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Nota Bene

Before proceeding further, I must make one statement. Thus far, the only endangered person with whom I had enough clues (from both Nostradamus and my own system of numerology) to make a positive identification in advance was Princess Diana. This is because Nostradamus actually named her. I have the name of only one other individual who will be in danger in the near future, but no definite date: singer/actress Madonna. Again as with Diana, Nostradamus provides her name -- base 7 numerology may provide the time.

It may be that other names are to be found in Nostradamus' prophesies that I will discover in good time. In the meantime there is only numerology, speculation based on historical trends, Nostradamus quatrains that are descriptive but do not provide a name, and these strange relationships between words and letters. The first such system that was developed was the "More" and "F" system.



Through use of the base 7 system, I was able to post a warning in advance on these pages in 2006 that Anna Nicole Smith might die no later than 2009 due to a Jayne Mansfield influence (Anna Nicole died in February 2007). Also, in February 2007, I warned that pop singer Britney Spears might attempt suicide by hanging in March. She did. On my forum I also posted in April 2002, based on name sounds and the Jayne Mansfield base 7 influence that Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was in danger of dying in a car crash. She died in a crash less than 24 hours later.


The Origins of the "More" and "F" System


Those of us who remember the late 1960s and early 1970s well know that the period was marked by more than the Vietnam War, peace protests, and the rock and drug culture (although the last phenomenon listed partially contributed to the trend I am about to discuss). For those of us who were in adolescence it was our introduction to the shock of seeing celebrities we had grown to love, emulate, or simply had grown up with suddenly topple over one by one like a gruesome row of dominoes.

Certainly as young children or infants we had already been exposed -- whether or not we were aware of it -- to the earthshaking and tragic deaths of seemingly immortal men and women: James Dean, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Jayne Mansfield, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy. Jaded Beatles fans -- or perhaps the Beatles themselves -- subjected us to a Paul McCartney death scare. Then a crazed convict who claimed to be Christ and Satan roled into one selected the Beatles' most unusual album and used it to perpetrate the most heinous, tragic, and brutal murders of this century.

Still, through it all, seemingly great gaps of time passed.

It was late 1969 when a series of inexplicable young celebrity deaths began. Rolling Stones drummer Brian Jones was discovered drowned at the bottom of his swimming pool. He had taken LSD and confused the water he was sucking into his lungs for air. Judy Garland, Dorothy of Kansas, succumbed to depression and her addiction to sedatives and alcohol, disappearing into Oz forever. Summer came and began fading to autumn. Like two shots echoing in the night Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were no more, their music and voices stilled, leaving their brief legacy behind in short stacks of vinyl and a few reels of film.

1971 came and crawled slowly along in the manner that years tend to pass for the very young. The noise of graduation parties and post-graduation parties filled the air, competing with the sound of private fireworks displays. Not long after, like a disturbing flash of de ja vu, the news was reported: Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, was found dead in a bathtub by his girlfriend -- a drug overdose victim (friends insist it was a heart attack) at the incredibly young age of 27. Morrison, originally a poet before being persuaded to join his famed rock band, was the most prolific of the three rock superstars who had died in the space of only ten months.

It seemed to end there and then: death that shocked, death that disturbed, death that saddened finally had played its trump card. For popular culture, this appeared to be true for a short time. But for those who read and wrote poetry, once a major domain of popular culture until the suicide death of Sylvia Plath in 1963 and the posthumous release of the final collection of her poems Ariel in 1965, 1972 would bring tidings of another senseless death. John Berryman, the most outstanding black poet in America, took his own life. In the autumn of 1973 the world would be shocked yet again with the sudden, unexpected death of folk-rocker Jim Croce whose small plane crashed en route to a live engagement.

There is rarely a year that passes that does not present us with that last look, the final review of a life lived long and well and peacefully departed from or else snuffed out senselessly and prematurely by accident, suicide, murder, or a premature and terminal medical event. The individuals mentioned above were not the only victims of the 1969 - 1973 period. Inger Stevens, Duane Allman, and Sharon Tate were among others who had also passed on before their time.

The purpose of the above reminisence may have already been plainly stated enough. Most of the major celebrities of the 1969 - 1973 period had one thing in common: they each had a first or last name beginning with the letter "J." Brian Jones, Judy Garland, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin (a double "J"), Jim Morrison, John Berryman, Jim Croce. I am convinced that this was not a coincidence. I should also add that, because John Lennon "retired" near the end of this period, he apparently bought himself some extra time. Still, on December 8, 1980, the founder and leader of the Beatles was murdered by a psychotic fan named Mark David Chapman.

It did not occur to me until late 1998 that something similar had been occurring for nearly a year. Following the shocking deaths of Princess Diana and John Denver, comedian Chris Farley was found dead of an apparent heart attack. As the new year began, a pretty young woman was seen more and more on television, praying in her prison cell, arms upraised to heaven. Karla Faye Tucker would be the first woman executed in Texas since the Civil War. The entertainment world quaked in May with the announcement of the death of Frank Sinatra. Florence "FloJo" Joyner, a famous black Olympics superstar would die in September, asphyxiating in her sleep, just as rock star Jimi Hendrix had done 28 years earlier in the same month. Television and film actress Mary Frann was found dead shortly after, prescription drugs strewn about the room wherein her lifeless body lay. The following month the word was out: Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhart was dying of anorexia. Not true, she retorted angrily. It was a month-long death-scare rumour that had fooled even seasoned journalists. Then, in November, actor Michael J. Fox revealed that he was suffering from Parkinson's Disease.

I believed I now knew what was coming. Farley, Faye, Frank, Florence, Frann, Flockhart, and Fox had one thing in common: the initial "F." If the 1969 - 1973 period was being replayed in 1997 - 2001, then not merely a sub-culture, but the world would be in for a major shock in July 1999. A young male, wth the letter 'F' figuring predominately in his initials, would die suddenly and unexpectedly. But who?

I agonised over this as I began to build my website, naively believing that thousands of visitors would be beating a path to my pages. Surely I would be able to pinpoint who was in danger. Surely the word would get out somehow to the right channels to prevent whatever was going to occur in July. But so many women had died tragically since Diana's death in August 1997. Could it be that it would be a female celebrity rather than a male who was in danger of dying in July 1999? As I began to scramble for other possible clues, I decided to include both genders in the prediction.

The most outstanding sound in Jim Morrison's name was the sound "More." Was there anyone around today with that sound predominating in their name? Then a list began to form in my mind: Alanis Morissette, Van Morrison, Demi Moore, etc. Also Jim Morrison's initials: J.M. Could that be a clue? Could the first name of the individual be Jim, James, John? John Mellencamp, perhaps? (I recently have learned that Mellencamp has a heart condition and is exercising, dieting, and taking prescriptions to keep his illness in check.) Without realising it, I had the first initial, "J," correct, and the second initial as well -- what I didn't know was that the "FFF" would end up being a middle initial. I also began to wonder whether it was possible that "More" and "F" might work independently of each other -- each spawning a separate list of potential victims.

I joined GeoCities on May 7, 1999. On May 8, I began FTPing my web site. On May 10, I launched it. Then I began to promote it by submitting to search engines and directories. All the while this was going on, unbeknownst to me, television actress Dana Plato committed suicide in Moore, Oklahoma. It would be two weeks before I would learn of her death on May 8.

In June 1999, Star Trek lost its first major actor: DeForest Kelly ("Bones") died of stomach cancer. Then came that fateful day in July of which I had warned, remembering the death of Jim Morrison 28 years before. John F. Kennedy Jr. plummeted to his death in the Atlantic off Martha's Vineyard. His wife, Carolyn Bessette and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, died with him in the small plane they had been flying in to attend the wedding of JFK Jr.'s cousin.

Male and female would die.

It was quite a shock, especially with "JFK Jr." permanently affixed to the bottom of the television screen on CNN, a very famous person who I only marginally knew anything about. Yet, despite having the "what" and the "when" and even the originally-surmised gender of the person in media focus correct, I only had had fragments of the "who." I had never had any cause to consider the initial "K." The significance of that letter would not become apparent until it was much too late -- not only for JFK Jr., but for others as well.

Just as the "J" trend for the most part ended with Jim Morisson, I now suspect the "F" trend has also nearly finished with John F. Kennedy Jr. However, there may be one more major "F" at risk of death before his or her time.

Also, as with John Kennedy Jr. I sense tremendous danger for someone very famous with the name "John" in late 2001. It need not be a first name. Indeed, I am concerned that the individual in question may be singer/composer Elton John. I will be presenting my reasons for this on the "Early 21st Century: 2001" page soon.

As for "More" the potential victims continued to pile up until December 31, 1999, and were never anyone you might expect. For the exception of the mysterious death of English maven John Morgan (Morgan) in July 2000, I suspect its influence was largely a 1999 phenomenon.


"More" and "F" Presentation (1999)



No image available.   JFK Jr and wife Carolyn Bessette
Prediction: The 'F' hurricane has formed. It is called Floyd. Watch it carefully. Also, throughout the season, state of Florida; Ft. Lauderdale; Fayetteville, NC; New cities (New York, New Bedford, etc.); East Coast beware.

September 16, 1999: North Carolina, as far west as Fayetteville, New Jersey, and New York City were most adversely affected by Floyd (along with Virginia and Pennsylvania).

October 15, 1999 -- The east coast of Florida was severely battered by the surprise hurricane Irene. Ft. Lauderdale was worst hit by flood and death to six by electrocution.

  Prediction: In July 1999 a male or female celebrity may die suddenly and unexpectedly. He or she will be young. Base 7 suggests a set of potential initials: J.M., A.M., V.M., D.M. J.S., or any letter combined with the letter F.

July 16, 1999: Male and female celebrities JFK Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, along with Bessette's sister, Lauren Bessette, died suddenly and unexpectedly after Kennedy's small plane took off from Fairfield, NJ and crash-dived into the ocean enroute to Martha's Vineyard.

Services were held at the Church of St. Thomas More.


Monster tornado hits Moore, OK


Dana Plato

May 4, 1999: The worst F5 tornado in history wreaks destruction on the town of Moore, Oklahoma   May 8, 1999: Dana Plato commits suicide in Moore, Oklahoma


Race car driver Greg Moore   Actor Dudley Moore
October 31, 1999: Canadian race car driver Greg Moore dies in racing accident.   November 18, 1999: Actor Dudley Moore reveals he has Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), an often terminal brain illness.


Hi-Yo Silver, Away!

"Lone Ranger" Star Clayton Moore Dead at 85


Actor Clayton Moore

Actor Clayton Moore
December 28, 1999 --WEST HILLS, California (CNN) -- Clayton Moore, the actor forever identified with the Lone Ranger character, died of a heart attack Tuesday morning at West Hills Hospital, about 20 miles north of Los Angeles. He was 85.

Moore played the Lone Ranger from 1949 to 1951, riding his trusty horse Silver and accompanied by his faithful American-Indian friend Tonto as the pair brought law and order to the Old West in every half-hour episode. When he sat out a contract dispute with the producers, actor John Hart took over the role for two years. But Moore completed the show's run until it was canceled in 1957.

The Lone Ranger and Silver

The Lone Ranger and Silver

Well, what can I say? I thought he was already dead.

Clayton Moore's days may have been numbered by the "More" influence, but there is no tragedy in a life lived long and well.


American Hostage Was Last Casualty of 'MORE'
Influence in 1999

Lone American Hostage of Indian Airline Hijacking, Jeanne Moore, Returns to US


Jeanne MooreJanuary 4, 2000 -- LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The sole American hostage on the hijacked Indian Airlines jet returned to California Tuesday. Jeanne Moore, 53, who was among the 155 passengers held on the plane for eight days, arrived at Los Angeles International Airport aboard a Lufthansa flight. Airline spokeswoman Maria Soler said Ms. Moore was tired and left the terminal with her son through an alternate route to meet her family outside the airport. She did not meet with reporters. Her Indian Airlines flight from Nepal to New Delhi was hijacked on Dec. 24, and the hostages were freed December 31. Ms. Moore's parents said they were anxious to see her.

"I'll be so glad to see her, and love her a lot," her 85-year-old mother, Marie Redding, said Monday from her Burbank home. Her father, Harold Redding, 86, said: "She travels quite frequently and she wanted us to go along with her on this particular trip, but we couldn't get away. Our health couldn't stand the rigors." Ms. Moore lives in Bakersfield, where she teaches disabled children.

Despite a terrifying and potentially deadly experience in a drama played out for nearly a week, this story has a happy ending for one MORE at least.


Base 7 System and Name Sound System



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NOTE: Some years may have no summaries, especially recent years. I may dispense with annual summations altogether since the pages speaks for themselves (more or less).

2015 Name Sounds


Heath Ledger Heath Ledger (d. 2008, SUSPECTED FATAL DRUGS INTERACTION)
Hee, Eee, Eeeth, Led, Ed, Jer, Er

Possible predictions (2/2/15): Keith Emerson, Yasmine Bleeth, Lisa Edelstein, Jason Gedrick, Eddie Kendricks, Leon Redbone, Ed Ames, Ed Norton, Eddie Van Halen. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Mark Priestly Mark Priestley (d. 2008, SUICIDE BY JUMPING)
Mark, Ark, Ar, Pree, Eee, East, Lee, Eee

Possible predictions (2/2/15): Bruno Mars, Jason Priestley, Pat Priest, Reese Witherspoon, Valerie Curtin, Ben Vereen, Candy Clark, Susan Clark, Allison Parks, Tammy Parks, Alan Arkin, Ray Parker, Jr. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Ruslana Korshunova Ruslana Korshunova (d. 2008, SUICIDE BY JUMPING)
Roos, Ews, Oooo, Lana, Ana, Core, Or, Orsh, Shoe, Oooo, No, Ova, Ahh

Possible predictions (2/2/15): Leona Ruth Sexton, Drew Barrymore, Drew Carey, Linda Kruse, Anna Kournikova, Diana Agron, Diana Barton, Diana Canova, Diana Hayden, Diana Morgan, Diana Penty, Diana Rigg, Diana Ross, Diana Zubiri, Ivana Trump, Joanna Cassidy, Joanna Pettet, Rosanna Arquette, Susannah York, Joe Montana, Al Gore, Tipper Gore, Eva Longoria, Traci Lords, Gloria Loring, Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, Mandy Moore, Michael Moore, Jim Moret, Rita Moreno, Alanis Morissette, Van Morrison, Rebecca DeMornay, Oliver North, Chuck Norris, Joan Osborne, Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Super Dave Osborn, Tony Orlando, Natalie Portman, Elizabeth Short, Mira Sorvino, Paul Sorvino, Leigh Taylor-Young, Joanne Worley, Glenn Yarborough, Gloria Estefan. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Jinsil Choi Jinsil Choi (d. 2008, SUICIDE BY HANGING)
Gin, In, Sil, Ill, Choy, Oi

Possible predictions (2/2/15): Lynn Anderson, Loretta Lynn, Linda Arsenio, Linda Bassett, Linda Carlson, Linda Christian, Linda Evangelista, Linda Evans, Linda Fiorentino, Linda Hamilton, Linda Harrison, Linda Hunt, Linda Lavin, Linda Ronstadt, Linda Thompson, Marilyn Beck, Marilyn McCoo, James Brolin, Carol Lynley, Russ Tamblyn, Celine Dion, Sylvia (the '70s singer), Cassie Silva, Dan Ackroyd, La Toya Jackson, Joyce DeWitt, Roy DuPuis. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


George Carlin George Carlin (d. 2008, HEART ATTACK)
George, Or, Car, Lin, In

Possible predictions (2/2/15): Boy George, Claudia Cardinale, Gia Carides, Kim Carnes, William Carr, Lynda Carter, Belinda Carlisle, Judy Carne, Richard Carpenter, Scott Carpenter, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Lisa Nicole Carson, Carlene Carter, Angela Cartwright, Veronica Cartwright, Andrew McCarthy, Jenny McCarthy, Paul McCartney, Carla Bruni, Carlos Santana, Carmen Electra, Terence Trent D'Arby, James Garner, Terri Garr, Mary Hart, Julianne Margulies, Penny Marshall, Steve Martin, Barbra Streisand, Charleton Heston, Marlo Thomas, Martha Hyer, Martha Stewart, Martie Maguire, Marty Balin, Martin Landau, Martin Sheen. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Anastasia Blue Anastasia Blue (d. 2008, SUICIDE BY DRUGS OVERDOSE)
Ann, Anna, Stay, Ay, Asia, Uhh, Blue, Ooo

Possible predictions (2/2/15): Anna Bielska, Anna Faris, Anna Friel, Anna Kournikova, Anna Lynn Mccord, Anna Mouglalis, Anna Murray, Anna Paquin, Anna Poppelwell, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Nancy Loomis, Jean Louisa Kelly, Tina Louise, Susan Lucci, Lulu, Adrienne Maloof, Lou Ferrigno, Lou Gossett, Lou Myers, Lou Perryman, Lou Reed, Lou Vanaria, Louise Fletcher, Louise Griffiths, Louise Lasser, Louise Pitre, Lou Diamond Phillips, Lucy Lawless. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Aaliyah Aaliyah (d. 2001, KILLED IN PLANE CRASH)
Ah, Lee, Eee, Yah, Ahh

Possible predictions (2/2/15): Leah Cairns, Alyssa Milano, LeAnn Rimes, Lisa Kudrow, Beverly Garland, Billie Piper, Cicely Tyson, Dolly Parton, Emily Robinson, Julianne Margulies, Kelly Packard, Kylie Minogue, Lesley Ann Warren, Lily Tomlin, Miley Cyrus, Molly Ringwald, Natalie Cole, Sally Field, Sally Struthers, Shelley Duvall, Shelley Fabares, Shelley Long, Shelley Hack, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Kathleen Beller, Kathleen Turner, Talia Shire, Jean Louisa Kelly, Paula Kelly, Carol Lynley, Priscilla Presley, Jaime Pressly, Jennifer Tilly, Meg Tilly, Tanya Roberts, Maria Bello, Maria Schneider, Olivia Burnette, Olivia Hussey. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


George Harrison with beard George Harrison (d. 2001, LUNG CANCER)
George, Or, Hair, Air, Is, Son, Un

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Boy George, Harrison Ford, Linda Harrison, Hank Harris, Debbie Harry, Laura Harring, Prince Harry, Harry Belafonte, Harry Eden, Harry Hamlin, Harry Dean Stanton, Donna Air, Halle Berry, Linda Blair, Natalie Blair, Tony Blair, Mariah Carey, Morgan Fairchild, Jennifer Karen, Matthew Perry, Alastair Yates, Blair Brown, Carrie Fisher, Carrie-Anne Moss, Cher, Cheryl Tiegs, Claire Goose, Clarence Williams III, Karen Allen, Karen Mulder, Karen Westwood, Sharon Stone. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain (d. 1994, SUICIDE BY GUNSHOT)
Kurt, Urt, Urr, Ko, Ohh, Bay, Ayn

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Burton Cummings, Jane Curtin, Cheryl Cole, Paula Cole, Elias Koteas, Yoko Ono, Carol Kane, Diane Lane, Diane McBain, Don McLean, Freda Payne, Rain Phoenix, Geena Davis, Patti Davis, Rebecca DeMornay, Susan Dey, Bill Gates, Rebecca Gayheart, Linda Gray, Mariel Hemingway, Sidney Poitier, Lynn Redgrave, Cassie Yates, David Bowie, David Clayton-Thomas, David Faustino, Kate Nelligan, Kate Winslet. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Savannah "Savannah" Shannon Wilsey (d. 1994, SUICIDE BY GUNSHOT)
Sah, Van, Ann, Ana, Uhh, Chan, Nen, En, Nun, Un, Will, Ill, See, Eee

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Vanna White, Shannon Coltrane, Shannon Johnson, Shannon Kenny, Shannon Richardson, Shannon Wilcox, Shannon Woodward, Jackie Shannon, Wilson Cruz. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Nicole Brown Simpson Nicole Brown Simpson (d. 1994, STABBED TO DEATH, MURDERED)
Nick, Ick, Cole, Ole, Brow, Rown, Simp, Sim, Im, Sun, Un

Possible predictions (2/2/15): Nicole Kidman, Nicole Richie, Nicollette Sheridan, Nick Adams, Nick Cassavettes, Nick Mancuso, Nick Nolte, Nicolas Cage, Jack Nicklaus, Harry Connick Jr., Mick Jagger, Rick Moranis, Cheryl Cole, Cheryl Ann Cole, Christina Cole, Lily Cole, Natalie Cole, Taylor Cole, Blair Brown, Jackson Browne, Natalie Brown, Abby Simpson, Anna Simpson, Becky Simpson, Freddie Simpson, Georgina Simpson, Jessica Simpson. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Elizabeth Hartman Elizabeth Hartman (d. 1987, SUICIDE BY JUMPING)
Eee, El, Liz, Iz, Uhh, Beth, Eth, Har, Art, Min, In

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Elizabeth Banks, Elizabeth Berkley, Elizabeth Hurley, Elizabeth McGovern, Elizabeth Reaser, Elizabeth Shue, Elizabeth Stewart, Beth Armstrong, Beth Bautista, Beth Bierko, Beth Ditto, Beth Glover, Beth Leavel, Beth Lisick, Beth Maitland, Beth Mendoza, Beth Ostrosky, Beth Palmer, Beth Riesgraf, Beth Skipp, Beth Ann Bonner, Dolores Hart, Mary Hart, Melissa Joan Hart, June Lockhart. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Liberace "Lee" Liberace (d. 1987, COMPLICATIONS FROM AIDS)
Lee, Eee, Lib, Ib, Burr, Err, Atch, She, Eee

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Lee Majors, Lee Trevino, LeAnn Rimes, Gena Lee Nolin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kathie Lee Gifford, Christopher Lee, Sheryl Lee, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Beverly Garland, Charlize Theron, Cicely Tyson, Kathleen Turner, Lesley-Anne Down, Lesley Ann Warren, Lily Tomlin, Molly Ringwald, Natalie Maine, Sally Field, Sally Kellerman, Sally Struthers, Shelley Duvall, Shelley Fabares, Shelley Long, Shelley Malil, Talia Shire, John Cleese, Season Hubley, Cloris Leachman, Shawna Leene. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Dorothy Stratten Dorothy Stratten (d. 1980, SHOT TO DEATH DURING MURDER/SUICIDE)
Door, Or, Thee, Eee, Strat, Rat, At, Ten, En

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Dorothy Hamill, Dorinda Stevens, Doris Day, Doris Roberts, Doris Simeon, Natalie Dormer, Pia Zadora, Hank Stratton, Inger Stratton, Jan Stratton, Satara Stratton. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


John Lennon John Lennon (d. 1980, SHOT TO DEATH, MURDERED)
John, On, Len, Nen, En, Nun, Un

Possible predictions (2/6/15): John Aniston, John Carpenter, John Cusack, John Davidson, John Elway, John Fogerty, John Goodman, John Hurt, John Kassir, John Landis, John Lithgow, John Malkovich, John McEnroe, John Stamos, John Travolta, Elton John, Johnny Crawford, Johnny Depp, Johnny Mathis, Artie Johnson, Don Johnson, Magic Johnson, Olivia Newton-John, Sandy Johnson, Gia Johnson, Jill St John, Shawna Lenee, Harry Lennix, Annie Lennox, Jay Leno, Debbie Allen, Nancy Allen, Ellen Burstyn, Helen Hunt, Ellen DeGeneres. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Bobby Darin Bobby Darin (d. 1973, SEPSIS, HEART DAMAGE)
Bob, Bee, Eee, Dare, Air, In

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Bobbie Gentry, Bobby Vee. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Criss, Ris, Tee, Eee, Teen, Lar, Ar, Arse, Sun, Un

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Christine McVie, Christine Taylor, Christina Applegate, Bruce Springsteen, Mary Steenburgen, Christie Brinkley, Gwendoline Christie, Julie Christie, Christopher Lambert, Christopher Norris, Christopher Plummer, Christopher Walken, Chris Cooper, Chris Elliott, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chrissie Hynde, Steve Buscemi, Steve Martin, Steve Miner, Stevie Wonder, Steve Winwood, Stephen Bishop, Barbara Steele, Connie Stevens, Garn Stephens, Nancy Stephens, Oakley Stevenson. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Jim Croce Jim Croce (d. 1973, SUICIDE BY DRUGS OVERDOSE)
Jim, Im, Crow, Ohhh, Chee, Eee

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Jim Belushi, Jim Nabors, Jimmy Page, Russell Crowe, Sheryl Crow, Lisa Crosato, Lisa Kudrow, Al Pacino. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Montgomery Clift Montgomery Clift (d. 1966, HEART ATTACK)
Mon, Mont, Gum, Um, Mur, Er, Ree, Eee, Cliff, Lift, Ift, If

Possible predictions (2/2/15): Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


George Reeves as Superman George Reeves (d. 1959, SUICIDE BY SHOTGUN)
George, Or, Ree, Eee, Eve, Eves

Possible predictions (2/6/15): George Bush Sr., George W. Bush, George Chakiris, George Clooney, George Foreman, George Hamilton, George Kennedy, George Lucas, George Maharis, George Takei, Jason George, Susan Day George, Keanu Reeves, Rex Reed, Al Green, Ben Vereen. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Buddy Holly Buddy Holly (d. 1959, KILLED IN PLANE CRASH)
Bud, Ud, Dee, Eee, Holl, Ol, Lee, Eee

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Lauren Holly, Holly Glen, Holly Hunter, Holly Kenny, Holly Madison, Holly McIntire, Holly Robinson Peete, Dion DiMucci, Dee Wallace-Stone, Dee Dee Sharp, Kadeem Hardison, Sandra Dee Robinson, Billy Dee Williams, Dido, Kiki Dee, Cat Deeley, Angelina Jolie. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


Ritchie Valens Ritchie Valens (d. 1959, KILLED IN PLANE CRASH)
Ritch, Rich, Itch, Eee, Val, Al, Ens, En

Possible predictions (2/6/15): Ritchie Blackmore, Guy Ritchie. Additional predictions: (0/0/15):


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