president, including JFK, has ever been murdered just prior to an important military operation, battle, or war. The immediacy of the pending conflict in line 1 suggests that the "great one" may die a few weeks, days, or possibly only hours before the war or operation begins.

As I mentioned before, the first tangible danger facing the U.S. president will occur in March/April 2002. What sort of war might the U.S. and NATO be involved in, assuming there still is a NATO by this time? In March/April 2002, Turkey will be losing ground in its war with Iran. The Arab coalition should gain complete control of Yugoslavia and the former Yugoslav republics of Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Bulgaria, Greece, and Macedonia will be all that stand in the way of complete conquest of the Balkans after the fall of Turkey. In June or November 2002, Israel will be conquered by Iraq. The Middle East will then have two capitals: Baghdad and Tehran. Therefore, around the time of the assassination attempt, America will be locked in a horrendous battle with Moslem troops armed by China and a regretful Russia, now forced to defend itself against the very weapons it supplied. Russia will be defending its shrinking borders against the powerful Iranian-led ally-turned-adversary it armed so well. Teheran may also begin launching nuclear missile strikes against the West.

Against this complex backdrop, the U.S. president will be assassinated, perhaps while visiting troops abroad. According to the French prophet, the gunman may be "a barbarian soldier":


Quatrain 8.73

The great king is struck by a barbarian soldier,
Unjustly, not far from death,
The avaricious mother will be the cause of the deed,
Conspirator and realm in great remorse.


To Nostradamus and other western Europeans of his time (the 16th Century), "barbarian" was a word applied to non-Christians and non-Europeans, especially from North Africa and the Middle East. It was also applied to gypsies. Its origin, "barbare," came from the Barbary Coast (part of what is now modern-day Algeria) and its pirates who pillaged mariners and sea-traveling merchant vessels in the Mediterranean Sea.

The "barbarian soldier" would then be an Arab or non-Arab Moslem terrorist or soldier. The "avaricious mother" is a mystery now, but may not be in a few years. It may be a whimsical device used by Nostradamus to mock Saddam Hussein's penchant for overusing the word "mother" to exaggerate Iraqi defiance or bolster his self-image (i.e., "the mother of all battles"). If this quatrain is connected to 2.57, the river may be the Sava, the Danube, the Nile, or the Tigris. Clearly, the president should avoid visiting U.S. troops in the Middle East or the Balkans in March/April 2002.

Then again, an Arab terrorist under orders from Osama bin Laden could attempt to kill the president on American soil. The U.S. president may have to lay low in 2002 and run the country from a secret location.


2002 Observations

The recent planetary alignment of April 17-19 and clumping together of the planets through much of May 2002 after sunset in the western sky may bode ill for President Bush. The last time a similar alignment and packing together of the planets occurred was before sunrise in the eastern sky in January 1981. As we all know, two-and-half months later there was an attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. I should add that neither the "Jupiter Effect" alignment of March 1982 nor the May 5, 2000 alignment were similar, both of them being much higher along the ecliptic than the 2002 and 1981 events. This year's alignment may portend a dangerous time for President Bush in late July and in August -- August 2002 being the second and last vector of danger for Bush this year and in his first term (the next not occurring until November 2005 -- late in the first year of his second term).

Also, the fact that George W Bush was Governor of Texas may also hold some hidden, "coincidental" danger. John F Kennedy was Senator of Massachusetts before becoming president and met his end in Dallas, Texas. Could this mean that death awaits President Bush during a future visit to Massachusetts?


Bush faints at White House; quickly recovers

January 13, 2002 Posted: 8:57 PM EST (0157 GMT)

Bush bruised face after losing consciousness, choking on pretzelWASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush fainted briefly in the White House residence Sunday after choking on a pretzel while watching a National Football League playoff game on television, White House physician Dr. Richard Tubb said.

The doctor, an Air Force colonel, said Bush quickly recovered and is doing well. "I do not find any reason that this would happen again," said Tubb. "He fainted due to a temporary decrease in heart rate brought on by swallowing a pretzel."

Tubbs said Bush suffered an abrasion on his left cheek the size of a half dollar and a bruise on his lower lip, apparently from falling onto the floor from a couch.

Bush was alone in the room watching TV while his wife, first lady Laura Bush, was in a nearby room on the telephone.

Tubbs said Bush believes he was out only for a few seconds because when he awoke, his two dogs were sitting in the same position they were when he lost consciousness. "He said it (the pretzel) didn't seem to go down right," Tubbs said.

The fainting spell occurred at approximately 5:35 p.m. EST and Bush contacted a nurse on duty at the White House five minutes later. Tubbs was paged eight minutes later and rushed to the White House to examine the president. Tubbs said Bush, under his own power, took an elevator from the second floor of the residence to the first floor doctor's office where he underwent a through examination that included use of a heart monitor. His blood pressure and pulse were normal, Tubbs said.

Bush has a lower-than-normal pulse rate, which doctors attribute to his rigorous workout regime. But Tubbs said that low heart rate made him more prone to fainting when the pretzel stimulated a nerve when it got caught in his throat. He said Bush had complained Saturday and Sunday of "being a little off his game," feeling that he was coming down with a head cold.

White House spokesman Ari Fleisher said Bush intended to keep his regular schedule Monday, which includes an early morning trip to the Midwest. Bush was watching the Baltimore-Miami game when the incident occurred.

MARCH 2002: Car bomb outside U.S. Embassy in Peru kills 9 -- Bombing occurs only a few days before scheduled visit by President Bush

March 21, 2002 Posted: 5:13 AM EST (1013 GMT)

LIMA, Peru (CNN) -- Only days ahead of a visit to Peru by U.S. President Bush, a car bomb exploded late Wednesday in a shopping center parking lot near the U.S. Embassy in Lima, killing at least nine people -- including two embassy security guards -- and injuring at least 25 others, according to government and law enforcement officials.

Peruvian Vice President Raul Diez Canseco said the government condemns and rejects criminals acts of terrorism and will make every effort to find those responsible for the bombing. Conseco is acting president while President Alejandro Toledo is out of the country. Conseco said the military has been put on high alert.

The explosion left large holes in the pavement, heavily damaging a bank and breaking windows in neighboring buildings in a shopping center across the street from the embassy complex, but did no damage to the embassy itself.

In addition to embassy security guards being killed, three police officers died in the explosion, including explosives experts. A boy skating at the shopping area was also killed in the blast.

The car bomb exploded about 100 meters (330 feet) from an entrance to the U.S. Embassy.

Bush is scheduled to begin a four-day tour of Latin America on Thursday.

AUGUST 2002: Man Arrested With 16 Guns in Car -- Told police Bush doing poor job and that he was going to 'take care of the president'

Wed Sep 4, 2002 7:43 PM ET

By DERRILL HOLLY, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - A man who police said may have made threats against President Bush was arrested Wednesday about two miles from the White House after authorities discovered 16 guns in a car he was driving. The man was stopped around 12:30 p.m. EDT in the Adams Morgan section of Washington. Washington Police Chief Charles Ramsey said the suspect may have threatened Bush, but he offered no specifics.

The Secret Service received information Tuesday suggesting a man was driving from Pennsylvania toward the White House with explosives. The Secret Service issued an alert for police agencies to be on the lookout for him. Washington police stopped a Chevrolet Cavalier registered in Pennsylvania and driven by Jeffrey Cloutier, 33, of Newport, N.H. Authorities found 10 rifles and six handguns in the car, but Ramsey said no explosives were discovered.

Newport Police Chief David Hoyt said his department was alerted Tuesday night that Cloutier was headed to Washington, and officers notified the Secret Service based on that information. Hoyt would not discuss what information the informant provided or who it was, but noted it was not a relative. The Secret Service declined to comment on whether Cloutier had made any threats toward the president, but a New Hampshire law enforcement source said Cloutier had talked of harming Bush. "He said President Bush was doing a poor job, and he was going to take care of him and take over," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Cloutier's grandmother told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that her grandson had been having problems recently and had sought treatment for epilepsy. "He needs help and he needs it bad," Marjorie Cloutier said. "I think he was trying to get help and he wasn't getting it." She said she was not aware, however, of any problems her son might have had with Washington.

Cloutier rented a vehicle from an Enterprise Rent-A-Car office in Claremont, N.H., several days ago, according to sales records from the rental company. He got another car when he arrived in the Philadelphia area, according to Aaron Phinisee, manager of an Enterprise office in Center City Philadelphia. Cloutier then picked up a white 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier from an Enterprise Rent-A-Car on Route 291 near Philadelphia International Airport Tuesday night, the company said.

Cloutier was held for investigation of possessing unregistered firearms and ammunition. Cloutier's wife was also taken into custody, but a Secret Service source said she was unlikely to face any charges.

Close calls to life of President Bush in 2001 and 2002


NOTES: The "danger" has, thus far, been well-demonstrated. According to news reports following the 9/11 attack, it was confirmed by intelligence sources that the Pentagon attack, and another attack foiled by passengers who gave their lives taking control from their hijackers an airliner that went down in Pennsylvania, were both part of a planned "decapitation" strike on Washington. The White House and the President were to be the targets.

In addition to September 2001, Bush also had an eerie series of close calls in 2002, altogether not unlike what Clinton experienced in late 1997 and 1998: passing out in January after a pretzel became lodged in his windpipe (all comedy aside, doctors later admitted how dangerous and close this incident was), missing being at the site of a car bombing in Peru that killed nine in April by a few days (the bombing occurred at the US embassy and was in protest of the pending visit), and two incidents involving firearms and death threats by stalkers in July and September. He also took a chance and received the risky smallpox vaccine in December which has caused heart attacks in a number of people who have since been vaccinated.

The November 2005 vector remains a valid one. I believe Bush will be re-elected in 2004, unless Al Gore returns and pulls a surprise. Since, technically, Gore won the election in 2000, should he win office in 2004, he would be assassinated in November 2005 instead. The latest the Tecumseh Curse has ever claimed the life of a US president elected in a year ending in zero has been in a year ending in 5! Both the curse and the quoted Nostradamus verse remain relevant.


RATING: +0.5

Nuclear Destruction of New York City


Earlier I mentioned that NYC may be damaged by tidal waves and winds resulting from an off-shore nuclear battle between U.S. and Russian warships in the Atlantic. Ultimately, it will be destroyed by nuclear ICBMs. The entire state of New York may even come under attack. There are only two base 7 vectors I can come up with for the timing of this event: April 2002 or July 2003. I do not know what nation will launch the strike.

Nostradamus may have described this holocaust in the following quatrain:

Quatrain 6.97

At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,
Fire approaches the great new city,
Instantly a great flame leaps up,
When they want to have proof of the Normans (the French).

Nuclear firestorm incinerates NYC

NOTES: There were a lot of bone-chilling reports of Al Qaeda having nuclear bombs and being ready to use them on New York City and other US cities in autumn 2001 and winter and spring 2002, but the Big Apple is still in business. However, the prospects for NYC are not good in July 2003 when the US goes to war with Iraq. See separate prediction on 2003 (Part Three) page.


Biological Weapons Spread Smallpox and Anthrax
Throughout Europe, Ebola and Leprosy Rage
Throughout the African Continent


NEW PREDICTION: 6/10/01 -- A precursor to the global plague that will occur in 2003 will have its beginnings in widespread biological attacks in Europe. Smallpox and Anthrax will be the two worst plagues. Nostradamus describes the smallpox attack in the following quatrain:

Quatrain 3.75

Pau [SW France], Verona, Vicenza [N. Italy], Saragossa [Spain],
Swords from distant lands drip with blood.
A pestilence so great comes with the scab delivered by the great shell,
Though help is near, the remedy is very far away.

'A pestilence so great will come with the scab delivered by the great shell...'

Smallpox is the "scab" that will be delivered in "the great shell." Dr Nostradamus also actually uses the word "smallpox" in another quatrain regarding an Albanian attack on Italy.

Meanwhile, ebola and a vicious new strain of leprosy will break out in Congo and adjacent regions. They will be impossible to contain and will spread throughout much of the African continent. The mortality rate in Africa will be far worse than in Europe.

These terrible plagues, according to base 7 numerology, will begin to emerge in April/May 2002. However, the worst plague will be global and will not come until August 2003, claiming hundreds of millions of lives.


NOTES: Ebola did break out in Congo and neighbouring regions near the end of 2001 and continued into the new year. Another outbreak occurred in June. Still, neither approached the severity of the epidemic that occurred in 1995 -- which threatened to spread to America when a man with ebola was found in a Toronto airport. There was no outbreak of leprosy and Europe was not threatened by plagues of any sort. Despite all the dire warnings of biological warfare, smallpox, and speculation about the nature of West Nile virus, this prediction was only marginally close. The Nostradamus quatrain that was used for dramatic emphasis was not fulfilled.


RATING: +0.20

A United Arab Army Invades Balkans
via the Adriatic Sea


Quatrain 9.60

Barbarian conflict in the black corner,
Bloodshed, Dalmatia (Croatia) trembles,
Great Ishmael (the Arab nation) makes his promontory,
Frogs (the French) tremble, Lusitania (Portugal) assists.

Arab invasion of Dalmatia

This quatrain definitely indicates that a united Arab army will establish a beachhead on the Dalmatian coast, probably at Split, the same point of access previously used by United Nations and NATO troops during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia. If it occurs by this point in time, it will likely be there to battle NATO forces. The "great Ishmael" may symbolise the would-be king of the Arabs, Saddam Hussein or, if dead, his son Uday Saddam. The likeliest base 7 vector for this event is May 2002. A February 2001 vector also exists, however it would seem to me that the Middle East war projected to begin in autumn 2001 would precede any large-scale Arab involvement in the Balkans.



Pope John Paul II or Successor Assassinated


Papal assassination I am assuming most of you are already familiar with this prediction. It has appeared on the Pope John Paul II and the Rose Prophecy page since early 1999. If you are not, I suggest you view it. For some reason, I never got around to placing an intro presentation to the prophecy on this page. In any event, either John Paul II -- or his immediate successor -- will be assassinated in May 2002 whilst visiting a city watered by two rivers. He and his entire entourage will be gunned down. The dating I arrived at through base 7 numerology, but the prophecy can be found in Nostradamus' quatrain 2.97 and in the revealed text of the Third Secret of Fatima.


MAY 2002: Bulgaria on alert for pope's visit -- Security scare as man rushes pope

May 23, 2002 Posted: 2:48 PM EDT (1848 GMT)

Pope John Paul II is carried on a mobile platform upon his arrival at Sofia's airport, BulgariaSOFIA, Bulgaria (CNN) -- Ailing Pope John Paul II has arrived in Bulgaria for his first papal visit to the country, where all its 27,000 police have been put on duty or standby. It is hoped his four-day visit will heal wounds with the former communist country which was once implicated in the 1981 assassination attempt against the pontiff. The trip is also aimed at bringing a reconciliation of Christianity's eastern and western churches.

The pope praised Christians in largely Orthodox Bulgaria for their resistance to communist-era oppression. The 82-year-old pope, who has looked ever more frail recently, had the strength to make impromptu remarks in Italian after his official speech, thanking Bulgarians for his welcome joking: "The pope is an old man and that's why he is sitting down," while he gestured to Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov, who stood by his side during the arrival ceremony.

He urged Bulgaria to retain Christian values as it undertakes difficult social reforms in the push to convert the still deeply poor ex-communist state to a market economy, Reuters news agency reported. He also remembered the victims of east Europe's authoritarian regimes. "Even during the long winter of the totalitarian system, which brought suffering to your country... numberless children of this people remained heroically faithful to Christ, in not a few cases to the point of sacrificing their lives," the pope said. The hard-line communists who ruled Bulgaria from World War Two to 1989 repressed both majority Orthodox Christians, around 80 percent of the 8 million population, and the 80,000 Roman Catholic minority in the name of atheism.

On arrival in Sofia, the pope was carried down the steps of the plane on a lift and his usual ritual of kissing the tarmac on disembarkation was substituted for his blessing a pot of soil lifted to his lips. He was then ferried to the airport terminal on an electric platform. The tour is likely to be a strain on an ailing pope who has been forced to jettison some of his traditional rituals during the two-country tour of Azerbaijan and Bulgaria.

During the first-stage in Azerbaijan, the pope escaped a security alert when a shouting man on crutches rushed towards the altar where the pope was presiding over mass. Security officials told journalists the man said he wanted to have his picture taken with the pontiff. The situation resolved itself and the man later received a blessing from the pope.

The pope survived an assassination attempt 20 years ago in Rome for which three Bulgarians were tried for suspected complicity in the shooting by a Turk but cleared by the Italian court through lack of evidence. Pope John Paul has said he has "never ceased" to love the Bulgarian people.

Security guards block a man as he rushes Pope John Paul IIForeign Minister Solomon Pasi is quoted by The Associated Press as calling the visit "a blessing," adding: "This visit will wipe out the undeserved taint Bulgaria has carried for the past 20 years." Helicopters made low sweeps over the capital and army snipers took up positions around the airport as the pope arrived at about 6 p.m. local time on Thursday.

The pontiff, who first visited an Orthodox country in 1999 when he travelled to Romania, is likely to use his Bulgarian trip to renew his call for a reunification of Christianity's eastern and western Churches, which split in 1054.

He is scheduled to visit an Orthodox monastery near the southern town of Rila and hold an outdoor mass in the southeast in Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second-largest city.

As well as meeting Patriarch Maxim on Friday, the pope will also meet leaders of the one million Bulgarian Muslims and the country's tiny Jewish community, which numbers between 7,000 and 8,000, some of whom worship at the world's largest Sephardic synagogue in Sofia.

He also plans to beatify three Roman Catholic priests who were executed in 1952 after being convicted of spying by the then communist regime.

The pope arrived in Bulgaria from the Azerbaijani capital of Baku after a two-day trip during which he gave mass for all 120 of the country's registered Roman Catholics -- mostly expatriates.

Close calls to life of Pope John Paul II in 2002 and 2003


NOTES: There were some extraordinary close calls in 2002.

RATING: 0.25

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