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Sadly, I did not have the foresight to archive the 2000 series and deleted most of the files.

To see the 2001 series and summary, go first to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 1 and then visit Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 2. The summary appears on Archives 2.

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2004 Sounds


NOTE ABOUT BLUE ALERT SYSTEM (3/11/03): Some of you may recall a few years back when I used "name blends" -- rhyming sounds and off-rhyme clues from part of one name to determine what the next name in the sequence might be (or later in the year). An example was the death of Layne Stahley and how "Layne" led to "Lynne" then "Linda" and the car crash death of Linda Lovelace which followed. I surmised that "Lace" in "Lovelace" might lead to a "Leese" then "Lisa" tragedy. The next day, Lisa Lopes of TLC was killed in a car crash.

Rather than create a whole other section on this page for name blends, I will instead highlight certain names in the lists below in light blue that I feel may be influenced by celebrity deaths that have occurred this year.


IMPORTANT NOTE ON EXCLUSIONS (1/23/04): We acknowledge the passing of dancer and actress Ann Miller, age 81, and note with great regret the passing of Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo), age 76. However, it is no longer the mission of this website to address the deaths of celebrities who are of advanced age or those who have had a long term health problem and are in their early elderly years. Such deaths are largely inevitable and often beyond any purposeful prediction. Also, the one and only applicable sound in Mr Keeshan's name ("eeeee") we now consider to be far too common to be remarkable or in any way useful for predictive purposes. Ergo, save for certain celebrities of advanced or elderly age who may appear on the prediction lists, we will no longer be publishing their obituaries and including comments.

It is, after all, premature death that we are most concerned about.

Prominent name sounds must also be present. "Ray", for example, is a prominent sound, "Ay", on the other hand, is not. This distinction will become more clear as we progress through the year.



UPDATE (1/5/04): So, this is how things appear on the main Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps page as the year 2004 comes to a close.

Sounds extracted from the name Marilyn Monroe (1962) (no surprise, I guess) produced the largest number of deaths and mishaps (15) with Stevie Ray Vaughn (1990) coming in at a distinct second (9).

All in all, I am encouraged with the results this year. This time I used less names in the prediction lists, probably 50% less than last year, and had a record number of correct results. Also, not as many name sounds appeared and only the most important and relevent ones were used.

This year's sound clues confirmed what I suspected: that Ray Charles and Jack Paar would be two of the major fatalities and that Susan Saint James would be in some kind of grave danger. Somehow I was not surprised by the deaths of Rick James or Janet Leigh either.

One of the major celebrity predictions for 2004 was the anticipated "blonde tragedy" that has struck virtually every seven years since 1913. Although largely a female chain of doom, a few males, like blonde actor James Dean and actors Sal Mineo and Jack Cassidy have succumbed instead. Very rarely it is not a blonde tragedy: Isadora Duncan was brown or auburn-haired. There was a 100% chance that this line of tragedy would be fulfilled again.

I am preparing here a detailed commentary concerning this prediction. Briefly, I think it possible that 2004 was another male actor tragedy year, like 1956 and 1976, and that the actor this time around was Christopher Reeve. Even so, four famous blonde actresses had very close calls. Madonna, one of three I actually applied the prediction to, and her children, were issued a death threat by a London-based Al Qaeda group opposed to her doing a concert in Israel. Later, when she brought the matter back up in public whilst on tour, a taxi blew up outside her New York home. Last month she claimed a stalker who has been following her since she began her summer tour is planning to kill her. This follows closely my detailed analysis of what is endangering her. Her name was loosely suggested by "Diana," but not enough so, strictly speaking, to have included her on the prediction list. I also note that in late August, the most dangerous time, blonde actress Charlize Theron nearly broke her neck doing a wire-hanging stunt during a film shoot (fulfilling Quatrain 1.39 if she had). Then, in November, blonde actress Shelley Long attempted suicide by overdosing on pain killers and failed. Unexpectedly, Anna Nicole Smith also got into the act, not only with two broken ribs and what is clearly a downward-spiralling addiction to pain killers, but also a morbid obsession with Marilyn Monroe. Two actresses, one blonde, actually did commit suicide, Britain's Fritha Goodey (by stabbing herself in the heart) and India's Nafisa Joseph (by hanging), but neither was anywhere near well-known enough to qualify as a fulfillment of the prediction. Had Nafisa Joseph been extremely famous and blonde, she would have not only fulfilled the 1913-2004 chain of doom but also Quatrain 1.39 in every possible respect. Perhaps to her fans in India, she did.

It remains possible that the 2004 blonde tragedy prediction will yet be fulfilled by Madonna, Britney Spears (who experienced an undisclosed health problem, depression, violent mood swings, highly damaging scandals, and is dealing with a stalker) or Paris Hilton (who was injured after being thrown from a horse and also accidentally set fire to her trailer) sometime in 2005, since this is what occurred in the case of blonde actress Carole Lombard in 1942, the year following the dangerous year 1941, and at-times blonde actress Thelma Todd in 1935, the year following the the target year 1934. However, the truly tragic death of Christopher Reeve suffices to meet the conditions of the chain of doom running, thus far, every seven years from 1913 to 2004, succumbing nine years later to the kind of injury that immediately claimed the life of actor Jeffrey Hunter. The female close calls are reminiscent of one in 1990 involving Gloria Estefan and another in 1976 involving Donna Summer.

As for other predictions I made using the base 7 system on the 2004 pages, and the celebrities that nearly fulfilled them who also appeared on the name sound prediction lists, Mary-Kate Olsen nearly Karen Carpentered herself ito anorexic oblivion, Dyan Cannon almost ended up on an ash heap like Jack Cassidy, 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott became 2004's answer to Jack Nance and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jan Berry and Terry Melcher went the way of Beachboy Dennis Wilson (not listed), and Iris Chang and Susan Sontag may have already gone the way of one of 2005's name sound celebrities, Sylvia Plath.

Again, I feel the clues were there in much greater abundance than in previous years, and I did call an amazing number of mishaps and deaths dealing with those celebrities I am familiar with. But there were many who passed this way I had never heard of, but whose name sounds matched nevertheless.

Still, I do believe this system can be further refined and made practical in a few more years.

Any celebrity events that occur in the meantime, until I have the new page set up, will be dealt with retroactively (if necessary).


Diana Diana Spencer (d. 1997) - Diana, Diane, Di, Anna, Spen, Enc

Possible predictions (1/20/04): Diana Ross, Diana Canova, Diana Rigg, Diahann Carroll, Diane Ladd, Diane Lane, Diane Keaton, Diane Sawyer, Diane McBain, Dyan Cannon, Anna Kournikova, Rosanna Arquette, Vanna White, Ivana Trump, Amanda Pays, Annie Potts, LeAnn Rimes, Joanne Worley, Lesley-Anne Down, Julianne Margulies, Andy Griffith, Andy Williams, Brandy, Candy Clark, Randy Quaid, Randy Travis, Rue McClanahan, Nelson Mandela, Joe Montana, Vickie Lawrence, Florence Henderson, Terence Stamp, Terence Trent D'Arby, Laurence Fishburne, Clarence Williams III. Additional predictions: (1/26/04): Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, Dido, Joanna Pettet, Lesley Ann Warren. (0/0/04):


1) TV actress Amanda Holden leaves hospital - February 25, 2004
2) Circus performer Dessi Espana falls to her death - May 23, 2004
have been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 8.
3) TV star Anna Nicole Smith shows up with two broken ribs
- June 14, 2004
4) AMA Scandal: Anna Nicole Cracking Up On Pain Killers
- November 26, 2004
have been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 9.


Actress Dyan Cannon suffers smoke inhalation during fire

Monday April 5, 2004

Dyan Cannon from a 2002 photoWEST HOLLYWOOD, California (AP) - Actress Dyan Cannon suffered smoke inhalation when a fire broke out in her condominium, briefly forcing residents to evacuate the high-rise building.

Los Angeles County fire officials received a call around 8 a.m. Sunday of smoke coming from the building and discovered a fire in Cannon's eighth floor condo. They put out the blaze in about 15 minutes, said fire dispatcher Brendon Peart.

Local television stations reported the 67-year-old actress was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for smoke inhalation but was in good condition. About 200 residents were evacuated. Most of the damage was confined to Cannon's condo, fire officials said.

"According to Ms. Cannon, she was sleeping at the time, and it appears that a fire started, perhaps electrical, in her kitchen,'' said fire Capt. Steve Martin. "The smoke detector woke her and her dogs up and, luckily, she got out safe,'' he said.

Peart said the cause of the fire was under investigation.

Cannon was featured in last year's film, "Kangaroo Jack,'' and starred with Warren Beatty in the 1978 hit film "Heaven Can Wait.''

She is among a number of Hollywood actors and directors who live in the building. Actor Danny Woodburn, of the 2002 film, "Death to Smoochy," and actress Suzanne Pleshette, who starred in Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 "The Birds," also live in the high-rise.


COMMENT (4/6/04): Dyan Cannon is named in the prediction list above.

Also a close call regarding my Famous Actor Dies in Fire prediction for December 2004.


'Cheers' star Shelley Long overdoses in apparent suicide attempt

Big News Network.com

Saturday 27th November, 2004

Shelley LongActress Shelley Long was hospitalized for a week in Los Angeles after taking an overdose of painkillers, the New York Post reported Friday.

Friends of Long speculate the 55-year-old Cheers star, depressed over the breakup of her marriage last year, took the pills in an apparent suicide attempt. Long, who played waitress Diane Chambers in the hit sitcom, was admitted to UCLA Medical Center Nov. 16 and released Tuesday, her mother said.

She fell into depression after her husband of 22 years, securities broker Bruce Tyson, left her. The couple is in the process of a divorce and Long is now living alone after moving out of their Hollywood mansion when it was sold.

Long, who won an Emmy and two Golden Globes for her work in Cheers, left the show in 1987, six years before its last episode. She starred in several movies since then but never reached the level of success she enjoyed in her Cheers role.


'Cheers' Star ODs in Apparent Suicide Try

Saturday, November 27, 2004

FOX News - NY PostShelley Long from earlier this year

NEW YORK — Bubbly blond "Cheers" star Shelley Long - depressed over the bust-up of her marriage - was rushed to the hospital after taking an overdose of painkillers in an apparent suicide bid. The 55-year-old actress, who played ditzy waitress Diane Chambers on the classic TV sitcom, was taken to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles after the heartbreaking incident.

Long had been extremely depressed in recent months, was barely eating and often spent long periods of time in bed, said friends, speculating that she tried to kill herself. "It is very sad to see this woman, who is only 55, looking like she's turning 90," one pal told The Sun newspaper of London. Another friend said, "For 18 months, she's been getting more and more depressed. It's like seeing someone falling off a cliff. "She told some of her good friends she felt she had nothing to live for."

The incident took place Nov. 16, and hospital records show that Long was discharged Tuesday. Her mom, in a brief telephone interview, confirmed to The Post that her daughter is no longer in the hospital.

In a weird twist, Long once played a depressed woman committed to a hospital for depression in the 1979 TV movie "The Cracker Factory." She's not the only "Cheers" cast member to have been felled by depression — Kelsey Grammer, too, has also had severe bouts with the blues.

Things got rough for the actress last year, when her securities-broker husband, Bruce Tyson, walked out after 22 years of marriage. They are now divorcing, and Long had to leave their Hollywood mansion when it was sold. She now lives alone. She met Tyson on a blind date in 1979. They were wed two years later — it was her second marriage — and have a daughter, Juliana, 19.

The actress starred in several films since bolting "Cheers" in 1987, six years before it ended in 1993. Among the flicks were 1995's "The Brady Bunch Movie," in which she played Carol Brady, and 2000's "Dr. T and the Women."

Many see her career as a classic example of what happens to some TV stars who give up popular roles to seek movie fame. She never regained the popularity she enjoyed as the overeducated "Cheers" barmaid, who was a foil to bar owner Sam Malone, played by Ted Danson.

She's slated for a rare, pretaped guest appearance tonight in the ABC series "Complete Savages." For "Cheers, " she won an Emmy and two Golden Globes.

Eddie Doyle, the real-life Ted Danson who's served drinks for 30 years at the Bull & Finch Pub in Boston, the bar on which Cheers was based, said: "I'm just really surprised and hope she's going to be all right. I guess they say things like that happen around the holidays."


COMMENTS (11/27/04): Yet another Diana (Shelly Long's Cheers character, Diane Chambers) nearly winds up dead, seven years later. An overwhelming number of new reports claim this was a suicide attempt despite an earlier denial by Shelley Long's agent. Entertainment Tonight also televised this story last night and is planning a more in-depth feature on the suicide bid.

Again, this is not really a surprise. From a base 7 perspective, 2004 is a very dangerous year for celebrity suicide, especially for (largely) blonde American actresses, as this is the same timeline that saw the death by suicide or accidental overdose of blonde actresses Kitty Melrose (1913), Olive Thomas (1920), Thelma Todd (1935), Carole Landis (1948), Marilyn Monroe (1962), and Capucine (1990). The murder of blonde actress Sharon Tate (1969) also falls on the current timeline, and was the subject of my apparently failed or partially correct prediction, Famous Blonde Actress/Pop Celebrity Slain in Brutal Murder, since Madonna was the subject of serious death threats from Al Qaeda terrorists based in London and a second deadly warning when an empty taxi exploded in front of her NYC flat.

Shelley Long lies dead after choking on food in the comedy Hello AgainYet even failed suicide attempts and other types of close calls have a base 7 connection to 2004. This year in an interview, singer Donna Summer admitted she almost jumped from an 11th-floor window in November 1976 (28 [4 x 7] years ago). Singer Gloria Estefan suffered a serious back injury in a vehicular accident in March 1990, only fourteen years ago. And seven years ago, actress Farrah Fawcett began speaking incoherently on David Letterman's show, spurring speculation of drugs overdose and rumours of a past suicide attempt.

However, what is more frightening are the numerous close calls and actual suicides that have already occurred this year regarding blonde Western actresses: the stunt accident neck injury sustained by the now famous actress Charlize Theron that came close to paralysing her or worse, the stabbing suicide of rising British stage actress Fritha Goodey, TV actress Anna Nicole's reported abuse of pain killers and morbid obsession with Marilyn Monroe, Hole singer and supporting actress Courtney Love's apparent emotional breakdown in the wake of last year's drugs overdose, and the one non-Western, non-blonde suicide involving the hanging death of India's actress Nafisa Joseph. Now we have an attempted suicide by the very famous, blonde, comic actress of TV and film, Shelley Long.

Yet, as with James Dean (1955) and Sal Mineo and Jack Cassidy (1976), it appears that it will be the male-dominated tragic death of actor Christopher Reeve for which 2004 will always be remembered, unless Ms Long's experience is a sign of something worse to come by the end of this year or in January 2005 (as was the case with blonde actress Carole Lombard's plane crash in January 1942) or even later in 2005 (as was the case with Thelma Todd's car exhaust suicide in 1935, seventy years ago).

Ironically, this is the first year, I believe, that Shelley Long's name was not listed. Her usually perpetual appearance on the lists of these pages year to year is in part based on an intuition I had when looking over photographs in a magazine of Long in 1995. I felt, for some odd reason, that one day she would commit suicide. Likewise with photos of Cybill Shepherd that same year -- I sensed death one day through some strange accident in a very hot place, like a steel mill, where I saw much steam and smoke (Shepherd was involved in an apartment fire in November 2000). I also strongly felt Princess Diana was in danger of being murdered even before finding prophetic evidence that supported this. I even did a collage in December 1996 that seemed to indicate the danger would be linked to a dark, curly-haired Mediterranean male along with a cryptic legend where she is speaking to a "doctor."

There are other such intuitive feelings that are perhaps worth discussing. Yet one of these regarding Madonna appears to have been a total failure. Intuition alone, it would seem, is not 100% reliable.


Jefferson Airplane drummer Spencer Dryden dead

Friday, January 14, 2005 Posted: 1334 GMT (2134 HKT)

Spencer Dryden in 1968
PETALUMA, California (AP) -- Spencer Dryden, drummer for the Jefferson Airplane in the rock band's glory years, including the breakthrough 1967 album "Surrealistic Pillow" and the Woodstock festival, has died of cancer. He was 66.

Dryden, who died at his home Monday, retired from performing 10 years ago but hadn't been working much before that. "I'm gone," he told the San Francisco Chronicle last May. "I'm out of it. I've left the building."

A benefit concert last year raised $36,000 for Dryden, who was facing hip replacement and heart surgery at the time and whose home had been destroyed by fire. He was diagnosed with cancer later last year.

"Spencer had a flow, a way of going, an impulse power that was irresistible and unique," the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart told the Chronicle in the obituary published Thursday. "He was capable of creating a churning, loving rhythm machine for ecstatic dancing." Dryden was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 for his work with the Jefferson Airplane.

He joined the band in 1966. He had been working as a strip club drummer when he was recommended as the replacement for Skip Spence, who went on to start another noted rock group, Moby Grape.

Dryden recorded on a number of the Airplane's most famous albums, "Surrealistic Pillow," which included the hits "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit"; "After Bathing At Baxter's"; the live "Bless Its Pointed Little Head"; "Crown Of Creation"; and "Volunteers."During his stint with the Airplane, Dryden had an affair with lead singer Grace Slick. He left the band in 1970.

In the '70s and '80s, he played for the Grateful Dead sideline country-rock band, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and a Bay area group of psychedelic rock veterans called the Dinosaurs.

Dryden was married three times and is survived by three sons. His father, British actor Wheeler Dryden, was a half brother of Charlie Chaplin.


COMMENT (1/15/05): A rare, glaring occurence where a name sound, in this case "Spencer," carried over into the first month of the next year. I fear for at least two other members of Jefferson Airplane in 2005. There are strong name sounds for Marty Balin and Grace Slick.


John Denver John Denver (d. 1997) - John, Den, Ver

Possible predictions (9/1/04): Bob Denver, Dennis Rodman, Dennis Leary.


1) Johnny Ramone losing cancer fight - June 16, 2004
2) Johnny Ramone dies at 55
- September 16, 2004
has been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 9.


Body Count guitarist Dennis Miles dies of lymphoma -- D-Roc was 45

Dennis Miles as D-RocThursday, August 26, 2004 Posted: 1322 GMT (2122 HKT)

NEW YORK (Billboard) -- Dennis Miles, the hockey-masked rhythm guitarist with rapper Ice-T's hard-rock band Body Count, has died after a battle with lymphoma. Miles, whose stage name was D-Roc, died August 17 in California. He was 45.

Two other members of Body Count have already died: drummer Beatmaster V succumbed to leukemia in 1996 and bassist Mooseman was killed in a drive-by shooting in 2000.

"D-Roc was the backbone of the Body Count sound," said Ice-T. "Words cannot explain how much we will miss D-Roc more as a friend than as a band member."

In the wake of the controversy over the album and single "Cop Killer" during Body Count's early '90s heyday, D-Roc wore a hockey mask on and off-stage. "He didn't want to get caught up in the hype of being a star," said lead guitarist Ernie C, who hoped Body Count would continue in some form. "Ice and I will always play together," he said.


COMMENT (9/1/04): Looks like Freddie Krueger wins.


Laura Nyro Laura Nyro (d. 1997) - Laura, Lor, Or, Aura, Near, Ear, Oh

Possible predictions (9/1/04): Laurie Anderson, Laurie Metcalf, Lori Singer, Lori Spelling, Laura Dern, Laura Harring, Laura Herring, Laura Bush, Lauren Holly, Lauren Bacall, Lauren Hutton, Joey Lauren Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Gloria Estefan, Gloria Loring, Cloris Leachman. Additional predictions: (9/18/04): Britney Spears.


1) Singer Laura Branigan dies at 47 - August 29, 2004
has been re-located to
Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 9.


'It's Raining Men' singer, Izora Rhodes Armstead, dead

Wednesday, September 29, 2004 Posted: 1408 GMT (2208 HKT)

So, who's who, girl?SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- Izora Rhodes Armstead, who sang the 1980's dance club hit "It's Raining Men" as one half of the Weather Girls, has died. Her age was unknown.

Armstead, who along with partner Martha Wash started out as background singers for San Francisco disco diva Sylvester before forming the Weather Girls, died on September 16 of heart failure at a hospital in San Leandro, about 20 miles east of San Francisco.

Armstead and Wash, who met when they sang in the same gospel group, were known as Two Tons O' Fun when they sang on four Sylvester Albums, including his No. 1 club hits, "Dance (Disco Heat)" and "(You Make Me Feel) Mighty Real."

After leaving Sylvester, they made three albums as the Weather Girls before splitting up. One of the albums, "Success," featured the 1983 song "It's Raining Men" -- co-written by "Late Show" bandleader Paul Shaffer -- which was a No. 1 dance club hit.


COMMENT (10/10/04): So who's who in the photo? Left or right? And how come in every report they keep saying 'age unknown?'


George Clooney sidelined by ruptured disk

The Associated Press

11/29/2004 11:02 PMGeorge Clooney

George Clooney is suffering from a ruptured disk that kept him promoting his new film, Ocean's Twelve, this week.

Clooney had been scheduled to travel to New York Sunday for appearances on shows including Good Morning America,The Daily Show and Charlie Rose, his spokesman, Stan Rosenfield, said Monday.

But Clooney told Rosenfield on Saturday that his condition had worsened and he would be unable to travel. Rosenfield said he didn't have information on how or when the injury occurred.

The former ER star, whose sequel to the caper film Ocean's Eleven opens Dec. 10, was being treated by a doctor, Rosenfield said. He declined to provide details.

Asked when Clooney, 43, might be back on the publicity trail to talk about the movie, Rosenfield said, "Hopefully next week." Ocean's Twelve co-stars Julia Roberts, who gave birth to twins, a boy and girl, on Sunday.


Stevie Ray Vaughn Stevie Ray Vaughn (d. 1990) - Stevie, Steve, eeeee, Ray, Aw, Awn

Possible predictions (1/20/04): Stevie Nicks, Stevie Wonder, Steve Martin, Steve Winwood, Steve Miller, Steve Buscemi, Stephen Baldwin, Stephen Bishop, Genevieve Bujold, Christie McVie, Ray Charles, Ray Parker, Jr., Ray Manzarek, Grace Slick, Jim Nabors, Robert Vaughn, Vince Vaughn, Jude Law, Lucy Lawless, Twiggy Lawson, Goldie Hawn, Dawn Wells, Sean 'Puffy' Combs, Sean Connery, Sean Young. Additional predictions: (1/26/04): Connie Stevens, Stella Stevens. (6/19/04): Rachel Ward, Tracy Chapman, Graham Nash. (9/1/04): Tracy Ullman.


1) Spalding Gray: Missing actor's family fears suicide - January 15, 2004
2) Mud lead singer Les Gray dies at 57 - February 23, 2004
3) Kinks star Ray Davies
shot in New Orleans - February 25, 2004
4) Spalding Gray found dead - Body of writer
, actor found in East River - March 8, 2004
5) Deacon Blue guitarist Graeme Kelling dies at 47 - June 12, 2004
have been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 8.
6) EastEnders star Ray Panthaki hurt in nightclub - August 31, 2004
7) Skeeter Davis, 'End Of The World' Singer Dies - September 20, 2004
has been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 9.


Ray Charles dies at 73

Thursday, June 10, 2004 Posted: 2044 GMT (0444 HKT)

Singer/musician Ray CharlesBEVERLY HILLS, California (AP) -- Ray Charles, the Grammy-winning crooner who blended gospel and blues in such crowd-pleasers as "What'd I Say" and ballads like "Georgia on My Mind," died Thursday, a spokesman said. He was 73.

Charles died at his Beverly Hills home surrounded by family and friends, said spokesman Jerry Digney. Charles' last public appearance was alongside Clint Eastwood on April 30, when the city of Los Angeles designated the singer's studios, built 40 years ago in central Los Angeles, as a historic landmark.

Blind by age 7 and an orphan at 15, Charles spent his life shattering any notion of musical boundaries and defying easy definition. A gifted pianist and saxophonist, he dabbled in country, jazz, big band and blues, and put his stamp on it all with a deep, warm voice roughened by heartbreak from a hardscrabble childhood in the segregated South. "His sound was stunning -- it was the blues, it was R&B, it was gospel, it was swing -- it was all the stuff I was listening to before that but rolled into one amazing, soulful thing," singer Van Morrison told Rolling Stone magazine in April.

Charles won nine of his 12 Grammy Awards between 1960 and 1966, including the best R&B recording three consecutive years ("Hit the Road Jack," "I Can't Stop Loving You" and "Busted"). His versions of other songs are also well known, including "Makin' Whoopee" and a stirring "America the Beautiful." Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell wrote "Georgia on My Mind" in 1931 but it didn't become Georgia's official state song until 1979, long after Charles turned it into an American standard.

"I was born with music inside me. That's the only explanation I know of," Charles said in his 1978 autobiography, "Brother Ray." "Music was one of my parts ... Like my blood. It was a force already with me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me, like food or water."

He was happiest playing music, smiling and swaying behind the piano as his legs waved in rhythmic joy. His appeal spanned generations: He teamed with such disparate musicians as Willie Nelson, Chaka Khan and Eric Clapton, and appeared in movies including "The Blues Brothers." Pepsi tapped him for TV spots around a simple "uh huh" theme, perhaps playing off the grunts and moans that pepper his songs ...


COMMENT (6/10/04): Ray Charles is named in the prediction list above.


Bluesman Son Seals dies at 62

Son SealsWednesday, December 22, 2004 Posted: 1547 GMT (2347 HKT)

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- Blues singer-guitarist Son Seals, one of the most distinctive voices to emerge in the genre during the 1970s, died Monday in Chicago of complications from diabetes. He was 62.

Seals helped establish Chicago-based Alligator Records as the era's premier blues label with a run of albums featuring his tough songs, brooding vocals and spikey guitar work. He won three W.C. Handy Blues Awards, and received a Grammy Award nomination in 1980 for his work on the live compilation "Blues Deluxe."

Born in Osceola, Arkansas, Seals learned guitar from his father, a former minstrel show performer and juke joint operator. He initially established himself professionally as a drummer, working with guitarist Earl Hooker and appearing behind Albert King on the 1968 Stax album "Live Wire/Blues Power."

Seals moved to Chicago in 1971 and began fronting his own groups on the city's South Side. Signed to Alligator, he made an immediate impression with his impassioned 1973 debut "The Son Seals Blues Band." After the release of its 1977 sequel "Midnight Son," the New York Times called Seals "the most exciting young blues guitarist and singer in years."

Seals had a tempestuous relationship with Alligator and its founder-owner Bruce Iglauer, who also managed him; he departed the label in the mid-'80s, but returned to the fold in the '90s. His last album "Lettin' Go" was cut for Telarc in 2000.

He toured widely, despite the loss of a leg to diabetes. Late in his career he opened several shows for the jam band Phish, who covered his song "Funky Bitch." Seals is survived by his sister Katherine Sims and 14 children.


COMMENT (12/30/04): As we move toward the New Year, one of next year's influences, Sonny Bono (who died in a skiing accident in January 1998), colours the "Un" sound from "Hunter" (Jeffrey Hunter) to a "Son" for Son Seals.


Susan Oliver Susan Oliver (d. 1990) - Susan, Sue, ooooo, Olive, Ol

Possible predictions (1/20/04): Susan Sarandon, Susan Clark, Susan Dey, Susan Lucci, Susan Day George, Pamela Sue Martin, Sue Lyon, Sue Ane Langdon, Susannah York, Suzanne Pleshette, Suzanne Somers, Suzanne Vega, Tuesday Weld, Lulu, Drew Barrymore, Oliver North, Oliver Stone, Olivia D'Abo, Olivia Cole, Olivia Hussey, Olivia Newton-John, Lauren Holly, Michael J. Pollard, Gary Collins, Joan Collins, Phil Collins, Molly Ringwald, Dolly Parton, Marty Balin. Additional predictions: (2/5/04): Susan St James. (0/0/04):


1) Indian star Soundarya killed in air crash - April 18, 2004
has been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 8.


Actress Susan Saint James Talks About Plane Crash

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2004

Susan Saint James in 1977 Japanese film(CBS/AP) The charter jet carrying NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol and two of his sons lifted briefly during takeoff, then tipped back and forth before crashing and burning, Ebersol's actress wife said in an interview broadcast Friday.

Susan Saint James, speaking publicly for the first time about the crash, told NBC's "Today" she has spoken with their 21-year-old son, Charles, about what happened at the Montrose, Colo., airport. The crash killed the couple's 14-year-old son, Teddy, and two crewmen Sunday.

Charles "remembers everything — that they started to lift and tip to the right," she said. "And the pilot tried to straighten up, and tipped to the left and to the right. The pilots saw the front just get compressed like that, and they ended up outside. They were out on the snow."

Federal investigators say the plane was not deiced before takeoff. "We do want to look at de-icing because of the weather conditions but we're not going to just focus on one possibility," Ellen Engleman Connors, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, told CBS News' The Early Show Tuesday.

A snowstorm had moved through the area and there was light snow and fog at the time of takeoff.

The plane was supposed to fly to Indiana to drop off Charles at Notre Dame University, then continue on to the East Coast with his father and younger brother. It had stopped in Colorado to drop off Saint James, presumably so she could spent time at the family home near the Telluride ski resort. The family also has a middle son, Willie, 18, who attends the University of Southern California.

She said her husband has a cracked sternum — "so it is hard for him to sob" — and doesn't remember much about the crash.

Charles Ebersol is credited with pulling his father out of the wreckage before rescue crews and others arrived to help. His mother said he doesn't consider himself a hero because he couldn't save his brother. And she said he called her on a cell phone and said, "Mom, there's been a crash. You've got to come back and help me look for Teddy."

Saint James, who starred in the TV shows "Kate and Allie" and "McMillan and Wife," said her youngest son was like a best friend, and recalled an autobiography he wrote in school. "We read it and found out things we didn't know about Teddy, and how much we meant to him as a family," she said.

She added: "You know the saying you're never supposed to bury a child? To lose one and not another. You have to sob your brains out."


Why Susan Saint James would almost certainly have died had she remained on board the plane

Susan Saint James would have become the female fulfillment of the 'Jessica Savitch scenario' prediction as the famous actress wife of an NBC sports news celebrity who died in a plane crashCOMMENT (12/18/04): Susan Saint James is named in the prediction list above (as Susan St James). She was not a victim of the crash that seriously injured NBC producer and Saturday Night Live alumni Dick Ebersol and his son, claiming the life of son Teddy and two crewman. However, she was on board for part of the flight. She was lucky she got off the plane in Colorado and did not continue on with her family. I believe that if she had stayed, she would have died.

When we look at the other names, they do not match any of the name sounds on this page. "Ebersol" comes close with the "Ol" from "Oliver" (Susan Oliver). The "sol" is also an off-rhyme to "Sal" (Sal Mineo). Yet this is technically not enough to have caused Dick Ebersol to be listed. Neither "Charles" nor "Dick" hook into any of the sounds; but "Teddy" does -- the "Dee" from Dean (James Dean). Just enough: Teddy Ebersol. But if Susan Saint James had been there, there is no question she would have also died. Susan Saint James: "Susan" from Susan Oliver, "Say" in "Saint" or "St" from Stevie Ray Vaughn (who died in a plane crash), and "James" from James Dean (who died in a car crash). It would have been a deadly combination.

As to why the accident happened at all: in a seperate prediction on 2004 (Part Four) I warned that a female newscaster, and probably one from NBC, might die in a car crash or plane crash in October 2004. On October 23, 1983, newscaster Jessica Savitch (who also hosted NBC Weekend), died in an auto accident at age 36. That was 21 (3 x 7) years ago as of October 23, 2004.

Ergo, it seemed a warning was in order for all female news anchors and co-anchors, indeed all NBC personnel, to be careful of driving or riding in cars -- and as it turns out, planes as well. Although the wrong sex (male rather than female), Dick Ebersol was also from NBC as was Jessica Savitch, but dealt with the sporting news. Other than that, a similar scenario, eerily only off by one month, six days. Had she remained on board, Susan Saint James, I believe, would have become the female fulfillment of this prediction as the famous actress wife of an NBC sports news celebrity who died in a plane crash. This was so dangerously close for both Dick Ebersol and Susan Saint James it is terrifying, yet still it managed to be a tragedy for their son.

Nevertheless, one must keep in mind that Dick Ebersol survived, rendering this prediction a CLOSE CALL. That means it remains possible for a similar scenario to play out, thus, female and other male newscasters should still remain on guard as well as all NBC personnel ... on the road or in the air.


Author Susan Sontag dies at 71

Leading thinker wrote 'On Photography,' 'Notes on Camp'

Tuesday, December 28, 2004 Posted: 2050 GMT (0450 HKT)

Susan SontagNEW YORK (AP) -- Susan Sontag, the author, activist and self-defined "zealot of seriousness" whose voracious mind and provocative prose made her a leading intellectual of the past half century, died Tuesday. She was 71.

Sontag died at 7:10 a.m. Tuesday, said Esther Carver, a spokeswoman for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. The hospital declined to release a cause of death. Sontag had been treated for breast cancer in the 1970s.

Sontag called herself a "besotted aesthete," an "obsessed moralist" and a "zealot of seriousness." Tall and commanding, her very presence suggested grand, passionate drama: eyes the richest brown; thick, black hair accented by a bolt of white; the voice deep and assured; her expression a severe stare or a wry smile, as if amused by a joke only she could tell.

She wrote a best-selling historical novel, "The Volcano Lover," and in 2000 won the National Book Award for the historical novel "In America." But her greatest literary impact was as an essayist. The 1964 piece "Notes on Camp," which established her as a major new writer, popularized the "so bad it's good" attitude toward popular culture, applicable to everything from "Swan Lake" to feather boas. In "Against Interpretation," this most analytical of writers worried that critical analysis interfered with art's "incantatory, magical" power.

She also wrote such influential works as "Illness as Metaphor," in which she examined how disease had been alternately romanticized and demonized, and "On Photography," in which she argued pictures sometimes distance viewers from the subject matter. "On Photography" received a National Book Critics Circle award in 1978. "Regarding the Pain of Others," a partial refutation of "On Photography," was an NBCC finalist in 2004.

She read authors from all over the world and is credited with introducing such European intellectuals as Roland Barthes and Elias Canetti to American readers. "I know of no other intellectual who is so clear-minded with a capacity to link, to connect, to relate," Carlos Fuentes, the Mexican novelist, once said. "She is unique."

Unlike many American writers, she was deeply involved in politics, even after the 1960s. From 1987-89, Sontag served as president of American chapter of the writers organization PEN. When the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini called for Salman Rushdie's death because of the alleged blasphemy of "The Satanic Verses," she helped lead protests in the literary community.

Sontag campaigned relentlessly for human rights and throughout the 1990s traveled to the region of Yugoslavia, calling for international action against the growing civil war. In 1993, she visited Sarajevo and staged a production of "Waiting for Godot."


COMMENT (12/30/04): As we move toward the New Year, one of next year's influences, Sonny Bono (who died in a skiing accident in January 1998), colours the "Un" sound from "Hunter" (Jeffrey Hunter) to a "Son" for Susan Sontag.


Jill Ireland Jill Ireland (d. 1990) - Jill, Ill, Ire, Land

Possible predictions (1/20/04): Jill St John, Jill Sobule, Gillian Anderson, Cybill Shepherd, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Billy Preston, Billie Piper, Lily Tomlin, Phil Collins, Kathy Ireland, Talia Shire, Martha Hyer, Anne Rice, Winona Ryder, John Landis, Martin Landau, Beverly Garland, Donald Sutherland, Kiefer Sutherland, Tony Orlando. Additional predictions: (1/26/04): Priscilla Presley, Elias Koteas. (0/0/04):


Acclaimed author, Iris Chang, in apparent suicide

Thursday, November 11, 2004 Posted: 1435 GMT (2235 HKT)

Author Iris ChangLOS GATOS, California (AP) -- Iris Chang, a best-selling author who chronicled the Japanese occupation of China and the history of Chinese immigrants in the United States, was found dead in her car of a self-inflicted gunshot, authorities said Wednesday. She was 36.

Chang, who won critical acclaim for her books "The Rape of Nanking" and "The Chinese in America," was found along Highway 17 just south of Los Gatos, Santa Clara County authorities said. On Tuesday morning, a motorist noticed her car parked on a side road, checked the vehicle and called police.

The official cause of death has not been released, but investigators concluded that Chang, who was hospitalized recently for a breakdown, shot herself in the head. She lived in San Jose with her husband and 2-year-old son.

Born in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1968 and raised in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, Chang earned a bachelor's degree in journalism at the University of Illinois and a master's in science writing at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Chang worked briefly as a reporter for The Associated Press and the Chicago Tribune before leaving daily journalism to pursue her own writing. At age 25, she published her first book, "Thread of the Silkworm," which tells the story of Tsien Hsue-shen, the Chinese-born physicist who pioneered China's missile program after being driven from the United States during the Cold War.

In 1997, Chang published the international bestseller "The Rape of Nanking," which described the rape, torture and killing of hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians by Japanese soldiers in the former Chinese capital during the late 1930s. "The Chinese in America," published last year, is a history of Chinese immigrants and their descendants in the United States.

The late historian Stephen Ambrose described Chang as "maybe the best young historian we've got, because she understands that to communicate history, you've got to tell the story in an interesting way."

Chang suffered a breakdown and was hospitalized during a recent trip researching her fourth book about U.S. soldiers who fought the Japanese in the Philippines during World War II, according to her former editor and agent Susan Rabiner. Chang continued to suffer from depression after she was released from the hospital. In a note to her family, she asked to be remembered as the person she was before she became ill -- "engaged with life, committed to her causes, her writing and her family," Rabiner said.


COMMENT (11/15/04): Probable early victim of the coming "Sylvia Plath scenario" in February 2005. See Female Confessional Author or Poet Commits Suicide.


Karen Carpenter Karen Carpenter (d. 1983) - Karen, Care, Air, Car, Ar, Pen

Possible predictions (1/20/04): Karen Allen, Karen Black, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Carole King, Carol Kane, Carol Lynley, Carroll Baker, Carol Burnett, Carrie-Anne Moss, Claire Goose, Mariah Carey, Drew Carey, Blair Brown, Donna Air, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, John Carpenter, Richard Carpenter, Scott Carpenter, Vikki Carr, Carlene Carter, Angela Cartwright, Veronica Cartwright, Yvonne DeCarlo, George Carlin, Johnny Carson, Judy Carne, Kim Carnes, Andrew McCarthy, Jenny McCarthy, Paul McCartney, Carmen Electra, Carlos Santana, Sean Penn, Teddy Pendergrass, Penny Marshall. Additional predictions: (1/26/04): Tony Blair, Claudia Cardinale, Debbie Harry. (2/5/04): Karen Mulder, Jennifer Karen, Carlos Santana. (4/10/04): Carrie Fisher. (0/0/04):


1) Actress Carrie Snodgress dead - Oscar-nominated actress was 57 - April 9, 2004
2) Veteran Adult Entertainer Darren James Diagnosed as HIV-positive
- April 13, 2004
3) TV presenter Caron Keating dies
- April 14, 2004

have been re-located to
Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 8.
4) Eric Douglas Found Dead - July 7, 2004
5) TV presenter Carol Vorderman injured in dance show - November 1, 2004
have been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 9.


Jack Cassidy Jack Cassidy (d. 1976) - Jack, Ack, Cass, Ass, Dee

Possible predictions (1/20/04): Jack Klugman, Jack Nicholson, Jack Nicklaus, Jack Paar, Jack Palance, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Jackie Chan, Jackie Cooper, Jackie Mason, Jackie Shannon, Jackson Browne, Jacqueline Bisset, Janet Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson, Reggie Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Mackenzie Phillips, Roberta Flack, Gene Hackman, Honor Blackman, Joan Blackman, Nina Blackwood, Kelly Packard, Gisele MacKenzie, Kim Novack, Joan Cusack, John Cusack, Catherine McCormack, David Cassidy, Joanna Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Nick Cassavettes, Seymour Cassel, Lance Bass, Mackenzie Astin, Amy Yasbeck. Additional predictions: (0/0/04):


1) J.J. Jackson, original MTV VJ, dies - March 19, 2004
2) Former ABC newsman Jack Smith dead
- April 8, 2004
3) Pop star Brenda Fassie suffers brain damage
- May 2, 2004
have been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 8.
4) 'Psycho' star Janet Leigh dies at 77 - October 4, 2004
has been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 9.


'Tonight Show' pioneer Jack Paar dead at 85

Tuesday, January 27, 2004 Posted: 2007 GMT ( 4:07 AM HKT)

Jack Paar in his '60s heydayGREENWICH, Connecticut (AP) -- Jack Paar, who held the nation's rapt attention as he pioneered late-night talk on "The Tonight Show," then told his viewers farewell when still in his prime, died Tuesday. He was 85.

Paar died at his Greenwich home as a result of a long illness, said Stephen Wells, Paar's son-in-law. Paar's daughter and wife were by his side, Wells said. "We're in a bit of a fog," he said. "There were a lot of people who knew Jack and loved him."

Since the mid-1960s, Paar had kept mostly out of the public eye, engaging in business ventures and indulging his passion for travel. But Paar's years on NBC enlivened an otherwise "painfully predictable" TV landscape, wrote The New York Times' Jack Gould in 1962. "Mr. Paar almost alone has managed to preserve the possibility of surprise."

Johnny Carson took over "The Tonight Show" in 1962. Paar had a prime-time talk show for three more seasons, then retired from television in 1965.

Carson was at his Malibu, California, home when he got word of Paar's death. In a statement, he said he was "very saddened to hear of his passing. He was a unique personality who brought a new dimension to late night television."

Paar had taken over the flagging NBC late-night slot in July 1957; Steve Allen had departed some months earlier. Allen's show was a variety show; Paar's a talk show. "Like being chosen as a kamikaze pilot," Paar wrote in "I Kid You Not," a memoir. "But I felt sure that people would enjoy good, frank and amusing talk."

They did. Viewers loved this cherubic wiseguy, someone once referred to as "like Peter Pan, if Peter Pan had been written by Mickey Spillane."

Soon, everyone was staying up to watch Paar, then talking about his show the next day. Even youngsters sent to bed before Paar came on parroted his jaunty catch phrase, "I kid you not," with which he regularly certified his flow of self-revealing stories.

Just why he walked away from such a breakthrough career at age 47 would become an enduring source of conjecture, possibly even for Paar. His explanation would have to suffice: that he was tired and ready to do other things.

But off the air, as on, he never stopped doing the thing he did best: talk. "The only time I'm nervous or scared is when I'm NOT talking," he told The Associated Press in 1997. "When I'm talking, I know that I do it well."


COMMENT (1/27/04): Jack Paar is named in the prediction list above.


Sal Mineo Sal Mineo (d. 1976) - Sal, Al, Min, In, Minnie, Ohhhh

Possible predictions (1/20/04): Sally Struthers, Sally Field, Sally Kellerman, Al Green, Al Pacino, Al Gore, Val Kilmer, Valerie Perrine, Valerie Curtin, Ali MacGraw, Alice Walker, Mary Alice, Alice Cooper, Alison Krause, Allison Parks, Alan Arkin, Alan Alda, Woody Allen, Debbie Allen, Nancy Allen, Minnie Driver, Liza Minnelli, Kylie Minogue, Mindy Sterling, Yasmine Bleeth, Cindy Williams, Alyssa Milano. Additional predictions: (2/5/04): Valerie Bertinelli, Mohammad Ali. (0/0/04):


1) 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek in car crash - January 31, 2004
2) Singer Timi Yuro dead at 63 - April 9, 2004
3) TV host Rania al-Baz goes public with abuse - April 20, 2004
have been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 8.


Singer Liza Minelli was taken to a New York Hospital after hitting her head Monday morning.Liza Minnelli hospitalized

Tuesday, December 28, 2004 Posted: 0235 GMT (1035 HKT)

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Actress and singer Liza Minnelli was taken to a hospital after falling out of bed and hitting her head in the early hours of Monday morning, People Magazine reported.

"She was sleeping and she rolled out of bed," People quoted a police source as saying in an article on its Web site. "She hit her head. Her bodyguard got nervous and he called 911. He said he couldn't get her up. She wasn't bleeding. She was on the floor," the source was quoted as saying.

The report said Minnelli, 58, was taken to New York Hospital. A spokeswoman at the hospital declined to confirm the report and Minnelli's spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment. People Magazine said an Emergency Medical Services spokesman had confirmed that they received a medical call about an unconscious female from Minnelli's address around 4 a.m.

Last month Minnelli's former bodyguard and chauffeur accused her of battery and assault and brought a suit against her seeking more than $100 million in damages. Minnelli has filed a counter-suit against him.

Minnelli's estranged husband, David Gest, is also suing her for $10 million claiming the singer beat him during drunken rages. Minnelli has denied beating Gest and counter-sued, claiming he cheated her out of more than $2 million.


COMMENT (12/30/04): Liza Minnelli is named in the prediction list above.


Sharon Sharon Tate (d. 1969) - Sharon, Shar, Air, Tate, Ate, Ay

Possible predictions (1/20/04): Sharon Stone, Sharon Osbourne, Cher, Charo, Sheryl Crow, Sheryl Lee, Cheryl Tiegs, Paris Hilton, Tatum O'Neill, Bonnie Raitt, Phoebe Cates, Justine Bateman, Christina Applegate, Kathy Bates, Tom Waits, Kate Hudson, Kate Jackson, Kate Bush, Kate Capshaw, Kate Nelligan, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Winslet, Katie Couric, Barbara Corday, Doris Day, Rebecca DeMornay, Rebecca Gayheart, Elizabeth Taylor, Leigh Taylor-Young, Faith Hill, Tori Amos. Additional predictions: (0/0/04):


1) Photographer charged in death of porn model Taylor Sumers - March 25, 2004
has been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 8.
2) Charlize Theron hurt while shooting stunt scene
- August 31, 2004
has been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 9.


Paris Hilton Thrown from Horse


Paris Hilton attending movie premiereSaturday, 20th March 2004

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton was taken to hospital after a horse she was riding threw her off and kicked her in the stomach.

The accident occurred during the filming of The Simple Life 2, a reality show featuring Hilton and her friend Nicole Richie on a 30-day cross-country trip.

Hilton, 23, was first treated at the scene in rural Florida north of Tampa, then taken to a hospital, said Chris Alexander, publicist for 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles.

The kick to the stomach left her bruised, but she was not seriously injured, said St Joseph's Hospital spokeswoman Lisa Patterson. Hilton was released about three hours after she was brought in and was never admitted to the hospital, she said.

Camera crews were taping the socialite-turned-TV star when she was thrown, Ms Alexander said.

The sequel to The Simple Life features Hilton and Richie on a month-long cross-country trip with no money, credit cards, mobile phones or boyfriends.

Hilton and Richie, adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie, helped make the first season of The Simple Life a huge success for Fox. The young women supposedly break free from their sheltered upbringings, working odd jobs milking cows and flipping burgers at a fast-food restaurant while living with a family in ultra-rural Altus, Arkansas, population 817.


COMMENT (3/20/04): Paris Hilton is named in the prediction list above. She is also profiled as a potential victim of the Famous Blonde Actress/Pop Celebrity Slain in Brutal Murder prediction where she may fall prey to the "Sharon Tate" scenario.


Elizabeth Taylor suffers from heart condition


Elizabeth Taylor says, 'Don't fear the Reaper.'LOS ANGELES (AP) — Elizabeth Taylor is in good spirits despite suffering from congestive heart failure, her publicist said. Taylor, 72, told W magazine in its December issue that she has the cardiac condition, in which the heart fails to pump enough blood through the body, resulting in fatigue, shortness of breath, fluid buildup and other symptoms.

The actress, an Academy Award winner for 1966's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and 1960's Butterfield 8, also said she has scoliosis that has twisted her spine, resulting in constant pain. "My body's a real mess," said Taylor, whose screen credits also include Cleopatra, Suddenly, Last Summer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and National Velvet. "If you look at it in the mirror, it's just completely convex and concave."

Despite Taylor's health problems, her spokeswoman, Sally Morrison, said Monday the actress was coping well and remained cheerful. She recently attended a friend's birthday party, according to Morrison. Taylor has lived through two life-threatening bouts with pneumonia, one requiring a tracheotomy, back fractures, two hip replacements and a brain tumor, among other health ailments.

She told the magazine she is not afraid to die. "Really I'm not, because I've been there," Taylor said.


COMMENT (12/5/04): Elizabeth Taylor is named in the prediction list above.


Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel Death Threat Terror

Star Magazine

Idina Menzel Taye DiggsDecember 16, 2004

NYC cops are on the hunt for a fanatic who's terrorizing TV hunk Taye Diggs and his wife, Broadway star, singer and actress Idina Menzel, with racist, threatening letters.

Of at least three handwritten letters sent so far, the most recent one reportedly threatens to "burn" and "castrate" Diggs, who plays a lawyer in UPN's Kevin Hill, because of his interracial marriage to Menzel (the couple wed in January 2003). The actress won a Tony for her role as the wicked witch in the hit Broadway show Wicked.

The death threat against Diggs, 33, was reportedly sent to The League of American Theatres and Producers on Dec. 1. The other letters, which made negative remarks about Menzel, 33, and their marriage, were sent earlier to New York's Gershwin Theater, where Wicked has run since 2003.

But the shocking news couldn't keep audiences away.

"This audience was pumped; they came out to support her," said New Yorker Kathy Donnason, who attended the Dec. 5 show. Audience members told Star that security was tight, with every handbag inspected with a flashlight.

Castmember Joey McIntyre played down the danger, telling Star, "Everything was just awesome." Another castmember described the Dec. 5 show as "business as usual. Nobody really even talked about it."


COMMENT (12/17/04): All in all these sounds and letter formations found in both Diggs' and Menzel's names are pretty frightening. Sounds and letter formations from Diana Spencer, Sharon Tate, and Jill Ireland are to be found in both. They almost seem to promise there will be an horrific tragedy. Not only that, but an actor or actress may die in a fire this month according to my Famous Actor Dies in Fire prediction. Note that the pair are being threatened with a "burning" death.


Jeffrey Hunter Jeffrey Hunter (d. 1969) - Jeff, freee, reee, Hunt, Hun, Un

Possible predictions (1/20/04): Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Bridges, Freda Payne, Reese Witherspoon, Rex Reed, Morgan Freeman, Oprah Winfrey, Holly Hunter, Kim Hunter, Tab Hunter, Helen Hunt, Linda Hunt, Lauren Hutton, Griffin Dunn, Neil Diamond. Additional predictions: (1/26/04): Fran Jeffries, Pat Priest. (0/0/04):


1) Jeff Fenech stabbed in Sydney - January 5, 2004
2) Scots actor Russell Hunter dies
- February 26, 2004
have been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 8.
3) Nafisa Joseph, actress and former Miss India, hangs herself - July 30, 2004
4) Actress Fritha Goodey in tragic suicide
- September 8, 2004
5) ACTOR CHRISTOPHER REEVE DIES A HERO: His Base 7 Connection to Acting Legend Jeffrey Hunter - October 11, 2004
have been re-located to
Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 9.


Lauren Hutton to hospital with chest pain

Tuesday, April 13, 2004 Posted: 1516 GMT (2316 HKT)Lauren Hutton

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (AP) -- Actress and model Lauren Hutton was airlifted Monday to a heart hospital because of chest pain that doctors determined was probably from indigestion.

Hutton, 60, underwent diagnostic tests at the Heart Hospital of New Mexico that showed her heart is strong, said Dr. Harvey White, the medical director.

The symptoms "were most likely the result of a case of indigestion," White told KOAT-TV Monday evening.

Hutton has appeared on more than two dozen Vogue magazine covers and in nearly 50 films, most notably 1980's "American Gigolo" with Richard Gere.

In a statement released by the hospital, Hutton said it's important to understand the heart risk factors for women and seek treatment immediately.

Hutton was at her home in Taos when she began experiencing chest pain and was rushed to a local hospital. She was then airlifted to Albuquerque.


COMMENT (4/19/04): Lauren Hutton is named in the prediction list above.


Author Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide

Journalist penned 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'

Hunter S. Thompson
Monday, February 21, 2005 Posted: 0625 GMT (1425 HKT)

(CNN) -- Journalist and author
Hunter S. Thompson, who unleashed the concept of "gonzo journalism" in books like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," fatally shot himself in the head Sunday at his home near Aspen, Colorado, police and his family said.

"On Feb. 20, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson took his life with a gunshot to the head at his fortified compound in Woody Creek, Colo.," said a statement issued by Thompson's son, Juan Thompson, to the Aspen Daily News as reported by the Denver Post. "The family will shortly provide more information about memorial service and media contacts. Hunter prized his privacy, and we ask that his friends and admirers respect that privacy as well as that of his family." A dispatcher for the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department confirmed Thompson's death.

Thompson, 67, was associated with the "New Journalism" movement of the 1960s, in which writers took a more novelistic and personal approach to their subjects. His account of a drug-fueled trip to cover a district attorneys' anti-drug conference as a writer for Rolling Stone magazine was the seed of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," perhaps his best-known work. Subtitled "A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream," the 1971 book included his lament on the passing of the 1960s and its "sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil."

"There was no point in fighting -- on our side or theirs," he wrote. "We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave. So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark -- the place where the wave finally broke and rolled back."

In "Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72," he described the campaign leading to Richard Nixon's re-election as president with terms like "brutal" and "depraved," speculating that Democratic Sen. Ed Muskie was under the influence of an obscure African psychoactive drug and bemoaned Nixon's looming victory by proclaiming, "Jesus, where will it end? How low do you have to stoop in this country to become president?"

Other works included "The Great Shark Hunt," a collection of Watergate-era essays; "Generation of Swine," his lament on the youth of the 1980s; and his account of Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential win, "Better than Sex." His lone novel, "The Rum Diaries," was published in 1998, while a collection of letters, "The Proud Highway: The Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman," came out in 1997.

In recent years, he wrote a column for the sports network ESPN's Web site. In his most recent piece, posted Feb. 15, he describes shooting at golf balls like skeet with a friend near his longtime home -- he called it "a fortified compound" -- outside Aspen.

"The general reaction here is shock and dismay, because he was such a figure in town," Aspen resident John Hoag told CNN. Still, Hoag said, Thompson remained a private person. "The most news we heard from him was when a pack of dogs killed his peacock, Atillah, and he broke his leg in Hawaii last year."

Thompson also was the model for the character of "Uncle Duke" in the "Doonesbury" comic strip. But Thompson strongly disliked the characterization, once telling an interviewer that he would set "Doonesbury" creator Garry Trudeau on fire if the two ever met.

In later years, however, Thompson said he had made peace with the "Uncle Duke" portrayal. "I got used to it a long time ago," he told Freezerbox magazine in 2003. "I used to be a little perturbed by it. It was a lot more personal ... It no longer bothers me."

In 1980, actor Bill Murray portrayed Thompson in the film "Where the Buffalo Roam." And in 1998, the film "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" was released, based on Thompson's book and starring Johnny Depp as the journalist. A new film reportedly is in production based on Thompson's novel "The Rum Diaries."

The writer himself, Hoag said, will be missed. "There's no one in the world these days who writes the truth ... as he seems to, to me," he said. "He spoke to the world and said what people were afraid to say."


COMMENT (2/26/05): So, once again, a rare occurence where a name sound, in this case "Hunter," carried over into the second month of the next year. At that time in my life (early 1970s), I wasn't reading serious works by journalists like Hunter Thompson. I was just another headbanging, rock star wannabe, who actually could play a mean lead guitar. As a result I was often later stumped at who the "Uncle Duke" character in "Doonesbury" was supposed to be. Now I know.


Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe (d. 1962) - Mare, Lin, Mon, Un, Ro, Ohhhh

Possible predictions (1/20/04): Marilyn McCoo, Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Chambers, Marilyn Beck, Sherilyn Fenn, Mary Steenburgen, Mary Tyler Moore, Marie Osmond, Mariel Hemingway, Marion Ross, Marianne Faithful, Teena Marie, Geri Halliwell, Terri Garr, Barry Manilow, Farah Fawcett, Morgan Fairchild, Lynn Anderson, Lynn Redgrave, Lynda Carter, Linda Blair, Linda Hamilton, Linda Gray, Linda Lavin, Belinda Carlisle, Lauryn Hill, Joan Lunden, Sandy Duncan, Faye Dunaway, Kirsten Dunst, Connie Chung, Gena Rowlands, Lisa Kudrow, Mia Farrow, Janeane Garofalo, Tom Brokaw, Russell Crowe, Robert De Niro, Marlo Thomas. Additional predictions: (1/26/04): Mary Ann Mobley, Mary McCormack, Mary Quant, Maria Bello, Maria Schneider, Linda Ronstadt, Carol Merrill, Ewa Aulin, Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Franklin, Linda Harrison. (0/0/04):


1) Halle Berry 'just fine' after accident - Actress collided with equipment on 'Catwoman' set
- January 28, 2004
2) Oscar winner Mercedes McCambridge dead - Actress was in 'All the King's Men,' voice in 'Exorcist'
- March 18, 2004
3) Surf-music star Jan Berry dies - March 27, 2004
4) Maradona in intensive care
- April 18, 2004
5) Halle Berry stalker held back
- June 8, 2004
have been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 8.
6) Mary-Kate Olsen treated for anorexia - June 22, 2004
7) "Dragonslayer" actress, Caitlin Clarke, dead at 52 - September 13, 2004
8) Marc Almond 'stable' after crash - October 18, 2004
9) Terry Melcher
, shaper of California surf sound, dies - November 22, 2004
have been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 9.


Russell Crowe injured on movie set

Friday, January 30, 2004 Posted: 3:59 PM EST (2059 GMT)

Russell Crowe dislocated his shoulderLOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Russell Crowe dislocated his shoulder in Sydney, Australia, while training for a boxing scene in his upcoming film "Cinderella Man," Universal Pictures said Friday.

He'll immediately undergo arthroscopic repair surgery followed by physical therapy, the studio added. That should delay the start of filming by about one month, from early March to April.

The movie, about Depression-era boxer and folk hero Jim Braddock, co-stars Renee Zellweger and will be directed by Ron Howard, who previously collaborated with Crowe on the Oscar-winning "A Beautiful Mind."

"I've never known any actor who dedicates himself to a part with more intensity than Russell," stated Brian Grazer, producer of "Cinderella Man." "Russell has been training with some of the foremost boxing instructors in the world, and that commitment is what led to the injury to his shoulder."

Crowe, who has had physically demanding roles in such films as "Gladiator" and "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World," injured the same shoulder while training for the upcoming Jodie Foster-directed film "Flora Plum." He eventually had to drop out of that role.

The previous repair to the shoulder remains intact, Universal said, and the new injury is on a different area of the shoulder.


COMMENT (2/1/04): Russell Crowe is named in the prediction list above.


Barry Manilow hospitalized with chest pains

Monday, February 2, 2004 Posted: 0233 GMT (10:33 AM HKT)

Manilow entered hospital after talks on his cancelled musical HarmonyPALM SPRINGS, California (AP) -- Barry Manilow was hospitalized after suffering from chest pain due to stress, his publicist said.

Manilow, 57, was hospitalized Saturday after returning to his home from New York, where he and co-writer Bruce Sussman had taken part in "two of the most grueling days of arbitration" in a lawsuit over rights to the musical "Harmony," publicist Jerry J. Sharell said.

"Harmony" was supposed to run in Philadelphia but was canceled in November because it fell short of its capitalization. A 1997 production at the La Jolla Playhouse in California also faltered and closed after mixed reviews.

The show, which has music by Manilow and book and lyrics by Sussman, is about the Comedian Harmonists, a group of singers popular during the last days of Germany's Weimar Republic.

Manilow told the New York Post at the time of the Philadelphia cancellation, "Other than the death of my mother, this is probably the most devastating day of my life. Maybe even more so, because it affects so many other people."


COMMENT (2/4/04): Barry Manilow is named in the prediction list above.


Aretha Franklin hospitalized

Tuesday, March 23, 2004 Posted: 0422 GMT (1222 HKT)

Aretha Franklin NEW YORK (CNN) -- Aretha Franklin was hospitalized over the weekend with an undisclosed ailment and remains hospitalized Monday, her publicist said. The hospital where she was taken was not disclosed. She turns 62 on Thursday. "No other information on her illness is available at this time," her publicist, Gwendolyn Quinn, said in a statement.

The Queen of Soul has energized audiences for more than four decades, is best known for her 1960s smash hit "Respect," but she has had countless other hits, including "Chain of Fools" and "Baby I Love You."

Franklin's first film appearance was in the 1980 comedy "The Blues Brothers," in which she performed a show-stopping rendition of her song "Think."

Franklin has won 16 Grammy awards, including a lifetime achievement award in 1990 and most recently, an award this year for Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance for the single, "Wonderful." In 2003, she completed a sold-out nationwide concert tour called "The Queen is On!" Franklin, the daughter of a popular preacher on the revival circuit, learned her gospel-charged style in her father's choir.


COMMENT (3/26/04): Aretha Franklin is named in the prediction list above.


'Queen of Soul' released from hospital

Thursday, March 25, 2004 Posted: 1248 GMT (2048 HKT)

Aretha Franklin DETROIT, Michigan (Reuters) -- Soul music great Aretha Franklin, who suffers from hypertension, was released from a Detroit hospital Wednesday, a day before her 62nd birthday.

"She's being discharged right now," Dr. Claud Young, Franklin's longtime personal physician, told Reuters."She responded very well to her treatment and she's doing just fine," he added.

He said the veteran performer, widely hailed as the Queen of Soul, had been in the Sinai-Grace Hospital since Saturday for treatment of a low platelet count, a blood disorder that can lead to hemorrhaging.The temporary disorder was caused either by a virus or an allergic reaction to antibiotics Franklin had taken earlier, Young said.

The condition triggered a rash-like skin outbreak that Young described as "superficial capillary bleeding," but he added that it was not related to Franklin's hypertension. "She's got that under control," he said.

In a statement released by her New York-based publicist, Franklin exclaimed, "Hallelujah and glory to God," thanking her doctor, hospital staff, friends and fans for their support and flowers. Franklin said she planned to spend her birthday at home on Thursday in the Detroit area "taking it real easy. ... I have special dishes that will be cooked and prepared for me."

The Memphis-born performer, who first grabbed the spotlight in the 1960s with hits such as "Respect," "Think" and "A Natural Woman," won a Grammy in February for best traditional R&B vocal performance for "Wonderful," a single off her latest release, "So Damn Happy." Last year, she completed a nationwide concert tour, "The Queen is On."


Geri Halliwell Almost Killed by Road Accident

Geri Halliwell has close callMovieEye.com

EyeSpy Edition: Sunday, November 07, 2004

Pop beauty GERI HALLIWELL was almost killed when a bus crashed into her MERCEDES as she was travelling to a TV studio for an interview last night (06NOV04). The former SPICE GIRL narrowly escaped injury when a double-decker bus hit the luxury car she was travelling in and she was visibly shaken on British show SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY several hours later, reports British newspaper The SUNDAY MIRROR. A source says, ''Geri was shaken - but she's just thankful there were no injuries.''


COMMENT (11/26/04): Geri Halliwell is named in the prediction list above.


'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott killed at 38 - Pantera founder considered a leading light of metal

Guitarist 'Dimebag' Darrell AbbottThursday, December 9, 2004 Posted: 2231 GMT (0631 HKT)

(AP) -- "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, who was fatally shot during a performance, was a frenetic, ear-shattering guitarist whose riffs for Pantera and more recently Damageplan were a staple of heavy metal music. He was 38.

Abbott was shot to death as he took the stage Wednesday with Damageplan and began to play the first song of the concert at the Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio. Three other people also were fatally shot before a police officer shot to death the gunman.

The deaths shook the heavy metal music industry as colleagues reeled from the news and fans flooded Web sites to share their grief. "This is insane and this is beyond travesty," Killswitch Engage frontman and former Damageplan tour partner Howard Jones told MTV. "This is beyond anything I've ever heard. This shouldn't happen in or outside of the rock and metal community. He will be missed and mourned as a person, as a musician, and as a friend."

Rob Blasko Nicholson, the former Ozzy Osbourne bassist, told the music channel Abbott was a legend. "I'm speechless," he said. "This is totally unreal."

"When you think of '90s heavy metal or hard rock, Pantera is one of these seminal bands. They are quoted today as influences by many bands," said Tom Calderone, MTV's executive vice president. "Hard rock has lost a legendary guitar player."

Abbott and his brother, former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul, produced Damageplan's debut album, "New Found Power," which was released in February. Other band members are vocalist Patrick Lachman and bassist Bob Zilla. "Damageplan carries on the tradition Pantera started, the ... hell-raising tradition we were all about," Vinnie Paul Abbott told The Dallas Morning News in October. "We do play some Pantera songs. Me and Dime wrote them, and we feel like we have the right to play them. But the focus is on Damageplan."

Born on August 20, 1966, in Dallas, Darrell Abbott and his brother were introduced to music by their father, country songwriter Jerry Abbott, who owned a recording studio. Although Abbott grew up around country music, he often said he gravitated toward rock music and was influenced by the likes of Tony Iommi, Ace Frehley, Eddie Van Halen and the late Randy Rhodes.

The Abbott brothers and bassist Rex Rocker formed Pantera in 1982. Then Abbott went by the name "Diamond Darrell." Abbott later began to use "Dimebag" and was often referred to as "Dime" by fans and friends.

Pantera's early music leaned more toward hard rock. Joined in 1987 by singer Phil Anselmo, the band began to develop a heavier sound. After releasing a few independent albums, Pantera signed with Atlantic Records in 1990. It was also the period when Abbott came into his own as a guitar player, developing his heavy, frenetic sound that can first be heard on the 1990 album "Cowboys from Hell" and on the 1992 standout "Vulgar Display of Power." It was followed up by 1994's "Far Beyond Driven."

Pantera's manager Kim Zide-Davis, who worked with Abbott 1994 to 2003, was overwhelmed by the news of his death. She told the AP she often told the guitarist he was "a living cartoon character." "He would do things that you wouldn't believe a real person was capable of," she said.

She said there was a sweet and caring side of Abbott that many people never saw. "Everything you saw from him was real. That was who he was," she said. "He lived and unfortunately died by his guitar. What you saw on stage was his enjoyment."

Abbott and his brother left Pantera in 2003 and formed Damageplan. In recent years, he also made recording appearances on Nickleback's "The Long Road" and with one of his influences, KISS' Ace Frehley. Dozens of messages were posted to the Dallas band's Web site after the shootings.

"This is the worst day in metal history," one posting read. "The metal world feels your pain," another wrote.


COMMENT (12/15/04): It appears that Kinks lead singer and founder Ray Davies close call being shot back in January somehow postponed this terrible event, detailed in my Assailant Kills Cult Film Actor or Rock Legend prediction, until the end of the year. This whole thing is shocking, incredible, and difficult to believe. It illustrates just how true it is that nobody is safe anymore (but I guess you knew that).


Jerry Orbach dead at 69 - Actor best known for 'Law & Order'

Wednesday, December 29, 2004 Posted: 2210 GMT (0610 HKT)

Jerry Orbach died Tuesday of prostate cancer(CNN) -- Actor Jerry Orbach, best known for his long-running role as New York police detective Lennie Briscoe on "Law & Order," has died. He was 69. Orbach died of prostate cancer Tuesday night, a spokesman for the program confirmed Wednesday. The actor had been undergoing treatment for his illness for several weeks, Audrey Davis of the public relations agency Lippin Group told The Associated Press.

He had recently been in production for a "Law & Order" spinoff featuring Briscoe, "Law & Order: Trial by Jury," scheduled to premiere in early 2005.

"I'm immensely saddened by the passing of not only a friend and colleague, but a legendary figure of 20th-century show business," said Dick Wolf, creator and executive producer of the "Law & Order" series, in a statement. "He was one of the most honored performers of his generation. His loss is irreplaceable."

Orbach joined "Law & Order" in the show's third season and quickly made Briscoe a popular character, known for his deadpan wisecracks and rough vulnerability.

Audiences also learned of the character's divorces, his difficult relationship with his daughters (one was later killed for testifying against a drug-dealing boyfriend) and his battle with alcoholism -- though, in true "Law & Order" fashion, these tidbits were revealed casually over the course of many years.

Orbach was also one of many "L&O" actors who had appeared as a different character at another time in the show's run -- in Orbach's case, as a defense attorney during the show's second season.

"Law & Order" and its spinoffs are all filmed in New York, and Orbach was so identified with the city that he was declared a "living landmark" by the New York Landmark Conservancy in 2002.

Orbach had been a notable New York actor for more than three decades when he joined "Law & Order." He was a star of the city's theatrical world, having originated the roles of El Gallo in the off-Broadway "Fantasticks," Billy Flynn in the original mid-'70s Broadway run of "Chicago" and Julian Marsh in the revival of "42nd Street."

He won a Tony for his performance in 1968's "Promises, Promises," a Neil Simon/Burt Bacharach/Hal David musical version of the 1960 movie "The Apartment." As a movie actor, Orbach shined in supporting roles, including performances in 1981's "Prince of the City," 1986's "F/X," Woody Allen's 1989 film "Crimes and Misdemeanors" and 1992's "Mr. Saturday Night." He was the voice of Lumiere in "Beauty and the Beast" (1991) and the father of Jennifer Grey's character Baby in "Dirty Dancing" (1987).

Jerome Bernard Orbach was born in Bronx, New York, on October 20, 1935, the son of a vaudeville actor and a radio singer. The family moved around during his childhood, finally settling near Chicago. He attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern University and then returned to New York to begin his acting career.

He earned his broadest fame relatively late in life, but couldn't have asked for more, he said. "I used to say when I was working in the theater that if I ever had five seasons of a hit TV show I'd never have to worry about money and wouldn't have to do anything I didn't want to do," he once said, according to the Internet Movie Database. "The 12 seasons of 'Law & Order' really made that possible."

New Yorkers, particularly cops, loved him. "The police? Oh, my God. It's a straight-up love affair with the man," co-star Jesse L. Martin told the Philadelphia Inquirer. Orbach told the AP he didn't know "where I stop and Lennie starts, really. ... I know he's tougher than me and he carries a gun. And I'm not an alcoholic." "I know I wouldn't want to be him," Orbach summed up. "I guess that's where I stop and he starts."

Orbach was married twice. He is survived by his wife, Elaine, and his children, Tony and Chris.


James Dean James Dean (d. 1955) - James, Dean, Dee, eeeee

Possible predictions (1/20/04): James Belushi, James Brolin, James Brown, James Caan, James Cameron, James Garner, James Arness, James Taylor, Rick James, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jayne Meadows, Jane Curtain, Jane Fonda, Jane Seymour, Jay Leno, Jimmy Dean, Dean Stockwell, Kiki Dee, Sandra Dee, Billy Dee Williams, Dee Wallace-Stone, Dee Dee Sharp, Cat Deeley, Celine Dion, Cameron Diaz, Liam Neeson, Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Ben Vereen, Bruce Springsteen, Sheena Easton, Geena Davis, Kathleen Beller, Kathleen Turner, Tina Turner. Additional predictions: (1/26/04): James Woods, Barbara Eden, Claudine Longet, Jean Shrimpton. (0/0/04):


1) Guitarist James Lawrence found hanged at studio - January 15, 2004
has been re-located to Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 8.
2) Rapper O.D.B. dies at recording studio - November 14, 2004
has been re-located to
Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps Archives 9.


'Super Freak' singer Rick James dies

Friday, August 6, 2004 Posted: 2217 GMT (0617 HKT)

Rick James(CNN) -- Singer Rick James, a musical icon of the 1980s who helped define the "punk funk" style of that decade, was found dead in his home Friday morning by his caretaker, a Los Angeles police Department spokesman said. He was 56.

James' personal physician signed his death certificate, and said his death was the result of "existing medical conditions," police spokesman Jason Lee said. One of James' producers told CNN that the singer died of a heart attack.

"Today the world mourns a musician and performer of the funkiest kind," said Neil Portow, president of the Recording Academy, which is responsible for the Grammy Awards. "The 'Super Freak' will be missed."

James became an instant icon in 1981 with his album "Street Songs," a funk masterpiece that featured such hits as "Super Freak," "Give it To Me Baby," and "Fire and Desire." "I'm trying to change the root of funk, trying to make it more progressive, more melodic and more lyrically structured," James once said.

"Street Songs" went triple-platinum and catapulted James into the forefront of the funk movement. The album's gritty content earned James a bad boy reputation that he often had a tough time living down. Some critics said it led to his eventual involvement with drugs and a conviction for aggravated assault and false imprisonment in the 1990s. James suffered a stroke after his release from prison in 1998, months after he had hip replacement surgery.

James was honored in June at the 17th annual Rhythm & Soul Awards. As he surveyed the smooth glass surface of the award, he said, "Years ago, I would have used this for something totally different. Cocaine is a hell of a drug." In recent months, James had been working on a biography, Memoirs of a Super Freak. It was not immediately known if he completed the book before his death.

Born James Johnson Jr. in Buffalo, New York, James was the third of eight children of an autoworker and a former dancer. At age 15 he joined the Naval Reserve, but he began missing weekend training when it interfered with his musical career.

James was reported AWOL, and he fled to Canada, where he continued his musical career. The charges came back to haunt him when his success brought him back to the United States, and eventually he served time. After his release, James went to work with Motown Records, first as a songwriter, then as a singer and producer.

Despite his meteoric rise and recording success, James won only a single Grammy, for co-writing M.C. Hammer's monster hit "U Can't Touch This," a song sampled from James' "Super Freak."


COMMENT (8/7/04): Rick James is named in the prediction list above.


James Brown has prostate cancer

Friday, December 10, 2004 Posted: 1303 GMT (2103 HKT)James Brown says 'It's too funky in here!'

NEW YORK (AP) -- James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul" and a legend in rap, rock and funk, has announced that he has prostate cancer. In a statement released to The Associated Press on Friday morning, Brown, 71, said that he will undergo surgery for the ailment on December 15.

"I have overcome a lot of things in my life. I will overcome this as well," Brown said.

Brown, best known for seminal hits like "I Feel Good," "Please, Please, Please," and "Cold Sweat," is also a diabetic. Dubbed the hardest working man in show business, he just finished a two-week Canadian tour on Thursday night. He is expected to spend three weeks recovering from the procedure.

Earlier this year, he faced other troubles when he was charged with domestic abuse after an altercation with his wife. The allegation was resolved when he failed to contest the charge.

Brown is due to release an autobiography next month. Besides promoting the project with a slew of appearances, he still plans a tour of Asia and Australia early next year.


COMMENT (12/15/04): James Brown is named in the prediction list above.



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