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In 1999, the sound was "More." In 2000, several outstanding sounds worked yet again. The most intriguing day of 2000 was August 21, when two mishaps occurred simultaneously to Ann-Margret and Anne Heche, both who were named by the "Ann" sound and A.H. initials. Fortunately, neither was seriously hurt.

This year, 2001, in addition to listing the sounds, I will also list the name from which each sound is derived.


Dorothy Stratten (d. 1980) - sounds: "Door," "Or," "Strat," "Rat," or "At"

Possible predictions (1/6/01): Doris Day, Stephen Dorff, Michael Dorn, Delores Del Rio, Francis Ford Coppola (note "F" initial), Morgan Freeman, Michael Jordan, Dan Rather, Matthew Fox, William Shatner, Teri Hatcher, Patti Smith, Patrick Stewart, and Kathleen Battle.


1) Actor Ray Walston dead at age 86 - January 2, 2001
2) Matthew Perry Back in Rehab - February 27, 2001
3) Trash TV icon Morton Downey Jr. dies - March 13, 2001
4) Nyree Dawn Porter, Forsyte Saga actress, dies - April 11, 2001
5) Irish Dancer Michael Flatley Confronted by 'Stalker' - May 11, 2001
6) 1950s Movie Actress Corinne Calvet Dies in L.A. - June 27, 2001
7) Guitarist, musical icon Chet Atkins dies at 77 - June 30, 2001
8) Actress Dorothy Tutin dies - August 6, 2001
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Drew Barrymore escapes injury in house fire - February 18, 2001
Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 1 and Fire Tragedy.


Stephen Dorff in Yacht Accident

Actor Stephen Dorff: 'It easily could have been any of us'
January 7, 2001 -- (National Enquirer) -- Actor Stephen Dorff and some pals began 2001 with a rough start when their yacht collided with a swimmer off the shores of St. Barts in the Caribbean. The unfortunate swimmer, 21 year-old Lauren Peters, was struck by the boat's propeller when a wave unexpectedly pushed the craft, severing one of her legs. "We watched in horror as it… went out of control and hurt this helpless woman," Dorff recalled. "We were powerless to do anything. It easily could have been any of us injured… I wish her a speedy recovery." Dorff, along with Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Keidis and Maverick Records's Guy Oseary, were reportedly aboard the the yacht when it struck Peters. According to the New York Post, the boat was brought close to shore so the passengers would not have to swim back. "There was blood everywhere," one witness told the paper. "It looked like a shark attack. People were throwing up and fainting." Losing blood fast, Peters was in dire need of immediate medical attention. Fortunately, a Manhattan dermatologist named Dr. Howard Sobel was nearby and came to the rescue, stopping the gushing blood before it was too late. Peters is now said to be in a New York hospital where doctors are trying to reattach her leg.

COMMENT (1/7/01): This is too much. I just listed this guy yesterday and here he is already. Technically, this was a serious mishap for the unfortunate swimmer, Lauren Peters. But since Dorff is linked to the incident, and because I named him in advance, it does count. This is startling.


Maureen Reagan dies of cancer at 60

Maureen Reagan, daughter of US President Ronald Reagan
August 8, 2001 -- GRANITE BAY, California (CNN) -- Maureen Reagan, daughter of former President Ronald Reagan, died Wednesday at her home outside Sacramento after a battle with cancer. Reagan, 60, had been undergoing radiation treatments for a malignant melanoma that had spread to her brain. She was the former president's daughter with his first wife, actress Jane Wyman. "Maureen had his gift of communication, his love of politics, and when she believed in a cause, she was not afraid to fight hard for it," Nancy Reagan said in a statement. "Ronnie and I loved Mermie very much. We will miss her terribly."

Maureen Reagan had battled skin cancer since 1996 and learned last month the tumors had spread to her brain. She is survived by her husband, Dennis Revell, and her 16-year-old daughter, Rita. Reagan was admitted to the hospital July 6. Doctors discovered two lesions on her brain following tests to determine why she was suffering spasms and mild seizures. Former Reagan presidential aide Michael Deaver called her an "extremely energetic" woman who "never hesitated to give you her opinion." But most of all, Deaver said, she will be remembered for her undying love for her father, who has battled Alzheimer's Disease since 1994. "The thing was this loyalty for her father in whatever part of his life, including the last part of her life, when she was so dedicated to finding a cure for this terrible disease that had stricken her father and family," Deaver said ...

COMMENT (8/10/01): I have had a long-standing prediction on the 2001 (Part One) page that former president Ronald Reagan might die in April 2001 or several months later. When I learned that Maureen Reagan ("Or" sound) had brain cancer, I feared that it might be her instead. This is a very unhappy ending for a woman who has stood by her sick father so tirelessly all these years. Premature death, especially from brain cancer, is hardly a just reward for such a selflessly dedicated life.


Veteran actress Dorothy McGuire dies at 85

Actress Dorothy McGuire
September 15, 2001 -- LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Dorothy McGuire, who specialized in playing sweet, vulnerable heroines and starred in films opposite Gregory Peck and Gary Cooper, has died at age 85, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday. McGuire died Thursday night at St. John's Medical Center in Santa Monica of heart failure, the paper said. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, she was an understudy in the original production of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" in 1938 and made her Broadway debut when Martha Scott left the show. Producer David O. Selznick brought her to Hollywood in 1943 to star in the film version of the Broadway play "Claudia" in which she starred and won a best acting award from New York drama critics. She soon won major roles in Hollywood including that of the mother in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and that of Gary Cooper's wife in "Friendly Persuasion." She was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Gregory Peck's fiancee in "Gentleman's Agreement," the first Hollywood film to deal with anti-Semitism. McGuire once said that she tried to break out of "the sweet mold" that Hollywood had cast her in by playing the other woman in a film -- but it bombed and the Los Angeles Times quoted as saying, "I went right back to playing nice girls and faithful wives." She also played the Virgin Mary in "The Greatest Story Ever Told" and appeared in "Three Coins in the Fountain," "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs," "Swiss Family Robinson," and "Old Yeller." McGuire, who retired from acting in the early 1990s, is survived by two children.

COMMENT (10/4/01): The passing of Dorothy McGuire was very much eclipsed by the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the immediate aftermath. My web site was also down for two weeks, which is why I am just getting to this now.


Sporty Spice Death Threat

Sporty Spice:  Mel C
October 12, 2001 -- (Sky News) - A man has been arrested in Holland on suspicion of sending sexually explicit mail to Spice Girl Mel C. He is also alleged to have sent her a tape warning they would die together. Scotland Yard confirmed a man was being questioned by Dutch police over offensive material which the star had received. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Following a joint operation with the Dutch authorities, a man was arrested in Holland on suspicion of sending indecent mail to a woman who lives in the borough of Camden."The man remains in police custody in the Netherlands." Sporty Spice - real name Melanie Chisholm - was reportedly sent a cassette last week which carried the chilling message: "This is the day we are both going to die." Scotland Yard denied reports the 29-year-old was placed under 24-hour police protection as a result of the threats.

COMMENT (10/14/01): There is certainly an "Or" sound in "Sporty" as well as a "spore."


Kurt Cobaine (d. 1994) - sounds: "Urt," "Urk," "Ur," "Bane," "Ain"

Possible predictions (1/6/01): Kurt Russell, Burt Reynolds, William Hurt, John Hurt, Jamie Lee Curtis (note "Lee" sound is also present), Tim Burton, Ted Turner, Kathleen Turner, Tina Turner, Uma Thurman, Kevin Bacon, Dean Cain (the most recent television star to play Superman), Michael Caine, Jane Fonda (note "F" initial), Wayne Knight, Jane Seymour, and Shirley MacLaine. Additional predictions: (1/19/01): Rupert Everett, Christy Turlington, and Charline Thuron. (2/20/01): Laura Dern and Bruce Dern.


1) Ballerina Tanaquil Le Clercq dead at 72 - January 1, 2001
2) Dale Earnhardt Sr. Dies in Daytona 500 Crash - February 19, 2001
3) Oscar-Nominated Actress Ann Sothern Dies at 92 - March 17, 2001
4) Milton Berle diagnosed with cancerous tumor - April 25, 2001
5) Brazilian model Fernanda Vogel's body found after copter crash - August 3, 2001

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Katharine Hepburn's hospital stay extended

Hollwood legend Katherine Hepburn
July 21, 2001 -- HARTFORD, Connecticut (CNN) -- Katharine Hepburn's release from a Connecticut hospital has been delayed until Monday, a spokesman for the hospital where the film legend has been treated for a mild urinary tract infection said Saturday. Jim Battaglio, vice president for corporate communications at Hartford Hospital, predicted Friday the actor would be released Saturday or Sunday. Although her condition has not worsened, her doctor decided to keep her hospitalized over the weekend so that she can regain her mobility before returning to her home in Old Saybrook. Hepburn, who has been in bed for four days, will move around under hospital supervision, Battaglio said. Hepburn, 94, has history of health problems that includes arthritis and Parkinson's disease. Her condition was described as stable. "I think she is doing very well for someone her age," Battaglio said.

In addition to the usual load of phone calls and flowers the actor typically receives, the hospital has also received a number of e-mails, which will be printed and delivered to her Friday. She donates the flowers to other patients, but the cards accompanying the flowers are delivered to her. Hepburn was taken to the hospital on Wednesday in an ambulance from the Shoreline Clinic in Essex, Connecticut, about 45 minutes away. She was admitted directly to a hospital bed, bypassing the emergency room. "It was not considered an emergency," Battaglio said. She had been taken from her home in Saybrook, Connecticut, to the nearby Essex clinic earlier in the afternoon, in serious condition, said clinic spokeswoman Pamela Cronin.

Hepburn began her career on Broadway before moving to films and winning her first Oscar for best actress in 1933 for "Morning Glory." Hepburn starred in a series of films with Spencer Tracy, with whom she shared a famous on- and off-screen romance. One of their best-known films, 1967's "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," won Hepburn a second Academy Award for best actress. Her other memorable films include "Adam's Rib" in 1949, "The African Queen" in 1951, and "The Lion in Winter" in 1968, which brought her a third Oscar for best actress. She won a fourth best actress Academy Award for her role in "On Golden Pond" in 1981.

Katharine Hepburn's hospital discharge further delayed

July 23, 2001 -- HARTFORD, Connecticut (CNN) -- Saying the actress needs to regain her strength, doctors Monday delayed the discharge of Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn from a hospital, where she is being treated for a urinary tract infection. "From a physical standpoint -- being strong enough to where she was before she was hospitalized -- they are not satisfied," said James Battaglio, Hartford Hospital spokesman. Hepburn, 94, has been hospitalized for five nights after becoming ill from a urinary tract infection, and remains in stable condition. "She responded well to the treatment and the antibiotics," Battaglio said. "Clinical tests show she is much improved. Physically, we want her stronger than she is," he said. Battaglio, who told reporters last Friday Hepburn would be discharged over the weekend, refrained from predicting when her discharge would occur. Hepburn's late father and brother both worked at the Hartford Hospital. The family has a summer home in nearby Saybrook, Connecticut. Hepburn has been nominated for Academy Awards 12 times and won the Oscar four times, more than any other actress. She starred in 43 feature films from 1932 to 1994, with numerous stage and television performances to her credit.

COMMENT (7/23/01): For those of you who were following this page last year, in 2000, I predicted death or serious illness for Katharine Hepburn based on the influence of Audrey Hepburn, who died in 1993. Ms Hepburn's brother, Richard Hepburn, died last year instead. Katharine Hepburn has the "Ur" sound in her name, which apparently has allowed last year's influence from Audrey Hepburn to carry over into 2001.


Actress Jane Greer dead at 76

Actress Jane Greer
August 27, 2001 -- LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Actress Jane Greer, a film noir star and former wife of bandleader Rudy Vallee, has died. She was 76. Greer, who as an icy brunette bested both Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas in 1947's noir classic "Out of the Past," died Friday of complications from cancer, said her son, Alex Lasker. The native of Washington, D.C. and former beauty contestant and model caught the eye of Hollywood after appearing in Life magazine. She later signed with RKO, after studio head Howard Hughes became smitten with her. While still a teen-ager, she married crooner Vallee in 1943. The two divorced in 1945. She then married attorney and producer Edward Lasker in 1947, earning the spite of Hughes who then sought to stymie her career. They later divorced. Greer was best known for her role as the seductive Kathie Moffat in "Out of the Past," which cemented her reputation as a noir vixen. "She was a bad girl you could fall in love with -- who could take on Robert Mitchum and really make him melt," Lasker said.

Bettejane Greer and her twin brother, Don, were born September 9, 1924, and grew up in Florida. Greer later said she was set on becoming an actress at 15, after awaking one morning to find the left side of her face was paralyzed. Months of facial exercises eventually cured her. "I'd always wanted to be an actress, and suddenly I knew that learning to control my facial muscles was one of the best assets I could have as a performer. Emotions often must be portrayed from an inner feeling, of course, but I had a double advantage because I was learning to direct my as-yet expressionless feelings, as well as gaining an ability to express emotion by a very conscious manipulation of my muscles," Greer once told an interviewer. Throughout the 1940s and '50s, she worked consistently, appearing in "Dick Tracy, Detective," "The Prisoner of Zenda," and "Man of a Thousand Faces." Her career slowed by the mid 1950s, although she continued to act. In 1984, Greer appeared in "Against All Odds," a remake of "Out of the Past." In it, she played the mother of her original character. She later acted in David Lynch's TV series "Twin Peaks." Her on-screen character was not matched by her countenance in person, said daughter-in-law Anne Wile-Lasker. "She was just gracious and sweet. She had this image on film that she wasn't in life," Wile-Lasker said. Greer is survived by her twin brother; sons Alex, Lawrence and Steve; and two grandchildren. Her common-law husband, acting coach Frank London, died in January. A private memorial service will be held September 9 on what would have been Greer's 77th birthday.

COMMENT (9/2/01): Only time for a brief comment in the wake of the horrendous tragedy that took the life of Aaliyah. Jane Greer has the "Ane"/"Ain" sound.


Rapper Erick Sermon injured in fall during suicide attempt

Rappa Erick Sermon
October 2, 2001 -- PATERSON, New Jersey (AP) -- Rapper Erick Sermon was critically injured when he plunged from a third-story window, which Paterson police said Tuesday they are investigating as a suicide attempt. The police account contradicts the story from the artist's record label that Sermon, 32, was injured in a car crash on a rain-slicked road. Police said they were called September 25 on a report of an attempted suicide. They were unable to interview Sermon, who is being treated for head and facial injuries at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center. But a woman told police the rapper had been in her apartment. She left briefly and returned to find him gone and a window open. The woman, whom police did not identify, said she looked out the window and saw Sermon lying on his back in the parking lot, bleeding from the head. Sermon, who lives in Ronkonkoma, New York, was listed in fair condition Tuesday. Biff Warren, a publicist for his label, J Records, initially told The Associated Press that Sermon was heading home after finishing a video shoot in upstate New York when he fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a wall. Another record label publicist, Yusef Gomez, told The Record of Hackensack for Tuesday's editions that he does not know where the original information came from. "As far as we knew and what was sent to us, he was in a car accident," he said. Representatives for J Records did not immediately return calls seeking comment from The Associated Press on Tuesday. Sermon got his start in the late '80s as part of the duo EPMD. His new album is scheduled for release on November 30.

COMMENT (10/4/01): What a mess...needs clearing up...auto accident or fall from a window? (during a visit, yet!) Erick Sermon, courtesy of Kurt Cobain which has supplied an "er."


Alleged Elizabeth Hurley stalker arrested

Elizabeth Hurley: "He'll be the death of me yet!"
Monday, 10 December, 2001, 07:06 GMT -- (BBC News) - A man has been arrested for allegedly stalking pregnant star Elizabeth Hurley. The 32-year-old man was arrested outside what it believed to be the home of the model and actress in Kensington, west London, on Sunday evening. It is understood that the man is alleged to have harassed the star on more than one occasion. A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed that the man was arrested at 1725GMT. "He remains in custody at Kensington police station." he said. He said an allegation of harassment against the man was first made on 4 December. Hurley has become one of the country's best-known showbiz personalities after starring in films including Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Bedazzled. Hurley is also currently at the centre of a public row with US multi-millionaire ex-lover Stephen Bing over who is the father of her unborn child.

Last week the 36-year-old actress told how she was devastated when movie producer Bing, 35, said the couple had not been in an exclusive relationship. He also said it was "her choice to be a single mother" but that he would be an "extremely involved and responsible parent" if it was proved that he was the father. But she has insisted she was "completely loyal and faithful" during their 18-month relationship, and has won much public sympathy. The former Estée Lauder model split with long-term partner, Notting Hill star Hugh Grant, in May 2000 after 13 years together.

COMMENT (12/12/01): Er, it appears Elizabeth Hurley is reminding us that the year is not quite over yet.


Big Country star, Stuart Adamson, found hanged

Stuart Adamson
December 18, 2001 -- HONOLULU, Hawaii (CNN) -- Stuart Adamson, former lead singer of Scottish rock band Big Country, was found hanged in a Hawaii hotel room, U.S. authorities have said. The 43-year-old guitarist, who had global hits in the 1980s, was found dead on Sunday in his room at the Best Western Plaza Hotel near Honolulu International Airport, police said. Adamson was positively identified through fingerprints, The Associated Press reported. The Honolulu Medical Examiner said on Monday that he died of asphyxiation from hanging. Toxicology tests were being carried out to determine if he had taken drugs. Honolulu police told Reuters a maid discovered Adamson's body about 1 p.m. local time with a rope around his neck and tied to a pole in the closet.

Adamson's manager Ian Grant said on Monday: "I have just lost one of the finest people I have ever worked with or been lucky enough to know. A statement on the Web site of Grant's record label, Track Records, said: "I cannot believe I am sitting at my desk typing this. Stuart Adamson was found dead in a hotel room in Hawaii yesterday. I have no more news other than that at present. I ask the media to leave his family alone in their grief. My heart goes out to his family, Bruce, Mark and Tony." "He was a great guy and, I know there will be a lot of people will feel the same way," Grant said.

British media said Adamson had been fighting alcoholism. Big Country's guitar-driven formula helped them to a string of British hits in the 1980s, including "In a Big Country" and "Fields of Fire." The band sold more than 10 million records, had seven hit albums and 17 top 30 singles in Britain, the group's publicist said. Adamson moved to the United States in the late 1990s after the hits dried up. He sparked widespread press speculation over his health in November 1999 when he failed to turn up for a British concert supporting Canadian singer Bryan Adams.

Born in Manchester, north-west England and brought up in Scotland, Adamson's early career began in Fife, Scotland in the 1970s when he formed punk band The Skids. Adamson went on to form Big Country in the early 1980s. The band earned two Grammy Award nominations for the 1983 album "The Crossing" and went on to tour with the Rolling Stones.

COMMENT (12/27/01): Sorry for the tardiness, but better "late" than never. Stuart Adamson (Stew- urt) joins an esteemed company of other great hanged musical entertainers such as Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger, folk singer Phil Ochs, Michael Hutchence of INXS, and opera singer Jenny Grahn.

By the roots of my hair some god got hold of me.
I sizzled in his blue volts like a desert prophet.

The nights snapped out of sight like a lizard's eyelid:
A world of bald white days in a shadeless socket.

A vulturous boredom pinned me in this tree.
If he were I, he would do what I did. -- "The Hanging Man" by Sylvia Plath


Actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne Dies at 72

Sir Nigel Hawthorne
December 26, 2001 07:54 AM ET LONDON (Reuters) - Veteran actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne has died at the age of 72, his agent said. Hawthorne died of a heart attack at home on Wednesday morning at around 9:30 a.m. He had been receiving treatment for cancer. "It was a heart attack, maybe brought on by the strain of it all. He had been battling pancreatic cancer for nearly two years," his agent, Ken McReddie, told Reuters on Wednesday. Hawthorne, who began acting in the 1950s and was knighted in 1999, was "a brilliant actor and a wonderful friend," said McReddie, who was his agent for more than 30 years. Hawthorne was nominated for an Oscar in 1996 for his lead role in "The Madness of King George" and had a long career in television, film and on the stage. He was perhaps best known for his role as Sir Humphrey Appleby, a suave and crafty civil servant to the prime minister, in the long-running satire "Yes Minister." The program was shown in more than 50 countries. Born in Coventry on April 5, 1929, Hawthorne was brought up in South Africa after his family emigrated. He did not find fame and success as an actor until relatively late in life, when pushing 50.

COMMENT (12/27/01): I rather like this photo, don't you? Reminds me of a better one I can't find from a film where Sir Nigel Hawthorne plays a crazed psychiatrist who uses hypnosis to set his patient up for a murder. Terrible movie, but brilliant acting by Sir Nigel...


Nicole Brown Simpson (d. 1994) - sounds: "Nicole," "Brown," "Sim," "Simpson"

Possible predictions (1/6/01): Nicole Kidman, Anna Nicole Smith, Nicol Williamson, Nicolas Cage, Jack Nicholson, Nick Nolte, James Brown, Jackson Browne. Additional predictions: (1/16/01): Jessica Simpson. (1/19/01): Gene Simmons.


1) Les Brown, big band leader, dead at 88 - January 5, 2001
2) 'Bozo Show' clown Cooky (Roy Brown), dead at 68 - January 22, 2001
3) Robert Downey Fired From 'Ally' Over Drug Bust - April 25, 2001
4) Supermodel Niki Taylor critically hurt in crash - May 1, 2001
5) Carry On actress Joan Sims dead - June 28, 2001.
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Injury Leaves No 'Room' for Nicole Kidman

Actress Nicole Kidman
26 Jan 2001 09:54 GMT -- NEW YORK (Reuters) - Two weeks into shooting, a knee injury has sidelined Nicole Kidman from the Columbia drama "The Panic Room," sending studio executives into panic mode as they look to recast the lead role quickly. The plot involves a woman and her child who attempt to elude intruders who break into her Gotham brownstone, looking for a cash stash; the woman seeks refuge in a "panic room" designed to insulate her from harm. Forest Whitaker and Dwight Yoakam are playing the thieves. Its tense, cat-and-mouse plotline calls for physical work. Kidman is on the mend from a knee injury she suffered during the Australian shoot of the Baz Luhrmann-directed "Moulin Rouge," and apparently she hasn't fully recovered or is having trouble with the other knee. It became quickly evident that she wasn't going to be able to get the job done. "Panic Room" is a high-profile project for Columbia, which bought David Koepp's ("Snake Eyes") script for $4 million and got director David Fincher ("Seven") to choose it over a swarm of other projects. Kidman's exit -- pending final word from the doctors -- heightens the pressure brought to bear on each studio project this year by the specter of a possible summer work stoppage due to the expiration of the writers and actors guild contracts. It will be a challenge to replace Kidman because most actresses of her caliber are booked for their prestrike slots. There are exceptions, such as Angelina Jolie, who just became available when "Beyond Borders," a drama she planned to star in with Ralph Fiennes for director Oliver Stone, was shelved over budget matters that couldn't be settled in time for a prestrike start.

COMMENT (1/26/00): Accident-prone Nicole Kidman also broke an arm while filming in 1999 (she fell victim to that year's "Reign of K"). This year, however, is far more dangerous since she shares the same first name as Nicole Brown Simpson. I also named her first in the list of possible tragedies or mishaps for the three sounds that make up Simpson's name. To make matters worse, her K is on the left wing of the perilous George Reeves chart: HIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZA. I've a bad feeling this will not be the last or most serious incident involving Nicole Kidman we'll hear about this year.


Kidman in 'total shock' after split

February 12, 2001 -- LONDON, England (CNN) -- Actress Nicole Kidman said husband Tom Cruise's decision to file for divorce was a "total and devastating shock," a British Sunday newspaper reported. Kidman's representatives had released a statement on her behalf, saying Cruise had given her no warning of his plans to divorce, the Mail on Sunday said. "This divorce was not her decision. Tom made the move. Nicole is in a state of shock," the statement said. Cruise filed for divorce on Wednesday, two days after Hollywood's golden couple announced they had separated and two months after they renewed their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary.

COMMENT (2/12/01): Like I said, this is definitely not a good year for Nicole Kidman. Nor do I think this will be the last major problem we'll hear concerning her in 2001.

To see just how bad things could get for Nicole Kidman, check out the "Star 2001" prediction on the 2001 (Part Two) page.


Nicole Kidman Had Miscarriage in Early March

Actress Nicole Kidman
March 30, 2001 -- (Mr Showbiz News) - Nicole Kidman suffered a miscarriage shortly after her husband of 10 years, Hollywood star Tom Cruise, filed for divorce in February, according to an Australian newspaper report. Kidman's Australian publicist confirmed the miscarriage to The Daily Telegraph today. "It is a private matter for Tom and Nicole to work out," Wendy Day told the paper. "I believe the story is out there and running. We can't deny the story." American tabloid The Star had printed a story on Thursday stating that Kidman was three months pregnant when she and Cruise split, and that the actress had suffered a miscarriage two weeks ago. Kidman's U.S. rep would not comment on the matter. The 33-year-old actress, who has been lying low since news of her divorce broke, apparently miscarried at a Los Angeles hospital in early March. Kidman and Cruise have two adopted children, Isabella, 8, and Connor, 6. Kidman had to drop out of filming new thriller The Panic Room in January, citing a recurring knee injury that has haunted her since she shot Moulin Rouge. The actress, who portrays a seductive cabaret performer in Rouge, apparently plans to do press for the film, which is set to open the Cannes Film Festival on May 9.


Nicole Kidman Gets Restraining Order Against Violent Stalker -- Fan Had Threatened Actress

Nicole Kidman celebrates restraining order
May 8, 2001 -- (ABC News - Mr Showbiz) - Nicole Kidman is spending a good deal of time filing legal papers lately. On top of responding to husband Tom Cruise's divorce papers last week, the willowy actress applied for a temporary restraining order to protect her from an alleged stalker, the New York Daily News reports. Kidman's petition, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that 40-year-old Matthew E. Hooker "has come to [her] home on numerous occasions" and "threatened to commit acts of violence." After failing to reach the Australian-bred beauty through her management company, Hooker posted an "urgent and important message for Nicole" on his Web site last month that accused Kidman's camp of "sabotag[ing] any chance we have of being close." The fan also claims that he's the perfect man for the newly single star. "You won't find a more wonderful man, a better soulmate, or a better husband," Hooker is quoted as writing. "The fact that you have two lovely children doesn't bother me at all. I'm ready to be a father to them." Hooker is also accused of showing up at Kidman's gated Los Angeles home and trying to lure her out to go to the ballet with him and to take her adopted children, Connor and Isabella, out for ice cream. Hooker allegedly told Kidman's staff that the actress is merely "playing hard to get," according to the Daily News. The petition says that after Hooker clashed with Kidman's security guards, the police were called and a police officer found that the fan was "mentally unstable and advised that a restraining order was necessary." When asked to comment about Kidman's allegations, Hooker told the Daily News, "I don't know what you're talking about." Kidman is now in France to promote the musical Moulin Rouge, which kicks off the Cannes Film Festival.


Nicole Kidman and Claudia Schiffer Share Stalker -- Fan Says Kidman "A Horrible Woman"

Actress Nicole Kidman and supermodel Claudia Schiffer
May 24, 2001 -- (Mr Showbiz News) - The man accused of stalking actress Nicole Kidman has denied the allegations, but he admitted on Wednesday to writing her a love poem and calling at her Los Angeles home to ask her to the ballet and out for ice cream. Matthew Hooker, who lives in the Los Angeles area and runs various Internet sites, including one that says he is running for U.S. president, told reporters after a court hearing, "I have never stalked anyone in my life, [and] that includes obviously Nicole." That claim is being disputed by a report in the New York Daily News that alleges that the 40-year-old fan stalked not only Kidman, but also supermodel Claudia Schiffer. Hooker reportedly showed up at Schiffer's home on the island of Mallorca in April of 2000, where he was picked up by the local police after Schiffer told them Hooker "was not welcome at her home."

Kidman, who separated from husband Tom Cruise earlier this year, won a temporary restraining order against Hooker earlier this month, stating that his actions made her and her two children "fearful for [their] safety and security." In a Santa Monica, Calif., courtroom this week, Hooker argued that the case should be dismissed, telling the judge, "I don't want my good name smeared with the name 'stalker.'" "I don't know why she has told these lies about [me] but they are very unjust and I deny almost everything on the complaint," he told reporters outside the courtroom. According to the Daily News, Hooker has now soured on Kidman, referring to her as a "horrible woman," after she sent her security men to escort him from her home last month. Kidman says she doesn't know the man, but he claims to have met the Moulin Rouge star at a bookstore, where she supposedly flirted with him and said she was interested in a role in a screenplay he had written.


Kidman stalker told to stay away - angry fan threatens to sue

Nicole Kidman again
May 30, 2001 -- SANTA MONICA, California (Reuters) -- A Los Angeles Stalker Matthew Hooker: 'I'll sue, by God!'Internet entrepreneur and would-be U.S. presidential candidate accused of stalking actress Nicole Kidman was ordered on Wednesday to stay away from her for three years. But angry Matthew Hooker, 40, saying he had always behaved as a gentlemen, vowed to appeal the ruling and threatened to countersue Kidman for slander. "This woman has severely wronged me. There is no reason at all to have a restraining order against me. I've never threatened anyone. I'm a gentlemen," Hooker told reporters after a court hearing ordering him to stay at least 250 yards (meters) away from Kidman and her family. Hooker, who runs a series of Internet dating and entertainment sites including one that says he is running for U.S. president in 2004, was accused of making repeated attempts to contact Kidman after the surprise break up of her 10-year marriage to Tom Cruise earlier this year. Kidman's lawyers said Hooker had posted messages on his Web site, including a love poem, called at her house with offers to take the actress to the ballet and for ice cream, phoned her agent, her public relations manager and written offering to tutor her children. Kidman, who was not in court, said in a written statement that Hooker's actions had left her "fearful of our safety and security." But Hooker, who represented himself in court, claimed the flame-haired actress had flirted with him when they met by chance in a Los Angeles bookstore in March and that he had called on her with flowers to follow up their meeting. Hooker, an aspiring actor and screenwriter, said his name had been smeared by being labeled a stalker and claimed he had lost business opportunities because of the publicity. "This has been severely, severely damaging to me," he told reporters.


Four Weddings star, Charlotte Coleman, found dead

Charlotte Coleman
Saturday, 17 November, 2001, 00:36 GMT -- (BBC News) - Four Weddings and a Funeral star Charlotte Coleman has died aged 33, after suffering a massive asthma attack. The BAFTA-nominated actress was found dead in her flat in Holloway, north London, on Wednesday by her actress mother Ann Beach. Miss Coleman's parents had become worried after not being able to contact her. Her father, retired producer Francis Coleman, said the actress had always suffered from asthma, and had two or three inhalers, but had never experienced a major attack. Mr Coleman, 77, said his daughter was taken to Whittington Hospital in north London, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

He said she had been in great spirits when they had last seen her, the day before she died. "When she left she said she was feeling a little ill and I told her to stay with us but she wanted to go home," he said. "The family is devastated. We loved her and she was a rare creature who the camera loved. "It has all come as a terrible shock to us all but the family is pulling together."

In the hit film Four Weddings And A Funeral, Miss Coleman played Scarlet - the chaotic and eccentric flatmate of Hugh Grant's character. She won a BAFTA nomination for the role, in which she also starred alongside John Hannah and Simon Callow.

She had been involved in television since the age of eight, with roles ranging from a part in Worzel Gummidge to the BBC sitcom However Do You Want Me? and the television drama, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit. Geoffrey Perkins, head of BBC comedy, said: "Charlotte was a charming and wonderfully eccentric person. She bought these qualities and more to the roles she played. She will be sadly missed."

Mr Coleman said there would be a private family funeral on Wednesday.

COMMENT (11/17/01): It has indeed been very strange that so few if any celebrity-related deaths, save that of veteran actress Dorothy McGuire, have occurred since the horrific terrorist attacks in NYC and Washington, DC. I suppose one could call this merciful, since recovery over singer Aaliyah's tragic death was still in progress when the terrorists struck. There were, of course, two celebrity fatalities linked to the World Trade Centre bombing: a former actress and a newswoman. Neither had a name that could be associated with the sounds appearing on this page. The few fatalities that have occurred since September 11 involved people barely on the fringe of celebrityhood, violinist Isaac Stern (Stern) being perhaps the only one that should appear on this page. I now fear that Charlotte Coleman's (from the "Nicole" sound) very untimely demise may be a sign that a new series of celebrity deaths and mishaps is near.


John Lennon (d. 1980) - sounds: "John," "Lenn," "Lem," "Lemon"

Possible predictions (1/6/01): Johnny Cash, Johnny Carson, John Carpenter, John Cusak, John Larroquette, John Grisham, John Travolta, John Fogerty (note "F" initial), Magic Johnson, Elton John, Olivia Newton-John, John Mellencamp, Jack Lemmon, Sean Lennon, Glenn Close, Ellen Barkin, Ellen DeGeneres, Helen Hunt, Jay Lenno, and Lenny Kravitz. Additional predictions: (6/1/01): The following first names are female versions of the name John: Joan, Jessica, and Jenny. This technically places at peril the following celebs and possibly others: Joan Rivers, Joan Collins, Joan Cusack, Melissa Joan Hart, Jessica McCarthy, Jessica Lange, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jenny McCarthy, and Jenny Agutter.


1) French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont dies at age 90 - January 31, 2001
2) Glenn Hughes, biker in Village People, dead at 50 - March 17, 2001
3) John Phillips of Mamas And Papas Dead at 65 - March 19, 2001
4) Guitarist Eddie Van Halen confirms he has cancer - April 30, 2001
5) Opera singer, Jenny Grahn, found hanged - June 1, 2001
6) U.S. songwriter John Hartford dies - June 5, 2001
7) Blues pioneer John Lee Hooker dead at 83 - June 21, 2001
8) Actor Jean-Paul Belmondo hospitalized - August 8, 2001
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Johnny Cash Treated for Pneumonia in Nashville
Country music legend Johnny Cash

12 Feb 2001 -- NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Reuters) - Country music icon Johnny Cash was being treated for pneumonia Monday at a Tennessee hospital and was reported in serious but stable condition. The 68-year-old singer was admitted to Nashville's Baptist Hospital Sunday morning for the recurring problem, the hospital said. In October 1997 he was diagnosed with Shy-Drager syndrome, an illness similar to Parkinson's disease that attacks the nervous system and affects muscle control. But in an interview in 2000 Cash said that was a misdiagnosis and that he was steadily improving, although he did not say what the source of his ill health was. He has been treated numerous times at hospitals in recent years for pneumonia and has not played on the road since 1997. He has sung at special occasions, however, and recently released a new album, "American III: Solitary Man." With sales of more than 50 million records during a career spanning five decades, he has won multiple Grammy awards and is the only person to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Known as country music's "Man in Black," Cash is credited with being the inspiration for a generation of Nashville upstarts. His fame comes from a distinctive bass voice with which he sings of coal miners and sharecroppers, assembly line workers and trainmen, families and lovers, convicts, cowboys and Native American Indians.

COMMENT (2/12/01): As I suspected, 2001 may be a bad year for "John"s -- possibly fatal for some. Johnny Cash heads the list of those I predicted for this year.


Hollywood Great Jack Lemmon Dies

Hollywood legend Jack LemmonJune 28, 2001 -- (MSN Entertainment) - Jack Lemmon, the two-time Oscar winner whose uncanny acting skills made him a Hollywood legend, died in Los Angeles Wednesday night. He was 76. The actor had been battling cancer, his publicist said, and the official cause of death was complications related to the disease. His wife and children were at his bedside when he passed. He had been in and out of the hospital over the past few months, coming down with pneumonia and having to have his gall bladder removed in May. At the time, his publicist, Warren Cowan, said Lemmon "was doing great" and was expected "to be out in a day or two." Lemmon leaves behind a celluloid legacy that few could match. Equally adept at comedy and drama, the Harvard-schooled actor earned seven Academy Award nominations during a 50-year career and created some of Hollywood's most indelible roles, usually as a put-upon Everyman. He earned a Supporting Actor Oscar in 1955 for his side-splitting performance as Enisign Pulver in Mister Roberts and a Best Actor Oscar for 1973's Save the Tiger, in which he played a down-on-his-luck dress manufacturer worshipping the glory days of his youth. He played a booze-soaked newlywed in Days of Wine and Roses, a doomed passenger in Airport '77 and a struggling salesman in Glengarry Glen Ross. Other film credits include Missing, The China Syndrome and Short Cuts. But he's perhaps most famous for his comedic roles in such Billy Wilder classics as Some Like It Hot, opposite Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis, The Apartment, with Shirley MacLaine and The Fortune Cookie, his first pairing with the late, great Walter Matthau.

Best pals off the screen, Lemmon and Matthau would continue their collaboration in several more films, including The Odd Couple, The Front Page, Buddy, Buddy and Grumpy Old Men. The duo also costarred in 1996's The Grass Harp, directed by Matthau's son Charles, and both appeared in JFK, Grumpier Old Men, Out to Sea and Odd Couple II. Matthau also starred in Lemmon's first directorial effort, Kotch, in 1973, picking up a Best Actor Oscar nomination. Lemmon was visibly shaken last July, when Matthau died of a heart attack.

In addition to Oscars, Lemmon's trophy case was brimming with every conceivable acting accolade, from Emmys to Golden Globes to British Academy Awards. He received lifetime achievement awards from the American Film Institute, Screen Actors Guild, Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Kennedy Center. Most recently, he won an Emmy last year for his television performance in Oprah Winfrey Presents: Tuesdays with Morrie. One of his most famous trophies didn't even belong to him. In one of the weirdest awards-show moments in recent memory, Ving Rhames insisted on giving his 1998 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Miniseries or Movie to fellow nominee Lemmon. "Being an artist is about giving. And I'd like to give this to you, Mr. Lemmon," Rhames said. "I wouldn't be up here without you."

Lemmon was married twice. He divorced his first wife, Cynthia, in 1956. He married actress Felicia Farr in 1962. He is survived by his second wife and two children, one stepchild and a grandchild.

COMMENT (6/28/01): This is a sad day indeed for the world of entertainment. Jack Lemmon is named in my prediction list above. He is not there by a whim -- aside from the name association with "Lennon," I felt a strong sense since last year that he might die this summer (perhaps because of the death of Walter Matthau?). When he was hospitalised last month for "gall bladder" surgery, I thought perhaps that would be the end of it.

I was really hoping I would be wrong. He was a major part of the American landscape and a lovable film legend. Today he joins his friends Walter Matthau, Lee Remick, and Marilyn Monroe.

Both letters JL appear at right end of Montgomeery Clift/Kurt Cobain chart: TUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKL. Along with five other celebs, including George Harrison, Jack Lemmon's name appeared on a short list associated with The Elton John Prophecy.


Jim Croce (d. 1973) - sounds: "Jim," "Crow"

Possible predictions (1/6/01): Jim Nabors, Jim Belushi, Jim Carrey, and Jimmy Smits. Additional predictions: (1/19/01): Jimmy Buffett and Jimmy Page. (5/11/01): Web site visitor Mike K. believes that singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow should beware this year.


1) FBI Confirms Russell Crowe Kidnap Plot - March 7, 2001
2) Scottish Entertainer Jimmy Logan Dies at 73 - April 14, 2001
Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 1


Montgomery Clift (d. 1966) - sounds: "Montgomery," "Mont," "Clift," "Cliff"

Possible predictions (1/6/01): Cliff Robertson and Clint Eastwood. Additional predictions: (0/0/01):


Clint Eastwood's daughter and former girlfriend escape fire

Actress Frances Fisher & daughter Francesca Eastwood
December 26, 2001 -- NORTH VANCOUVER, Canada (AP) -- Clint Eastwood's 8-year-old daughter and his former girlfriend escaped a Christmas morning house fire. Francesca Eastwood, who crawled out her bedroom window onto the garage roof of the burning home and jumped into the arms of a neighbor, was not serious injured. Her mother, actress Frances Fisher, in Vancouver to film a TV series, was treated at Vancouver General Hospital for burns to her hands. Constable Christy Veenstra of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police called Eastwood on Tuesday to tell him what had happened. His reaction was "like any father would be who gets a call on Christmas Day about a fire," said Veenstra. "Shock. Very somber. Asked how they were doing. His immediate reaction was to get to his daughter." Fisher appeared in Eastwood's Oscar-winning western Unforgiven and as Rose's mother in the movie Titanic. The cause of the fire wasn't immediately known, but there was significant damage, said North Vancouver assistant fire chief
Steve Atkinson. "They're very, very fortunate to
have escaped alive," Atkinson said.

COMMENT (12/27/01): A terribly frightening mishap which could have been a double tragedy. Fortunately not. Clint Eastwood was named above.

For more on this near-tragedy, see the Fire Tragedy page.


Buddy Holly (d. 1959), Lee Liberace (d. 1987) - sounds: "Buddy," "Holly," "Ollie," "Lee," "Achi," "Ci" (Chee)

Possible predictions (1/6/01): Lauren Holly, Holly Hunter, Dolly Parton, Molly Ringwald, Mohammad Ali, Spike Lee, Sheryl Lee, Tommy Lee Jones, Kathie Lee Gifford, Lee Majors, Christina Ricci and Joe Pesci.


1) Celebrated director Stanley Kramer dies - February 20, 2001
2) Shootout said to involve rapper Lil' Kim, rival - February 27, 2001
3) Alleged Pamela Lee Stalker Hits Home - March 5 and 19, 2001
4) Wife of actor Robert Blake (Bonny Lee Bakley) shot dead in Los Angeles - May 5, 2001
5) 'Gidget' star Deborah Walley dies' - May 12, 2001
6) Actress Julie Harris in Chicago-Area Hospital - May 30, 2001
7) 'What's My Line"s Arlene Francis Dies, Aged 93 - June 1, 2001
8) Lynyrd Skynyrd Co-Founder Leon Wilkeson Dies in Florida - July 28, 2001
Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 1


Broadway, Movie Actress Kim Stanley Dies at Age 76

Kim Stanley
August 21, 2001 03:06 PM ET -- LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actress Kim Stanley, who won fame on Broadway but largely shrank from Hollywood letting actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor take the stage roles she created, has died at the age of 76 in a New Mexico hospital, her family said on Tuesday. Stanley made her name as a stage actress in the 1950s with starring parts in "Bus Stop," "Picnic" and in the London premiere of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". She had taken a Greyhound bus to New York from her native New Mexico, determined to be an actress and after earning a living as a waitress and dress model joined the Actors Studio and worked with its guru Lee Strasberg. She turned down offers to reprise her best-known stage parts in movie versions, opening the door to stardom for Marilyn Monroe, Kim Novak and Elizabeth Taylor. Stanley made only five movies in a 35-year career beginning with "The Goddess" in 1958 in which she portrayed a Marilyn Monroe-style star and ending with "The Right Stuff" in 1983. Yet despite her limited output, she was twice nominated for an Oscar, for her role as a sinister medium in the British thriller "Seance on a Wet Afternoon" in 1964 and as the ambitious controlling mother in "Frances" in 1982. In the 1960s she won several television credits and two Emmy awards in theater productions but she never won a Tony award although her first love remained the stage. In recent years, she taught acting in Los Angeles and in New Mexico, where she was born. She was married three times and is survived by three children. Stanley died on Monday of cancer.

COMMENT (8/25/01): Afraid this photo doesn't ring any bells, but give my regards to Broadway just the same. The "Lees" have it again in the unfortunate case of actress Kim Stanley.


Character Actress Kathleen Freeman Dies at 78

Kathleen Freeman
August 23, 2001 09:17 PM ET -- NEW YORK (Variety) - Kathleen Freeman, the Tony-nominated star of the current Broadway musical "The Full Monty," died Thursday at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City of lung cancer. She was 78. The longtime character actress gave her final performances Saturday, doing two shows at the Eugene O'Neill Theater. Her comic turn as a rehearsal pianist in "Monty" not only nabbed the actress her first Tony Award nomination, it epitomized the wisecracking, no-nonsense, eternally perturbed persona she polished over a 50-year career in film, TV and onstage. As piano-player Jeanette Burmeister, she always brought down the house with her line, "If you want to be in show business, you should be spayed first." Born in Chicago, Freeman made her stage debut at the age of 2 when she appeared with her parents in vaudeville. The family later moved to Los Angeles, and she graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles. A founding member of the Circle Players, and later a director, producer and actor in the Players Ring and Gallery theaters, Freeman also appeared in 70 feature films, including "Singin' in the Rain," "The Fly," "The Rounders," "Far Country" and "North to Alaska." For her film work, she may best be remembered as a stone-faced foil to Jerry Lewis as she played a blue-collar Margaret Dumont to his juvenile Groucho Marx in 10 of the comic's movies. Most recently, the actress supplied voice talent in the hit animated feature "Shrek." She also appeared in "Innerspace," "Dragnet," "Chances Are," "Hocus Pocus," "Naked Gun 33 1/3," "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps" and both Blues Brothers comedies. Freeman appeared on hundreds of TV shows, from "Topper" and "The Donna Reed Show" to "Murphy Brown" and "Becker." Prior to Broadway, the actress costarred in the national companies of "Deathtrap," "Annie" and "Woman of the Year." She is survived by her best friend, Helen Ramsey. Memorial services are being planned in L.A. and New York.

COMMENT (8/25/01): On that note I suppose enough said. Such a tiny photo, best I could find, "lees" one thinking about Kathleen Freeman.


Singer Aaliyah killed in plane crash

Pop music sensation and actress Aaliyah
August 26, 2001 3:42 AM EDT (0742 GMT) -- ABACO, Bahamas (CNN) -- American R&B singer and actress Aaliyah is among eight people killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas. The Cessna passenger plane crashed and burst into flames shortly after taking off from the island of Abaco bound for Miami on Saturday. Abaco Assistant Police Superintendent Leland Russell said there were nine people -- all Americans -- on board the plane. One man survived the crash and was taken to a hospital in Nassau. Aaliyah, 22, who was set to appear in the forthcoming sequel to "The Matrix," was on the island to film a new video. Russell said the plane was leaving Marsh Harbour airport around 6:50 p.m. ET when it crashed and was engulfed by flames. FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said the Cessna 402 was registered to Sky Stream of Pembroke Pines, Florida, and had been destined for Opa Locka, Florida. Gloria Knowles, who works for Abaco Air Ltd. at Marsh Harbour airport, said baggage handlers reported the plane was overloaded with suitcases. She said the handlers and the plane's pilot complained about the heavy load but the passengers insisted on taking everything with them. Abaco Island Chief Councilor Silbert Mills said those killed included two women and six men.

Quincy Jones, 68, the Grammy-winning producer, arranger and composer, said he was devastated by Aaliyah's death. He said: "She was like one of my daughters, she was one of the sweetest girls in the world. "She vacationed with me and my family together in Fiji. I loved her and respected her and I am absolutely devastated." The Bahamas' Minister of Tourism Tommy Turnquest told Associated Press: "We find it devastating and most unfortunate that after having this world-famous star Aaliyah and her crew select the Bahamas as their choice location for her latest video, the project has climaxed on such a tragic note." In July, Aaliyah released her third album -- the self-titled "Aaliyah" -- which debuted in the top five on the Billboard album chart. The disc was recorded while the entertainer was filming the big-screen adaptation of Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned." She made her film debut in last year's urban drama, "Romeo Must Die." Good reviews for that performance led to roles in the upcoming sequels to "The Matrix" with Keanu Reeves.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Aaliyah grew up in Detroit. She released her first album, "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number," at the age of 14. Her hit single, "Try again," off the "Romeo Must Die" soundtrack, is nominated for R-and-B Song of the Year at this year's Soul Train "Lady of Soul" Awards which will be held on Tuesday. Aaliyah won Best Female Video and Video from a Film for "Try Again," in the 2000 MTV awards.

COMMENT (8/30/01): I had intended to place this obit and make a comment two days ago but was unable to. It did not immediately dawn on me that Aaliyah's name was indicated on this page. Then I checked and noticed the "Ollie" and "Lee" sounds (the "Lee" is well-hidden in the spelling Aaliyah, but the "Ollie" should have been very obvious).

Aaliyah Haughton has died, sadly, like Buddy Holly, from which the "Ollie" and "Lee" sounds originate. Indeed, the last name of "Holly" anticipated the first half of the name Aaliyah. This is not a coincidence.

It was based on the death of Buddy Holly in 1959 that I predicted that a rock or pop singer would die in a plane crash in February 2001. This prediction and the now tragic result can be seen on 2001 (Part One). The plane tragedy that has claimed Aaliyah's life occurred in August -- six months later than the February vector I projected. Why, I don't know. I also attempted to identify who the plane crash victim might be -- without success. Names listed for young or new talent were Ricky Martin, Lou Bega, Britney Spears, Eminem, and Jessica Simpson. Unfortunately, I had never heard of Aaliyah or her music (I am forty-something, not twenty-something), so was unable to alert anyone that she might be in danger.


Film star, model Pauline Moore dies

Actress and model Pauline Moore
December 9, 2001 Posted: 10:59 PM EST (0359 GMT) -- SEQUIM, Washington (AP) -- Actress Pauline Moore, who starred in 25 films between 1937 and 1941, has died of Lou Gehrig's disease, her daughter said. She was 87. Moore, both Charlie Chan's sidekick and Roy Rogers' leading lady, died of the fatal neuromuscular disease on Friday, said daughter Wendy Geagan. Moore played teacher Ella in "Heidi" in 1937, Lady Constance in "The Three Musketeers" in 1939 and the psychic Eve Cairo in "Charlie Chan at Treasure Island" in 1939. She also had a cameo role as Ann Rutledge in the 1939 movie "Young Mr. Lincoln" and played the heroine, Miss Sally, in the 12-episode 1941 serial "King of the Texas Rangers" with "Slingin' Sammy" Baugh, her daughter said. From 1956 through 1959, after a 15-year hiatus to raise a family and pursue other interests, Moore appeared in TV shows including "Death Valley Days" and "Four-Star Playhouse." Moore moved to Sequim in July to be near her two daughters and son, Geagan said. As a young actress, Moore appeared in films starring Henry Fonda, David Niven, Loretta Young, Joel McCrea, Shirley Temple, Tyrone Power, Don Ameche and Cesar Romero. Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, she began her acting career with the Edna Preston stock company. By 1932, Moore was in New York appearing in Florenz Ziegfeld's last show, "Ha Cha."

She also worked as a model, appearing on the covers of Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan and McCall's. Moore was also in the "Hostess Girl" painting on a 1934 Coca-Cola tray now considered highly collectible, Geagan said. Moore worked under contract at 20th Century Fox and at Republic Studios for several years.

She also was an inspirational speaker and writer known for devotional poetry, short stories and religious plays, her daughter said. Moore spent most of her adult life in Santa Monica, California. She was married to artist-cartoonist Jefferson Machamer from 1934 until his death in 1960. In 1962, she married minister Dodd Watkins, who died in 1972. A private family service was planned. Details were not immediately available.

COMMENT (12/12/01) : The death of old-time actress Pauline Moore returns us to the golden oldies trend.


George Reeves (d. 1959) - sounds: "George," "Reeve," "Eve"

Possible predictions (1/6/01): George Hamilton, George Harrison (I hope not again), George Foreman (note "F: initial), George Clooney, George Lucas, George Carlin, George W. Bush (this runs premature to the 2002 prediction), Boy George, Susan Day George, Keanu Reeves, Christopher Reeve (I hope not - actually I believe he may make a full recovery from his paralysis in the summer of 2002), Steve Zahn, Steve Martin, Neve Campbell, Steven Tyler, Steven Spielberg, Eva Marie Saint. Additional predictions: (7/1/01): Jim Reeves. (0/0/01):


Steve Buscemi Stabbed, Vince Vaughn Arrested in Bar Brawl - April 13, 2001
Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 1


Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss Injured Filming Matrix Sequel

Carrie Anne Moss
Keanu ReevesJanuary 18, 2001 -- (Mr Showbiz News) -- Keanu Reeves was able to dodge bullets in The Matrix, but he's apparently not immune to real-world injuries. Filming on the Matrix sequels hasn't even begun, but already there are problems. While training for the strenuous martial arts fight scenes in the sequel to the sci-fi blockbuster, both Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss have suffered sidelining injuries. Moss, who plays cyber-babe Trinity, bruised her knees and required crutches for six weeks, reports New York's Daily News. Then Reeves began complaining of pain in his left ankle after the rehearsal of a tough stunt. An MRI and an X-ray failed to turn up the cause of the pain, but Keanu's footsie was slapped into a cast to be on the safe side, the actor's rep tells the Daily News. The extent of his injury was already fodder for several sci-fi and movie Web sites, which spread rumors that the star's ankle was actually broken. Initial denials about any injury to the screen star instead spun a conspiracy story of sorts, with one Web site analyzing photos of Reeves outside a Beverly Hills, Calif., imaging clinic to see whether the photos had been retouched. Apparently, the photos were real, as was the injury — just not quite as serious as Webspinners would have it. Keanu is expected to appear at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards ceremony without a cast.

COMMENT (1/19/00): The initial focus here is Keanu Reeves whose name I listed for death or mishap. There are also reports that Reeves admits to using drugs recreationally. This could be a cause for trouble later in the year. Aside from the name sound, K and R appear on the George Reeves chart: IJKLMNOPQRS. Carrie-Anne Moss appears only as a first name intial match on the John Lennon chart with no last name initial match on any of the charts. First name initial matches are generally only serious if the individual's first name is as famous as the entire name. An example of a C that is potentially serious is actress Cybill Shepherd who is as well-known as Cybill as she is Cybill Shepherd. This is not the case with Carrie-Anne -- yet.


Keanu Reeves' Girlfriend Dies In Crash

April 5, 2001 -- (Sky News) - Keanu Reeves' girlfriend Jennifer Syme has been killed in a car crash. Jennifer, 29, died when her Jeep Cherokee hit three parked cars and overturned in Hollywood. Her body was partially thrown out of the car. She suffered head injuries and died at the scene. Reeves is said to be "devastated" by the tragedy and apparently learnt of her death after a call from Ms Syme's mother.

Ms Syme had been treated for depression after the couple's baby daughter was stillborn in January. Los Angeles police said they were investigating whether or not drink or drugs were a factor in the crash, after what looked like drugs paraphernalia were found in the car. Lt Corral, of Los Angeles County coroners, said: "We found some medication which we believe to be prescription drugs the deceased was receiving. Two one dollar bills which were rolled-up with a white powdery substance were also found inside the vehicle."

Syme crash scene
So far, there has been no explanation for why the car crashed into the other vehicles at 6.20am local time on Sunday. A Los Angeles police spokesman said: "The collision occurred after a 1999 Jeep Cherokee, travelling northbound on Cahuenga Boulevard, for unknown reasons, collided into three parked vehicles which were parked on the east side of the street. "The collision resulted in the Jeep Cherokee overturning on the roadway, causing the driver to be partially ejected. The driver, a 29-year-old female, was instantly killed." The Matrix star Reeves, 35, and Ms Syme had never talked publicly about their relationship, or the loss of their baby.


Beatle George Harrison dies

November 30, 2001 Posted: 4:40 AM EST (0940 GMT)

Beatle legend George HarrisonLOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- George Harrison, the lead guitarist in possibly the most influential pop group of all time, The Beatles, has died aged 58, his spokesman confirmed to CNN. Harrison died in Los Angeles at 1:30 p.m. (2130 GMT) on Thursday after a battle with cancer, spokesman Geoff Baker said, but further details were not available.

"He died with one thought in mind -- love one another," friend Gavin De Becker told The Associated Press, adding that Harrison's wife, Olivia Harrison, and son Dhani, 24, were with him when he died.

His former band-mate Sir Paul McCartney told the Press Association: "I am devastated and very very sad. We knew he'd been ill for a long time. "He was a lovely guy and a very brave man and had a wonderful sense of humour. He is really just my baby brother."

Harrison was known as the quiet one of the Fab Four, which conquered the world with 27 number one hits in the United States and Britain.. His credits with The Beatles include the songs, "Taxman," "Here Comes The Sun" and "Something," the latter described by Frank Sinatra as the greatest love song of all time.

The youngest member of the world's most famous pop group will always be remembered for his devotion to Oriental mysticism. It was he who persuaded the other Beatles to fly to India and sit at the feet of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

After The Beatles broke up in 1970 Harrison produced a few solo albums, and was the first of the four to top the UK singles charts as a solo artist with "My Sweet Lord." Later he helped form the group The Travelling Wilburys.

With Harrison's death, there now remain two surviving Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. John Lennon was shot to death by a deranged fan in 1980.

In 1998, when former smoker Harrison disclosed that he had been treated for throat cancer, he said: "It reminds you that anything can happen." The following year, he survived an attack by an intruder at his mansion in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire. He was stabbed several times and suffered a punctured lung.

In July 2001, he released a statement asking fans not to worry about reports that he was still battling cancer.

Harrison's family issued a statement saying: "He left this world as he lived in it, conscious of God, fearless of death, and at peace, surrounded by family and friends. He often said, 'Everything else can wait but the search for God cannot wait, and love one another."'

It wasn't immediately known if there would be a public funeral for Harrison. A private ceremony had already taken place, De Becker said.

Lennon's widow Yoko Ono paid tribute to Harrison, who she said brought magic to the lives of those who knew him. "George has given so much to us in his lifetime and continues to do so even after his passing, with his music, his wit and his wisdom," she told The Press Association. "His life was magical and we all felt we had shared a little bit of it by knowing him.

"Thank-you George, it was grand knowing you."


COMMENT (11/30/01): Well, I said "I hope not again" but lightning has struck twice for ex-Beatle George Harrison. I listed his name above after actor George Hamilton as the most likely "George" celebrity to die or suffer a serious mishap this year. For my remarks regarding the death of George Harrison, who figured prominently as an alternative to Elton John in the prophecy, view The Elton John Prophecy. Combined with the death of Jack Lemmon, this marks at least a partial fulfillment of my prediction, I am sorry to say. Wish I had been wrong.



UPDATE (1/6/02): So, this is how things appeared on the main Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps page as the year 2001 came to a close.

Sounds extracted from the names Dorothy Stratten (1980) and Buddy Holly (1959) produced the largest number of deaths and mishaps.

There was less than a 27% chance that one or more musical celebrities would die in a manner reminiscent of the Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper plane crash, although I predicted that such an event would occur on the 2001 (Part One) page. The person who repeated the Holly tragedy of 1959 turned out to be singer/actress Aaliyah, who had just completed filming a music video and was to appear in the sequel to the popular movie The Matrix. Her Cessna passenger plane crashed and burst into flames shortly after taking off from the Bahamas, killing nearly all on board. Interestingly enough, her name was actually presaged by the "Ollie" and "Lee" sounds from the name Buddy Holly.

So too did former Australian rock legend Graeme "Shirley" Strachan, lead singer of Skyhooks, within 24 hours of Aaliyah's death. I never got the chance to feature Shirley on this page, although one should consider him as part of the presentation. Later, several days before the death of George Harrison in November, Melanie Thornton, lead singer of the dance group La Bouche (big hit single "Be My Lover") was killed in a plane crash in Switzerland due to foggy conditions.

As anticipated on my Elton John Prophecy page, the influence of the name John Lennon (1980) resulted in the death of actor Jack Lemmon. Likewise, the influence of the name of Superman star George Reeves (1959) presaged the death of former Beatle George Harrison. Harrison was the major alternative to Elton John in the prophecy. Oddly, but for the best, Sir Elton, who appeared to fit the profile best, did not meet with an unhappy end at the hands of a deranged fan.

Technically, once Aaliyah and Shirley Strachan were killed in the August plane and helicopter crashes, it should have been obvious that it would be George Harrison, and not Elton John, who would die in November/December 2001. Once Melanie Thornton was reported killed in Swizterland, this brought the number to three: the same as in 1959 with Buddy Holly. Ritchie Valens, and Big Bopper. If 2001 was going to play out like 1959, then it would be someone whose first name was George who would be the other heavy who would die -- not John. I finally knew, perhaps only a week before his death, with a terrible certainty that George Harrison's time had come. Still, I did not write of my premonitions until after his death on November 29.

I would stress, however, that if the Holly/Valens/Bopper tragedy had not played out in 2001, the chances that a great rock/pop heavy, especially Elton John, being shot to death in November or December would have been very high. The second likeliest scenario would have been a male rock or film star shooting himself like Kurt Cobain or George Reeves. Clues to his name might not necessarily have been found in the name sounds above, either.

As for the Dorothy Stratten (1980) and Nicole Brown Simpson (1994) scenarios playing out in 2001, the person who became the next in line was a virtual unknown: Bonny Lee Bakley, wife of actor Robert Blake. This scenario was predicted on my 2001 (Part Two) page. Ironically, Bakley's name was presaged by sounds associated with the name of Buddy Holly, not Dorothy Stratten nor Nicole Brown Simpson.

About 90% of all the deaths and mishaps that really mattered in 2001 belonged to celebrities with names that sounded like those listed in the "Sound" presentation above. Some of the shocks that were entirely unanticipated, by me at least, even though indictated by a name sound, included the deaths of Maureen Reagan and John Phillips, the house fires that nearly claimed the lives of Drew Barrymore and Francesca Eastwood, despite my predictions on the Fire Tragedy page, and the car crash that nearly brought premature death to supermodel Niki Taylor.

The year 2001 was certainly not free of controversy in both death and mishap. Sporty Spice was stalked by a man who coupled a death threat with sexually explicit material via the mail. Elizabeth Hurley, likewise, was plagued by a somewhat less dangerous form of stalker. Nicole Kidman was not only stalked, but injured on a movie set and suffered a miscarriage following the announcement that she and husband Tom Cruise would be getting a divorce (which was finalised in December). An inconclusive investigation into the car crash that took the life of Dale Earnhardt Sr raised a variety of issues. There were about three different versions of the suicide attempt of rapper Erick Sermon -- none of which made any sense. The impulsive and sudden hanging suicides of Stuart Adamson and Jenny Grahn have led to suspicions that these were similar to the auto-erotic hanging death that claimed the life of INXS leader Michael Hutchence in 1997. And, in an age when conditions such as asthma are most often successfully treated and controlled and very rarely the cause of a death, Charlotte Coleman died at the young age of 33 from a massive asthma attack.

Was this system useful or, if not, potentially useful? I think so in the latter case. Although I suspected Jack Lemmon would die, there was really very little that could be done about it since it was a case of cancer that he was already battling. His condition was not known about in advance, I may add (I also don't think it was ever reported until he died). Similarly, the same can be said for George Harrison, whose cancer only came to light in June of this year (as far as I know, that is). It turns out he had been battling the disease quite a long time. I overestimated the dangers posed to Nicole Kidman and Johnny Cash, although they did experience some serious difficulties. Lack of knowledge about Aaliyah prevented me from listing her as someone who might fall into the Buddy Holly category.

There is more I could say, but this is enough. I think the system can be useful in identifying the major celebrity tragedies of a given year. However, it is only going to be useful if the death or ordeal is preventable. Nothing could have been done for Jack Lemmon or George Harrison. Aaliyah probably would have headed the list of those who I thought might die in a plane crash -- if I had ever heard of her! That's the other problem: knowing the names of everyone who is popular enough to be concerned about.

So it goes: 2002 is a year where a car crash death and a "suspicious" death by accident, suicide, or murder is likely to occur. Either will almost certainly occur if there is a successful or unsuccessful attempt on the life of President George W. Bush, which I have predicted will occur in March/April or August. I also think I have the right names this time around.

Warning: If you enter this page from a 'back door' you will have absolutely no idea what is going on.


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