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NOTE ABOUT BLUE ALERT SYSTEM (3/11/03): Some of you may recall a few years back when I used "name blends" -- rhyming sounds and off-rhyme clues from part of one name to determine what the next name in the sequence might be (or later in the year). An example was the death of Layne Stahley and how "Layne" led to "Lynne" then"Linda" and the car crash death of Linda Lovelace which followed. I surmised that "Lace" in "Lovelace" might lead to a "Leese" then "Lisa" tragedy. The next day, Lisa Lopes of TLC was killed in a car crash.

Rather than create a whole other section on this page for name blends, I will intead highlight certain names in the lists below in light blue that I feel may be influenced by celebrity deaths that have occurred this year.


John Belushi John Belushi (d. 1982) - John, Johnny, Bell, El, oooo, Shee

Possible predictions (1/10/03): John Agar, John Carpenter, John Cusak, John Davidson, John Larroquette, John Grisham, John Travolta, John Fogerty, John Mellencamp, John Cleese, Johnny Depp, Johnny Cash, Johnny Carson, Johnny Crawford, Elton John, Olivia Newton-John, Magic Johnson, Kathleen Beller, Neve Campbell, William Campbell, Craig T. Nelson, Willie Nelson, Tom Selleck, Howie Mandel, Danny Aiello, Mel C, Mel Gibson, Montel Williams, Denzel Washington, Lulu, Claire Goose, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Lisa Kudrow, Shaznay Lewis, Whoopi Goldberg, Lucy Lawless, Jude Law, Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Sheena Easton. Additional predictions: (1/12/03): Jim Belushi. (0/0/03):


Country singer Johnny PayCheck dead at 64

Country singer Johnny PayCheckWednesday, February 19, 2003 - NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) -- Country singer Johnny PayCheck, best known for his 1977 workingman's anthem "Take This Job and Shove It," has died at 64. PayCheck had been bedridden in a nursing home because of emphysema and asthma. He died Tuesday, Grand Ole Opry spokeswoman Jessie Schmidt said. Specializing in earthy, plainspoken songs, PayCheck recorded 70 albums and had more than two dozen hit singles. His biggest hit was "Take This Job and Shove It," which inspired a movie by that name, and a title album that sold 2 million copies. His other hits included "Don't Take Her, She's All I Got" (which was revived 25 years later in 1996 by Tracy Byrd), "I'm the Only Hell Mama Ever Raised," "Slide Off Your Satin Sheets," "Old Violin" and "You Can Have Her." "My music's always been about life. And situations. Situation comedies, situation life," he said in 1997. Born Donald Eugene Lytle on May 31, 1938, in Greenfield, Ohio, he took the name Johnny Paycheck in the mid-1960s about a decade after moving to Nashville to build a country music career. He began capitalizing the "c" in PayCheck in the mid-1990s.

PayCheck's career was interrupted from 1989 to 1991 when he served two years in prison for shooting a man in the head in an Ohio bar in 1985. He and another ex-convict, country star Merle Haggard, performed at the Chillicothe Correctional Institute in Ohio while PayCheck was imprisoned there. "I heard from fans constantly throughout the entire two years," PayCheck said after his release. "The letters never stopped, from throughout the world. I looked forward to mail call every day." Ohio Gov. Richard Celeste commuted PayCheck's seven-to-nine-year sentence for aggravated assault, and the singer returned to his career.

His brush with the law wasn't his first. He was court-martialed and imprisoned for two years in the 1950s for slugging a naval officer. He was sued by the Internal Revenue Service in 1982 for $103,000 in back taxes. This landed him in bankruptcy in 1990, when he listed debts of more than $1.6 million, most of it owed to the IRS. After his prison release, he seemed to put his life in order. He gave many anti-drug talks to young people and became a regular member of the Grand Ole Opry cast in 1997. Still, PayCheck said when people came to hear him play, they still expected to see the whiskey-drinking, cocaine-using, wild-eyed performer with unkempt hair and a surly frown -- a reputation he built early in his career. "They still remember me as that crazy, good-time-Charlie honky-tonker, and I don't tell 'em any different," he said after his Opry induction.

PayCheck was playing the guitar by age 6 and singing professionally by age 15. After a stint in the Navy in the mid-1950s, he moved to Nashville and found work as a bass player for Porter Wagoner, Ray Price, Faron Young and George Jones. He recorded for Decca and Mercury records as Donny Young until he renamed himself and built success first as a songwriter and then as a singer. One of his early compositions was "Apartment No. 9," recorded in 1966 by Tammy Wynette. In 2002, a PayCheck compilation album, "The Soul & the Edge: The Best of Johnny PayCheck," was released. PayCheck and his wife, Sharon, were married more than 30 years. They had one son.

COMMENT (2/22/03): Well, looks like Johnny cashed his last paycheck. Got an "Ay" grade from Margaux Hemingway and Rebecca Schaeffer and Rebecca also supplied the ch-"Eck."


Model, actress Suzy Parker dies at 69 -- 'The' model of the 1950s

Suzy Parker, shown in this 1965 photo, was known for her red hair and ideal bone structureMonday, May 5, 2003 Posted: 2:05 PM EDT (1805 GMT) -- SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) -- Model-actress Suzy Parker, one of the most recognizable faces of the 1950s and a forerunner of the supermodel, has died. She was 69. Parker, known in later life as Suzy Parker Dillman, died Saturday night at her home in Montecito, according to her stepdaughter, Pamela Dillman Harmon. Parker, known for her full, red hair and beautiful bone structure, was the signature face for designer Coco Chanel, photographed by the likes of Richard Avedon and Milton H. Greene. Greene once said Parker helped redefine the word "elegance" in magazines. Author Eleanor Dwight, in her 2002 biography "Diana Vreeland," about the famed fashion editor who gave Parker her start, said Parker was "the" model of the 1950s. She was at one time the highest paid model, earning $200 an hour. "I believe in the gold standard," Parker told The Washington Post in the early 1960s. "I like solid lumps of things. You can always melt them down."

In 1957, Parker made her Hollywood debut in the musical "Funny Face," starring Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn. She danced in a number called "Think Pink" that spoofed fashion editors like Vreeland. Parker's other film credits include "Kiss Them for Me" (also 1957), opposite Cary Grant, and "Ten North Frederick" (1958) starring Gary Cooper. She also appeared in "The Twilight Zone" and "Tarzan" television series.

Dillman, born Cecelia Anne Renee Parker, was the younger sister of model Dorian Leigh, who graced the cover of fashion magazines beginning in the 1940s. Leigh helped her sister get into modeling at the age of 14, according to the Vreeland biography. She took her sister to see modeling agent Eileen Ford, who promptly declared that the teenager -- at 5 feet, 9 inches -- was too tall. But Vreeland wasn't put off by Parker's height and put her to work.

In Hollywood, Parker met her third husband, actor Bradford Dillman. They married in 1963. The couple moved to Montecito in 1968 to escape the celebrity life, longtime friend Nancy Failing said. "She'd led the glamorous life and she was ready to draw in her horns," Failing said. Dillman is survived by her husband; four children; two stepchildren; and two sisters, Dorian Leigh and Florian Lee.

COMMENT (5/5/03): Guess it was time to turn in the old model. Suzy Parker had multiple name sounds from John Belushi, Dominique Dunne, Margaux Hemmingway, and Gilda Radner.


June Carter Cash dies

June Carter Cash in 1999Thursday, May 15, 2003 Posted: 7:32 PM EDT (2332 GMT) -- NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) -- June Carter Cash, a scion of a pioneering family in country music and the wife and Grammy-winning duet partner of singer Johnny Cash, died Thursday of complications from heart surgery. She was 73. Cash died at Baptist Hospital with her husband and family members at her bedside, manager Lou Robin said. Cash had been critically ill. She had surgery May 7 to replace a heart valve. A singer, songwriter, musician, actress and author, Cash and her husband performed on record and on stage, doing songs like "Jackson" and "If I Were a Carpenter," which both won Grammy awards in 1967 and 1970, respectively. They recorded duets including "It Ain't Me Babe" in 1964 and "If I Had a Hammer" in 1972.

In 1961, she turned down an offer to work on a variety show that had Woody Allen as one of the writers, agreeing instead to tour with Johnny Cash for $500 a week. They married in 1968 after he proposed to her on stage on London, Ontario. In his 1997 autobiography, Johnny Cash described how his wife stuck with him through his years of amphetamine abuse. "June said she knew me -- knew the kernel of me, deep inside, beneath the drugs and deceit and despair and anger and selfishness, and knew my loneliness," he wrote. "She said she could help me. ... If she found my pills, she flushed them down the toilet. And find them she did; she searched for them, relentlessly." She was co-writer, with Merle Kilgore, of Cash's 1963 hit "Ring of Fire," which was about falling in love with Cash. She said the song symbolized her feeling of being engulfed by Cash. "John was notorious," she said in 1999. "He roared when he wanted to ..."


Vic Morrow Vic Morrow (d. 1982) - Vick, Vickie, Mar, Ar, More, Oh

Possible predictions (1/10/03): Vickie Lawrence, Victoria Principal, Victoria Adams (Posh Spice), Victoria Beckham, Dick Martin, Ricky Martin, Steve Martin, Tony Martin, Wink Martindale, Richard Marx, Wynton Marsalis, Richard Widmark, Marvin Hamlisch, Mark Harmon, Marlon Brando, Andy Garcia, James Garner, Garth Brooks, Demi Moore, Mary Tyler Moore, Julianne Moore, Mandy Moore, Roger Moore, Jim Moret, Rita Moreno, Jayne Seymour, Drew Barrymore, Ozzie Osbourne, Morgan Fairchild, Morgan Freeman, Maureen Stapleton, Maureen McGovern, Lesley Gore, Al Gore, Tipper Gore, Traci Lords, Lauren BaCall, Lauren Hutton, Gloria Loring, Florence Henderson, Cloris Leachman, Sean Combs (Puff Daddy), Francis Ford Coppola, Natalie Cole, Michael Bolton, Jeff Goldblum. Additional predictions: (1/12/03): Sharon Osbourne. (0/0/03):


Bee Gees singer Maurice Gibb in critical condition

Bee Gees singer Maurice GibbFriday, January 10, 2003 Posted: 3:52 PM EST (2052 GMT) - MIAMI BEACH, Florida (AP) -- Maurice Gibb of the famed 1970s vocal group the Bee Gees underwent emergency surgery for a blocked intestine and was in critical but stable condition, a hospital said Friday. Gibb, 53, who lives in Miami Beach, was being treated in intensive care Friday, Mount Sinai Medical Center spokeswoman Kathleen Dorkowski said. Gibb was admitted to the hospital Wednesday and underwent surgery Thursday, she said. "Maurice has undergone surgery for an intestinal blockage. He is in a critical condition in intensive care. We are awaiting a full medical prognosis ... but everyone is very, very worried," a spokesman for his twin, Robin, said in a statement. Maurice plays bass and keyboard for the group, whose name is short for the Brothers Gibb. The Bee Gees -- Maurice, Robin and their older brother Barry -- have lived in South Florida since the late 1970s. Their younger brother, Andy, who had a successful solo career, died in 1988 at age 30 from a heart ailment.

Known for their close harmonies and original sound, the Bee Gees are members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and their 1977 contributions to the "Saturday Night Fever" album made it the best selling movie soundtrack ever. Among their hits on that album are "Stayin' Alive," "More Than a Woman" and "How Deep Is Your Love." Among the group's other hits are the haunting "New York Mining Disaster 1941," "I Started a Joke" and "Lonely Days." The group won seven Grammy Awards together. The Bee Gees' last album was in 2001, entitled "This Is Where I Came In."

COMMENT (1/10/03): Apparently the Andy Gibb influence -- Gibb died of a heart attack in March 1988 -- has affected brother Maurice a year late. According to my base 7 system, last year, 2002, should have been the most dangerous year for any one of three Bee Gees brothers. 2002 was fourteen (2 x 7) years removed.from the death of younger brother Andy Gibb. Maurice Gibb will hopefully pull through because this is an adjacent year (2003) rather than the target year (2002). Note how accurate the name sound is: of the three brothers, only Maurice has a name sound listed on this page ("More"), whilst Robin and Barry do not have such name sounds.


Bee Gees singer Maurice Gibb dies

Maurice Gibb singing in 1998Sunday, January 12, 2003 Posted: 1:34 PM EST (1834 GMT) MIAMI BEACH, Florida (CNN) -- Bee Gee Maurice Gibb died in hospital on Sunday, his family said. The 53-year-old had been critically ill since an operation to remove an intestinal blockage after he collapsed at his Florida home last week. A statement released by his family said: "It is with great sadness and sorrow that we regretfully announce the passing of Maurice Gibb. "His love and enthusiasm and energy for life remain an inspiration to all of us. We will all deeply miss him." Gibb collapsed at his Miami home with intense stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital on Thursday. After surgery on an intestinal blockage, he was listed as critical but stable for three days before his death. The hospital had said that before his surgery he had "experienced cardiac arrest."

His wife Yvonne and his two children had been with him at the Mount Sinai Medical Centre in Miami since the surgery. Gibb's twin brother, Robin, said in a television interview on Friday in Britain that his brother's collapse took everyone by surprise but that Maurice's "vital organs are A-1 and he's recovering." But he had also warned doctors had told the family that the following 48 hours would be crucial. Pete Bassett, Robin Gibb's spokesman, said on Sunday: "It's a huge shock to us all. It's the worst possible news anyone could have expected. There's just complete and utter shock. This is an unbelievable blow." Maurice played bass and keyboard for the group, whose name is short for the Brothers Gibb. The Bee Gees -- Maurice, Robin and their older brother Barry -- have lived in South Florida since the late 1970s. Their younger brother, Andy, who had a successful solo career, died in 1988 at age 30 from a heart ailment ...

COMMENT (1/12/03): It is with deep regret I post of the death of Maurice Gibb. I sincerely hoped he would pull through -- even though the odds were clearly against this. It is never easy to report of the death of one who is so young and well-loved. Like the Beatles, half of whom are now dead, I will always feel the vacancy left by this all too familiar one-third of the Bee Gees. As with the 1980s, the 1970s do not seem all that long ago.

I have just discussed the role the family may play in base 7 numerology with a viewer to this site. As noted above, Maurice Gibb appears to have been affected by the timing of his brother Andy's death in March 1988. 2002, fourteen (2 x 7) years later, may have been the danger year and January 2003 is close enough. This is the second such case: model Niki Taylor was nearly killed in a car crash in 2001, six years after her younger sister died of asthma. Again, 2001 was adjacent to the danger year, 2002.

This is prompting me to bring special attention to all celebrities who lost a sibling, spouse, parent, or even best friend during the last 7, 14, 21, etc years. This would obviously include Jim Belushi, Mariel Hemingway, and all surviving Kennedys. It would also include either Ozzie or wife Sharon Osbourne, now struggling with cancer (Ozzie's friend and guitarist, Randy Rhoads, died in a plane crash 21 [3 x 7] years ago in March 1982).

It is also clear that 2003, like 1999, is likely to be another "More" year. The gruesome accidental death of Vic Morrow (Morrow can be pronounced "Mar-oh" or "More-oh") in 1982 on the film set for Twilight Zone: the Movie was perhaps one of the most tragic -- and preventable -- chapters in Hollywood history.


Chef Bernard Loiseau commits suicide after critics' attack

Chef Bernard Loiseau wishing you 'Bon appetite'!Tuesday, 25 February, 2003, 17:44 GMT - BBC News - One of France's most celebrated chefs has apparently committed suicide after his flagship restaurant was downgraded in a top restaurant guide. Bernard Loiseau was found dead at his country home, a hunting rifle by his side. His death came a week after the renowned GaultMillau restaurant guide cut its rating for his Cote d'Or restaurant in Burgundy. Now the critics themselves are facing the criticism - accused of exercising too much power, toying with the establishments they assess and ultimately pushing Loiseau over the edge. "I think GaultMillau killed him. When you are leader of the pack and all of a sudden they cut you down, it's hard to understand, it hit him hard," restaurateur and friend Paul Bocuse said. But GaultMillau has rigorously defended its decision to reduce the score given to Loiseau's Cote d'Or restaurant from 19/20 last year, to 17/20 this, and insist that the chef had other problems that led to his death. "As early as 2000, he told us that if he went from a score of 19 to 17, he would relish the challenge involved in returning to the peak," said GaultMillau director Patrick Mayenobe. "This great chef certainly had other problems," he added. A good rating from GaultMillau, or a maximum three-star rating from its rival the Michelin guide - which together are regarded as France's bibles of fine dining - is certain to ensure massive interest in any restaurant. In fact there is such interest in the reviews that Michelin has recently begun announcing its star ratings ahead of schedule to curb the massive speculation that accompanies the results.

But some culinary masters are complaining that the pressure is all too much. "The critics play with us. They mark us up, they mark us down. I think that's what made him crack," Michelin-starred restaurateur Jacques Lameloise told Le Parisien newspaper. Another three-star chef, Jacques Lameloise, recounted how Loiseau had told him how much his restaurant rating meant. "He said, 'If I lose a star, I'll kill myself.'" Now it seems the warning may have come true.

Loiseau was found dead on Monday of a gunshot wound to the head in the bedroom of his home in Saulieu, close to the three-starred Cote d'Or. Family members and employees have suggested the 52-year-old chef committed suicide. Loiseau's widow, Dominique, told a French television station that her husband had recently been very tired and had not taken a holiday in years. And although the police continue to investigate the cause of death, a post mortem examination later on Tuesday is expected to confirm that Loiseau shot himself. The news of his death sent shock waves throughout France. An innovator in haute cuisine, Loiseau was reputed to be one of France's greatest chefs. Along with Cote d'Or he owned the three famous Tante restaurants in Paris, a boutique in Burgundy and a frozen food line. In 1998 his culinary group was listed on the stock exchange, making him the only chef in the world to become a public company.

COMMENT (3/1/03): Bernard Loiseau partly answers the question "what has happened to the great chefs of Europe?" as he serves up a light soufflé of Morrow ala morte with a splash of Margaux Sauvignon, vintage '96, before retiring forever. Bon appetite!


Karen Morley, blacklisted blond star of 1930's movies, dies at 93

Karen MorleySunday, April 20, 2003 Posted: 3:43 AM EDT (0743 GMT) -- LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Karen Morley, the blond star of 1930's movies whose career was cut short in 1947 when she refused to answer questions at a Congressional hearing about her possible involvement with the Communist Party, has died. She was 93. Morley died March 8 at the Motion Picture Country House in Woodland Hills, a friend, Marvin Paige, said Saturday. Her grandson, John Vidor, said she died of pneumonia. Born Mildred Linton in Ottumwa, Iowa on December 12, 1909, she was adopted by a well-to-do family who moved to Los Angeles in the mid-1920's. She enrolled at Hollywood High School and studied for a career in medicine at UCLA, but a class in theater changed her career ambitions. After studying at Pasadena Playhouse, she was signed by Fox Studios and her big chance came when producer Howard Hughes selected her to play the blond moll in the 1932 crime epic "Scarface." Morley was put on a contract by MGM and starred in such early 1930's movies as "Mata Hari" (with Greta Garbo), "Arsene Lupin" (with John Barrymore), "Dinner at Eight" (with Jean Harlow), as well as films with Lionel Barrymore, Wallace Beery and Boris Karloff. In 1934, Morley left MGM after arguments about her roles and her private life, including her intention to start a family and her marriage to director Charles Vidor. She continued working as a freelance performer, appearing in King Vidor's "Our Daily Bread," Michael Curtiz' "Black Fury," "The Littlest Rebel," (with Shirley Temple) and "Pride and Prejudice."

In 1947, her screen career came to a halt when she testified before the House Committee on Un-American Activities and refused to answer questions about her possible enrollment in the Communist Party. Afterward, she continued promoting left-wing causes and married actor Lloyd Gough. In 1954, she ran unsuccessfully as a New York lieutenant governor candidate for the American Labor Party. Survivors include two grandsons, a granddaughter, a great-grandson and a great-granddaughter.

COMMENT (4/25/03): The death of Karen Morley marks the second significant "More" death of the year (Maurice Gibb being the first) as April draws to a close. As of this time in 1999, the other "More" year, there had not yet been any More-related deaths, the first not occurring until May. As the year progressed, the number began to pile up.


Actor Hume Cronyn dead at 91

Hume Cronyn, stayin' alive until 2003Monday, June 16, 2003 Posted: 4:27 PM EDT (2027 GMT) -- FAIRFIELD, Connecticut (AP) -- Hume Cronyn, a veteran stage and screen actor who charmed audiences with his portrayals of irascible old men and frequently paired up with his longtime wife, Jessica Tandy, has died of cancer. He was 91. Cronyn died of prostate cancer Sunday at his home in Fairfield, Connecticut, a family spokeswoman said Monday. He and Tandy were married for nearly 52 years at the time of her death from ovarian cancer in September 1994. Cronyn married Susan Cooper in 1996; she survives him. Cronyn and Tandy were honored at the 1994 Tony Awards with the first-ever Special Lifetime Achievement Award. Cronyn, known to modern audiences for his roles in the 1980s "Cocoon" movies, was a seasoned stage actor, making his theater debut in 1931 as a paperboy in "Up Pops the Devil." He was known for his versatility as an actor, playing a wide variety of characters on stage, including a janitor in "Hippers' Holiday," in his Broadway debut in 1934; the gangster Elkus in "There's Always a Breeze," 1938; and Andrei Prozoroff, the brother in Chekov's "Three Sisters," 1939.

COMMENT (6/17/03): Well, up pops the devil, indeed. Where do all these old fossils keep coming from, anyway? I thought this guy was already dead.


Margaux Hemingway Margaux Hemingway (d. 1996) - Margot, Mar, Ar, Go, Oh, Hem, Ing, Way, Ay

Possible predictions (1/10/03): Mariel Hemingway, Margot Kidder, Marjoe Gortner, Marcia Clark, Margaret O'Brien, Margaret Thatcher, Mariah Carey, Marlo Thomas, Marie Osmond, Marty Balin, Markie Post, Ann-Margret, Jean Marsh, Penny Marshall, Julianne Margulies, Pamela Sue Martin, Julie Newmar, Beverly Garland, Terri Garr, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Barbi Benton, Winona Ryder, Goldie Hawn, Sheryl Crow, Kim Novack, Tonya Harding, Peggy Fleming, Wayne Newton, Barbara Corday, Doris Day, Susan Day George, Elizabeth Taylor, Leigh Taylor-Young, Jim Nabors, Tori Amos. Additional predictions: (2/22/03): Amanda Pays. (3/11/03): Marianne Faithful. (0/0/03):


Character actor Royce Applegate dies in H'wood house fire

Royce ApplegateThursday, January 2, 2003 Posted: 4:19 PM EST (2119 GMT) - LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Television and film actor Royce Applegate, who appeared in such movies as "Splash" and "The Rookie," died in a New Year's Day blaze that left two firefighters seriously burned, authorities said Thursday. Applegate, 63, was found dead in the bedroom of his Hollywood Hills home after the blaze was put out and firefighters entered the house Wednesday morning, according to a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. Applegate, who lived alone in the hillside dwelling, is believed to have succumbed to smoke inhalation, and an autopsy was being performed to confirm the cause of death, the spokesman said. Two firefighters sustained severe burns while battling the blaze -- one who crashed through the burning roof of the home and another who grabbed his fallen colleague and helped pull him to safety, a city fire department spokesman said. The cause of the fire remained under investigation, fire officials said.

Applegate appeared in numerous TV series during a screen career that began in the 1970s, including "Dallas," "CHiPs," "Twin Peaks" and "JAG." The Oklahoma-born actor also was seen in various motion pictures over the years. In addition to small parts in "Splash" and last year's "The Rookie," Applegate's film credits included 1994's "The Getaway" with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, the Coen Brothers' epic comedy "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and the upcoming Civil War drama "Gods and Generals," due for release in February.

At least two other actors died in Los Angeles-area house fires in recent months. Character actor Dennis Patrick, a regular on "Dallas" and the daytime horror soap opera "Dark Shadows," perished in a blaze at his Hollywood Hills home in October. Actress Teresa Graves, who starred as a sexy undercover cop in the 1970s TV series "Get Christie Love," died in a fire that swept her home days earlier.

COMMENT (1/10/03): Royce Applegate ("Gayt") is the third fire-related death involving an actor or actress since October 2002. The Susan Chilcott incident at the Royal Opera in July, where her dress turned into a raging inferno, may have been the trigger. It is possible that death by fire may be the theme for this year, as were plane/aircraft accidents in 2001 and car crashes and related traffic accidents in 2002. Of course, one of the major themes for 2003 should be "preventable freak accidents."

The trend towards potential deaths by house fires began in 2000 and 2001 with a number of close calls involving actresses like Kim Novack, Cybill Shepherd and Drew Barrymore and science fiction writer Kurt Vonnegut Jr. The Bahamian plane accident that killed singer Aaliyah in August 2001 was also a fire. Although there is no base 7 precedent for a famous celebrity fire in 2003, it is possible a new trend is beginning. If so, some of the celebrity names projected on the Fire Tragedy page or those who came close to fulfilling the fiery prediction may be at greater risk this year than in 2000 if there is a name sound match on this page.


Record producer Phil Spector arrested in slaying of actress Lana Clarkson

Tuesday, February 4, 2003 Posted: 7:28 PM EST (0028 GMT)Phil Spector

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Legendary record producer and "Wall of Sound" creator Phil Spector, who was arrested Monday in the early-morning shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson at his home, was released from police custody Monday evening after posting $1 million bond. The district attorney's office said an arraignment date hasn't been scheduled.

Earlier Monday, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Richard Westin said Spector, 62, had been taken to a medical facility because he complained of feeling sick but was then brought back to a holding facility in Alhambra, near Los Angeles.

Police were first alerted when they received a 9-1-1 call from inside Spector's Alhambra home at 5:02 a.m. (8:02 ET), Sheriff's Deputy Richard Pena said. One of Spector's neighbors also said she heard what sounded like "firecrackers" around 5 a.m.

Lana Clarkson Clarkson, 40, was found shot to death in the foyer of Spector's hilltop estate. She starred in the 1985 B-movie "Barbarian Queen" and appeared in many other films, including "DeathStalker," "Blind Date," "Scarface," "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and the spoof "Amazon Women on the Moon." Her Web site, www.lanaclarkson.com, offered this message Tuesday: "Rest in peace, beautiful lady. You were a star on Earth and now shine bright in heaven."

Police records show Spector was arrested on suspicion of murder at 6:09 a.m. Homicide detectives arrived about an hour later. Police confirmed they found a gun. Spector's black Mercedes sedan, its driver's side door open, was encircled by yellow crime scene tape.

Pena said six homicide detectives, specialists from the county crime lab and coroner's office processed the scene and gathered evidence from inside the home Monday afternoon, after they obtained a search warrant.

Neighbor Susan Georgino said Spector's mansion was once a 28-room hotel. Another neighbor, Steve Morales, described Spector as "very quiet, other than maybe having a few parties."

Prominent defense attorney Robert Shapiro told CNN he is representing Spector. Shapiro was part of football star O.J. Simpson's winning legal team in his 1995 murder trial ...

Spector's trademark was the "Wall of Sound," the layering of instrumental tracks and percussion which underpinned a string of hits on his Philles label (named for Spector and his business partner, Lester Sill) in the early 1960s.

The roaring arrangements were the heart of what he called "little symphonies for the kids" -- among them No. 1 hits like the Ronettes' "Be My Baby" and the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'."

Spector co-produced the Beatles' final album, "Let It Be," and worked with ex-Beatles George Harrison and John Lennon on solo projects after the group broke up ...

COMMENT (2/5/03): Although the most famous of the two celebrities involved is Phil Spector, it is actress Lana Clarkson who has been murdered. Therefore it is under the "Ar" sound (from Margot) that I chose to place this. There is actually an abundance of name sounds to be found: Lana Clarkson: "Ann" from Jack Nance and "Ar" from Margot Hemingway; Phil Spector: "Il" from Gilda Radner, "Ek" from Rebecca Schaefer, and "Or" (pronounced "Er" in this case) from Vic Morrow and Gilda Radner.

This murder was predicted to occur in July 2003 as a repeat of the Rebecca Schaefer, Barbara Colby, and Black Dahlia slayings and appears on the 2003 (Part Two) page, although the exact names of the personalities could not be determined in advance.


Beloved Italian actor, Alberto Sordi, dies

Alberto Sordi and also dead star Ingrid BergmanTuesday, 25 February, 2003, 12:06 GMT - BBC News - One of Italy's best-loved comic actors, Alberto Sordi, has died of bronchitis at the age of 82. He was renowned at home for poking fun at Italy's virtues and vices in more than 150 films in a career spanning more than 50 years. Abroad he was best known in films directed by Federico Fellini, including The White Sheikh (1952) and I Vitelloni (1953) in which he played one of the title's immature loafers, the weak and effeminate Alberto. "Sordi helped us understand post-World War II Italy while making us smile," said Culture Minister Giuliano Urbani. Sordi began his career dubbing Laurel and Hardy into Italian and went on to become a standup comedian before achieving stardom on the screen. Among his most famous films were the classic An American in Rome (1954), in which he satirised Italy's growing passion for things American, Il Conte Max (1957), and Monicelli's The Great War 1959, often regarded as one of the best Italian comedies.

In 1961, he starred with David Niven in the World War II comedy The Best of Enemies and featured in another hugely popular comedy I Complessi (Complexes) in 1965. "All my films are based on very serious and dramatic subjects, taken from real-life stories," he told the Milan daily Corriere della Sera in a 1987 interview. He was born in Rome in June 1920, the son of a teacher and a musician, and grew up in a working class neighbourhood. He was later kicked out of Milan's dramatic arts academy because of his heavy Roman accent, which became his trademark. He was a beloved figure in his home city, and was made honorary mayor of the city for a day in 1999 to celebrate his 80th birthday. He died in his flat in Rome on Monday night after six month battle against cancer. He was not married.

COMMENT (3/2/03): Alberto Sordi. Two sounds, "oh" and "eeeeeeee." The "er" does not count because it is pronounced "air" in this case. "There comes a time when the beauty and the glitter fades and one must consider comedy." - Renato from La Cage Aux Folles


Pop star Adam Faith dies at 62

Pop star Adam FaithSaturday, March 8, 2003 Posted: 6:27 AM EST (1127 GMT) - LONDON, England (AP) -- Adam Faith, a square-jawed British singer who was briefly a Cockney challenger to Elvis Presley's rock 'n' roll crown, died Saturday at the age of 62. Faith suffered a heart attack in Stoke-on-Trent in central England, where he was appearing in a play, his agent said. Agent Alan Field said Faith, who had a history of heart trouble, fell ill after Friday's performance and died later in a local hospital. Born Terry Nelhams in west London in 1940, Faith was a handsome teenager playing with a skiffle group in Soho coffee shops when he was spotted by producers of a British Broadcasting Corp. music program. Adopting the stage name Adam Faith, he became -- alongside Cliff Richard, Tommy Steele and Billy Fury -- one of a crop of slick but unthreatening British pop stars of the pre-Beatles era. "He came through in the pioneering days of pop music and he really was a big icon along with Cliff Richard -- they were the first wave of the British version of the pop music world," Field said. Developing a hiccuping delivery reminiscent of Buddy Holly, Faith had more than 20 British hits, including the chart-topping "What Do You Want?" and "Poor Me." Faith also was a versatile actor, appearing on-screen in films including "Beat Girl," "Mix Me A Person," and 1975's "Stardust" opposite David Essex. In the 1970s he played a Cockney ex-con in the TV series "Budgie." In the 1980s Faith forged a new career as a financial adviser, writing a column for a national newspaper. But his 1999 bid to launch a financial television channel ended in disaster -- The Money Channel shut down after two years and last year Faith was declared bankrupt. He is survived by his wife Jackie and daughter Katya. Funeral details were not immediately announced.


Dire Straits singer Mark Knopfler hurt in crash

Mark Knopfler was not seriously hurtTuesday, 18 March, 2003, 10:43 GMT - (BBC News) - Former Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler has been injured in a motorcycle crash. Knopfler was riding a Honda motorbike when he was involved in a collision with a Fiat Punto car on Monday. The 53-year-old singer and guitarist suffered a broken collar bone and six broken ribs in the accident which happened in London's smart Belgravia district in mid-morning traffic. A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: "Police were called by a member of the public at 10.49am yesterday to reports of a road traffic collision in Grosvenor Road, London SW1, near the junction with Claverton Street. "It is believed a red Fiat Punto motor car was in collision with a Honda motorcycle." Knopfler was taken by ambulance to St Thomas' Hospital in central London where he was treated for his injuries. A hospital spokesman said he was in a stable condition and had been discharged from the hospital by 6pm. The car's female driver was unhurt in the crash, police said.

Knopfler enjoyed a string of hits with 1980s group Dire Straits including Sultans of Swing and Money for Nothing. The band is probably best known for its album Brothers in Arms, which sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. Knopfler has also written the soundtrack to five films, including The Princess Bride and Local Hero. He is due to begin a European concert tour in April. Other celebrities who have suffered recent motorcycle crashes include Liam Neeson, who suffered a broken pelvis after crashing into a deer near his New York state home in July 2000. Keanu Reeves nearly died after falling off his motorbike in 1997. He spent several weeks on crutches.

COMMENT (3/25/03): Not much to say -- there's a war on.


Soul's Edwin Starr Dies

Edwin Starr had major hits with songs 'War' and 'Contact'22:02 UK, Wednesday April 02, 2003 - (Sky News) - Soul legend Edwin Starr has died at the age of 61. The US-born singer - known for his enduring hits War and Contact - is thought to have died of a heart attack. He had lived for many years in the UK and died at his home near Nottingham.Seventies rock star Suzi Quatro, who has known Starr since she was a teenager in Detroit, led tributes.She said: "He was the best. There was nobody better on stage and he was the nicest man you could ever wish to meetTennessee. He ."Starr was born Charles Hatcher in Nashville, formed his first group, The Future Tones, in 1957, recording one single before his three-year Army draft.He was offered a solo deal in 1965.His biggest success came with his outspoken single War, a US number one in 1970 and number three in the UK, for the renowned Motown labelhad another taste of chart success at the end of the 1970s with Contact and . He H.A.P.P.Y. Radio which were both top ten hits. He performed a pair of shows in Stuttgart, Germany, at the weekend. Rainer Haas, Quatro's husband and the promoter of the Stuttgart shows, said: "He was just superb. He played to 16,000 people over the two nights and he put on a great show. "The shows were actually recorded for television so we will have an enduring memory of how brilliant he was live. "Last year Starr performed at the wedding of Liza Minelli and David Gest in New York.

COMMENT (4/2/03): Edwin Starr reminds us that there is a war going on!

"War -- it ain't nothin' but a heartbreaker,
Just one thing left .. and that's the UNDERTAKER!"
- from Starr's 1970 hit song, War


Grace Kelly - Princess Grace of Monoco Grace Kelly (d. 1982) - Grace, Grey, Ace, Ay, Kel, El, Lee

Possible predictions (1/10/03): Grace Slick, Ace Frehley, Tracy Shaw, Jayne Meadows, Jane Curtain, Jane Fonda, Jay Leno, Laraine Newman, Chevy Chase, Raquel Welsh, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kate Nelligan, Tori Spelling, Barbara Mandrell, Liza Minnelli, Geri Halliwell, Annette Funicello, Sela Ward, Celine Dion, Ellen Barkin, Ellen Burstyn, Ellen DeGeneres, Helen Hunt, Shelly Duvall, Shelly Fabares, Shelley Long, Shelly Winters, Melissa Joan Hart, Melissa Manchester, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michelle Phillips, Gisele MacKenzie, Angelina Jolie, Anjelica Huston, Danielle Steel, Brenda Lee, Spike Lee, Sheryl Lee, Lauren Holly, Mohammad Ali, Yasmine Bleeth, John Cleese, Tommy Lee Jones, Gena Lee Nolin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jerry Lee Lewis, David Lee Roth, Holly Hunter, Julie Andrews, Julie Newmar, Leslie Nielsen, Leslie Uggams, Eileen Brennan, Dolly Parton, Molly Ringwald, Lee Majors, Lee Travino, Leeza Gibbons, Kylie Minogue. Additional predictions: (0/0/03):


Anastacia fighting cancerAnastacia

Jan. 22, 2003 - LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Pop singer Anastacia revealed on Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer but urged her fans not to worry, declaring, "I'm a fighter." The illness was confirmed by a biopsy the 29-year-old recording artist underwent last week in New York City, where she lives, according to a statement issued by her publicist. "My doctor was insistent that I have a mammogram [during a routine checkup last week] even though it was not required. He saved my life," the singer said in a statement. "I appreciate all who are concerned, but please don't worry. Either way I have no intention of letting this news get me down. I'm a fighter by nature and nothing will ever change that." Anastacia also suffers from Crohn's disease, a chronic intestinal illness she was diagnosed with at age 13. No information was disclosed about plans for cancer treatment, though her spokesman, Paul Freundlich, said the singer had not undergone surgery.

COMMENT: Anastacia has two sounds: "Ace" ("Stac" rhyming with "Grace") and "Ann" (from Jack Nance). Hopefully her photo will remain at right throughout the year and not end up at left.


Actress-singer Nell Carter dies

Nell CarterThursday, January 23, 2003 Posted: 2:48 PM EST (1948 GMT) - BEVERLY HILLS, California (CNN) -- Actress and singer Nell Carter, best known for her role as the housekeeper in the TV sitcom "Gimme a Break!", died Thursday. She was 54. Carter's publicist Roger Lane said Carter collapsed and died of natural causes in her Beverly Hills home. She had suffered from diabetes and had recovered from a near-deadly bout with a brain aneurysm in the 1990s. Lane said he did not know if her diabetes contributed to her death. Carter, who was born September 13, 1948, in Birmingham, Alabama, first rose to stardom on the New York stage. After a series of roles on- and off-Broadway -- and a short-lived part in the soap opera "Ryan's Hope" -- in 1977 she starred in the show "Ain't Misbehavin'!", a revue of the works of composer Fats Waller. She was rewarded for her performance with an Obie Award, and later with a Tony Award when the show moved to Broadway. Several years later, she earned an Emmy for her performance on a television presentation of the musical. Despite her Broadway success, Carter would have preferred to sing opera, according to The Associated Press. "When I was growing up, it was not something you aspired to," she said in 1988. "I was a weirdo to want to be in show business. Most kids wanted to be teachers or nurses."

"Gimme a Break!" ran from 1981 to 1987. Carter was nominated for two Emmys for her role as housekeeper Nell Harper, who helped run the household of police chief Carl Kanisky, played by Dolph Sweet. She also garnered two Golden Globe nominations for the role. Carter also appeared as P.J. Moore on "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" and as a psychiatrist in the sitcom "Reba." Her diabetes wasn't easy to handle at first, she told USA Today in 2001. "When I first found out I had diabetes I denied it," she said. "Being diabetic was not what I thought of as being normal, and I feared the stigma of having to take medicine and having people stick me with a needle." But, she added, "I learned this was basically manageable." Carter is survived by her two adopted sons and an adult daughter.

COMMENT (1/24/03): No "break" for Nell Carter, sadly. As Dion once sang, "But it seems that they die young." There's been far too much of that of late. Three sounds in her name; "Ell" (from Kelly), "Car" (rhymes with "Mar" in Margot), "Ur" (from "Ner" in Radner).

COMMENT (2/5/03): The sudden death of a comedian or comedienne was predicted to occur in March 2003 and appears on the 2003 (Part One) page, although the exact identity of the person could not be determined in advance.


Guitarist Ty Longley Among 97 Dead In Great White Club Fire

Great White guitarist Ty Longley02.24.2003 6:32 PM EST - MTV.com - The death toll has risen to 97 in the Rhode Island nightclub fire that left more than 180 people injured and dozens unaccounted for Thursday.Great White guitarist Ty Longely is now listed among those confirmed to have died in the blaze, which was sparked by a pyrotechnic mishap during a performance by hard-rock veterans.Longley couldn't be accounted for after the inferno overtook the Station club in West Warwick, Rhode Island, shortly after 11 p.m. During the first song by the group, best known for a 1989 cover of Ian Hunter's "Once Bitten Twice Shy," the wall behind the stage caught fire, and the flames consumed the interior of the nightclub in a mere three minutes. Approximately 300 people, the club's capacity, were believed to have been inside at the time. By Monday, 55 of the deceased had been identified by the state medical examiner's office, using dental records, fingerprints and DNA evidence. Among those injured, 80 people remained in Rhode Island and Massachusetts hospitals as of Sunday.

An investigation by state and local police and fire officials, as well as the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, began almost immediately after the flames were extinguished early Friday morning. Investigators hope to uncover the truth behind what has become a finger-pointing match over whether Great White had permission to use the pyrotechnics that started the fire. Great White's attorney, Ed McPherson, said in an interview with Fox News Channel that the band was given a verbal OK to use the fiery special effects from Station co-owner Michael Derderian. He said that in what's called "an advance," the band's manager discussed the course of the concert events with Derderian a week before the show. McPherson added that Michael Derderian, who owns the Station with brother Jeffrey Derderian, was even present while the band set up its equipment.McPherson's claims echo statements made by Great White singer Jack Russell in the hours after the fire.

Jeffrey Derderian, however, claimed to have no knowledge of the band's intention to use pyro, nor was he ever asked by the group or its manager for permission, according to a statement issued by his lawyer Friday. Police questioned Jeffrey Derderian on Friday and reportedly spoke to Michael on Sunday night, though the specifics of the encounters are unknown.Spokespeople for four other clubs, including the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey, where Great White played on February 14, claimed the band also surprised them with the use of pyro. However, a handful of other clubs have reportedly come forward to say that Great White complied when their request to use pyrotechnics was denied.

When asked why some venues would falsely accuse Great White of using pyro without permission, McPherson speculated that perhaps those clubs, knowing they would be under scrutiny in the wake of this fire and the stampede at Chicago Club E2 that killed 21, didn't have the proper permits or insurance themselves before they gave Great White the go-ahead.David Vaccaro, ex-singer for the defunct New England band Lovin' Kry, told the Associated Press on Saturday that he had used pyrotechnics at the Station nearly 20 times between 1997 and 2000. However the case unfolds, Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri issued a moratorium on pyrotechnic displays in all venues with a capacity between 50 and 300. Two hundred fire officials began inspecting clubs Monday. Pictures, flowers, stuffed animals and other tokens were piled around a makeshift memorial near the only wall of the club left standing, where at least 25 burned bodies were found after futile attempts at escape through the front door. A public memorial has been set for 5 p.m. Monday.

COMMENT (3/1/03): Strange that the major media left us hanging about Ty Longley's condition. Last reports were that he was missing and feared dead. Had to get this report from MTV.com after conducting a search. I fear that Ty Longley is only the first in a series of mostly male celeb deaths this year that will be caused by fire. Around January 2004, a very major star will be in positive peril of dying in a fire. However, the surrounding consequences, as in the case of this club fire, could be quite horrific for bystanders as well.


'Mary Hartman' actor Graham P. Jarvis dead at 72

Graham P. JarvisSunday, April 20, 2003 Posted: 8:29 AM EDT (1229 GMT) -- LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Graham P. Jarvis, a character actor perhaps best known as neighbor Charlie Haggers in the 1970s TV series "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman," died Wednesday. He was 72. Jarvis, who made dozens of television, theater and movie appearances in a five-decade career, died of multiple myeloma. He had a recurring role as Charles Jackson in more than a dozen episodes of the TV show "7th Heaven" and had appeared in series as diverse as "The Drew Carey Show" and "Six Feet Under." His film appearances included roles in "Alice's Restaurant" and "Silkwood." Jarvis, who was born in Toronto, began acting at 19 in a production of "The Seven Year Itch" with a small theater company in Virginia. He attended Williams College before moving to New York City in the early 1950s to pursue a career in theater. Jarvis studied acting at the American Theater Wing and was an original member of the Lincoln Center Repertory Theater.

COMMENT (4/25/03): Multiple myeloma is a horrible way to die. It appears that Graham P. Jarvis had "multiple name sounds" heralding doom and gloom. I remember his Mary Hartman character Charlie Haggers vividly -- doesn't seem that long ago he was on TV. Wonder what happened to the rest of the cast. Time flies.


Pioneer newsman David Brinkley dies at 82

David BrinkleyThursday, June 12, 2003 Posted: 3:18 PM EDT (1918 GMT) -- (CNN) -- Legendary television newsman David Brinkley, who became a national figure co-anchoring NBC's "The Huntley-Brinkley Report" and who later hosted "This Week With David Brinkley" on ABC, has died, ABC News reported. He was 82. He died Wednesday night at his home in Houston, Texas, from complications from a fall, according to ABC News. During a career lasting more than 60 years, Brinkley won 10 Emmys, three George Foster Peabody Awards and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, The Associated Press reports. "Since the mid-1950s, Brinkley has not only reported the news, he has also helped to shape the industry of television news," according to a biography on the Web site of the Museum of Broadcast Communications. "His renowned wit, his singular delivery, and his superb TV news writing style have made him an institution in broadcast journalism." Brinkley, known for that dry wit and caustic commentaries, was modest about his achievements in a 1992 interview with the AP. "Most of my life, I've simply been a reporter covering things, and writing and talking about it," he told the AP.

He was first teamed with lanky Westerner Chet Huntley during the 1956 political conventions. The combination of Brinkley's puckish wit and Huntley's straightforward delivery made their news show, "The Huntley-Brinkley Report," the top-rated news program for many years until it was overtaken by Walter Cronkite's CBS report in the late '60s. The pair had a famous sign-off -- "Good night, Chet; Good night, David" -- that both he and Huntley disliked, according to ABCNews.com. After Huntley retired in 1970, Brinkley became a commentator on the "NBC Nightly News" for several years, primarily working with John Chancellor. A contract dispute brought him to ABC in 1981, where ABC News head Roone Arledge built a new Sunday morning show, "This Week With David Brinkley," around his personality. The show was the top Sunday public-affairs program for many years.

COMMENT (6/12/03): "Hello, Chet; Hello, David."


Gilda Radner Gilda Radner (d. 1989) - Gil, Il, Da, Rad, Ner, Ur

Possible predictions (1/10/03): Vince Gill, Gillian Anderson, Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Billy Preston, Billie Piper, Lily Tomlin, Cybill Shepherd, William Baldwin, William Katt, Prince William, Faith Hill, Lauryn Hill, Andy Williams, Cindy Williams, JoBeth Williams, Robin Williams, Vanessa Williams, Alicia Silverstone, Alyssa Milano, Linda Hamilton, Lynda Carter, Jane Fonda, Brad Pitt, Laura Dern, Brooke Burns, Charline Thuron, Katie Couric, Elizabeth Hurley, Kathleen Turner, Tina Turner, Uma Thurman, Christy Turlington. Additional predictions: (3/11/03): Carlene Carter. (0/0/03):


Billy Joel in car crash

"It's still rock and roll to me ... scooby scooby doo doo wap..."Sunday, 26 January, 2003, 16:51 GMT -- (BBC News) - Singer Billy Joel has been released from hospital after crashing his car into a tree. The star had been airlifted to hospital after swerving off the road on Long Island, New York, on Saturday, but was released 12 hours later. A spokesperson for the Stony Brook University Hospital declined to give details of his injuries. The crash happened in Sag Harbor, about 90 miles east of New York City, and Joel was alone in the car, police chief Thomas Fabiano said. He was taken by ambulance to East Hampton Airport before being airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital. Witnesses reported that chunks of bark were torn from the tree and skid marks were left on the road. The accident happened at about 2230 local time on Saturday (0330 GMT Sunday). Joel, 53, survived a 1982 motorcycle accident on Long Island. He has been one of the most popular male singers of the last 30 years, with hits including Uptown Girl and Piano Man. He is due to start a three-month US tour in Birmingham, Alabama, on 21 February.

Born in the Bronx, New York, Joel moved to Long Island as a young child. With 33 US top 40 hits, he has sold more than 100 million records around the world. He has also won six Grammy awards and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999. A Broadway musical, Movin Out, about a young couple on Long Island, was based on Joel's music and opened in October 2002. In June 2002, he spent 10 days in a substance abuse and psychiatric hospital for what was described as "a specific and personal problem that had recently developed".

COMMENT (1/28/03): Drat! After listing all those other Billy's like Billy Preston, Billie Piper, and Billy Clinton, you'd think I would have had the sense to jot Billy Joel's name down. Hey, I was going to, but I forgot, really!


'Mister Rogers' dies at age 74

'Mister' Fred RogersThursday, February 27, 2003 Posted: 2:00 PM EST (1900 GMT) - PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- Fred Rogers, better known as television's "Mister Rogers," a cultural icon and kindly neighbor to generations of American children, died Thursday at the age of 74. Rogers died at his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after a brief battle with stomach cancer, according to a spokeswoman for his production company. David Newell, a Rogers family spokesman, told The Associated Press that Rogers was exactly as he appeared on TV. "He was so genuinely, genuinely kind, a wonderful person," said Newell, who played Mr. McFeely on the show. "His mission was to work with families and children for television. ... That was his passion, his mission, and he did it from Day One." Rogers began developing his ideas for children's programming in the 1950s. He is best known for "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," which began in its early form in 1963 as a show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Rogers took the idea to the United States and in 1967, the first "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" aired on Pittsburgh's WQED. A year later, PBS picked it up. The last original "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" aired in 2001, making it PBS's longest-running program ever. Rogers emphasized his advocacy for children in a 1993 speech, when he was honored for 25 years on the air nationally. "We have to remember to whom the airwaves belong, and we must put as great an emphasis on the nurturing of the human personality as we can," he said.

COMMENT (3/2/03): There's a lot more to the obituary, but it would fill up the entire page. His name was Fred, but everyone knew him as "Mister." Roger is an off-rhyme of Radner I notice. Both died of cancer. This gallery is filling up awfully fast in only two months.


'Shaw's favourite actress' Dame Wendy Hiller dies

Dame Wendy back in the dayFriday, 16 May, 2003, 16:27 GMT 17:27 UK -- BBC News - Oscar-winning British screen and stage actress Dame Wendy Hiller has died at the age of 90. Dame Wendy, who was reputedly George Bernard Shaw's favourite actress, had a distinguished career in the US and UK spanning more than 50 years. She featured in films such as Murder on the Orient Express and The Elephant Man - and won the best supporting actress Academy Award in 1958 for Separate Tables. Dame Wendy died on Wednesday at her home in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, her family said. During her career she was often cast in aristocratic roles requiring a wry, peppery quality. These ranged from the pert heroines of Shaw's plays to an imperious traveller in Sidney Lumet's film of Murder on the Orient Express. She won rave reviews as the snobbish Lady Bracknell in a 1987 TV adaptation of Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest.

Born in 1912 at Bramall, Cheshire, she was raised in Manchester and joined the city's Repertory Theatre at the age of 18. Four years later she won the lead in the company's production of Love on the Dole, playing a girl from the slums. Its success carried her to London and Broadway, and led to Shaw's offer of leading roles in productions of Pygmalion and Saint Joan in 1936.

Dame Wendy leaves a son and a daughter. A funeral service is planned at Amersham Crematorium on 27 May.

COMMENT (5/20/03): The demise of Dame Wendy Hiller supports my theory that Hillary Rodham Clinton is indeed in danger this year or next.


Holby City star Laura Sadler dies

Laura SadlerThursday, 19 June, 2003, 18:47 GMT 19:47 UK -- BBC News - Holby City actress Laura Sadler has died after suffering devastating head injuries in a 40ft fall at the weekend. Ms Sadler fell from a rear window in a block of flats in west London onto a basement stairwell in the early hours of Sunday morning. She had not regained consciousness since the fall. On Wednesday, her family took the decision to turn off her life support system. A hospital spokesman said on Thursday evening: "We regret to announce the death of Laura Sadler, who died peacefully at 1730 BST on 19 June. "Her family were present at her bedside." The 22-year-old actress was at the home of her boyfriend, actor George Calil, in Holland Park, west London. Her mother Sonya kept a constant vigil at her bedside at nearby Charing Cross Hospital. The actress played nurse Sandy Harper in BBC One's medical drama. Mr Calil plays her boyfriend, drug dealer Sean Hunt. The BBC had considered dropping Tuesday's episode because of her serious condition. The programme only featured one scene with her. But it went ahead with the transmission, after getting the go-ahead of her family. Mal Young, the BBC's Controller of Drama Series, led the tributes to the young actress. "Everyone at Holby City, and indeed, across the BBC, are devastated by this news," he said. "Laura was a much loved, talented and respected actress. She brought so much to the role with her infectious enthusiasm, dedication and 100% professionalism. "Television has lost a talent who had so much more to give."

Laura's agent, Michele Milburn, said: "She had a unique talent, and I am certain was only at the start of what would have been a brilliant career. "However, her greatest gift, was her ability to bring out the best in all who were lucky enough to know her." Lorraine Heggessy, Controller of BBC1, described Sadler as a "sweet, modest, hard working girl". "I'm devastated that we have lost such a talented young actress. When I first met Laura on Grange Hill it was clear she had enormous potential." Holby City, a spin-off from hospital drama Casualty, is watched by millions of people every week. The actress had her first major role in the children's show Grange Hill, before joining Holby City in 2000. Ms Sadler had also appeared on TV in Jane Eyre, Inspector Morse, Ruth Rendell Mysteries, and Belfry Witches.

COMMENT (6/20/03): Laura Sadler lingered for a time but, sadly, did not survive her fall. The question remains: how did she fall? Was boyfriend George Calil, who was earlier arrested in connection with the tragic incident and who is to return to Scotland Yard in mid-July "pending further inquiries" responsible for her death or was it an accident? If suspicion falls on Calil, then this will be the second time this year an up-and-coming young actress, aged exactly 22, was murdered by her boyfriend and lingered in hospital a few days before her death. The first case was that of actress Lyric Benson. Both tragedies would then be similar to the circumstances of the death of 22-year-old actress Dominique Dunne in October 1982, 21 (3 x 7) years ago.


Rebecca Schaeffer Rebecca Schaeffer (d. 1989) - Rebecca, Reb, Ek, Eka, Shay, Ay (list under Hemmingway), Fer, Ur (list under Radner)

Possible predictions (1/10/03): Rebecca DeMornay, Rebecca Gayheart, Alex Trebeck, Ray Manzarek. Additional predictions: (0/0/03):


Actor Gregory Peck Dies in Los Angeles at Age 87

Actor Gregory Peck protests:  "But I'm not finished speaking!"; Hillary Clinton replies with a grin: "Yes, you are"Thu, Jun 12, 2003 -- LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Gregory Peck (news), one of the last great stars from Hollywood's golden era and a man who embodied on-screen heroism and dignity, died peacefully during the night at his home, his spokesman said on Thursday. He was 87 and his films included some of Hollywood's most memorable: "To Kill a Mockingbird," in which he played a white lawyer defending a black man, "Roman Holiday," the film that made Audrey Hepburn a star, 'Gentleman's Agreement," one of the first movies to confront the taboo subject of anti-Semitism, and Alfred Hitchcock's "Spellbound." Spokesman Monroe Friedman said Peck's French-born wife of 48 years, Veronique Passani Peck, was at his side when he died. "She told me he just died peacefully. She said she was holding his hand and he just closed his eyes and went to sleep and he was gone," Friedman told Reuters. His death came just days after the American Film Institute named his role as the idealistic Southern lawyer Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mockingbird" as the greatest movie hero of all time. The role earned Peck an Oscar for best actor in 1963. The tall, lean, square-jawed Peck began his film career in the 1940s and became Hollywood's symbol of moral strength and sincerity both on screen and off. At one point, Democrats tried to persuade him to run for governor of California -- a role that Republicans later succeeded in casting Ronald Reagan for. The California-born Peck, who once thought of becoming a priest, attended a military academy as a boy and his soldier-like bearing served him well in such roles as Captain Ahab of "Moby Dick," King David ("David and Bathsheba"), Gen. Douglas MacArthur ("MacArthur") and even Abraham Lincoln (television's "The Blue and the Gray").

COMMENT (6/12/03): The rest of the obituary of Gregory Peck reads like a chapter. A smiling Hillary Clinton leads a protesting Captain Ahab away to a new whaling ship in the midst of his final speaking engagement, broken off in mid-sentence thanks to the "Eck" in Rebecca Schaeffer.


Jack Nance Jack Nance (d. 1996) - Jack, Ack, Nah, Ann, Ance

Possible predictions (1/10/03): Jack Klugman, Jack Nicholson, Jack Nicklaus, Jack Paar, Jack Palance, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Jackie Chan, Jackie Cooper, Jackie Mason, Jackie Shannon, Jackson Browne, Janet Jackson, Kate Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson, Reggie Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Natalie Cole, Nancy Sinatra, Nancy Allen, Nancy Travis, Nancy Wilson, Pamela Anderson, Loni Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, Melissa Manchester, Howie Mandel, Nelson Mandela, Barbara Mandrell, Chuck Mangione, Barry Manilow, Charles Manson, Marilyn Manson, Ray Manzarek, Anne Rice, Anne Bancroft, Ann Blyth, Anne Heche, Ann-Margret, Anne Meara, Anna Kournikova, Annie Lennox, Annie Potts, Annette Funicello, Anthony Hopkins, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joanne Worley, LeAnn Rimes, Lesley-Anne Down, Rosanna Arquette, Suzanne Pleshette, Suzanne Somers, Suzanne Vega, Vanna White, Andy Griffith, Andy Williams, Brandy, Candy Clark, Sandy Duncan, Randy Quaid, Randy Travis, Mandy Moore, Armand Assante, Evander Holyfield, Lisa Stansfield. Additional predictions: (0/0/03):


Actor Sandra Bullock Seeks Restraint on Alleged Stalker

Sandra Bullock is desperately seeking to be included among the ranks of celebrity stalking victims ...Mon May 12, 6:14 PM ET -- LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A Los Angeles judge has granted a restraining order sought by actress Sandra Bullock against a mentally ill man she says stalked her in three states, according to court documents made public on Monday. Bullock filed the petition against 34-year-old Thomas James Weldon on Friday. According to the petition, Weldon, who is 6-feet, 1-inch tall and weighs 210 pounds, has stalked the "Two Weeks Notice" actress for more than a year, causing her "physical or emotional injury." Weldon, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and refuses to take medication, has followed Bullock from California to Texas to South Carolina in an attempt to have a relationship with her, the petition said. He inundated Bullock's family, agent and production company with faxes, e-mails and voicemail messages, asking for money and intimacy with the 38-year-old actress, the document said. An arrest warrant has been issued for Weldon in Texas, where Bullock lives. He was convicted of aggravated felony stalking in Michigan in a case unrelated to Bullock, the petition said. Bullock's lawyers said they are working with Los Angeles police to keep Weldon away from the actress. On Friday, Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon ordered Weldon not to contact Bullock and to stay at least 200 yards from her until a June 6 hearing in the matter. Bullock has become increasingly concerned about Weldon's behavior because he "has become increasingly vigorous in his pursuit ... and is concerned that this increased aggressiveness will escalate to violence," the petition said. Among the exhibits filed to support Bullock's petition were faxes allegedly sent by Weldon to the actress's production company, Fortis Films, according to syndicated news show Celebrity Justice. "You said in People magazine you are going to take a year off ... When is it over? Because I want you here," he reportedly wrote in a Nov. 10, 2002 fax. "So get here so we can have that fun."

COMMENT (5/16/03): Sandra Bullock just squeaks by with an "ann" and an "ek" ... somehow I get the impression this is a publicity stunt. "Stalking" seems to be getting contagious.


Dominique Dunne Dominique Dunne (d. 1982) - Dom, Eeek, eeeee, Dun

Possible predictions (1/10/03): Dom DeLuise, Don Johnson, Donna Douglas, Donna D'Errico, Donna Air, Donatella Versace, Madonna, Geena Davis, Queen Latifah, Teena Marie, Lisa Bonet, Billy Dee Williams, Amanda Peet, Rex Reed, Al Green, Bob Keeshan, Cat Deeley, Liam Neeson, Mary Steenburgen, Ben Vereen, Bruce Springsteen, Sigourney Weaver, Griffen Dunn, Kirsten Dunst, Sandy Duncan. Additional predictions: (3/11/03): Sam Neill. (4/17/03): Susan Sarandon. (0/0/03):


T Rex band member Mickey Finn dies

T Rex star Mickey Finn toasts the new year with a Scotch neat while being propped up by an orderly and a nurse's aideMonday, 13 January, 2003, 07:47 GMT - BBC News - Mickey Finn, percussionist with glam rock group T Rex, has died at the age of 55. A spokesman for the Mayday Hospital in Thornton Heath in Croydon said: "Michael Finn died on Saturday night at the Mayday Hospital." His manager Barry Newby said Finn was believed to have died of kidney and liver problems, but the exact cause of death had not been announced yet. Finn replaced original member Steve "Peregrine" Took in 1970 and stayed for five years.

He was known among fans for his trademark bongos and played on classic albums such as The Slider. Marc Bolan was supposed to have said of Finn: "He can't sing... but he looks superb." Finn left T Rex in 1975 to form his own band and in recent years had toured with his own incarnation of T Rex. Under the name Mickey Finn's T Rex, he toured extensively around Europe. He last performed with his band in Germany at the end of December.

Formed by flamboyant lead singer Marc Bolan in 1967, T Rex remain best know for hits such as Get it On, Hot Love and Children of the Revolution in the early 1970s. The band had a huge following in Britain but failed to replicate that success in in the United States and elsewhere. They are credited with introducing the phenomenon of "glam rock" to pop music and influencing artists such as David Bowie. The band has been dogged by premature deaths. Bolan, the most famous member of the band, died when the car he was a passenger in hit a tree in 1977. Former member Took also died in a car crash a year later while bass player Steve Currie choked to death in 1981.

COMMENT (1/13/03): I was sad when I learned that half of Badfinger was long dead. I was sad when half of the Beatles died. I never knew that Mickey Finn was the sole surviving member of T Rex. I knew that Marc Bolan died in 1977, but never knew about the others who followed suit over the next several years. Now ALL of the original T Rex is dead -- most as of 1981 -- and that is very scary.


Ex-Petty bassist Howie Epstein dies of possible overdose

Howie EpsteinAssociated Press -- Feb. 25, 2003 07:10 AM -- SANTA FE, N.M. - Howie Epstein, a former bass player for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, died of what authorities suspect was a drug overdose. He was 47. Investigators were told Epstein had been using heroin, said Maj. Ron Madrid of the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Department. Epstein was driven to St. Vincent Hospital by his girlfriend, who described him as "under distress." He died Sunday. Epstein was taking antibiotics for an illness, and he had recently suffered from flu, stomach problems and an abscess on his leg, friends said. "Apparently he passed out in the bathroom, and (his girlfriend) drove him to the hospital," Madrid said. Epstein has been a respected musician and producer for more than 20 years. In addition to his work with Petty, he played on some of Bob Dylan's albums in the 1980s and produced a Grammy-award winning album for folk singer-songwriter John Prine called The Lost Years.

He was singer Carlene Carter's longtime boyfriend, producing two of her albums, one of which was nominated for a Grammy. "I'm devastated," said Carter, the stepdaughter of country singer Johnny Cash and daughter of June Carter Cash. "I loved him very much. My kids thought of Howie as their father. "We had a good life together for 15 years. We've been apart since May last year, and all I know is I'm going to miss him very much." Epstein teamed up with Petty in 1982 and also worked with Roy Orbison, Del Shannon, John Hiatt, Stevie Nicks and Eric Anderson. "We are deeply saddened at the news of Howie's passing. It's difficult to put into words how much we loved him and will miss him. The world has lost a great talent and a kind and gentle soul," according to a statement on Petty's Web site.

Epstein and Carter were arrested in June 2001 in Albuquerque with 2.9 grams of black-tar heroin and drug paraphernalia in a vehicle that had been reported stolen.Epstein was not charged in that case. Carter pleaded no contest to a charge of heroin possession and was sentenced to 18 months probation. Several months before the plea, she was released into the custody of her daughter, Tiffany Lowe, in Nashville and has lived there since. Epstein, who was born in Milwaukee, Wis., is survived by a daughter, Jamie Leffler, 15, in Los Angeles and two brothers in Milwaukee.

COMMENT (3/2/03): Howie Epstein shares a last name with yet another unfortunate and tragic celebrity who died many years ago: the Beatles promoter and mentor, Brian Epstein.


Russian actress Marina Ladynina dies

Marina LadyninaTuesday, 11 March, 2003, 12:45 GMT -- BBC News - Legendary Russian actress Marina Ladynina, the star of many comedies during the era of Stalin, has died at the age of 94. The actress passed away at a Moscow hospital but no details of the cause of death have been released. Ladynina first rose to fame in 1935 after making her screen debut in The Enemy's Paths. But it was her performance in musical comedies directed by her late husband, Ivan Pyriev, that made her a national institution. She was born in the Siberian town of Achinsk and attended the Institute of Theatrical Art, before working at the prestigious Moscow Art Theatre for a number of years. While there she was praised by the renowned director Konstantin Stanislavsky, who has influenced many modern actors with his Method technique. Her best known films include The Tractor Drivers, The Rich Fiancée as well as The Pig-Tender and The Shepherd. She was awarded the People's Artist of the Soviet Union award and five other state prizes. During the 1940s and 50s she starred in popular movies such as The Tale of Siberia and Kuban Cossacks. But she then retreated from the film world and spent her time doing theatre and poetry recitals, reading works by Alexander Blok and Anna Akhmatova. During her final years she become more reclusive, spending time with only her closest friends. On her rare public appearances she was still greeted warmly by the public. Funeral arrangements have yet to be announced.

COMMENT (3/14/03): What strikes me as interesting about the name Marina Ladynina is what it may portend for 2004. Next year, as we know, will be the seventh anniversary of Princess Diana's death. Already we are beginning to see sounds that echo her name. Rock guitarist Ty Longley died in the worst nightclub fire since 1942. The name "Ty" rhymes with "Di." Diana was often called by her nickname, Di. Now we have "Lady" in the name "Ladynina." Diana was also known as Lady Di and Lady Diana. It is startling. Could it be a sign that royalty will suffer another tragedy this year or next?? This also makes one think of someone named Lady Nina, if there was such a person. Is it possible a Nina or Neena is in danger?


Actor Leslie Cheung 'found dead'

Leslie Cheung is reported to have committed suicide by leaping from a tall building with a single boundTuesday, 1 April, 2003, 15:02 GMT 16:02 UK (BBC News) - Hong Kong singer and actor Leslie Cheung is reported to have committed suicide after falling from a hotel room. Local TV and radio stations have reported that the Canto star, whose most famous role was in the Oscar-nominated Farewell My Concubine, was found dead on Tuesday. Although police refused to reveal the deceased's full name, they did confirm a man with the surname Cheung had leapt from a hotel room at the luxury Mandarin Oriental Hotel. A suicide note was found on the body which was discovered at 0706 (1106 GMT). Cheung, who was 46, rose to fame as a Canto singer in the 1980s after studying at Leeds University in the UK. He then carved out a successful film career as one of the few Asian stars to play openly gay characters. His acting career took off in 1986 when he starred opposite Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-Fat in John Woo's gangster movie A Better Tomorrow. Farewell My Concubine saw him rise to international fame as the film was a worldwide art house success. In the film Cheung played a gay opera singer who falls in love with a fellow performer. Other film roles included Happy Together and Days of Being Wild, directed by Wong Kar-wai. Cheung moved to Canada in 1992 but returned to Hong Kong to stay after its handover to China.

COMMENT (4/2/03): Leslie Cheung rose to fame and fell from a hotel window.


Comedian Rodney Dangerfield hospitalized to undergo brain surgery

Rodney DangerfieldWednesday, April 9, 2003 Posted: 12:56 AM EDT (0456 GMT) - LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Comedian Rodney Dangerfield underwent arterial brain surgery Tuesday to improve his body's blood flow in preparation for an upcoming heart valve replacement, his publicist said. The procedure, known as an extracranial-intracranial brain bypass, involves inserting the superficial temporal artery near the ear into the middle cerebral artery of the brain, according to Dangerfield publicist Kevin Sasaki. "It's all being done because he does have to have heart valve replacement surgery. He needs to have his blood flow going for that," Sasaki said. The roughly eight-hour operation began Tuesday morning at UCLA Medical Center. Afterward, Dangerfield, 81, was placed in an intensive care unit to recover. There would be no immediate word on how successful the surgery was until his doctor evaluates him again Wednesday, Sasaki said. The bug-eyed standup comic whose self-deprecating schtick hinges on getting "no respect," has appeared frail since a heart attack in November 2001. He has remained active, however, and the straight-to-video release of his latest film, "The Fourth Tenor," coincidentally took place Tuesday while he was in surgery. Some of his other movies include "Caddyshack," "Back to School" and "Easy Money." Dangerfield is expected to recover after about 10 days of hospitalization. His heart valve surgery is planned about three weeks after that, Sasaki said. "He's taking care of a lot of things that need to be straightened out," the publicist said. The comic displayed a sense of humor about his condition with a statement full of jokes Tuesday. "After this repair work, I'll be as good as new, but right now I know I'm in rough shape," he said. "I joined a weightlifting class ... they started me with helium balloons."

COMMENT (4/11/03): Hey, I'm Rodney Dangerfield .. how the hell did I get on this page, anyhow? Like I said, no respect, I get no respect ...


Singer Little Eva of 'Loco-Motion' fame dies at 59

Little Eva in 1962 as teen singer of 'The Loco-Motion'Friday, April 11, 2003 Posted: 4:22 PM EDT (2022 GMT) -- MIAMI, Florida (Reuters) -- Singer Little Eva, who as a teen-ager recorded the hit 1960s dance song "The Loco-Motion," has died after a long battle with cervical cancer, her manager said Friday. She was 59. Eva Narcissus Boyd died Thursday at Lenoir Memorial Hospital in Kinston, North Carolina, manager Brenda Cape said. "She had cancer. She fought it for a long time," Cape said. Boyd was working as a baby sitter for songwriters Carole King and Gerry Goffin when they asked her to record a song they had written called "The Loco-Motion" in 1962. The song was a hit for Little Eva that year and again for Grand Funk Railroad in 1974. Boyd had other minor hits including "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby" in 1962 and "Old Smokey Loco-Motion" in 1963. She sang background for The Drifters, Ben E. King and others. Cape said Boyd continued to work until October 2001 when she became too weak from her illness to perform. Boyd is survived by two daughters, a son, 15 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.


Jazz legend Nina Simone dies

Nina SimoneTuesday, 22 April, 2003, 16:18 GMT 17:18 UK -- (BBC News) - Legendary jazz and blues singer Nina Simone has died at the age of 70 at her home in southern France, her agent has announced. Simone was one of the last divas of jazz and was considered one of the finest songwriters and musicians of her day. In 1959 she released her first single, Gershwin's I Love You Porgy. It was an instant hit and was soon followed by the famed My Baby Just Cares For Me. The song was re-released some 30 years later, bringing her to a new generation of listeners, and it became one of the most listened to songs of the 20th century. Soul singer India Arie paid her homage in an e-mail to the Associated Press: "She was ahead of her time as a concert-level piano player who sang, wrote and spoke her mind. I aspire to be more like her."

At the height of her fame she was closely associated with the black civil rights movement, connected with both the radical black playwright Lorraine Hansberry and the controversial Malcolm X. "It is with great regret and sadness that we announce the death of the legendary jazz singer, the great Nina Simone, who died this morning at her home," her manager Clifton Henderson said. "Nina Simone has not been feeling very well for quite a while," he added, without giving further details. Mr Henderson, who was at Simone's bedside at her death, said she died of "natural causes" in her sleep.

COMMENT (4/25/03): When Marina Ladynina died in March (see above), I asked "Is it possible a Nina or Neena is in danger?" Looks like I was right. Nina Simone was next, but I never would have figured out which Nina it was going to be. Interesting, all the same -- and maybe a cautionary note for another Nina or anyone with an "eena" first name (like Lena or Mina or Tina, etc).


Dixie Chicks 'get death threats'

Dixie Chicks make their point on the cover of Entertainment WeeklyThursday, 24 April, 2003, 08:49 GMT 09:49 UK -- (BBC News) - The Dixie Chicks have said they fear for their lives following the backlash against singer Natalie Maines' comments about US President George Bush. The band say they have received death threats after Maines told a London audience she was ashamed that Mr Bush came from her home state, Texas. In an interview on US network ABC's Primetime show, which is being aired on Thursday, Maines said she regretted the remark but remained passionately against the war. The Grammy-winning act's CDs have been destroyed by protesters and their sales have slumped following Maines' remarks. Maines told interviewer Diane Sawyer that the backlash against the group had gone "out of control". Interviewed alongside fellow band members Martie Maguire and Emily Robison, she said she had criticised Mr Bush out of frustration. "At that moment, on the eve of war, I had a lot of questions that I felt were unanswered," she said. "I think the way I said it was disrespectful. The wording I used, the way I said it, that was disrespectful. I feel regret for, you know, the choice of words. Am I sorry that I asked questions and that I don't just follow? No." She added: "I'm not truly embarrassed that you know President Bush is from my state, that's not really what I care about.

"I felt like there was a lack of compassion every time I saw Bush talking about this. I honestly felt a lack of compassion for people that are questioning this war, for the people that are about to die for this on both sides." Robison said: "I'm concerned about my safety. I'm concerned about my safety for my family. "When you're getting death threats... at our concerts this year, we have to have metal detectors, and to me that's just crazy. "But we have to take precautions because this thing has gotten so out of control." Maguire said much of the reaction had been disproportionate. "It's the people who have gone overboard, and done such irrational things that take you back to the days of book burning, that is a concern for me," she said.

COMMENT (4/25/03): Well, let's see ... "Saddam's Angels" ... "Dixie Sluts" ... "Free Speech" ... is there something wrong with this picture, aside from pulling this cheap Madonna-like nudity shock statement? If Natalie Maine, Martie Maguire, and Emily Robison think they have vindicated themselves, they must be truly as air-headed as they appear. What profound stupidity: this cover of Entertainment Weekly is only going to add more fuel to the fire and probably provoke something far worse than mere "threats." They have transformed themselves into sacrificial lambs waiting for the slaughter. Madonna had better take note of what is happening to this bubble-headed trio -- she may be next on some extremist's hit list -- and there is prophecy to back that up.


Robert F. Kennedy Robert Kennedy (d. 1968) - Robert, Ob, Urt, Ur, Ken, Kennedy

Possible predictions (1/10/03): Robert Redford, Robert DiNiro, Robert Plant, Robert Carradine, Robert Culp, Roberta Flack, Julia Roberts, Bob Barker, Bob Denver, Bob Dylan, Bob Hope, Bob Newhart, Bob Eubanks, Bobby Brown, Kurt Russell, Burt Reynolds, William Hurt, John Hurt, Tim Burton, LaVar Burton, Ted Turner, William Shatner, Rupert Everett, Bruce Dern, Ken Norton, Mackenzie Phillips. Additional predictions: (1/12/03): All surviving Kennedys.


Actor Richard Crenna dead at 76

Richard CrennaSaturday, January 18, 2003 - LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Actor Richard Crenna, who played TV detective Frank Janek and whose credits include the TV series "The Real McCoys" and the "Rambo" film trilogy, has died at 76, his daughter confirmed Saturday. Seana Crenna said her father, who suffered from pancreatic cancer, died of heart failure Friday at 6 p.m. in the intensive care unit of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. His family was with him at the time, she said. "It happened suddenly," she said. "We didn't expect it. I just know he was a very respected and admired man in all professions. He treated everyone fairly and just." In addition to Seana Crenna, the actor is survived by his mother, Penni; a son, Richard; and another daughter, Maria. The funeral will be private, but the family plans a public memorial service for next Saturday, Seana Crenna said. Crenna played Col. Samuel Trautman, mentor to Sylvester Stallone's character, in the "Rambo" films. He also starred as Detective Lt. Frank Janek in a series of TV movies including "The Forget-Me-Not Murders" (1994) and "Terror on Track 9" (1992). Most recently, Crenna played the recurring role of Jared Duff on the television series "Judging Amy." He played President Reagan in the 2001 television movie "The Day Reagan Was Shot," in which Richard Dreyfuss played Alexander Haig.

An actor since the 1940s, Crenna began his career in radio, as teenager Walter Denton on "Our Miss Brooks," achieving fame when the series moved to television. In 1952, the first year "Our Miss Brooks" was on television, Crenna also appeared with Lucille Ball on one episode of "I Love Lucy." His first notable roles as an adult were Luke McCoy in the TV series "The Real McCoys," which ran from 1957-63, and James Slattery in "Slattery's People," a political drama that aired for one season in 1964. "The Real McCoys" also gave Crenna his first chance to direct. He went on to direct episodes of the TV series "The Rockford Files," "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Lou Grant". Crenna has shared the silver screen with some of Hollywood's biggest names, including Audrey Hepburn in "The Sand Pebbles" (1966) and "Wait Until Dark" (1967), Kathleen Turner in "Body Heat" (1981) and Matt Dillon in "The Flamingo Kid" (1984). Crenna received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1988.


Actor Robert Rockwell, love interest in 'Our Miss Brooks,' dead at 82

Robert Rockwell Associated Press - January 28 2003, 9:22 AM EST - MALIBU, Calif. -- Robert Rockwell, who played dozens of television roles including Philip Boynton, the shy biology teacher and love interest for Eve Arden in the 1950s sitcom "Our Miss Brooks," has died at age 82, his family said Monday. Rockwell, who had cancer, died Saturday surrounded by relatives at his Malibu home, according to his wife, Elizabeth.He is the second cast member from "Our Miss Brooks" to die this month. Richard Crenna, who played the squeaky-voiced student Walter Denton, died Jan. 17. "Our Miss Brooks," which began as a radio sitcom, was the most celebrated role of Rockwell's career. He was part of dozens of radio programs and appeared in more than 350 television shows spanning 50 years.Among them were sitcoms "Growing Pains" and "Diff'rent Strokes," daytime series "Search for Tomorrow" and "Days of Our Lives," and westerns, including his own series, "Man From Blackhawk." He guest-starred on "The Lone Ranger," "The Loretta Young Show," "Perry Mason," "Lassie," "Newhart" and "Beverly Hills 90210," and performed in scores of commercials.


Tough-guy actor Robert Stack dead at 84

Actor Robert StackThursday, May 15, 2003 Posted: 12:02 PM EDT (1602 GMT) -- LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Robert Stack, whose granite-eyed stare and menacing baritone spelled trouble for fictional criminals in TV's "The Untouchables" and real ones in "Unsolved Mysteries," died at his home. He was 84. Stack's wife Rosemarie found him slumped over in the couple's Los Angeles home about 5 p.m. Wednesday. The actor underwent radiation treatment for prostate cancer in October, but his wife said he died of heart failure. "He was feeling so good," she said Thursday. "He had a bout with a tumor but that was gone. It wasn't that, it was his heart. He was too weak. He wouldn't have lived through a bypass." Although he had a lengthy film career beginning in 1939 with "First Love," Stack's greatest fame came with the 1959-63 TV drama "The Untouchables," in which he played Chicago crimebuster Eliot Ness and won a best actor Emmy. That role, coupled with his job as host of the reality series "Unsolved Mysteries," created an enduring good-guy image. "I think there's a definite carry-over from Eliot Ness," Stack said in a 1998 interview with The Associated Press. "Somebody once said, 'You really think you're Eliot Ness.' No, I don't think I'm Ness, but I sure as hell know I'm not Al Capone.' " If Stack tended to appear stiffly humorless on screen -- an attribute that served him well in 1980's "Airplane!" -- in conversation he was relaxed and jovial, with deep Hollywood roots that gave him a wealth of star-studded anecdotes. He recalled playing polo with mentor Spencer Tracy and receiving advice from Clark Gable. "He brought a bottle of 21-year-old Scotch and put it between us," Stack told the AP. " 'There's a rumor going around that you're gonna try to be an actor.' "I thought I'd give it a shot," Stack said he replied. "Clark said, 'You're gonna be one thing: A pro. Show up on time, know your lines. ... And if you ever become a thing called a celebrity -- a word I hate -- if you ever do, and you use that power to push people around, I'm gonna kick you right in the (expletive).' "

COMMENT (5/20/03): In the end, the odds were stacked against Robert Stack. His stiff demeanour and granite-eyed stare remain his trademark -- more now than ever, in fact.


Martin Luther King Martin Luther King (d. 1968) - Martin, Mar, Ar (list under Morrow), Tin, In, Luther, Lew, Thur, Ur (list under Robert), King, Ing

Possible predictions (1/10/03): Martin Landau, Martin Mull, Martin Short, Martina Hingis, Marty Allen, Ricky Martin, Steve Martin, Tony Martin, Dick Martin, Pamela Sue Martin, Wink Martindale, Louise Nurding, George Lucas, Luther Vandross, Thurgood Marshall, Lori Singer, Kim Basinger, Annette Bening, Tori Spelling. Additional predictions: (0/0/03):


Hendrix bassist Noel Redding dies

Noel ReddingTuesday, May 13, 2003 Posted: 6:52 AM EDT (1052 GMT) -- LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Noel Redding, bass player in the band of legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix, has died, his manager said. "Noel passed away. Noel Redding Born 25th December 1945, Died 11th May 2003,'' manager Ian Grant said on his website, www.trackrecords.co.uk. "Noel reunites with Jimi and his mother Margaret who died only a few weeks ago,'' he wrote. He gave no details of the circumstances of Redding's death. Experience Hendrix, the company that looks after the guitarist's catalogue, also confirmed his death on its website, www.jimi-hendrix.com. Redding, along with drummer Mitch Mitchell, backed Hendrix on the 1967 debut album "Are You Experienced,'' an instant classic which introduced Hendrix as a singer, composer and above all virtuoso of the electric guitar. With songs like "Purple Haze,'' "Hey Joe'' and "The Wind Cries Mary,'' and a sound that mixed hard rock with blues and soul, it was one of the most influential albums in a year that saw such classics as the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The trio recorded several more landmark albums until Hendrix dissolved it shortly before his death in 1970. In recent years, Redding was said to have complained about difficulties winning royalties for some of his recordings.

COMMENT (5/16/03): Noel Redding is actually a match. I forgot to list R&B singer Otis Redding, who died in 1968 (5 x 7 years ago), as a name sound. The "Oh" and "El" sounds use up all the letters of Noel Redding's name.

Warning: If you enter this page from a 'back door' you will have absolutely no idea what is going on.


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